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Down With 3 Count Part 3: Steiner's Freak
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

At the WCW's state of the art training facility known as the Power Plant,
the trio of hot young studs known as 3 Count, consisting of Evan Karagias,
Shannon Moore and Shane Helms are standing near the weight racks as they
watch the hot 'freak' of Scott Steiner, the raven-haired beauty known as
Midajah, work out on one of the weight machines. All three members of Three
Count are wearing bright orange work out pants and white tank tops. "Man...
she is sooooo fucking hot...." Evan says as he licks his lips while turning
to look at Shane and Shannon.

"Yeah... hey I heard she's like the only chick who can take on Steiner and
wear him out..." Shannon says as he looks at Midajah's gorgeous, powerful

Shane smirks, "I heard that too... I also heard she can take on any number of
guys and outlast them..."

Evan laughs, "Well Steiner does call her a 'freak'... but I'd love to 'dance'
with her..." Evan says as he licks his lips again.

"Totally..." Shane laughs as he and Shannon high-five each other as none of
the 3 Count members notice that Midajah has finished her workout and is
walking towards them.

Midajah presses her lips as she approaches Evan, Shane and Shannon "Ummm...
excuse me, boys?" Midajah says as she locks her soft, seducing eyes on the
three studs of 3 Count as she dressed in a pair of leather-style shorts and
a white tank top "I was...wondering if you boys could help me out a bit?"
The raven-hair beauty Midajah says with a slight smirk.

The trio of young WCW wrestlers all turn to face the stunning valet of Scott
Steiner and each of the three men have smiles on their face, "Sure... we'd be
glad to help you out with anything..." Evan says before he looks at Shane
and Shannon, "Right boys?" "Yeah... sure..." Shane nods his head as he puts
his hands on his waist, while Shannon just nods his head and smiles.

Midajah smiles as she presses her lips together "Good...cause I'm in the mood
for one hell of a workout..." The favorite 'freak' of Scott Steiner says as
she begins to walk away from the three 3 Count studs as she sways her
stunning, rounded hips back and forth as she walks.

All three members of 3 Count look at each other and smirk slightly. "Wonder
what kind of workout she has in mind..." Shannon asks as he slides a hand
through his blond hair.

"Oh I have an idea... and I bet it involves 'dancing' with all of us..."
Shane replies before he starts to quickly walk to catch up with Midajah.

"Hey wait up!" Evan laughs as he and Shannon both run to catch up with Shane
and the stunning WCW diva.

Shane has already caught up with Midajah and he walks next to her, "So...
what kind of workout are you looking for? Something involving pumping iron?"
Shane asks as he licks his lips.

Midajah smirks and laughs slightly "Oh most definitely...I'm in the mood for
pumping a lot...of hard iron..." Midajah says as she casually glances to the
side and down at Shane's crotch.

"Awesome... totally... awesome..." Shane replies as he raises his eyebrow a
few times as he gets a thrilled look on his face.

Evan and Shannon finally catch up with Midajah and Shane, and Evan casually
asks, "So... where are we going for your 'workout' Midajah?

Midajah shrugs her shoulders as she tosses her raven-black hair back "Oh...I
think here's fine..." The sultry, stunning Midajah as she glances over her
shoulder to look at Evan and Shannon behind her. Midajah nods her head and
licks her lips as she casually glances at Evan and Shannon's crotches.

Shannon, like Evan and Shane, gets a big smile on his face, "Perfect... cause
you can't never start a work out too early..." Shannon replies just before
he, Evan and Shane remove their white tanks tops to reveal their smooth, hot,
muscular, well-toned upper bodies to the hot 'freak'.

Midajah bites down on her bottom lip slyly as she casually checks out the
impressive, smooth and muscular upper bodies of Shane, Evan and Shannon
" hot..." Midajah says with a laugh as the 'freak' places
her hands against her white tanktop and lifts her tanktop up revealing her
large, firmly rounded freakishly perfect tits. Midajah smiles "I figured...
I should follow the trend..."

"That's a good trend to follow..." Shane replies before he pauses and licks
his lips, "Cause we're a bunch of trend setters..." He adds just before he
and the other two members of 3 Count start to lower their matching bright
orange work out pants, and when they step out of them, Midajah gets a full
look at all three of the their thick foot-long cocks as they hang between
each of their legs.

Midajah licks her lips "Mmm...I hope you boys are ready for this 'freak'..."
Midajah says with a laugh as slides her left hand through her soft,
raven-black hair before she takes a step towards Shane, Shannon and Evan
" boys have some big dicks there..."

"Yeah... we know... and they aren't even hard yet..." Evan replies before he
glances at Shannon and Shane, who smirk back at Evan. All three members of 3
Count wrap a hand around their own cock and begin to stroke them in front of
Scott Steiner's favorite 'freak', and she watches each one of their dicks get
rock hard within a few moments.

Midajah licks her lips as she nods her head " stroke those nice
dicks for me..." Midajah says as she slightly grits her teeth together and
lowers herself down to her knees in front of three hot members of 3 Count.
Midajah smirks slyly as she reaches forward and wraps her smooth, delicate
hands around Shane and Shannon's shafts and begins lightly stroke their

"Mmmm... ohhh yea..." Shannon moans as he lets go of his cock and puts his
hands on his smooth waist as Midajah strokes his shaft.

Shane keeps his hand on his cock and he strokes it in sequence with the
raven-haired WCW diva and he licks his lips, "Oooo shit..." Shane groans as
both he and Midajah work over his own shaft.

Evan stands right in front of the gorgeous 'freak', pumping his own shaft as
he waves his dick near her face, "Like what you see?" Evan asks as he steps
forward slightly and brushes the tip of his cock against Midajah's lips.

Midajah nods her head " bet I do..." Midajah licks her lips as she
leans her head in and playfully flicks her tongue against the head of Evan's
cock "Mmm...why don't you get behind me?" Midajah asks with a sly smirk as
she looks up at Evan Karagias while she quickly strokes her hands against the
shafts of Shannon Moore and Shane Helms.

Evan nods his head and licks his lips, "Sounds like a good idea..." Evan says
as he steps back and walks around Midajah so that he's now standing behind
her. He gets down on his knees and puts his hands on her waist and starts to
tug down Midajah's leather style shorts as she strokes the hard dicks of
Shannon Moore and Shane Helms.

Midajah smirks before she leans her head in towards Shannon and Shane's
cocks that she's smoothly and steadily stroking. The favorite 'freak' of
Scott Steiner closes her eyes slightly as she tosses her raven hair back
and presses her soft, wet tongue against the head of Shannon's cock and
gently circles her tongue "Mmmm...I love dick..." Midajah moans softly as
she slaps her tongue against the head of Shannon's cock.

"Mmmmm... and I love getting my dick licked..." Shannon moans as he pushes
his right hand through Midajah's raven-black hair as she traces her 'freak'
tongue around the head of his thick shaft over and over again.

Meanwhile, behind Midajah, Evan has completely removed her shorts from her
smooth sexy legs and is stroking his shaft. "Oh yeah... time to 'dance'..."
Evan says as he pushes his cock into Midajah's warm, tight pussy and begins
to fuck the hot WCW diva.

"Mmmm...ohhh fuck..." Midajah softly moans as she lifts her head away from
Shannon's cock and turns her head to Shane's cock as Evan begins to gently
thrust his cock in and out of her tight, warm pussy. Midajah licks her lips
as she tightly grips Shane's cock with her left hand, pulling his cock
towards her mouth. Midajah opens her freakishly soothing mouth and wraps her
pouty lips around his shaft as she begins to bob her head on his cock, while
she pushes back against Evan's cock and strokes her right hand against
Shannon's cock.

"Ahhhh... ohhhhh shit yeah... fuck... suck it..." Shane moans as he slides
both of his hands through Midajah's hair as she sucks on his thick, meaty
cock, while behind her, Evan steadily picks up the pace of his thrusts,
moving his cock in and out of Midajah's pussy as a swifter and harder rate.

"Uhhh... ohhh yeah... fuck you're tight..." Evan groans as he closes his eyes
and tilts his head back. Midajah's moans bounce against Shane's shaft as she
gently laps her tongue around his cock as she quickly bobs her head on his
cock. Midajah lifts her eyes up and locks her soft, seducing eyes with
Shannon Moore as she strokes his cock smoothly, guiding her hand down to his
ballsack and begins to massage his balls.

Shannon licks his lips as he wraps his hand around his cock and strokes it as
Midajah plays with his large balls, "Mmmm ohhh fuck she is so damn hot..."
Shannon moans as he stares into Midajah's eyes.

Evan grits his teeth as slams his cock harder into Midajah's cunt as he pulls
her back towards him as he starts to sweat a bit. "Mmmm damn... Shane... you
gotta fuck her pussy... it's freakishly tight man..." Evan groans.

Shane smirks and moans as Midajah continues to suck his cock, "Ahhh... I bet
she is... I'll probably... lose five pounds fucking her..."

Midajah slowly lifts her head up from Shane's cock and glances up at him with
a sly smirk as Evan pulls his cock out of her tight pussy and steps out from
behind her. Midajah licks her lips as she locks her eyes with Shane Helms
"Shut up...and lay down..." Midajah commands.

Shane nods his head, "Sure thing..." Shane says as he quickly lays down on
the floor of the Power Plant training facility.

Midajah presses her lips together "Ohhh...I'm gonna fuck you good..."
Midajah says with a smirk as she mounts herself on top of Shane's hard, thick
cock and places her hands on his smooth, muscular chest as she begins to
immediately rock on Shane's cock "Ohhhh...mmm fuck yeah..." Midajah moans as
she begins bounce on Shane's cock as well.

"Ahhh... ohhh... ohhh shit... what... a pussy..." Shane moans as he places
his hands on Midajah's firm, sexy hips as he thrusts his fat cock up into
Midajah's pussy as she bounces repeatedly on top of him.

Shannon Moore walks around behind Midajah and he kneels down when Evan moves
out of the way, "I'm going to fuck you good too..." Shannon says as he licks
his lips as he pushes his shaft into Midajah's tight 'freak' asshole.

Midajah grits her teeth "Ohhhh fuck yeah...I love it in the ass!" Midajah
moans as she bites down on her bottom lip and aggressively pushes her hot,
toned body back against Shannon's cock while she grinds her pussy against
Shane's cock as she bounces "Mmmm...I'm a fucking freak alright..." Midajah

Shannon reaches around Midajah's hot, physically fit body and grabs her large
firm tits as he pumps his cock in and out of tight asshole, "Ohhhh shit...
mmmmm damn you're ass is made for getting fucked..." Shannon moans as he
fucks Midajah's asshole faster than he would've expected.

Evan stands up and moves around in front of Midajah, "Mmmm are you a cock
sucking freak too?" Evan asks as he waves his cock in Midajah's face.

Midajah nods her head as she licks her lips "Ohhh...I fucking am!" Midajah
groans as she opens her mouth and leans her head in towards Evan's cock,
taking him into her warm, wet mouth as she begins to bob her head as she
rocks and grinds her body in between Shannon and Shane's muscular bodies.

Evan grits his teeth together as Midajah quickly shows off her 'freak' skills
by bobbing her head quickly on his cock. "Ahhh... ohhh yeah..." Evan moans as
he grabs hold of Midajah's head and thrusts his cock in between Midajah's
pouty lips. Shane licks his teeth as he slides his hands from Midajah's waist
to her asscheeks and he pushes her asscheeks so that they are pressing right
against Shannon's cock.

"Mmmm...mmmm..." Midajah moans against Evan's cock as her warm saliva drips
against his cock as she quickly bobs her head, lapping her tongue around his
cock as well as she sucks. Sweat begins to drip off of Midajah's hot body as
she rocks back against Shannon's cock, while bouncing harder and quicker on
Shane's cock.

Shane licks his lips as he thrusts his shaft up into Midajah's pussy,
"Ahhh... ohhh fuck... damn you're a fucking freak!" Shane moans as Midajah
squeezes his cock with her tight pussy.

Shannon pulls his shaft out of Midajah's asshole and he takes a breath, "God
damn... I want to fuck her pussy guys... only fair..." Shannon says as he
stands up.

Midajah slowly lifts her head off of Evan's cock and licks her lips before
glancing over her shoulder and smirks back at Shannon "You wanna fuck me?"
Midajah sassily says as she lifts herself off of Shane's cock and stands in
front of Shannon.

Shannon nods his head and licks his lips, "Oh yeah... I want to fuck that
freak pussy..." Shannon, the youngest member of 3 Count, says with a big wide

Midajah presses her lips together as she glances back at Evan Karagias "I
think I want... a...Two Count..." Midajah says with a smirk as she takes
another step towards Shannon and places her hands on top of his shoulders
as Evan approaches her from behind.

"Two's better than one..." Evan says as he licks his lips as he stands very
close to Midajah. He and Shannon put their hands on her body and lift Midajah
up so that Evan can slid his cock into Midajah's tight asshole, and then
Shannon gets his fat cock into Midajah's hot, tight freak pussy.

Midajah grits her teeth as she leans back against Evan's muscular chest as
she feels Evan and Shannon both thrust their cocks into her tight asshole and
warm pussy "Ohhh fuck yess...fuck this freak!"

Evan puts his hands underneath Midajah's legs as he thrust his cock in and
out of Midajah's painfully tight asshole, "Ahh... shit yeah... how does
Steiner... keep up with you!" Evan groans as he pumps his cock deep into her
ass repeatedly. Shannon has his hands on Midajah's waist and as he fucks
'The Freak's' cunt, Shannon lowers his head and slides hit tongue over her
sweat-covered tits.

Midajah grits her teeth as she slams down roughly on both Shannon and Evan's
hard, thrusting cock "Ohhhh fuck yesss..." Midajah moans as she glances over
at Shane Helms and licks her lips " like watching me...getting

Shane nods his head as he strokes his cock with his right hand, "Mmmm yeah...
it's fucking awesome..." Shane says as he licks his lips.

Evan and Shannon both drive their cocks harder into Midajah's asshole and
pussy, and Evan grits his teeth as he starts to cum inside of her ass.
"Ahhh... ohhh shit..." Evan groans as he fills Midajah's ass with his cum.

Midajah bites down on her bottom lip as she keeps her lust filled eyes locked
on Shane Helms "Ohhhh mmm...stroke that cock for love watching
me..." Midajah moans softly as her body drips of sweat as she rocks back and
forth in between Shannon and Evan.

Shane keeps his eyes locked on Midajah as she moves between Shannon and Evan,
and he continues to quickly pump his shaft. "Ohhh yeah... fuck you're so damn
great to watch..." Shane moans.

Shannon lifts his head from Midajah's tits and he grits his teeth, "Fuck...
ohhh damn..." Shannon closes his eyes as he starts to blow his load in
Midajah's pussy.

Midajah's back arches against Evan's muscular chest as she feels Shannon's
warm cum rush into her tight, wet pussy "Ahhhhh fuck yesss...fill this freak
up!" Midajah moans as she grinds her body smoothly against Evan, causing to
her slightly jerk on his cum-spent cock.

"Ah shit..." Evan groans as Midajah grinds on his cock before he pulls out of
her asshole when Shannon pulls out after filling her pussy with cum. The two
sweaty members of 3 Count set Midajah down, almost right in front of Shane
who's quickly stroking his throbbing cock.

Midajah licks her lips as she takes a step towards Shane as he stroke his
cock furiously. "Mmm...ohhh come on my face..." Midajah groans as she kneels
down in front of Shane Helms.

"Ahhh... ohhh shit... you're such... a hot freak..." Shane Helms moans,
"Ahh... Christ... here comes my sugar baby..." Shane groans as he starts to
spray his warm, sticky cum all over Midajah's face as he pumps his cock

Midajah presses her lips together as she closes her eyes, feeling the warm,
sticky cum of Shane Helms splash against her gorgeous face "Ohhh yeah...cum
on my face..." Midajah groans as some of Shane's cum lands on her pouty lips
and she licks her lips clean.

Shane squeezes his cock as the last bit of cum shoots from his spent cock.
"Ahhh... ahhh fuck... god damn it..." Shane moans.

Evan looks at Shannon and smirks, "I bet we gave her the best workout of her

Shannon licks his lips, "Yeah... totally... we really gave it too her..."
Shannon says as he looks at the cum covered faced of Midajah.

Midajah slowly opens her eyes and presses her lips together as Shane's cum
drips off of her face " boys did...but I think this freak went down
on 3 Count..."


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