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Down for the Count: The Unemployed Saga
by Innovator Of Awesomeness

Rena Mero, the blonde bombshell formally and forever known as "Sable,"
needed a job. Sure, her acting career sounded like a definite plan as she
departed from the World Wrestling Federation, but now, she desperately
desires to be part of another wrestling organization. Her lawsuit with the
World Wrestling Federation left a certain animosity between herself and
Vince McMahon, leaving absolutely no opportunity for a re-hiring. And with
Extreme Championship Wrestling's departure and the fact that a person of
her class would not sink as low as the XPW, Rena Mero was left with one
choice: World Championship Wrestling.

Rena had called Eric Bischoff, the new owner of the company, asking for
a job. She knew Eric's plan to dispose of the "T&A" in WCW, but a chance to
flaunt Vince McMahon's faults in his face was an opportunity that "Easy E"
could not deny. Rena was inducted into WCW and instantly, her character and
plot was lined up. She would feud with Miss Hancock. It didn't sound like
much to her, but at least it was work. Eric had requested that Rena attend
Nitro the following Monday, the night of her long restrain from the squared

"It's 5:30 PM," Rena says aloud, glancing at her wrist watch. "Time to
return to work."

With an elongated sigh, the sultry blonde struts toward the Arrowhead
Pond in Anaheim, California, prepared to meet with Eric Bischoff. As she
walks, she admirers the WCW trucks lined along the side of the building,
hauling equipment into the show. She smiles. She was finally home.

Several WCW Ring Crew members glance her direction, but fail to
comprehend her former life. Rena waves, but there is minimal response. She
hadn't been out of the spotlight for that long, had she?

Rena steps in front of the main doors and slowly pulls them open,
letting the cool air from inside grace her milky skin. She hadn't been
inside of an arena for a lengthy amount of time and wanted to savor each
moment. Rena marches through the concession stands, obviously having a
clear understanding of her destination. She had been in almost every arena
in the world and knew where the locker rooms were.

"Now, where's Bischoff?" Rena asks herself, walking down the corridor
filled with the wrestler's locker rooms. Some of the WCW talent are present,
but others, mostly the main event stars, are not. She shakes her head in
displeasure. During her WWF stints, almost the entire roster was present
hours before the shows, working to make sure the entire program without a
hitch. WCW didn't seem to carry the same concern. However, it was work, she
told herself.

Eventually, the blonde discovers the office of her new boss, conveniently
located near the women's changing room. Bischoff explains Rena's gimmick
and angle once more, then directs her to her locker room for the night.

"Room 354," Bischoff announces. "I want this to be a total surprise to
the ladies, especially Stacy, so you cannot change in there just yet. Just
go to this room for today and today only. It should be empty."

Rena swaggers down the corridor, heading back toward her locker room. It
was quite a distance from Bischoff's office, but she knew that would change
eventually. Upon arriving to her room, Rena notices that the door is wide
open. Instinctively, she rushes to the scene, sliding inside the room.

"What the..." she starts, watching as Shane Helms and Shannon Moore
change before her eyes. Both competitors slide their jeans to the floor
before noticing the blonde bombshell.

"Hey!" Helms calls out, covering up his boxers. "What are you doing

"This is my locker room," Rena defends. "Eric gave it to me."

"The hell it is!" Moore cries out. "We've had this since arriving here
in WCW."

Frustrated, Rena sighs. "Forget it. I don't need this today. We'll just
change together. You two stay on your side of the locker room and I'll
stay on mine. I'm only here for a day. I'm not about to run all over this
goddamned place to try to find another room. We're all adults. We can
handle it."

Moore and Helms glance at each other, shrug, and return to their clothing.
Each picks up a pair of neon green colored pants and looks at them, still
having the lingering picture of Rena Mero's gorgeous body imbedded in the
back of their minds. Helms checks over his shoulder slightly, just enough to
watch Rena step out of her red mini-skirt, revealing a pink thong. Moore,
watching the look of awe fill his friend's face, glances back as well.
Quickly, Rena tilts her head up and the two men return to their changing,
whistling innocently.

"Men," Rena chuckles to herself, tugging her red halter top over her
head and tossing it on the floor. Standing in her bra and panties, Rena is
overcome with a feeling of sexual lust. As she watches Shannon Moore and
Shane Helms, two half-way decent looking and young individuals, pretend to
change clothing, she smiles. Marc had not been able to satisfy her needs.
Despite the fact that both were of the same age, he had apparently lost his
touch far before she did. Rena needed a younger, more energetic man to keep
up with her. "Two is better than one," Rena figures aloud.

"What?" Helms calls out, still tossing his jeans in his hands, attempting
to appear progressive.

"I wanted to know if you two wouldn't mind helping me remove my bra.."
Rena starts in her slyest tone. "It's stuck."

"And you need two of us?" Moore replies, a bit uneasy. Shocked, Helms
hammers his friend on the arm. "I mean... sure."

Eager, Moore and Helms spin around, catching a tremendous glimpse of a
half-naked Rena Mero, standing in a thong and bra, waving them over. It was
like a dream come true. Each man stands at opposing sides of Rena's body
and reaches behind her back. She giggles, feeling the warm touch of their
hands on her back. Together, the team unsnaps the bra and it floats to the
ground. Rena's jugs bounce slightly, obviously relieved. It was known
throughout the wrestling world that Rena imprisoned her breasts close
together inside her tops, giving off the appearance of larger breasts. She
didn't need it though. As previous "Playboy" pictures had proven, Rena's
breasts were tremendous.

"Thanks," she replies calmly. "Now, let's see if there is anything I
can do for you gentlemen... a reward of some sort."

Trapped in a state of awe, Moore and Helms remain stationary as Rena
lowers herself to her knees, an obvious flashback to her World Wrestling
Federation years. Simultaneously, she peels down their boxers, releasing
their erected pricks. Both men were well endowed for their ages and
certainly could use their tools properly. Rena was eager to find out
first-hand. Her face lights up as both cocks stare her in the face, each
desiring the first touch.

"One at a time, boys," Rena commands, parting her lips slightly.

Shannon, the closest of the two, thrusts forward, placing his prick
between Mero's crimson lips. Slowly, she devours the meat-stick, sucking
and spitting all over it. As Rena slides to the tip, her saliva coats
Moore's stick. He imagined Rena's blowjobs--considering her stardom in
the WWF--to be the best of the best. Unfortunately, he was wrong.

But, as Mero's mouth closes around the tip of Moore's cock, the
intensity mounts. She furiously slithers her tongue along the purple head,
teasing it slightly. Rena's blonde locks are thrown in every direction as
she greatly increases, bobbing her head like a jackhammer. Contrary to
Moore's beliefs, she knew exactly what to do. She knew what turned a man
on. Obviously, Vince and the rest of the WWF had taught her well. As Mero's
mouth continues to slither along the length of his rod, Moore tosses his
head back and moans. He cannot believe how far off he was from the truth.
Rena gave one of the best blowjobs he had ever had. He didn't want it to

"Please... don't stop...." he begs, looking down at his blonde goddess.

Standing beside the fantasy-driven Moore, Helms whimpers impatiently.
Seeing the reaction his partner demonstrates drives him further and further
to insanity. He cannot wait for Rena's mouth to wrap around his stick.
Hearing his cries, Mero extends her hand, wrapping her delicate fingers
around Helms' cock, sizing it up. Swiftly, she glides her curled fingers
down the length of his shaft, jerking him off. While her hand jobs weren't
the greatest, it was satisfying enough for Helms, who knew what was to come.

Reaching climax, Moore tosses his head back and screams, releasing a
loud moan of ecstasy. His cock twitches, firing his load into Rena's
awaiting mouth. She swallows it without a hitch, obviously trained in this
specific area. Exhausted, Moore collapses to the floor, breathing heavily.
Helms grins, stepping in front of Rena's semen-filled mouth.

"Ready," she calls out, taking a final swallow.

Helms guides his rod as it enters Rena's hot mouth. She wouldn't repeat
her set-up this time around. She knew that if she did, Shane would release
at the wrong point. Thus, Rena licks the tip of his stick and rubs it with
her palm, preparing it for ultimately the best night of its young life.
Like an expert, she pops the cock back into her mouth, accepting it with a
brutal tongue lashing. Her tongue descends along the length of the hardened
prick, sucking and slurping at an unbelievable pace. She knew it wouldn't
be long until Helms would explode.

"Ooo... that's great..." Helms moans, checking down as his blonde-haired
slut demonstrates her oral skills to perfection. "Keep going, slut."

Rena couldn't believe she had reduced herself to receiving demeaning
insults, but she had to admit, it was a lot better than Marc's lack of
communication during sex. She excepts it, moaning aloud as she continues
to suck-off Helms, desperately attempting to bring him to orgasm.
Unfortunately, her previously used tactics are unsuccessfully. Unlike
Moore, Helms was not one to unload quickly. He made his woman work for his
orgasm, and Rena Mero would be no different.

"A tricky one, are we?" she asks coyly, letting Helms' meat stick
slither out of her lips.

Rena decides to use her best assets to her advantage. Leaning forward,
she places the purple tip of Shane's cock beneath her bulging breasts.
Slowly, as his meatstick penetrates upward, Rena forces her breasts
together, trapping the cock in-between. Helms, on cue, bucks his hips,
jerking his cock through Rena's ample cleavage. As the purple cock head
comes into view, Mero licks the tip gingerly. Shane quivers, groaning

"Mmmm..." he moans, "those are some great tits."

"They are, aren't they?" Rena admits, continuing to delicately pierce
the tip of Shane's shaft with her tongue.

As Shane's moans thicken, Rena's sexual intrigue increases. She allows
a drop of her own saliva to drop between her breasts, lubricating her
lover's rod. She then further encloses her breasts, almost strangling the
greased tool. Vigorously, Rena works her entrapped breasts vertically
along her lover's cock. Shane tosses his brown hair back in a moan of
ecstasy. While Rena's blowjobs were some of the best, his current treatment
was unbeatable. He watches as his meatstick slides between her cleavage,
poking ever-so-closely toward her hot mouth. Gasping, Shane's testicles
harden, on the verge of a release. Rena smirks as his cock bulges between
her ample breasts.

"Give it to me, baby!" Rena calls out, opening her mouth wide.

With a jerk of his hips, Helms releases. His cock rumbles, spurting
white liquid into Rena's receiving mouth. Several drops of his semen fall
to Rena's breasts, but the blonde receives eagerly. After swallowing his
initial load, Rena runs a finger between her tits, retrieving lost sperm.
Slowly, she slides the finger between her lips, tasting the salty entrails
of her exhausted lover. Helms, awestruck, drops to his knees, wiping the
sweat from his brow. He lies back, observing Rena with a look of passion.
Shane Helms is far from finished.

"Is that all, boys?" Rena questions, standing to her feet.

On the floor, Shannon and Shane glance at one another. Simultaneously,
the two shake their heads, "no." Together, the two stand and approach Rena
with pleasurable intentions. Rena smiles, standing with her hands planted
firmly on her slender hips. Moore wraps his arms around the blonde's smooth
stomach and advances behind her. He sinks to his knees, quietly pulling
Rena's thong bottoms to the floor. Her backside was beautiful, as it was
depicted in past Playboy pictorials. Shannon couldn't believe it. It was
not too plump to be considered "fat," but not too skinny to lack enjoyment.
And, from Moore's view, Rena shaved constantly, only allowing a bit of hair
to surround her gorgeous labial lips. Shannon attacks her rump savagely as
if it were his final meal before death. He peels her butt cheeks apart and
hungrily buries his tongue into her sweet opening. Rena releases a gasp,
overwhelmed with the sensation.

"Oooh!" she moans aloud, running her fingers over her rock-hard nipples.

Shannon moaned in response, continuing his amazing treatment of the
former Guess Jeans model. He continued to move his head up and down, tongue
fucking the blonde goddess with extreme intensity. He keeps his hands
occupied, running his fingers down Rena's sexy and smooth legs.

"YES!" Rena cries out in ecstasy, tossing her blonde locks to the side.
"Eat that cute asshole of mine! Eat it, now!"

Shannon, as if he needed to be commanded, continued to pleasure Rena
anally. His hands slowly traced along Rena's thighs, resting firmly on her
hips. Shannon advances his head in different directions, bobbing inward,
outward, upward, and downward to bring Rena a newfound pleasure. Since
Marc's sexual performance was a bit lacking in creativity, Rena could not
contain herself. She hollers--her screams echoing throughout the room. Her
eyes widen, then shut in a moment of delight and lust. Shane stands in front
of the lust-craved goddess, admiring his partner's abilities. He tries to
join, but cannot possibly compete with Shannon's prowess. Instead, he gazes
thoughtfully at Rena, slowly stroking his cock to a complete erection.

Gradually, Shannon sinks to a seated position, then flat on his back,
still endeavored in Rena's stunning backside. Rena sits on his face,
grinding her hips to the steady rhythm of his tongue. All the while, her
hands travel up and down her body, rubbing in Shane's milky substance as a
genuine lotion.

"I think someone's calling for me," Rena proclaims, wrapping her fingers
around Shannon's shrunken member.

Rena lies across Shannon's mid-section, her mouth hovering aimlessly
over his tool. She cocks her head to the side and traps the semi-hardened
member between her sultry lips. Gradually, she allows his rigid prick to
soak into her mouth, slurping and sucking at a swift pace. Shannon
relinquishes his vice-like grip on Rena's buttocks to release a moan of
ecstasy. Clearly, he was in heaven. This was his second blowjob from the
blonde bombshell, and the two had just met. Shannon could only imagine the
treatment that Marc Mero had gotten throughout the years of their marriage.
Still, he savors his momentary bliss.

"That's right, baby," Shannon calls out, slightly slapping Rena on her
rounded backside. "Set me off."

Rena moans between her alternating endeavors on Shannon's now rock-hard
organ. She releases her lips momentarily and licks the tip of the shaft,
keeping it precisely lubricated. Then, as fast as a child would rush for a
present, Rena's lips entrap the piece once more, licking it with her
sensitive tongue. Shannon, meanwhile, breaks from his idle trance and returns
to his desired task. He wraps his hands around Rena's waist, resting his
fingertips down on the crack of her butt. Rena's asshole retracts beneath
the feel of his fingers. Shannon buries his face between the blonde's cheeks,
slobbering and spitting over her moist hole. Rena gasps, her mouth popping
off Shannon's rock-solid member.

"That feels wonderful," she moans. "Keep it comin' babe."

As if he is sudden struck with an idea, Shane Helms returns to the sexual
scene, positioning himself at Shannon's head, or, Rena's feet. Shannon
glances upward, retracting his hands and lips from Rena's frame. He appears
to understand Helms' unapparent motive. Bending down, Shane curls his hands
around R ena's willowy waist. He hoists her to her knees, lifting her moist
backside to his waist line. Rena plants her hands firmly on the tile floor,
continually enjoying to feast on Shannon's piece. Helms places the tip of
his har dened cock on Rena's soft cheeks. Slowly, he thrusts his hips
forward, forcing his stiff member into Rena's anal opening. She hollers,
overwhelmed with the sensation. Her lips slide off Shannon's tool as she
releases a blissful moan.

"Fuck!" she screams. "Fuck me harder, Shane!"

Rena's commands are eagerly met. Shane holds Rena in place by her hips,
slamming and thrusting into her with all of his might. She slams herself
back, ricocheting her backside against his chiseled stomach. Steadily, the
two struggle for control, with Shane slam-fucking Rena with all he has and
the blonde diva returning each thrust with a thrust that nearly takes Shane
to the floor. As the struggle continues, Shannon, like a sex mechanic,
gently slides his fingers along the parameter of Rena's soft labial lips,
brushing them with a gentle touch. Rena, however, is completely occupied
with Shane's sexual dexterity to acknowledge Shannon's contact, but as her
moans increase, it is obvious that she is in a deep state of excitement.

"OH! I'M ABOUT TO CU..." she releases, shutting her eyes.

Regularly, Rena's ability to match Shane's pace weakens. Her frame
becomes overwhelmed with an increased orgasm and slows down. Helms, as well,
decreases his thrusts, obviously prepared to unload as well. Suddenly,
Rena's body rumbles. She releases a glass-shattering scream, then tosses
her head back in one final moan of pleasure. Beneath her, Shannon's fingers
become laden with her sweet juices. As quickly as she deposits, the Three
Count member licks his fingers clean, savoring the taste of her nectar.

"Beg for mine," Shane commands, still holding strong with his powerful
thrusts. He slaps her on the ass, disrupting her skin. As a red spot forms
on her once untainted butt, Rena moans aloud. She had always enjoyed
spanking, especially being on the receiving end.

"Please Shane..." she is able to mutter between the aftershock of her
release, "give it to me. Give it to me now..."

Shane, either satisfied with her response or unable to withstand the
pressure any longer, releases. He shuts his eyes and tilts his head upward,
releasing a soft, pleasurable moan. Rena's rectum wraps around his jittering
piece, taking it the brunt of his man-goo. Shane deposits, then falls back,
landing hard on the tile floor. His smile becomes tattooed to his face, for
obvious reasons. As Rena slides free, semen drips from her revealed body.
Some of it hers, some of it not. Either way, Rena is in a state of enjoyment.
Finally, she got what she wanted. It may have taken two men to satisfy her,
but she knew she could get any two men she wanted, whenever she needed a
sexual fix. Rena smiles, gazing into the ceiling, imaging the pleasure that
could come from her new job at World Championship Wrestling.

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