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Down With 3 Count Part 4: Evan's Dominatrix
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

At a WCW LIVE event, 3 Count member Evan Karagias is hanging out backstage
as Shannon Moore and Shane Helms are in the ring competing in a Four Team
Elimination match. Dressed in white baggy pants and a WCW Monday Nitro
t-shirt, Evan walks around backstage, "Man those two better hurry up and
win... I want to go 'dance' with some ladies..." Evan laughs as he walks
around a corner to head to his locker room. As he walks he goes around a
corner and he sees WCW petite dominatrix, Leia Meow coming out of the locker
room of her group known as the Jung Dragons. Evan gets a cocky smirk on his
face and he casually approaches Leia, "Hey baby..." Evan starts to say just
before he sees the sharp glare Leia is giving him.

Leia Meow presses her lips together as she sharply glares at Evan Karagias
with a sultry, steamy look in her dominating eyes "Are you worthy?" The
manager of the Jung Dragons asks as she dressed in a tight-fitting pair of
leather pants and leather bikini top as she holds a small leather whip in
her left hand.

Evan raises an eyebrow, "Worthy of what babe?" Evan asks as he casually
checks out Leia Meow and the tight fitting leather outfit she's wearing.

Leia raises an eyebrow as the sly, sultry dominatrix slowly glances up and
down Evan's clothed body "Worthy of me..." Leia slightly snaps her teeth

"Ohhhh I see..." Evan licks his lips a bit and he lifts up his t-shirt to
show off his rock solid abs, "I think I am more than worthy of you babe..."
Evan says as he slightly mocks Leia, but also plays along.

The stunning, sultry and conniving Asian, Leia Meow, slightly licks her lips
as she glances down at Evan's rock solid, impressive abs "We shall see if
you are worthy..." Leia asks as she flicks her tongue against the tip of her
small leather whip "Follow me!" The dominatrix commands, before turning
around and begins to walk away from the handsome member of 3 Count.

"Damn... aren't we pushy..." Evan says with a laugh before he lowers his
t-shirt down and he starts to follow the petite Asian dominatrix as she walks
away from him. "Where are we going babe?"

Leia glances over her shoulder with a sly smirk, as her sly eyes are slightly
narrowed "Silence!" Leia commands as she continues to walk down the hallway.

Evan smirks slightly, "Whoa... what you don't like my voice? It makes girls
scream when they hear it..." Evan replies as he looks at Leia's leather pant
covered ass move as the small Asian woman walks.

Leia pauses as she stops in front of one of the doors in the hallway, that
leads to the boiler room, as the feisty dominatrix turns around to face Evan
Karagias and points her small leather whip in his direction "I said...
Silence!" Leia Meow slightly yells before she points her whip away from Evan
and at the boiler room door to her left "Open!" Leia commands to Evan.

"Ok... ok... don't have to yell..." Evan says with a slight laugh as he
opens the door leading to the boiler room, "There it's open... after you...
mistress..." Evan says as he cockily motions for Leia to step into the
boiler room before him.

Leia Meow presses her lips together as she slowly shakes her head "You better
obey..." Leia slightly snaps as the sly, seducing Asian dominatrix enters the
boiler room and turns on the lights inside of the once darkened boiler room.

Evan steps into the boiler room after Leia Meow turns on the lights and he
smirks, "Hey I do take occasional requests..." Evan replies to Leia's comment
as he closes the door behind him. Evan then follows Leia deeper into the
dimly lit boiler room.

Leia gently grits her together as she locks her dominatrix eyes on Evan
Karagias and points her small leather whip at him "Remove your clothes!" Leia
commands before she begins to removes her black leather bikini top to expose
her petite, firmly rounded Asian tits.

Evan licks his lips as he looks at Leia's hot, round tits, "Damn I normally
don't dig pushy chicks... but you're an exception..." Evan says as he lifts
up his t-shirt and takes it off, revealing his smooth muscular upper body.
He drops the shirt down on the ground and then he starts to lower his white
baggy pants, and as he lowers them, he frees his large, thick meaty eleven
inch cock.

Leia Meow presses her lips together as she slowly nods her head "Nice...
nice...turn around!" Leia Meow snaps as she grits her teeth together.

Evan steps out of his pants and smirks, "Sure thing... if you like the front,
you'll like the back..." Evan says as he turns around and shows off his
smooth ass to the petite Asian dominatrix.

The sultry, dominating Asian narrows her eyes as she takes a step towards
Evan Karagias as he has his back turned to her "Good..." Leia replies before
she smirks slyly "You must prove you are worthy...through punishment..." Leia
says with a soft moan as she raises her small leather whip before she swings
the whip down and smacks the whip firmly against Evan's smooth, tanned ass.

"OWWWW!" Evan jumps about two feet into the air after Leia Meow cracks her
whip against his smooth, evenly tanned ass. Evan puts his hands on his
ass-cheeks and looks back at her, "What the hell was that for?!"

Leia presses her lips together into a smirk and shrugs her shoulders "I told must prove yourself to me..." Leia replies in a sultry voice before
she points at Evan with her dominating whip "Turn around and silence!" The
Asian dominatrix snaps. Evan keeps his hands on his ass as he turns around to
face Leia Meow. Evan looks at Leia, and now knowing that she'll use the whip
at any moment, Evan keeps his mouth shut.

Leia licks her lips as she steps closely to Evan and presses the tip of her
small leather whip with her left hand against Evan's muscular chest "You
seem worthy..." Leia says with a smirk as she begins to push down her tight
leather pants with her right hand.

Evan tilts his head a bit and he looks down at Leia's tight leather pants as
she pushes them down, "Hey baby... I am worthy... you'll see..." Evan says
as Leia slightly slides the top of her small leather whip against his chest.

Leia presses her lips together as she lowers the whip from Evan's muscular
chest as she finishes pushing her leather pants down exposing her bare, hot
and shaven dominatrix pussy. Leia gently grits her teeth together as she
steps out of her leather pants and now stands completely naked in front of
Evan Karagias. Leia Meow softly tosses her dark hair back as she lowers
herself down onto her knees in front of Evan, however she turns with her
back facing him and places her hands down on the floor as she's on all fours
"Get behind me..." Leia slightly commands.

Evan licks his lips, "Sounds good to me..." Evan says as he kneels down
behind the hot, dominatrix of WCW. He puts his hands Leia's smooth ass and
lightly squeezes them, "I bet I can guess command number two..." Evan says
with a grin as he then starts to push his cock into Leia's hot, smooth Asian

Leia grits her teeth together as she feels Evan's hard, thick cock enter her
tight, Asian pussy " are correct" Leia moans as she smoothly
pushes herself back against Evan's cock, forcing him deeper into her tight,
dominatrix pussy.

Evan slides his hands from Leia's ass and places them on her hips as he
begins to thrust his cock in and out of her pussy at a good swift rate, that
results in his cock going in deep and hard into Leia's pussy. "Ahhh fuck...
you're tight..." Evan moans as he fucks her pussy with a good pace.

Leia closes her sultry eyes as she tilts her head back and begins to
aggressively push herself back against Evan's cock firmly "Ohhh...ohhhh are worthy..." Leia moans as she thrusts her petite Asian body
back against Evan's cock harder.

Evan smirks as he starts to increase the pace of his thrusts, fucking Leia's
hot dominatrix pussy with sharper and faster thrusts, "Ahhhh... mmmmm...
damn... straight I'm... worthy..." Evan grunts as he pulls Leia back against
him so that her ass hits against his solid waist.

Leia licks her lips as she glances over her shoulder at Evan and locks her
sultry, dominating eyes with him as she rams her petite Asian, hot body back
against Evan's hard, thrusting cock "Ohhh...mmm...harder!" Leia moans as her
petite body rocks back and forth against Evan's cock.

"Ahhh... mmmm... uhhh shit..." Evan moans as he pumps his shaft as hard as
he can in and out of Leia's hot, tight pussy. Evan firmly holds onto Leia's
hips as he drives his cock as sharply as he can into Leia's tight cunt.

"Ohhhh ohhhhh fuck... fuck yesss!" Leia moans loudly as she arches her back
slightly as her petite, hot body slams back against his cock harder "Mmmm...
ohhh pull that dick out!" Leia commands and moans.

"Uhhh... all right..." Evan says as he wipes a bit of sweat for his forehead.
The leader of 3 Count then slowly pulls his thick hard cock out of Leia's hot
tight pussy and he sits on his knees behind her. Evan then slightly slides
his hands over the Asian dominatrix's hot ass before she moves away from him.

Leia Meow slowly turns around to face Evan as she remains on her knees, the
dominatrix scoots closer to Evan and places her hands on his strong shoulders
"Lay back..." Leia commands in a sultry tone as she slightly pushes Evan back
to lay down on the floor of the boiler room.

"All right babe..." Evan replies as he licks his lips slightly just before
he lays down on the cold floor of the dimly lit boiler room. "So... what's
next for me?" Evan asks Leia as he locks his eyes with her sly, dominating

Leia licks her lips as she smoothly mounts herself on top of Evan's hard,
thick cock " earned it..." Leia moans as she places her hands
against his smooth, muscular chest before she rocks back against his cock
" deserve it..." Leia groans as she tilts her head back and closes
her eyes as she begins to rock smoothly, but slowly on his cock.

Evan licks his lips and he puts his hands on Leia's smooth, sexy waist as
she rocks back and forth on his large, thick cock. "Ahhh... mmmmm... I told
you... I was worthy... didn't I..." Evan moans as the petite Asian Dominatrix
starts to slightly rise and fall on his thick shaft.

"Mmmm...ohhh yess you are" Leia moans as she slides her soft, dominating
hands against his smooth, muscular chest as she starts to quickly rock back
and forth on his cock and begins to smoothly bounce on his cock as well
"Ohhhh are very worthy..." Leia moans as she slams her body down
harder on Evan's cock as sweat begins to drip off of her hot Asian body.

Evan bends his legs a bit so that his feet are down flat on the cold floor
of the boiler room, and he starts to thrust his cock up into Leia's warm, wet
Asian pussy. "Ahhh... mmm... wow... your pussy is fantastic..." Evan moans as
he slides his hands up from Leia's waist and places them on Leia's round,
firm tits.

Leia grits her teeth as she grinds her pussy sharply against Evan's cock as
her petite, hot and sweat dripping Asian body slams down harder on Evan's
cock as the dominatrix takes him forcefully deeper into her tight Asian cunt
"Ohhhh...mmmm...ohhhh fuck yess!"

Evan licks his teeth as he arches his back a bit in order to slam his cock
harder up into Leia's hot pussy, "Uhhh... ohhh yeah... ride that... fucking
cock..." Evan moans as Leia impales herself over and over again on his fat

Leia closes her eyes as she dominatingly rocks and slams her body on Evan's
thick, hard cock "Ohhhh no..." Leia groans as her pussy tightens around
Evan's thrusting cock as she begins to cum.

Evan licks his lips and moans as he feels the hot Asian dominatrix's warm cum
flowing over his cock as she rocks on his cock. "Ohhh yeah baby... you like
that worthy cock?" Evan groans as he slides his hands from Leia's tits back
down to her waist.

Leia nods her head as she keeps her eyes closed "Ohhhh yess...very worthy..."
The dominating, sultry Leia Meow moans as sweat drips off of her stunning,
petite Asian body as she continues to rock against Evan's hard, thick cock.

Evan smirks a bit, "Good... cause... I want to see if you're worthy now..."
The leader of 3 Count says as he starts to lift Leia off of his thick,
throbbing cock. He scoots out from underneath her, and then he stands up in
front of her, "Show me you're worthy..." Evan says as he has Leia kneel in
front of him with his meaty cock hanging in front of her face. Leia licks
her lips as she sits on her knees in front of Evan as she locks her sultry,
dominatrix eyes on Evan. Leia Meow reaches forward and wraps her smooth,
delicate hands around his shaft as she guides his cock into her warm, wet
mouth. Leia wraps her lips around his shaft as she starts to smoothly bob
her head along his throbbing shaft.

"Ahhh... ohhh yeah... mmmmm..." Evan moans as he puts both of his hands on
top of Leia's head and takes two handfuls of her smooth, sweat dampened hair.
He moves his pelvis forward, thrusting it back and forth as he moves his
shaft in between Leia's lips as she bobs her head up and down on his cock.
"Mmmm... you seem... worthy..." Evan moans as he feels Leia's small tongue
against the underside of his cock.

Leia lifts her sultry eyes up and locks them with Evan as she slides her wet
tongue around Evan's hard shaft as she guides her head against Evan's cock,
bobbing quicker and swiftly on his shaft while she softly moans against his
shaft. "Mmmmm... ohhh yeah... mmmm..." Evan looks down into Leia's sultry
eyes as she quickly bobs her head on his shaft. "Uhhh... ohhh fuck yea...
come on... yeah... you're worth...." Evan moans as he starts to cum inside
of Leia Meow's warm, moist mouth. The sweaty, studdly leader of 3 Count grits
his teeth as he can feel Leia suck every drop of cum from his meaty shaft.

Leia closes her eyes as she gently taps her tongue against Evan's cock as her
hot, wet mouth fills up with the warm, sticky cum of Evan Karagias "Mmmm...
ohhh yeah..." Leia groans as she lifts her head off his cock and swallows his

Evan licks his lips as he looks down at Leia sweat covered face, "Mmmm...
whew... damn... you're good... the guys would love to see how worthy you
are..." Evan says with a smirk.

Leia presses her lips together as she slowly lifts her eyes and locks them
with Evan Karagias as sweat rolls down her sly, seducing face "But first...
they have to prove...they are worthy."

Evan grins as sweat drips from his body, "Oh they will... don't worry...
cause once you see they are worthy... you'll be down... with not a 1... not
a 2... but for a 3 Count."


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