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Down With 3 Count Part 6: The Paulshock
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Backstage at a taping of WCW Thunder, the trio of young studs known as 3
Count, consisting of Evan Karagias, Shannon Moore and Shane Helms are hanging
out near the Thunder interview set. All three men are wearing baggy white
pants and are smirking at one another, "Man... I love Thunder tapings... as
soon as we're done shooting something... we're able to get outta here!" Evan
says as he leans against the set.

"Yeah I know... and we get to go 'dance' the night away with some real
hotties quicker too," Shannon replies as he rubs his hands together.

"Man, speaking of hotties, where's Pam at? We were supposed to tape out
interview like ten minutes ago..." Shane says as he looks down one end of the
hallway just as WCW's gorgeous backstage interviewer Pamela Paulshock comes
walking towards 3 Count from the opposite end.

Evan spots her and licks his lips. "Chill Shane... here she comes..." Evan
says, and he, along with Shane and Shannon all get big smiles on their faces
as they watch Pamela Paulshock walk in their direction.

The stunningly gorgeous Pamela Paulshock approaches Evan, Shannon and Shane
with a soft smile on her face while she holds a microphone with her left
hand "Hey guys...sorry I'm late..." Pamela begins to apologizes to the three
studdly members of 3 Count, while she's dressed in a short tan-colored skirt
and a tan-colored tank top.

"It's no big deal Pam..." Shannon says as he puts his hands behind his head
as he leans against the interview set.

"Yeah... we would've waited a while longer..." Evan replies as he casually
checks out Pamela's smooth legs.

"Yeah but now the Camera crew is late..." Shannon adds with a laugh.

Pamela laughs and then glances around the interviewing set " looks
like they are..." Pamela shakes her head "Now...I don't feel so bad for being
late.." Pamela adds as she casually licks her lips before she takes a glance
at Evan Karagias, before looking over at Shannon and Shane "Would you like
to...go over the interview before the camera crew gets here?" Pamela asks as
she locks her alluring eyes on the trio of 3 Count studs.

Evan smiles a bit, "Well sure... but it's the basic interview of you asking
us something... and us saying that we are so hot that we're gonna go out and
kicks some ass and make all the ladies scream..." Evan replies as he licks
his lips.

"Which is what's gonna happen anyway..." Shane adds as he looks at Pamela's
tan- colored tank top that perfectly shows off her chest.

Pamela presses her lips together and raises her eyebrow " like to
make the ladies scream, huh?" Pamela asks with a soft laugh as she places her
hands on her smooth, toned and tanned waist.

Shannon Moore nods his head as he puts his hands his waist, "Oh yeah... we do
that every day and every night..." Shannon replies as he licks his lips.

"Do you want to find out?" Evan asks casually as he walks around to stand
behind the beautiful Pamela Paulshock.

Pamela licks her lips slightly as she glances over her shoulder at Evan
Karagias "I can find out?" Pamela asks as she locks her alluring, gentle eyes
with Evan as she slightly tosses back her blonde hair.

"Yup..." Shane nods his head as he steps closer to Pamela, "Just gotta be
willing to go down for the three count..." Shane adds just as Shannon moves
a bit so that all three members of 3 Count are surrounding Pamela.

Pamela bites down on her bottom lip "Well...the camera crew is late..."
Pamela replies as she casually lowers her eyes and locks them with the
bulging crotches of Shannon Moore and Shane Helms as they stand in front
of the gorgeous WCW Interviewer. Pamela licks her lips and nods her head
"Ohh...I think I could go down..." Pamela says as she takes a step back
to purposely presses her hot, rounded ass against the waist and crotch
of Evan Karagias.

Evan licks his lips as Pamela presses her ass against his waist and crotch,
"Mmmmm... well... you can start by going down in front of 3 Count..." Evan
says and he looks at Shannon and Shane as he nods his head.

Shannon and Shane both smirk as they start to lower their baggy white pants
to free their twelve inch long cocks. Shannon and Shane both step out of
their pants and look at Pamela Paulshock, "Yeah Pam... feel free to go
down... at any time..." Shannon says with a grin.

Pamela smirks "Mmm...I think I might just have too..." The stunning Pamela
Paulshock replies as she slowly lowers herself down onto her knees in front
of Shane and Shannon as she reaches forward and gently places her left hand
around Shane's cock, while putting her right hand around Shannon's cock and
begins to stroke her hands smoothly against their shafts as Evan Karagias
stands behind her watching the stunning WCW Interviewer stroke the cocks of
his fellow 3 Count teammates.

"Ahhhh yeah..." Shane moans as Pamela strokes his and Shannon's stiffen
cocks. Evan licks his lips as he starts to remove his own white baggy pants
to free his own foot long cock.

"Hmm Pam... you're going to get the full 3 Count experience..." Evan says as
he looks over Pamela's shoulder to watch her stroke his teammates' dicks.

Pamela licks her lips "Mmm...oh I want the full 3 Count..." Pamela says in a
soft, seductive voice as she leans her head forward to Shane and Shannon's
cock and places her tongue against the head of Shane's cock. Pamela flicks
her tongue against the head of Shane's cock before she moves her head to
Shannon's cock and slaps her tongue against his cock as well, while she
continues to stroke their hard shafts smoothly and quickly.

"Mmmmm... that's right... use that tongue... Shane Helms moans as he feels
Pamela's tongue graze against the head of his cock.

Shannon licks his lips, "Mmmm damn... you know how to handle a dick..."
Shannon groans as Pamela continues to strokes his dick.

Evan smirks a bit, "Mmmm... you really are gonna get the 3 Count..." Evan
says as he bends down and he pulls Pamela up slightly so that he can start
to lower her tan-colored skirt from Pamela's sexy waist.

Pamela closes her eyes as she slides her wet, delicate tongue back and forth
against the heads of Shane and Shannon's hard, thick cocks "Mmmm...mmmm..."
Pamela softly moans before she opens her mouth and lowers her head down on
Shane's cock. Pamela presses her lips tightly around his shaft and begins to
bob her head as she begins to suck on Shane's cock, while she moves her right
hand quicker against Shannon's smooth, hard shaft.

"Ahhh yea... mmmm shit... suck that dick..." Shane moans as he puts his right
hand on top of Pamela's head as she bobs her head up and down on his stiff

Evan has successfully lowered Pamela's tan colored skirt, as well as the pink
colored panties she's wearing as well. "Mmm... let's start counting..." Evan
laughs a bit as he starts to push his cock into Pamela's warm, tight pussy.

"Mmmm...ohhhh...yeah..." Pamela softly moans against Shane's cock as she
smoothly bobs her head on his cock as she laps her soft tongue around his
shaft before she lifts her head up from his cock that now drips of her warm
saliva. Pamela licks her lips as she turns her head to Shannon's cock and
lowers her head to take Shannon's hard, thick cock into her warm mouth. The
stunning Pamela Paulshock starts to bob her head slowly on Shannon's cock
as she gently slaps her tongue against his shaft. Pamela wraps her left hand
back around Shane's cock and begins to stroke his cock once again as she
starts to push herself back against Evan's thrusting cock inside of her warm,
tight pussy.

"Ahh... ohhh... damn..." Shannon Moore moans as he slides a hand through his
blonde hair as he feels Pamela take over half of his cock into her warm moist

Evan now has his hands on Pamela's waist and he starts to quicken the pace of
his thrusts as he fucks Pamela's shockingly warm and tight pussy. "Ohhhh mmmm
damn... you got a great pussy Pam..." Evan groans as he bangs WCW's gorgeous
blonde haired interviewer from behind.

"Mmmm...mmm ohhhh yeah..." Pamela moans vibrate and bounce against Shannon's
cock as she lowers her head further down on his cock taking him deeply into
her warm, saliva-dripping mouth while she firmly pushes herself back against
Evan's hard, thrusting cock causing her round, hot ass to slam against his

Shane Helms slowly frees his cock from Pamela's soft delicate hand and he
lays down on the floor of the WCW Thunder Interview set. "Hey guys... let
that hottie get over here..." Shane says with a smirk.

"All right man..." Shannon replies with a moan as he pulls his saliva
dripping cock out of Pamela's mouth at the exact moment Evan pulls his dick
out of Pamela's tight pussy.

Pamela licks her lips as she glances down and locks her eyes on the hard,
thick cock of Shane Helms that points straight up as he lays on the cold
floor of the WCW Thunder Interview set. "Mmm...time to get down alright..."
Pamela laughs as she walks over to Shane and kneels down onto the floor
before straddle herself on top of his body and mounting herself firmly on
top of Shane's hard cock "Ohhhh shit...that feels good..." Pamela moans as
she places her hands against his smooth, muscular chest and begins to rock
on his cock.

Shane licks his lips as he puts his hands on Pamela's waist and he starts to
pump his cock up into her pussy. "Ahhhh yea... mmmm damn... you are fucking
tight..." Shane moans.

Evan stands up and he moves to stand in front of Pamela, "Here ya go Pam..."
Evan says as he holds his thick cock covered near Pamela's mouth.

"Mmmm...ohhh yess another 3 Count dick..." Pamela moans as she rocks back
and forth on Shane's cock as she grinds her hips and body as she rides Shane
at a quicker pace. Pamela licks her lips as she looks up at Evan and removes
her left hand from Shannon's cock in order to wrap her hand around Evan's
cock to guide it into her warm, wet mouth. Pamela wraps her lips tightly
around his shaft and the stunning WCW Interview begins to slurp up Evan's
cock while she quickly rides the cock of Shane Helms.

"Ahhhh yea... suck that dick..." Evan moans as he pushes Pamela's blond hair
back as she bobs her head quickly on his stiff long cock. Evan closes his
eyes and tilts his head backward as he feels Pamela's soft tongue slide
against the underside of his cock as she slurps on his shaft.

Shannon licks his lips and he moves behind Pamela, "Damn... two in... one to
go..." Shannon says with a bit of a smirk as he kneels behind Pamela and
begins to push his saliva-covered dick into Pamela's hot perfect ass.

"Mmmmm ohhhh fuck!" Pamela moans loudly against Evan's cock as her hot,
tanned body is thrusted forward against Shane's cock sharply as Shannon Moore
slams his hard, thick cock deeply into the tight asshole of Pamela Paulshock.
Pamela closes her eyes as she begins to gently rock back against Shannon's
cock as she bounces on Shane's cock and sucks on Evan's cock.

"Ahhh damn... fuck her ass is great!" Shannon groans as he starts pumping his
cock harder and faster into Pamela's tight ass.

"And her pussy is fucking great too!" Shane grunts as he continues to thrust
his cock upward into Pamela's tight pussy as he slides his hands up towards
Pamela's tank top covered chest and he starts to feel up her tits through the
material of her tank top.

Evan licks his teeth slightly as he firmly takes hold of Pamela's hair as she
continues to take more of his dick past her mouth, "Mmmmm damn... oh yea...
mmm... she's got a full 3 Count going..." Evan moans as he starts moving his
pelvis to thrust his cock in and out of Pamela's mouth.

Pamela slaps her soft, wet tongue against Evan's cock as she moves her head
quickly along his shaft, taking the studdly member of 3 Count deeper into her
warm, wet mouth as she practically deep-throats his entire cock. While Pamela
steadily sucks on Evan's cock the sweating WCW Interview pushes herself back
against Shannon's cock at a quicker rate while she slams her hot, stunning
body down on Shane's cock at a harder rate "Mmmm...ohhhh fuck!"

"Ahhhh ohhh shit... uh fuck yea!" Shane groans as he feels Pamela grinding
her pussy down harder on his thick throbbing cock. He squeezes Pamela's tits
through her sweat soaked tank top as he arches his back and gives Pamela one
more stiff thrust before he starts to cum inside of her warm tight pussy,
filling her with warm cum.

"Mmmm...ohhhh yeah..." Pamela moans as she lifts her head off of Evan's cock,
causing some of her saliva to drip on Evan's cock and drip down onto Shane's
face, as she feels the warm cum of Shane Helms flood into her tight pussy
"Ohhhh shit...that's it babe..." Pamela moans as she places her hands against
Shane's sweat-covered chest and begins to gently rock on his cock as she
pushes her body back against Shannon Moore.

Shannon Moore holds onto Pamela's slender hips as he keeps pumping his cock
in and out of Pamela's tight perfect ass. "Ahhh ohhhh yea... fuck... god damn
this... is so much fucking... better than an interview..." Shannon groans as
he pounds Pamela Paulshock's tight asshole just as he starts to shoot his cum
deep into Pamela's tight asshole. Pamela tights her head back and groans as
she feels Shannon's warm cum spray into her tight asshole as she slowly comes
to stop of Shane's cock. Pamela licks her lips and closes her eyes before she
lifts herself off of Shane once Shannon pull his cock out of her tight

Evan licks his lips as he looks at the sweating Pamela, "Hey Pam... you still
got one more count to go... to get a perfect 3 Count..." Evan says with a
cocky grin on his face.

Pamela licks her lips and smiles "Mmm...ohhh yeah...I still got you babe,
don't I?" Pamela says as she locks her eyes on Evan's hard, throbbing cock.

"Yeah you do..." Evan says with a smirk as he licks his lips, "Why don't you
take that tank top off... and let those tits out to play with my dick..."
Evan laughs a bit as he wraps a hand around his cock and starts to stroke it
as Shane and Shannon get up to their feet. Pamela presses her lips together
and looks up to lock her eyes with Evan as she removes her tank top to expose
her large, firmly rounded hot tits.

"Mmmm yeah... those are hot tits..." Evan says as he lets go of his cock and
he pushes Pamela down onto her back. Evan then mounts her body, laying his
large throbbing saliva-covered cock between Pamela's tits. "Mmmm... this is
gonna be hot..." Evan says as he takes Pamela's hands and put them on her own
tits so that they are pressed against his dick. Evan then starts to thrust
his cock between them, and the head of his cock comes very close to Pamela's
mouth. Pamela gently grits her teeth together as she leans her head closer to
the head of Evan's cock in order to place her wet tongue against the head of
his cock as she starts to circulate her tongue around the head of his cock as
Evan thrusts his shaft between her large tits.

Evan licks his lips and moans as he moves his cock in between Pamela's large
tits, "Ahhh yea... mmm... ohh damn..." Evan groans as he feels Pamela's
tongue flicking against the head of his dick, "Uhhh ohhh shit..." Evan groans
as he starts to cum, shooting his warm cum onto Pamela's tongue and her face
as he keeps moving his dick between her tits.

"Mmmmm ohhh yesss..." Pamela moans as she closes her eyes and sticks her
tongue out completely from her mouth as Evan's warm cum splatters against her
face and tongue.

Evan smirks a bit as the last bit of his cum escapes from his cock, "Mmmm...
so... did you like... getting down with 3 Count?" Evan asks as he slides his
cock against Pamela's large tits.

Pamela licks her lips and nods her head "Ohhh...mmm you bet I do" Pamela
smiles up at Evan, before glancing over at Shane and Shannon "I need to go
down for 3 Count more often..."

Evan, Shane and Shannon all exchange looks before they look down at Pamela
again, and they all say without missing a beat and with smiles on their
faces, "Yes you mostly certainly do..."


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