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Down With 3 Count Part 2: Dancing With The Nitro Girls
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Backstage at an arena where WCW Monday Night Nitro is being aired, the trio
known as 3 Count consisting of Shannon Moore, Evan Karagias and Shane Helms,
are hanging near the television monitors, watching WCW's dance squad known
as the Nitro Girls strut their stuff as they entertain the fans at home and
in the audience with their smoking hot dance moves. All three members of 3
Count are wearing baggy, bright green wrestling pants. "Oh man I love
watching Chae dance!" Shannon says as he pays close attention to his
favorite Nitro Girl.

"Chae is hot... but Fyre is hotter..." Shane says as he licks his lips.

"Yeah Shannon, Shane's right, Fyre is so fucking nice..." Evan says with a
smirk, "But then all the Nitro Girls are so damn hot... I'd love to 'dance'
with all of them... know what I'm saying?"

"Yeah I do... I'd love to 'dance' with Fyre... and give her a little
'sugar'..." Shane replies as he raises his eyebrows a bit.

"I'd rather 'dance' with Chae..." Shannon says just as the Nitro Girl's
finish their dance routine.

Shane snaps his fingers, "Hey... how about we split up for a bit... me and
Evan go 'dance' with Fyre and you go and try and get Chae to 'dance'..."
Shane suggests with a sly smile on his face.

"I'm down with that..." Evan replies as he nods his head and folds his arms
before he looks at the youngest member of the trio. "Whatcha say Shannon?"

"Sure... I'm in..." Shannon says with a big smile.

"Great... and we'll all meet up at the club... and 'dance' with some other
chicks like only 3 Count can," Shane says before all three young studs
high-five each other and split up, with Shane and Evan heading one way and
Shannon going the other.

* * *

A short time later, Shannon Moore is approaching the locker room area for the
Nitro Girls, when he arrives at the locker room marked 'Chae', the blonde
hair young member of 3 Count knocks on the door. When there is no answer,
Shannon frowns, "Damn she must on her way here..." Shannon says as he looks
down one side of the hallway and down the other as he waits for the beautiful
Asian member of the Nitro Girls.

A few moments later the energetic, stunning WCW Nitro Girl, Chae, comes
bouncing around the corner to enter the hallway where Shannon Moore is
standing in front of her private locker room. Chae tosses her soft, flowing
dark hair back as she smiles "Boy we really rocked tonight!" Chae says to
herself aloud as returns from one of the Nitro Girls' dance routine during
the WCW commercial break, dressed in a pair of tight, shiny silver shorts
and a tight-fitting shiny silver top.

Shannon turns around to look at Chae as she walks towards him, "Hey Chae!"
Shannon says with a big smile on his face as he checks Chae's outfit out,
"You were hot out there..."

Chae smiles as she walks up to Shannon "Oh why thank you know
I always work my hardest to put on a good show out there..." Chae replies
with a laugh.

"It shows..." Shannon smiles, "You look so good out there... everything you
do is like smoking hot... especially when you move your hips..."

Chae laughs as she places her hands against her smooth, toned stomach "Oh...
you really think so?" Chae asks with a delightful smile as she casually
glances Shannon's body up and down.

Shannon nods his heads as he slides his hand through his blond hair, "Yeah I
do... I think you're the hottest of the Nitro Girls too..." Shannon Moore
says with a big smile.

Chae presses her lips together as she curiously raises an eyebrow "The
hottest? Really?" Chae laughs as she tosses her hair back once again "And...
what exactly are you getting at, Shannon?" Chae asks with a playfully eager

Shannon licks his lips a bit, "Well... ummm I was... just wondering if you
wanted to 'dance' with this member of 3 Count..." Shannon says as he returns
the playful smile Chae is giving him.

Chae blushes a bit as she glances over her shoulder slightly checking the
hallway out "Well...I don't know if I can really 'dance' right at the
moment..." Chae shrugs and sighs "I have to be out again to dance soon...
but..." Chae smiles and licks her lips slightly "I may be able
something else..."

Shannon smiles as he slightly raises his eyebrow a bit, "Oh.... and what...
would that something else be?" Shannon asks as the crotch of his baggy bright
green pants start to show a nice sized bulge underneath them.

Chae licks her lips "Well...why don't you let me see what you got
downstairs...and I'll show you" Chae says as she winks at Shannon before
slowly glancing her eyes down the noticeable bulge forming underneath his
bright green baggy pants.

"Okay..." Shannon slides his tongue against his lips as he puts his hands
waist and he starts to lower his bright green baggy pants down from his
waist. As he lowers them Shannon's large, thick twelve inch cock becomes
exposed, and the size of his dick surprises the gorgeous Nitro Girl.

Chae slightly slides her tongue against her teeth as she nods her head "Very
nice Shannon, very nice..."

"Thanks Chae..." Shannon says with a smile as he steps out of his pants and
stands against the wall of the hallway while his cock becomes harder and

Chae licks her lips as she approaches Shannon and places her soft, smooth
hands against Shannon's tanned, muscular stomach "Mmm...Shannon you are a
hottie..." Chae says with a laugh before she lowers herself down to her
knees in front of him and instantly wraps her hands around his shaft as she
begins to gently stroke his cock.

"Mmmmm... thanks... and you're a total hottie..." Shannon moans as Chae
strokes his thick cock with both of her smooth soft hands. Shannon puts his
hands on his waist as he licks his lips, "Mmmm ohhh damn..." Shannon groans
as he closes his eyes slowly while he enjoys what Chae is doing.

Chae presses her lips together as she leans her head in and flicks her wet,
warm tongue against the head of Shannon's cock, slightly coating the head of
his cock with her warm, wet saliva while she continues to smoothly stroke her
hands against his hard, meaty cock. The stunning Asian Nitro Girl begins to
gently circle her tongue around the head of his cock.

"Ohhhh ohh wow..." Shannon moans and licks his lips as he feels Chae's soft,
wet tongue go around the head of his thick hard cock over and over again,
leaving it coated with fair amount of her warm saliva. Chae's saliva slightly
drips from Shannon's cock, and occasionally it lands back on Chae's tongue
when it's underneath the head of Shannon's dick. Chae closes her eyes as she
gently taps her tongue against the head of Shannon's cock before the stunning
Nitro Girl opens her warm, wet mouth and lowers her head down on his cock,
taking the young, hot 3 Count member into her soothing, warm mouth. Chae
begins to slowly and smoothly bob her head on Shannon's cock as she sucks on
his cock.

"Ohhh yes... ohhh... mmmm... suck it..." Shannon moans as he puts both of his
hand on Chae's head and pushes her smooth black hair back as Chae bobs her
head up and down on his rock hard cock. Shannon opens his eyes and looks down
at her as he can feel more of his cock enter Chae's warm, soothing mouth.
Chae gently twists her head around his cock as she loosens the grip of her
mouth slightly in order to lower her head further down his shaft, taking
Shannon Moore's cock deeper into her warm, saliva-dripping mouth. Chae gently
slaps her tongue against his shaft as she starts to bob her head quicker on
his long, hard shaft.

"Mmmmm... ahhh yea... you're so... hot Chae..." Shannon Moore moans as Chae
practically gives his hard, fat twelve inch cock a massage with her mouth.
Shannon slides his hands through Chae's hair and he slightly pulls on her
black hair when he feels his large cock go even deeper into Chae's hot Asian
mouth. Chae gently moans against Shannon's cock as the hot Asian Nitro Girl
impressively deep throats Shannon's hard, thick cock as her warm saliva drips
down against cock while her soft lips rub up and down against his shaft.

"Ahhh... ohhh yeah... ohhh fuck Chae... mmmm... uhhh..." Shannon moans loudly
as his cock throbs within Chae's mouth as he starts to cum within the hot
Nitro Girl's mouth. Several shots of his warm, cum erupt from the head of his
cock and fills Chae's mouth completely. Chae opens her soft eyes and looks up
at Shannon as his warm cum floods her hot Asian mouth. Chae slowly lifts her
head back and closes her eyes as she swallows the warm cum of Shannon Moore.

Shannon looks down at Chae and licks his lips as his saliva covered cock
hangs between his legs, "Ohhh shit... wow..." Shannon moans as he takes
his hands off of Chae's head. Shannon pauses, "Hey Chae... can I ask you

Chae licks her lips and looks up at Shannon, smiling at the hot, young 3
Count member "Of course, hottie..."

Shannon smiles as he asks, "After Nitro... you want to hook up... and

Chae blushes and glances down with a soft laugh " bet."

* * *

Elsewhere in the arena, Evan Karagias and Shane Helms are walking through the
hallways as they look for their desired member of the Nitro Girls, the fiery
redheaded woman known as Fyre. "Man... we've looked all over this
building..." Shane says as he slightly complains.

Evan smirks a bit, "We haven't checked the showers..."

"Are you nuts... we'll get fired..." Shane says before he pauses and then he
smiles, "But it'll be one hell of a way to get fired..."

"That's the spirit..." Evan says as both of them head straight for the shower
area in the Nitro Girls locker room area. They enter the slightly steamed up
shower area, and Evan looks at Shane, "Someone is in here I bet..."

"Yeah..." Shane says as they both hear the water turn off as they both go to
see who's in the showers. When they peak around the corner they see Nitro
Girl Fyre drying herself off with a towel. "Oh shit..." Shane says as both
he and Evan stare right at the dripping wet body of the fiery Nitro Girl.
The fiery red-haired member of the Nitro Girls, Fyre, has her back turned to
Shane Helms and Evan Karagias as she dries of her water-soaked body with a
white showering towel. Fyre bends over slightly giving Evan and Shane the
perfect view of her nicely rounded, hot ass as she dries off her smooth,
stunningly tanned legs with the towel.

"Fuck... look at that ass... mmmm... I'd love to tap that ass all night
long..." Evan says as he steps from around the corner and as he does his
right foot is placed on top a bar of soap and then he slips, "Whoa!" Evan
yells out as he falls backward and lands on his ass on the wet floor of
the shower area.

"Fuck!" Shane laughs a bit as he saw what just happened to his fellow 3 Count
member, forgetting about Fyre for the moment.

Fyre jumps a bit as she startled and slowly turns around as she covers up her
nude, water dripping body with the towel "Evan! Shane!" Fyre slightly yells
"What are you two doing here!?" Fyre asks with a slightly embarrassed smile.

Evan sits up on the floor with a slightly embarrassed look on his own face,
"Ohhh well... we're just looking for you..." Evan says with a laugh before
Shane helps him stand up from the wet shower floor.

"Yeah Fyre... we were watching you out there earlier with the other Nitro
Girls..." Shane starts to explain as he looks at Fyre's water dripping legs,
"And...we wanted to... ummm... whoa... you're hot..." Shane says as he trails
off completely.

Fyre laughs slightly as she folds her arms over her chest-covered towel as
she looks directly at Shane and Evan " two scared the hell out of
me!" The feisty redhead exclaims as she laughs softly.

Evan smiles and laughs a bit, "Well we didn't mean too... we just wanted to
see if you wanted to get down with 3 Count..."

"Yeah..." Shane nods his head, "Even though there's only two of us here..."
Shane says as he licks his lips while both he and Evan both noticed how the
white towel clings against the wet body of the gorgeous redhead.

Fyre raises her eyebrow with a slight smirk "Get down with 3 Count?" Fyre
asks as she slightly loosens up the white towel around her well-fit, hot

"Yeah... whatcha say Fyre?" Evan says with an eager looked on his heavily
tanned face, "You show us what you got... and we'll show you what we got..."
As soon as Evan trails off both he and Shane start to lower their baggy
bright green pants and pull out their cocks in a bold move, assuming Fyre
is going to be even more interested once she sees their dicks.

Fyre raises her eyebrow "Damn...those are some pretty nice dicks there..."
Fyre says with a laugh as she licks her lips, locking her eyes on the sight
of Shane and Evan's meaty, semi-hard cocks. Fyre smiles as she begins to
loosen her towel up more until she opens her towel up, exposing her hot,
tanned, water-dripping body.

Shane looks at Fyre's large, water dripping tits, "And those... are some...
fucking large hot tits..." Shane says with a big smile as he and Evan step
out of their bright green pants and start to approach the soaking wet Nitro

Fyre playfully bites down on her bottom lip as she glances down at Evan's
hardening cock "Mmmm want to do me a favor, babe?" Fyre asks with
a soft, adorable smile.

Evan licks his lips as he slides a hand through his hair, "Yeah sure Fyre...
what is it?" Evan asks as he and Shane stand right in front Fyre.

Fyre licks her lips "Evan...babe, why don't you get that dick all nice and
hard for me...and lay down?" Fyre suggests as she reaches forward and places
her left hand against Shane's cock as she begins to gently and slowly stroke
her hand against his shaft.

"Sure thing..." Evan replies with a big smirk on his face before he spits on
the palm of his right hand and wraps it around his thick ten-inch cock. The
'leader' of 3 Count begins to stroke his cock quickly as he coats it with his
own spit, "Mmmm... shit..." Evan moans as he jerks his meat for a bit and
then he lays down on the shower room with his rock hard cock pointing
straight up.

Shane moans a bit as Fyre strokes his dick with her left hand, "Ohhh yea
Fyre... what about me..." Shane groans as Fyre teases him with the slow way
she rubs his shaft.

Fyre playfully presses her lips together "You'll find out..." Fyre says with
a wink as she removes her left hand from around Shane's shaft and begins to
walk over towards Evan Karagias as he lays down on the wet floor of the
showering area. Fyre tosses her fiery red hair back as she lowers herself
down on top of Evan, mounting herself on top of his cock instantly "Ohhhh
shit yeah..." Fyre moans as she places her hands down on Evan's muscular,
tanned chest as she starts to instantly rock back and forth on his cock. Fyre
glances over at Shane Helms and smirks "Hey Shane, babe, get your fine ass
over here..."

"All right..." Shane laughs a bit as he moves over towards Fyre and Evan as
Evan puts his own hands on Fyre's gorgeous waist as he licks his lips.

"Mmmm fuck... you're pussy is as hot as fire, Fyre..." Evan groans as he
starts to thrust his shaft a bit up into Fyre's warm, tight pussy.

Fyre tilts her head back "Ohhhh fuck..." Fyre groans as she begins to bounce
and rock smoothly on Evan's cock, as she starts slams down on his cock at a
slightly rougher pace. The feisty red-haired Nitro Girl leans her head
forward as Shane steps in front of her. Fyre removes her right hand from
Evan's chest as she wraps it around Shane's cock, guiding into her hot,
fiery mouth.

"Ohhh shit... yeah... mmmm..." Shane Helms moans as he puts his right hand
on top of Fyre's wet head and pushes her red water soaked hair back a Fyre
closes her mouth around his thick meaty twelve-inch cock.

Evan licks his lips as he pushes his cock up as fast as he can as Fyre
bounces up and down on his shaft. "Ohhh ahh fuck..." Evan groans as he looks
at Fyre's tits as the sway back and forth as she moves on his dick.

Fyre moans against Shane's cock as she bobs her head smoothly against his
cock, gently slapping her wet tongue against his shaft as she her moans
vibrate against his shaft as well "Ohhh...mmm...ohhh..." Fyre moans as she
grinds her pussy against Evan's cock as she firmly and smoothly bounces up
and down on his cock, taking his cock deeper into her tight, warm pussy.

"Ahhh fuck... you're pussy is so fucking hot..." Evan groans as lifts his
hands from Fyre's waist and grabs her large jiggling tits. As Fyre leans
forward some more to take Shane's cock deeper into her mouth, Evan lifts
his head, opens his mouth and takes each one of Fyre's rock hard nipples
into his mouth and circles his tongue against both.

Shane grits his teeth as he starts moving his pelvis a bit, thrusting his
cock in and out of Fyre's warm, moist feisty mouth, "Ohhh fuck you really
like long thick dicks..." Shane moans as Fyre energetically sucks his shaft.

"Ohhhh yeah..." Fyre moans around Shane's cock as she slowly lifts her head
away from his cock and licks her lips as she looks up at Shane while rocking
wildly back and forth on Evan's hard, thrusting cock " like that
warm pussy, Evan?" Fyre asks and moans as she looks forward at Shane's saliva
dripping cock.

Evan removes his head from Fyre's tits and licks his lips, "Ohhh fuck yea...
I love it..." Evan groans as he thrusts his shaft up into sharply into Fyre's
hot tight cunt as she rides his shaft with fiery intensity.

Shane licks his lips as he watches Fyre ride Evan, "Hey Fyre... when do I get
a crack at that hot Nitro Girl Pussy of yours?" Shane asks with a smirk.

Fyre presses her lips together as she glances over her shoulder while she
smoothly rides Evan's hard, thrusting cock "Mmmm...I think there might be
some room in there for ya babe..."

Shane licks his lips and he nods his head before he walks around behind Fyre
and gets down on his knees. "Mmmm let's see if we can get you to take a TWO
count..." Shane says as he grips his cock and pushes his shaft into Fyre's
already cock-filled pussy.

"Ohhh shit..." Evan groans as he feels Shane's shaft grind against his own
before both of the thick cocks are inside of Fyre's hot, tight cunt.

Fyre grits her teeth together as she tilts her fiery red haired head back
"Ohhhhh fuck!" Fyre moans as she rocks forward on Evan's cock as Shane
thrusts his hard, thick cock into her tight, cock-filled pussy.

Evan licks his lips as he and Shane begin to alternate thrusts as they
start to fuck Fyre's hot tight pussy together. "Uhhhh fuck yeah... shit...
'dancing' with the Nitro Girls is fucking great!" Evan grunts as he keeps
his hand on Fyre's large tits as she moves between the two 3 Count studs.

Shane firmly puts his hand on Fyre's waist and jerks her back towards him
as he drives his shaft sharply in and out of Fyre's pussy, "Ohhh yea...
ohhh fuck...." Shane groans as his and Evan's dick sharply move against
each other.

Fyre closes her eyes as her hot, now sweating body begins to rocks back and
forth in between the muscular, sweating bodies of Evan Karagias and Shane
Helms as the two 3 Count studs slam their cocks repeatedly into her tight,
warm and wet pussy "Ohhhh...ohhh...oh fuck yes!"

Evan and Shane both moan as they tag team Fyre's hot tight, and wet Nitro
Girl pussy while they fuck her cunt raw with sharp, quick thrusts. Evan grits
his teeth a bit as he arches his back, "Ahhh fuck... ohhh shit Shannon is...
a fool to miss all this..." Evan groans as he starts to cum inside of Fyre's
hot tight pussy.

Shane clenches his teeth together and he pulls his shaft out of Fyre's pussy
and he grips his shaft with his right hand, "Ahh... mmmm damn..." Shane moans
as he begins to cum, and he sprays his load all over Fyre's round, firm,
water dripping ass.

Fyre presses her lips together as she tilts her head back feeling Evan's
warm cum spray into her tight pussy, while Shane's cum sprays on her hot ass
"Ohhhh shit..." Fyre groans before licking her lips.

Shane licks his lips as the last drops of cum shoot from his cock and onto
Fyre's ass, "Mmmm... ohhh damn..." Shane groans as he watches his cum drip
from Fyre's ass cheeks.

Evan grits his teeth together as he finally takes his hands off of Fyre's
tits, "Umm... whew... you can really get down..." Evan says to Fyre.

Fyre laughs and smiles pleasantly as she tosses her fiery red hair back "You
two are great...but I would love to get down with all three of you!"

Evan and Shane both laugh a bit, before Shane says with a big smile "Oh
well... then we'll just all have to hook up... and 'dance' the night away..."


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