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Down With 3 Count Part 1: Miss Hancock's Services
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Backstage at a WCW Nitro taping, the trio of wrestlers that make up the boy
band group known to WCW Fans as 3 Count, consisting of Evan Karagias, Shannon
Moore and Shane Helms are hanging out backstage near the catering area. All
three studdly young men are dressed in white baggy khaki style wrestling
pants and they have long orange swear shirts tied around their waist. Evan
smirks, "Hey guys, we've really doing great, the chicks love us!"

"Yeah, totally!" Shane replies as he and Shannon high five one another as
the trio of 'pop-singers/wrestlers' reflect on their recent success on WCW's
three weekly televised programs.

Shannon slides a hand over his bright blonde hair, "Guys, I can't believe it!
We got our shots and we're going to make to the big time without any help!"

Evan nods his head, "Yup… but hey we better go get changed… we don't all
those chicks to scratch us when they try to touch us…." Evan says and the
trio of wrestlers make their way to their locker room, when they arrive all
three stand in the doorway completely stunned when they see the stunning,
long-legged diva known as Miss Hancock standing in the middle of the their
locker room.

The mouths off all three men hang open as they all say at the same time,

The long-legged, stunning business-professional WCW Diva known as Miss
Hancock smirks slightly as she raises her left eyebrow while she lowers her
black rimmed glasses from her gorgeous face "Hello got a minute
to discuss...some business?" Miss Hancock, with her soft and silky blonde
hair up in a bun, asks with a sly smirk as she dressed in a short black skirt
and a black buttoned-up business jacket. Miss Hancock locks her determined,
soft eyes on the three studdly members of 3 Count as she folds her arms over
her clip board, pressing the clip board against her petite, rounded chest.

Evan, Shane and Shannon all exchange looks before they step completely into
their own locker room. Shannon closes the door as Shane scratches the back of
his head, "Ummm sure we got a minute Miss Hancock..." Shane says.

Evan folds his arms a bit, "Yeah we do... what's up?" Evan asks as he, Shane
and Shannon all casually look at Miss Hancock's incredibly long legs.

Miss Hancock presses her lips together and smirks slyly "Good...good..." Miss
Hancock replies as she unfolds her arms from her petite, rounded chest and
sets her clipboard down on the catering table inside the locker room of 3
Count. Miss Hancock reaches up, behind her head and unties her silky, soft
blonde hair from the bun on top of her head as she shakes her blonde hair, so
it lays smoothly against her shoulders and back. Miss Hancock narrows her
eyes a bit as she casually takes a moment to glance at the three members of
3 Count: Shane Helms, Shannon Moore and Evan Karagias, and she nods her head
with approval "You three are quite impressive..."

"Thanks..." Shannon Moore says as he steps away from the door and stands next
to Shane Helms who is looking at Miss Hancock with a slightly raised eyebrow.

"Yeah, we know we're impressive... we're the hottest thing in WCW right
now... and in music too!" Evan says as he states his view on 3 Count's status
in the wrestling and music world.

Miss Hancock nods her head and smirks a bit "You're right...and I'm not
denying that you three aren't the hottest thing in WCW either...but..." Miss
Hancock pauses and scrunches her nose up cutely "There's just on thing you're
lacking..." Miss Hancock as she glances and locks her determine, seducing
eyes with Evan, before glancing over at Shane and Shannon.

Shane exchanges looks with Shannon and then with Evan before he puts his
hands on his hips, "And what are we lacking? We sing and dance, and kick
major ass and everyone goes down for the Three Count after the Count Down..."
Shane says while Evan unties the orange sweat shirt from around his own waist
and puts the shirt on top of a table.

Miss Hancock sighs as she places her hands on her smooth, rounded hips
"You're lacking proper marketing..." Miss Hancock replies as she presses her
lips together "Take... Los Fabulosos for instance...the team I helped soar to
superstardom..." Miss Hancock pauses and licks her lips "I could do that for
you...for all three of you..."

All three members of 3 Count look at each other with slightly amused looks
on their faces, "Ok... well yeah you did get those two over better with the
crowd..." Evan says as he thinks on a purely business level.

"So... what... you want to like... market us?" Shannon asks with a confused
look on his face.

Miss Hancock smirks and laughs softly " could say that..." Miss
Hancock replies as she tosses her soft, silky blonde hair back as the
stunning, leg-a-licious WCW Diva begins to approach Shane, Shannon and Evan.

Evan puts his hands up, "Whoa... hold on... it's not that easy... to market
us... you have to be like... willing to go down for the Three Count..." Evan
says as he holds 3 fingers up from his left hand.

Miss Hancock raises her eyebrow and presses her lips together "Down for Three
Count..." Miss Hancock says sounding a bit surprised, but then laughs "Is
that all I would have to do?"

"It's a good way to start..." Shane replies as he smirks a bit before he
licks his lips while he unties the orange sweatshirt from around his waist
and drops it on the floor.

Shannon does the same thing as he smiles a bit, "So... are you going to go
down for the three count?" Shannon asks.

Miss Hancock licks her lips slightly and nods her head with an eager smile
" bet I'll go down for Three Count...but that's not the only thing
I'm willing to do..." Miss Hancock replies with a sly wink before the
stunning business-professional Diva begins to unbutton her black business
jacket as she tosses her soft, silky blonde hair back once again.

Evan Karagias licks his lips as he gets a cocky smile on his face, "Well
we'll see just what you're willing to do... for us to take your services..."
Evan says as he looks at Shannon and Shane, "Ok guys, let's get it on with
the shimmy-shake..." Evan says. Shannon and Shane nod their heads and all
three hot young cruiserweights start moving their hips as they unbutton
their white baggy khaki style wrestling pants, and as Miss Hancock is
unbuttoning her black business jacket, she watches 3 Count completely lower
their pants. Miss Hancock smirks as she locks her determined, seducing eyes
on the three hot stripping studs of Three Count as she removes her black
business jacket from her stunning, petite body as she exposes her bare,
petite but round and firmly perky tits. Miss Hancock drops her business
jacket to the floor as she takes another step towards Shane, Shannon and
Evan while she begins to push down short black skirt.

"Wooo... she's got a hot body..." Shane says as he looks at Miss Hancock's
firm, round perky tits as she pushes down her short black skirt. The trio
known as 3 Count soon get their pants off and they stand before Miss Hancock,
totally naked. Shane and Shannon have the longest cocks, with solid twelve
inch dicks between their legs, but Evan has the thickest shaft even though
it's ten inches long.

Miss Hancock licks her lips as she glances down and locks her soft,
determined eyes down at the three impressive sized cocks in front of her
belonging to Shane, Shannon and Evan "Mmm...ohhh it's time to get down
with Three Count alright..." Miss Hancock says with a playful laugh as she
completely steps out of her short black skirt, revealing her hot, shaven
smooth pussy before she kneels down in front of Shane, Shannon and Evan
"'s time to get down alright!"

"Damn straight it's time..." Evan says as he steps right in front of Miss
Hancock with his rock hard cock pointed right at her gorgeous face. Shannon
moves and stands on the right side of Evan, and Shane stands towards the
cocks so that now, all three of the long, thick cocks of 3 Count are right
near Miss Hancock's face. Miss Hancock licks her lips as she lifts her head
up and gradually locks her eyes with each of the 3 Count members: Shane
Helms, Shannon Moore and Evan Karagias. Miss Hancock sits up on her knees a
bit more as she leans forward, wrapping her left hand around Shannon's cock
while her right hand is around Shane's cock. The leggy, stunning Miss Hancock
begins to stroke her smooth, soft hands against the shafts of Shannon Moore
and Shane Helms as she leans her head forward and flicks her gentle tongue
against the head of Evan's shaft.

"Mmmmm... oh yea boy..." Evan moans as he steps forward a bit and he puts
his right hand on Miss Hancock's' head and he pushes her blond hair back as
she moves her tongue against the head of his shaft.

Shannon Moore closes his eyes as he lets out a soft moan, "Mmmmm..." Shannon
licks his lips and tilts his head back as Miss Hancock easily strokes his
cock at the same time as she rubs Shane's thick shaft.

Miss Hancock lifts her head away from Evan's cock before she flicks her soft,
wet tongue against the head of Shane's cock, before moving her head and
flicking her tongue against the head of Shannon's cock while she continues to
stroke both cocks. Miss Hancock glances up at Evan and smirks "'s
time to go down..." She says as she turns back to Evan and opens her mouth as
she lowers her head and takes his cock into her warm, wet mouth.

"Ohhh yeah... go on down... all the way down..." Evan groans as Miss Hancock
lower her head down slowly, taking in all of his cock as she deep throats him
right away before she begins to bob her head on his shaft.

"Fuck... that looks sweet..." Shane Helms says with a moan as he moves his
hips a bit, pushing his cock against Miss Hancock's hand as she jerks off him
and Shannon at the same time. Miss Hancock closes her eyes as she smoothly
bobs her head against Evan's hard, thick cock as she gently laps her tongue
around his shaft, guiding her warm and wet saliva around his shaft while she
deep throats the extremely tanned member of 3 Count. Miss Hancock gently
twists her head against his cock as she works her soft, smooth hands against
the shafts of Shane and Shannon.

"Ooooo... ahhhh fuck yeah... mmm... she can really go down..." Evan groans as
he puts his hands on his waist as Miss Hancock sucks on his thick ten-inch
cock. He moves his pelvis a bit, thrusting his cock in and out of Miss
Hancock's warm, wet mouth as she easily gives Shane and Shannon equal
attention with her hands.

"You think she can take down two?" Shannon asks with a groan as Miss Hancock
tugs on his shaft.

"Oh I bet she can..." Shane replies with a smirk.

Miss Hancock slowly lifts her head up from Evan's cock as her warm saliva
drips down his shaft "Mmmm...I might be able to...but I'm going to need some
motivation..." Miss Hancock says with a slight smirk as she glances over her
shoulder at her rounded, hot backside "One of your three boys wanna get

"That'll be me..." Evan replies with a smirk as he licks his lips. He
high fives Shannon and Shane before he walks around to get behind the
leg-a-licious blond-haired diva. He kneels down and he then pushes his
fat, hard cock into Miss Hancock's extremely tight, warm pussy.

Miss Hancock gently grits her teeth together as she gently pushes herself
back against Evan's hard, fat cock "Ohhhhh fuck..." Miss Hancock groans as
she leans forward, pulling Shane and Shannon's cocks closer to her luscious,
pouty lips before she parts her lips and lowers her mouth down, amazingly
taking both of Shane and Shannon's cocks into her warm, wet mouth.

"Oh shit!" Shannon groans as he feels his cock grind against Shane as Miss
Hancock bobs her head a bit on both of the long, thick cocks that are now in
her mouth.

Shane grits his teeth slightly as he feels Miss Hancock's tongue move against
the underside of his cock for a few moments, "Mmm yeah... whew.... damn..."
Shane moans.

Meanwhile Evan has his hands on Miss Hancock's slender waist and he's pumping
his cock in and out of her warm, tight pussy with short, swift and sharp
thrusts that has her rocking back and forth. "Uhhh fuck..." Evan groans as he
fucks Miss Hancock from behind.

"Mmmm...mmmm...ohhh...mmmm..." Miss Hancock moans as her hot, wet mouth is
full of Shane and Shannon's hard, thick cocks as she bobs her head quickly on
both cocks as she slaps her tongue teasingly against their shafts, gently
grinding and twisting her mouth against both hard cocks. The stunning Miss
Hancock begins to push herself back against Evan's hard cock quicker as he
slams his cock deeper into her tight, warm pussy.

"Ahhhh... ohhh... mmmm... fuck she can... sure take... in three... count
'em... three cocks..." Evan grunts as his thrusts get longer and harder. He
pulls Miss Hancock back against him and her firm ass cheeks smack back
against his waist as Shane and Shannon both are amazed with the oral skills
of the long-legged blond WCW diva.

"Ohhh fuck... I can't... wait to fuck her..." Shane groans as he moves back
away from Miss Hancock and he pulls his shaft out of her hot, wet mouth.

Miss Hancock lifts her head up from Shannon's cock after Shane withdrawals
his cock from her hot, wet mouth. Miss Hancock licks her lips as she tilts
her head back and smirks "Mmmm...I want the full 3 Count experience!" Miss
Hancock groans as she rocks back against Evan's cock.

"You're gonna get it..." Shane says as he gets down and lays on the ground.
He puts his hands behind his head and he licks his lips, "Come on... and get
on top Miss Hancock..." Shane says just as Evan pulls his fat cock out of
Miss Hancock's hot tight pussy.

Miss Hancock presses her lips together and laughs " bet I'm going to
get on top..." Miss Hancock replies before she crawls over to Shane Helms and
mounts herself on top of his hard, thick cock. Miss Hancock grits her teeth
as she lowers herself completely down and places her soft, smooth hand
against Shane's muscular chest. She tilts her head back and closes her eyes
as she begins to rock back and forth on Shane's cock "Ohhhh...mmm fuck
yeah..." Miss Hancock moans.

"Ahhh... ohhh fuck... mmm yeah..." Shane Helms moans as he reaches up and he
grabs hold of Miss Hancock's round, firm perky tits as she bounces up and
down on his stiff thick cock. Shane thrusts his cock up into Miss Hancock's
hot pussy as Shannon moves to get behind her. Shannon puts his hands on Miss
Hancock's ass and he spreads them apart so that he can slam his entire cock
deep into her tight asshole, catching the tall, leg-a- licious blond diva by
complete surprise when her hot ass is invaded.

Miss Hancock bites down on her bottom lip as she pushes her hot, stunning
body back against Shannon's cock, deep inside of her tight asshole "Ohhhh
yeah..." Miss Hancock groans before she grinds her pussy down against Shane's
cock as she continues to smoothly bounce on his cock, slamming down at a hard
pace "Ohhhh yeah...down with Three Count all the way!" Miss Hancock moans

"Ahhh fuck... ohhh damn... what... a hot ass!" Shannon moans as he drives his
cock in and out of Miss Hancock's extremely tight asshole. Each one of his
thrusts forces his cock deep into Miss Hancock's ass and his balls smack
against her ass as well.

Shane Helms toys around with Miss Hancock's perky tits as he arches his back
in order to thrust his cock up into her warm, wet pussy, "Mmmm... damn...
ohhh yeah..." Shane moans.

Evan licks his lips as he stands to the right side of Miss Hancock and he
grips his thick shaft, "Come on Miss Hancock, gotta get the entire Three
Count..." Evan says as he turns Miss Hancock's head a bit so that he can
slip his shaft into her open mouth. Miss Hancock accepts Evan's cock into
her warm, wet mouth and begins to smoothly bob her head against his cock
instantly, slapping her tongue against his shaft as she sprays her warm
saliva against his cock. As Miss Hancock devours Evan's cock inside of her
professional mouth, she pushes back firmly against Shannon's cock inside
her hot ass, while she grinds her pussy down sharply against Shane's cock
as she bounces on top of him.

Shane Helms grinds his teeth together as he continues to pump his shaft up
into Miss Hancock's hot, wet pussy as she grinds herself sharply on his
shaft. "Ahhh... ahhhh... ohhh fuck yea..." Shane moans as he licks his lips
and starts to cum inside of Miss Hancock's tight pussy while Shannon Moore
continues to pound her hot ass with his hard shaft.

Miss Hancock groans against Evan's cock as she feels the warm cum of Shane
Helms rush into her hot, tight pussy "Mmmmm...ohhh...yesss..." Miss Hancock
moans around Evan's cock as she bobs her head quicker against his cock,
taking him deeper into her mouth while she continues to rock her body on top
of Shane's cock in order to rock back against Shannon's cock inside of her
tight asshole.

Evan Karagias licks his teeth as he tilts his head back as Miss Hancock sucks
on his hard, thick shaft. "Uhhhhh... ahhh mmmm... c'mon... ohh yea baby..."
Karagias moans as he begins to cum inside of Miss Hancock's mouth, giving the
hot leggy blond a mouthful of his 3 Count cum.

Meanwhile, Shannon Moore is sharply fucking Miss Hancock's tight ass as his
body drips with sweat, "Ahhh... shit... mmmmm..." Shannon grunts as he starts
to cum inside of her asshole.

Miss Hancock lifts her head off of Evan's cock as she tilts her head back and
moans with a mouthful of warm cum "Ohhhh fuck yeah..." Miss Hancock groans as
she gently thrusts herself back against Shannon's cumming cock.

Evan licks his lips as he sees his cum drip out of Miss Hancock's mouth as
she doesn't swallow it yet. Shannon keeps pumping his cock in and out of Miss
Hancock's ass until every drop of his cum shoots from his shaft, "Ahhh...
ohhh damn..." Shannon groans as he slows down and then pulls his shaft out of
Miss Hancock's ass.

"Ohhhhh yeah..." Miss Hancock groans as she closes her eyes and swallows the
warm cum of Evan Karagias as she licks her luscious, pouty lips as she stops
rocking against and in between Shane Helms and Shannon Moore.

"Mmmm... damn... guys... I think... Miss Hancock's services... are perfect...
cause she really went DOWN for the 3 count..." Evan says with a smirk.

"Oh yeah... but can she go down again?" Shane asks as he looks up at Miss
Hancock as she rests on top of him.

Miss Hancock presses her lips together "I'll give you boys a few minutes to
recharge...and I'll be more then willing to go down for 3 count a second


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