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Down With 3 Count Part 7: Making Her Scream!
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Backstage during a broadcast of WCW Monday Night Nitro, Shannon Moore and
Shane Helms are walking through the backstage area after getting ejected
from ringside during a match involving Evan Karagias. Both hot, young
members are wearing bright orange baggy pants as they talk, "Man... that
wasn't fair... we get tossed for doing nothing!" Shane complains as he
shakes his head.

"Yeah I know... it totally sucks balls..." Shannon replies, "It totally
sticks... I bet the ref was just looking for an excuse to toss us out..."

"Yeah... but you know... at least we get to cut out of here earlier and go
find some hot chicks to 'dance' with..." Shane says with a smirk as he licks
his lips.

Shannon Moore nods, "Yeah... it's gonna be great... and Evan can catch up
later..." Shannon says as he looks at Shane and then he suddenly stops,

"Whoa what?" Shane says as he stops as well and he looks in the direction
Shannon is looking and he sees WCW's resident Scream Queen Daffney Unger.
"Ohhh... whoa..." Shane says. He and Shannon both exchange smirks and then
casually head over to her and Shane says, "Hey Daff... what's shaking?"
Shane asks in order to get her attention.

WCW's resident psychotic Scream Queen, slowly turns around to face the two
members of 3 Count, Shane Helms and Shannon Moore, "Hey guys..." Daffney says
in a perky tone as her head slightly twitches. Daffney, with her raven black
hair in pigtails, is dressed in pair of tight-fitting black pants and black
tank top that reads 'I Love David' showing affection to her boyfriend, David

"Damn... you're wearing that 'I Love David' top?" Shannon says with a
smile, "That's the wrong shirt... you gotta wear one that says Down with
3 Count..." Shannon says jokingly.

"Ignore him Daffney..." Shane says with a laugh, "So what are you doing back
here... aren't David and Crowbar heading out for a match in a bit?" Shane

Daffney nods her head eagerly "Yep! Yep! Yep..." Daffney smiles psychotically
as she places her hands on her hips "I'm just here...cause I wanted to
practice my screams for know the ones that go..." Daffney says
before she pauses and takes a deep breath "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"
Daffney releases an ear-piercing, glass-breaking scream.

Shane Helms and Shannon Moore both cover their ears as quickly as possible as
Daffney continues her deafening scream. When she finishes, both men uncover
their ears and cringe a bit, "I don't think you need the practice..." Shane
says, but then he pauses as he realizes he could have said something else.

Shannon has the same thing in mind as his fellow 3 Count member, and he
quickly says, "You know... Daff... there's... a lot better way... to practice
your screams..." Shannon says with a smile on his face.

Daffney presses her lips together into a sly smirk as she raises an eyebrow
"Really!? How so!? You must tell me!" Daffney says with a crazed smile.

Shannon smiles and he licks his lips slightly, "Oh you know... but just
getting down with 3 Count... cause we guarantee... to make all the girls

Shane nods his head in agreement with Shannon, "Yeah Daff... if you really
want to scream... just let us know..."

Daffney nods her head eagerly with a smile "Oh...I want to SCREAM! I really
do!" Daffney says in a psychotic, excited tone.

"Really? Then follow us..." Shane says with a wink just before he and Shannon
start to walk the short distance over to first locker room they come across.
Shane looks inside first and when he sees the coast is clear he looks back at
Daffney, "Are you coming?" Shane calls out to her as Shannon enters the empty
locker room.

Daffney nods her head as she slightly licks her lips "Yep! Yep!
beat!" Daffney replies with a smile before the Scream Queen of WCW follows
the two 3 Count members into the vacant locker room.

As soon as Daffney enters the locker room, Shane closes and locks the door,
"Mmm... we're really gonna make ya scream Daff..." Shane says as he starts to
lower his bright orange baggy pants to free his thick twelve inch long cock.

"Yeah totally Daffney... you're gonna scream so much... you're gonna need the
night off..." Shannon adds as he too starts to lower his own orange pants to
free his own fat foot long dick.

Daffney licks her lips as she watches Shane and Shannon remove their bright
orange baggy pants " we're going like fuck, right!?" Daffney asks
excitedly before she raises her eyebrow "Wait a minute...I know I'm crazy...
but aren't there three of you!?" Daffney asks before the Screamer of WCW
takes a step towards Shane and Shannon.

Shannon nods his head, "Yeah, but Evan's busy kicking ass in the ring...
but two of us is more than enough to give ya a good practice screaming..."
Shannon replies as he kicks his bright orange baggy pants to the side.

Daffney smiles and eagerly nods her head "Ok! So...I beat those dicks are or
for me right!?" Daffney asks as she slightly grits her teeth into a smile
before she kneels down on the floor in front of the two studs known as Shane
Helms and Shannon Moore.

Shane Helms nods his head and licks his lips, "Yeah you got it Daffney... two
big dicks just for you..." Shane says as both he and Shannon step closer to
the crazy, fun loving Daffney Unger as their cocks grow harder with every
passing moment.

Daffney eagerly licks her lips as her psychotic, soft eyes widen as she
reaches forward and tightly wraps her left hand around Shane's cock and
wrapping her right hand around Shannon's cock before the Scream Queen
begins to quickly stroke the hardening shafts of Shane Helms and Shannon
Moore "Oh...I sure hope I can really SCREAM!"

Shane and Shannon both let out a moan as Daffney begins to move her hands up
and down their solid, large cocks, "Mmmmm... trust us Daff... you're gonna
really scream..." Shannon replies as he and Shane both look down at WCW's
raven-haired Scream Queen as she eyes up both dicks that are in her crazy

Daffney grits her teeth together into a psychotic smile as she looks up at
Shannon and Shane as she quickly strokes her hands against her shaft "Oh...I
just love to SCREAM!" Daffney replies as she guides her hands against the
hard, smooth shafts of the two 3 Count members. Daffney leans her head down
and places her tongue against the head of Shane's cock before sliding her wet
tongue over to the head of Shannon's cock.

Shannon moans as Daffney slides her soft wet tongue all over the head of
his thick hard cock, "Ohhhh yea Daff..." Shannon moans as he feels Daffney
playfully moves her tongue over the tip of his shaft.

"Ahh... Daffney... don't forget... there's two of us..." Shane says as he
slides his hand through Daffney's long black hair. Daffney looks up and locks
her playful, crazed eyes with Shane before she slides her tongue back over to
Shane's cock and gently circle her tongue around the head of his cock before
she opens her mouth and lowers her head, taking Shane's cock deeply into her
warm, crazy mouth and begins to quickly bob her head as she quickly strokes
Shannon's cock.

Ahhh... mmmm... ohhh yea..." Shane moans and closes his eyes as Daffney bobs
her head up and down on his cock, taking almost every inch of cock into her
incredible mouth without any hesitation. The tallest member of 3 Count licks
his lips and keeps his hand on Daffney's head in order to play with her black
hair, and he can feel Daffney's head moving underneath his hand as she sucks
on his shaft.

"Oh fuck... that looks so great Daff..." Shannon moans as Daffney twists her
hand around his thick cock as she rapidly strokes his dick. Daffney slaps her
tongue against Shane's cock before she lifts her head up quickly from his
shaft before she turns back to Shannon's cock and opens her mouth as wide as
she can, however before she lowers her head she smirks slyly and pulls
Shane's cock against Shannon's cock as she lowers her head on both hard
cocks. "Ohh...ohh...oh shit..." Shannon moans as he feels his cock pressing
right against Shane's as Daffney surprises both men by being able to get an
impressive amount of both dicks into her large mouth.

"Fuck... damn... that's incredible..." Shane moans as both he and Shannon can
feel Daffney's warm, soft tongue sliding against the bottom side of both of
their large meaty cocks. Daffney moans against Shane and Shannon's hard cocks
as she bobs her head quickly on both cocks while her warm saliva drips
against their hard, thick cocks. Daffney twists her head on their cocks,
causing her lips to grind against their shafts while at the same time causing
their cocks to grind against each other. "Ahhh... ohhhh damn... fuck...
Daffney has such a great mouth...." Shane groans as he feels his dick
grinding against Shannon's cock inside of Daffney Unger's mouth.

"Yea... and... I bet... the rest of her... is fucking... worth... screaming
about..." Shannon replies with a moan as he licks his lips.

Shane smirks a bit, "Let's find out..." Shane says as he starts to extract
his dick from the large warm wet mouth. Shannon nods his head and he soon
pulls his saliva-covered dick out of Daffney's mouth as well, causing some
of the crazy, fun loving young woman's saliva to drip from her lips.

Daffney licks her lips as she gets a psychotic smirk on her face "Ohhh yeah
you're going to fuck me aren't you!"

"Oh you bet Daffney..." Shannon answers as he bends down so that he can start
lifting up Daffney's black tank top up to remove it from her body.

When Daffney lifts her arms up, Shannon swiftly pulls off her tank top to
reveal her surprisingly large, round firm tits, which gets Shane Helms'
attention, "God damn... those... are really worth screaming about!" Shane
laughs as Shannon pulls Daffney up to her feet.

Daffney licks her lips " want me to scream!?" Daffney asks excitedly
as Shannon begins to remove her tight-fitting black pants.

"Not just yet..." Shane replies with a smile as places his right hand on
Daffney's right tit before he leans down to flick his tongue against the soft
nipple of her tits.

Shannon has to completely kneel down on the floor in order to tug down
Daffney's extremely tight-fitting black pants, and as he gets them down, he
comes face to face with Daffney's smooth, tight pussy. "Mmmm gonna love
fucking that..." Shannon says as he gets Daffney's pants down to her feet so
that she can step out of them.

Daffney steps out of her tight-fitting black pants and smiles "Well lets get
fucking to it!"

"Gladly..." Shane says as he gently, pushing Daffney down onto the smooth,
cool floor of the locker room, which allows Shannon to spread her legs and
get on top of her.

"Mmmm this is gonna make you scream..." Shannon says as he shoves his entire
cock into Daffney's warm tight pussy.

Daffney grits her teeth and tilts her head back as Shannon Moore is on top of
her and thrusting his cock deeply into her tight, warm pussy "Ohhh...ohhhh...
ohh yeah...AHHHHHHHHH!" Daffney moans as she releases one of her
heart-stopping screams as she starts to push her body back against Shannon's

"Ahhh fuck!" Shannon stops thrusting his cock and he blinks his eyes as he
composes himself slightly before he resumes pumping his dick in and out of
Daffney's warm, tight pussy.

Shane licks his lips, "Mmmm... damn... you know... we really got to make her
scream Shannon... she needs the practice right away... so roll over..." Shane

"All right..." Shannon replies with a moan as he suddenly rolls over onto
his back so that Daffney is on top of him.

Daffney places her hands against Shannon's smooth, muscular chest as she
starts to bounce quickly and wildly on Shannon's cock as she rocks her Scream
Queen body back and forth on his cock as she slams down hard each time
"Ohhh...ohhhh...ohhh fuck yesss... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Daffney moans as
she releases another ground-shaking scream.

"Ohhh fuck..." Shannon grits his teeth again, "Should've stuffed cotton balls
in my ears..." Shannon laughs slightly as he starts thrusts his cock up into
the Scream Queen's warm tight pussy.

Shane licks his lips, "Hey it's worth it..." Shane says as he kneels behind
Daffney and he surprises both Daffney and Shannon by forcing his large cock
into her pussy along side Shannon's dick.

Daffney tilts her head back "Ahhhh fuck AHHHHHHHHH!" Daffney moans as she
releases yet about glass-breaking scream as she bounces quickly on Shannon's
cock, slamming her body down harder on his cock as she pushes herself back
against Shane's cock as well as her tight, warm pussy is stuffed with two 3
Count cocks.

"Ahhhh ohhh fuck yea... mmmmm damn... scream Daffney scream..." Shane grunts
as he holds onto Daffney's waist as pumps his cock in and out of her pussy,
which causes his dick to grind sharply against Shannon's large dick.

"Ohhh god damn it... you're incredible Daff..." Shannon says as he sits up a
bit and puts his hands on Daffney's large soft tits and he also leans his
head a bit so that he can slide his tongue over her tits.

Daffney closes her eyes as she grinds her pussy sharply against Shannon and
Shane's cocks as the sweating body of WCW's Scream Queen rocks back and forth
in between the two 3 Count studs "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Daffney releases a
teeth-grinding scream as she slams down extremely hard on Shannon's cock,
only to jerk her body roughly back against Shane's cock.

"Ahhhh fuck... hey... Shane... man... let me up... I want to fuck Daffney's
hot ass..." Shannon grunts as he moves his mouth away from Daffney's tits.

"Damn... fuck I wanted to do that..." Shane laughs and moans before he pulls
his cock out of the Queen of Scream's double stuff pussy. Shane then stands
up and pulls Daffney up off of Shannon's large thick cock, "Ready for more
screaming Daff?" Shane asks as he turns her around to face him.

Daffney nods her head as she breaths heavily and sweat drips down her face
"Ohhh...yeah I am!" Daffney slightly shouts in excitement.

"Great..." Shane says as a drop of sweat rolls down his face before he puts
his hands on Daffney's waist and manages to hoist her up so that he can
impale her pussy once more with his thick hard cock. Shannon gets up from
the floor and licks his lips as he watches Shane start to bounce Daffney on
his cock as the raven-haired Queen of Scream wraps her legs around Shane's

Daffney wraps her arms around Shane's neck as the psychotic screamer of WCW
bounces quickly on Shane's cock with her own, wild and crazy fast momentum as
she slams her body down hard on Shane's cock as he holds onto Daffney as he
stand-fucks her "Ohhh...ohhh AHHHHHHH FUCK!" Daffney loudly screams.

"Ahhh ohhh fuck... god damn..." Shane moans and grits his teeth as he pumps
his cock in and out of Daffney's tight pussy.

"Mmmmm... time to make you really scream..." Shannon says as he stands behind
Daffney and slide his dick up into the crazy, fun loving screamer's tight
asshole. Once his dick is part way inside of Daffney's ass, Shannon begins to
rapidly slam his cock in and out of her asshole.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Daffney releases a loud eye-watering scream as Shannon's
hard, thick cock is forced deeply into her tight asshole, followed by rapid,
stiff thrusts that cause the WCW Screamer to bounce quicker on Shane's hard,
thick cock. Daffney grinds her pussy sharply against Shane's cock, as she
slams down harder upon each impact.

"Ohhhhh god damn... you love screaming Daff?!" Shannon asks as he grunts. He
sharply drives his cock in and out of Daffney's tight asshole as he licks his

Shane grits his teeth together, "Ahh... I bet she does... she's... gonna make
us go dead by the time... we're done with her..." Shane laughs as he and
Shannon slam their cocks roughly into Daffney's pussy and asshole.

"Ohhhh...ohhh yessss...AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Daffney moans as she releases one
final nose-bleeding scream as the Scream Queen begins to cum hard on Shane's
cock as he thrusts into her tight pussy.

Shane licks his teeth, "Ahhhh fuck... she's cumming Shannon..." Shane grunts
as he licks his lips as he feels Daffney's warm cum flowing all over his

"Totally... Awesome..." Shannon groans just before both hot, young members of
3 Count pull out of Daffney's hot wet pussy and tight asshole, and they stand
Daffney up between them. "Mmmm ready for... something to sooth your throat."
Shannon asks Daffney as both he and Shane begin to stroke their throbbing

Daffney licks her lips "Mmm...Yep! Yep!" Daffney says as she grits her teeth
into a smile before she lowers herself down onto her knees in between Shane
and Shannon as they grip their hard, throbbing cock. Daffney wraps her hands
around both cocks as she holds her mouth open as she starts to quickly stroke
Shane and Shannon's hard cocks.

"Ohhhh yea... mmmm... ohhh damn..." Shane moans as Daffney pumps his cock
as fast as she can until he starts to cum. "Mmmm damn..." Shane moans as he
shoots his warm load right into Daffney's wide-open mouth.

Shannon licks his lips as Daffney twists her hand around his dick, and he too
starts to cum, "Ahhh... ohhh yea... fuck Daff..." Shannon moans as both he
and Shane fill up Daffney's wide-open mouth with all the cum it can hold.
Daffney holds her tongue out of her mouth as the warm cum of Shannon Moore
and Shane Helms sprays into her warm, wet mouth as the Scream Queen accepts
every drop of their warm cum, swallowing it. Shane and Shannon both moan as
Daffney squeezes their dicks to make sure that she gets every drop of their
warm cum, and a few drips land on her chin. "Mmmm fuck Daff... we gotta make
you scream more often..." Shannon moans.

Daffney smiles as drops of cum bead against her lips " want me to

Shannon looks at Shane with an uncertain look, but Shane smirks, "Sure
Daffney... just scream that you want to get down with 3 Count again..."

Daffney takes a deep breath before she tilts her head back
"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Daffney releases yet another heart-wrenching scream.

Shane and Shannon both cringe as Daffney lets out her heart-stopping,
eardrum-shattering scream. When she finishes, Shannon looks at Shane, "I
think that's her way of saying she wants to get down with 3 Count again."

Shane licks his lips and nods his head "Yeah... but next time... we'll give
her the full 3 count..."


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