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regardless this is, this is FICTION!

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Now... Kristi and Dice present:

Down With 3 Count Part 10: Dancing With A Franchise Diva
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Following a six-man tag team match on WCW Thunder, the trio that makes up 3
Count: Shannon Moore, Evan Karagias and 'Sugar' Shane Helms are heading to
their dressing room. Each of the studdly young wrestlers are dressed in baggy
orange pants. "Shit... we really laid down a real chart topper tonight!"
Shane says with a smirk.

Evan nods his head, "Yeah... and just think... our match was on early... and
since we won... things are going to get even better when we go out to hook up
with some hot chicks."

Shannon licks his lips, "Hey everyone of our nights end up that good
regardless..." Shannon says.

"Yup... with us fucking hotties who want to go down for the 3 Count..." Shane
says with a laugh. Shannon and Evan both laugh as well as the trio approaches
their locker room where Torrie Wilson, the smoking hot girlfriend of 'The
Franchise' Shane Douglas, is waiting for them.

"Whoa... hot blond at twelve o'clock!" Even says with a smirk.

"It's only eight-thirty?" Shannon says.

"Dork!" Shane Helms laughs as he smacks Shannon Moore's arm, "He meant a
there's a hot girl over there!" Shane says as he points at Torrie.

"Ohhhh..." Shannon nods his head and then when he looks at Torrie he says,

Evan shakes his head as the trio of studs approaches Torrie, "Hey hot
stuff... what's up?"

The beautiful and seductive, and slightly devious girlfriend of Shane
Douglas, Torrie Wilson, smiles as she bites down on her bottom lip "Hey....
bout time you showed up..." Torrie says with a laugh as she is dressed in a
gold top and a pair of black leather pants.

"About time?" Shane Helms smirks a bit as he folds his arms. "We just
finished our match like five minutes ago..."

"Yeah...and I've been waiting her for like....20 minutes..." Torrie says
before she rolls her eyes and presses her lips together before glancing at
the young and very studdly members of 3 Count "I mean....what does a girl
have to do to get an autograph?"

"A blowjob doesn't hurt..." Evan says under his breath so that his comment
is only heard by Shannon, who tries not to laugh.

Shane smirks, "Well... you could just ask us..." Shane replies.

Torrie Wilson raises an eyebrow "Yeah...well I shouldn't have to like wait
so long..." Torrie says with a cute sigh before she looks directly at Shane
Helms "So...can I have an autograph?"

"Sure do you have something for us to sign?" Shane asks as he unfolds his

Torrie Wilson shrugs her shoulders "I don't know...I thought you guys would
have something..." Torrie replies as she impatiently places her hands on her
slender hips.

"Where would we keep it baby?" Evan asks with a laugh.

"Yeah... only things we would have would be in out locker room... which
you're blocking..." Shannon adds with a smile of his own.

"So...I can like come in!?" Torrie asks with a raised eyebrow

"Sure you can... just... move..." Shane laughs as he squeezes past Torrie to
push the door to the locker room open. Evan and Shannon both move around
Torrie to follow Shane into their locker room and Shane looks back out into
the hall, "You coming babe?" Shane asks with a grin.

"Oh yeah..." Torrie Wilson smiles before she steps into the locker room of 3
Count and slowly looks around "WOW! This place is amazing!"

"Of course it is... we're three HUGE stars..." Evan says as he walks over to
where his travel bag is.

Shane closes the locker room door, "So... what would you liked signed?" Shane

Torrie bites down on her bottom lip and cutely glances away from Evan, Shane
and Shannon "Well...ummm...I'd like a different kind of autograph..."

Shannon Moore licks his lips as his mind instantly thinks of one thing,
"Well... that can be given..." Shannon says with a laugh.

Evan smirks, "Oh yeah... those types of autographs we really like to give

Torrie Wilson smiles and seductively licks her lips "Oh really...well I would
love to have one from all three of you!" Torrie says with a sly smirk before
she steps a bit closer to Shannon Moore, Shane Helms, and Evan Karagias as
she lifts her gold top, exposing her large and smoothly rounded, tanned tits.

Shane Helms licks his lips as he looks at Torrie's large, round tits.
"Hmmmm.... let me take out my pen..." Shane says as he undoes his pants and
starts to lower them from his muscular waist, freeing his twelve inch cock.

"Me too!" Shannon adds as he also quickly undoes his pants and shoves them
from his waist to bring out his thirteen inch cock.

"Fuck yeah... you'll get one from each of us..." Evan adds as he also lowers
his pants to whip put his eleven inch dick.

Torrie raises an eyebrow and seductively smirks before she tosses her soft
blond hair back and steps closer to the three members of the studdly 3 Count.
Torrie lowers herself down onto her knees as she wraps her left hand around
Evan's cock and her right hand around Shane's cock, as she begins to gently
stroke both shafts. Torrie looks up at Shannon "Looks like you get my mouth

"Why him?" Evan asks as Torrie begins to stroke his cock with her left hand.

"Because he's allegedly the cute one... and he has the biggest dick..." Shane
laughs as Torrie slowly moves her right hand on his dick.

Shannon shrugs and smiles, "That's all good as far as I'm concerned..."
Shannon says as he holds his thirteen inch cock steady with his right hand
for Torrie. Torrie smiles as she leans her head forward and flicks her tongue
against the thick head of Shannon's cock before she opens her mouth and
greedily takes his cock before she starts to smoothly bob her head on his
shaft. Torrie gently sucks on Shannon Moore's cock while she smoothly guides
both of her soft hands against the shafts of Evan Karagias and Shane Helms.

"Ohhhh yeah... mmmm..." Shannon moans as he puts his hands on his waist as
Torrie smoothly bobs her head along the length of his long, hard cock.

Evan licks his lips as Torrie jerks him off with her left hand. "Yeah baby...
jerk that dick..." Evan moans as he puts a hand on Torrie's head to run his
fingers through her hair.

"Mmmmm....mmmmm..." Torrie Wilson soothingly moans against Shannon's cock as
she lifts her adorable eyes and locks them with Shannon Moore while she lifts
and lowers her head. Torrie gently twists her left hand on Evan's cock, while
lowering her right hand to Shane's ball sack.

"Ohhhh fuck... mmmm yeah!" Shannon moans as he looks down into Torrie's eyes
as she sucks his large, rock hard cock with ease.

Shane wraps his left hand around his own cock and begins to stroke it as
Torrie rubs his large ballsack, "Mmmm you like playing with balls Torrie?"
Shane asks with a moan.

"Mmmmm...hmmm..." Torrie moans and slightly nods her head as she glances over
at Shane Helms before she slowly lifts her head away from Shannon Moore's
cock and turns on her knees to face Shane Helms. Torrie lowers her head and
gently flicks her tongue against Shane's large ball sack.

"Ohhh yeah... mmmm..." Shane moans as Torrie flicks her tongue against his
balls while he smoothly strokes his own dick with his left hand.

Evan frees his dick from Torrie's right hand and steps behind her, "Shit I'm
not going to get blown third... I'm going to sample some her pussy first..."
Evan says as he kneels behind Torrie and begins to push down her black
leather pants from her perfectly shaped hips. Torrie Wilson closes her
seductive, sweet eyes as she opens her mouth and lightly takes Shane's balls
into her warm, wet mouth and gently presses her lips around his firm ball
sack while she starts to slap her tongue against Shane's ball sack.

"Mmmmm ohhh fuck..." Shane moans as Torrie easily sucks on his balls while
slapping her tongue against them.

Evan finishes removing Torrie's leather pants and the gold colored panties
from Torrie's lower body. "Oh yeah... this is going to be fucking sweet..."
Evan says before he pushes his eleven inch cock into Torrie's warm, tight
and very desirable pussy.

"MMMMMMM!" Torrie moans as she pulls her head away from Shane's ball sack and
she glances back over her shoulder "Mmmm...ohhh yeah fuck my pussy!" Torrie
Wilson moans as she gently pushes back against Evan's thrusting cock before
she turns her attention back to Shane Helms. Torrie opens her mouth and takes
the head of his large cock into her seductively wet and warm mouth to begin
sucking his cock.

Evan grabs Torrie's hips as he pumps his cock in and out of Torrie's warm and
tight pussy, "Ohhh yeah... mmmm fuck... that's a tight pussy..." Evan moans
as he pushes his cock deeply into Torrie's pussy.

Shane puts his hands on Torrie's head and pushes her blond hair back as she
bobs her head up and down on his dick, "Mmmm yes... suck it..." Shane moans
as Shannon Moore kneels down next to Torrie to reach under her to feel up her
large, round and hot tits.

"Mmmmm! Mmmmmm!" Torrie Wilson moans around Shane's cock as she presses her
soft tighter around his thick cock as she easily bob her head along his thick
shaft. Torrie's wet lips grind against his cock while she gently rocks back
on her knees to push her nicely rounded ass back against Evan's muscular

"Mmmm ohhh yeah shit..." Evan grunts as he thrusts his cock in and out of
Torrie's pussy with firm and fairly quick thrusts. Evan's balls smack against
Torrie's round tanned ass every time he pumps his cock deeply into the blond
haired WCW Diva.

Shane grits his teeth as Torrie presses her lips tightly on his twelve inch
cock, as she continues to suck it, "Ohhh fuck yea... mmm I've died and gone
to heaven..." Shane moans.

Torrie slowly lifts her head up front Shane's cock and smiles up at him
"Mmmm...ohhh I love a big cock!" Torrie moans as she quickly rocks back and
forth on her knees while Evan Karagias thrusts his cock deeply into her

"Fuck yeah.. .take that big cock deep into your pussy..." Evan groans as he
continues to fuck the smoking hot WCW Diva with quickening thrusts.

Shane smirks, "Torrie... you know... Shannon has the biggest cock here..."
Shane says with a smirk as Shannon lays down on the locker room floor.

Torrie Wilson raises an eyebrow and grits her teeth together "Oh yeah! I want
that big dick!" Torrie moans as she firmly pushes back against Evan's cock.

Evan slows down his thrusts and pulls his eleven inch cock out of Torrie's
pussy, "Fuck Shane... you had to open your big mouth about Shannon's dick!"
Evan says.

Shannon Moore licks his lips as his thirteen inch cock points straight up,
"I'm not going to complain..." Shannon says with a grin.

Torrie Wilson laughs and tosses her blond hair back before she seductively
crawls towards Shannon Moore, on her hands and knees, while he lays on the
locker room floor. "Hey stud!" Torrie says before she smoothly mounts her
nicely tanned and toned body onto his thirteen inch hard cock.

"Hey...." Shannon moans as Torrie lowers herself all the way down on his fat
thirteen inch cock. Shannon places his hands on Torrie's his and holds on as
she begins to rock back and forth on his cock. 'Sugar' Shane Helms casually
walks over to them and starts to position himself behind Torrie.

Torrie smiles as she glances over her shoulder as Shane Helms kneels down
behind her "Hey Shane..." Torrie says with a smirk as she lightly rocks back
and forth on Shannon Moore's incredibly large cock while placing her soft
hands down onto his tanned and toned chest.

"Hey babe... just going to give ya some of my 'sugar'..." Shane says as he
looks at Torrie's ass. Shane places his hands on Torrie's ass and spreads
her ass cheeks apart so that he can push his twelve inch cock into her tight

"Mmmm ohhh fuck...' Shannon moans as Torrie moves hands over his tanned and
toned chest while he starts to push his cock up into her warm tight pussy.

"Mmmm...ohhhh fuck!" Torrie Wilson moans as she tilts her head back and grits
her teeth while she gently rocks back on Shannon Moore's rock hard cock to
presses her nicely rounded ass back against Shane's cock as her asshole and
pussy are stuffed with two large cocks "Ohhhh...Ohhhhh...Ohhhh fuck!" Torrie
moans as she smoothly bounces on Shannon's cock.

"Fuck... I'm not going to be ignored..." Evan says as he steps over to join,
and he pushes his eleven inch cock into Torrie's warm, wet and wide open.
Shannon firmly holds onto Torrie's hips as he lifts his hips to thrust his
cock repeatedly up into Torrie's warm wet pussy.

"Ohhh shit... fuck... yeah..." Shane Helms moans as he slides his hands all
over Torrie's ass cheeks while he pumps his cock in and out of her ass.

"Mmmmm! Mmmmm! MMMMM!" Torrie Wilson moans around the cock of Evan Karagias
as she closes her eyes and moves her head quickly along his thick shaft,
matching the pace that she is rocking between Shane Helms and Shannon Moore
with as she is completely stuffed with three large cocks.

"Ahhhh uhhh yeah mmm fuck!" Evan moans as Torrie takes his cock deep into her
mouth while she rocks between Shannon and Shane. Shane licks his lips as he
keeps thrusting his large cock in and out of Torrie's ass with increasing
speed. "Mmmm ohhh yeah... mmm fuck!" Shannon moans as he sharply rams his
huge cock up into Torrie's warm wet pussy as she grinds herself on his shaft.

"Mmmmmm!" Torrie moans as she presses her lips tightly around Evan's cock as
she starts to easily deep throat his rock hard cock while her wet saliva
drips onto his shaft. "Mmmmm!" Torrie moans as she slams down firmly onto
Shannon's cock before she grinds her ass back on Shane's cock.

"Mmmm shit... fuck... Shannon... I want a shot at her pussy..." Shane grunts
as he pistons his cock in and out of Torrie's ass before he stops and pulls
out. Shannon licks his lips,

"What timing... I want to fuck her ass..." Shannon groans.

"What the fuck... I just got my dick in her mouth!" Evan says as he
reluctantly removes his eleven inch dick from Torrie's warm and wet mouth.
Torrie licks her lips as she rocks back on Shannon's cock before she slowly
lifts herself off of the well-hung, studdly member of 3 Count and laughs as
she stands up, waiting for Shane to get into position.

Shane Helms licks his lips and turns Torrie around to face him, "Sorry... I'm
not one to lay down..." Shane says as he lifts Torrie up and lowers her hot
pussy onto his twelve inch cock. Shannon Moore gets up from the floor and
stands behind Torrie so that he can firmly push his thirteen inch cock into
Torrie's perfect ass.

"Mmmmm...ohhhh fuck! Fuck!" Torrie moans with pleasure as she grits her teeth
before slowly rocking back against Shannon Moore while he thrusts his cock
up into her tight asshole as Shane Helms starts to thrust up into her warm

Shannon Moore licks his lips as he thrusts his cock deep into Torrie's ass,
"Ohhh yeah... mmm shit fuck..." Shannon moans as he pumps his cock in and out
of Torrie's asshole.

Shane Helms grits his teeth as he rocks his hips back and forth, driving his
shaft into Torrie's tight pussy, "Mmmm yeah... ohhh yes..." Shane moans as he
and Shannon sandwich the blond haired WCW Diva.

"Ohhhh...I love going down for 3 Count!" Torrie moans as she tilts her head
back as she grinds her warm pussy down on Shane's thrusting cock as Shannon
Moore drives his cock deeply into her ass, causing her to drip with sweat.

"Ahhhh... fuck... ohhh shit yea..." Shane moans as he sharply thrusts his
cock into Torrie's pussy as he begins to cum inside of her pussy.

"Mmmm ahhh uhhh shit yeah..." Shannon Moore licks his lips while continuing
to pound Torrie's ass with his thirteen inch cock as Evan watches intently.

Torrie closes her eyes and presses her lips together as she feels Shane's
warm cum flooding her hot pussy "Ohhhhh...ahhhh fuck!" Torrie moans as she
leans back against Shannon's toned, tanned and sweaty chest before she tilts
her head back and flicks her tongue against his neck while he bounces her on
his cock, fucking her tight asshole.

"Mmmm fuck... ohhh yeah..." Shane Helms moans as holds his cock inside of
Torrie's pussy for a few moments more before he pulls out and steps away.

Evan takes his place in front of Torrie, "Come on Torrie... you know you want
to suck it..." Evan says as Shannon bends his knees a bit so that Torrie is
standing on the floor while he continues to ram his cock into her asshole.

Torrie licks her lips and smiles as she bends forward and opens her mouth "Oh
you bet I do!" Torrie says before she takes Evan's cock into her wet mouth
and starts to smoothly bob her head, expertly sucking his cock while she
pushes back against Shannon's quickly thrusting cock in her ass.

"Uhhhh... ohhh yeah..." Shannon Moore moans as he drives his cock in and out
of Torrie's asshole with quick. firm thrusts. Shannon's balls smack loudly
against Torrie's ass cheeks as sweat drips down his toned and tanned body.

Evan grabs a handful of Torrie's blond hair as she bobs her head up and down
on his eleven inch cock, "Ohhh shit... ahhh fuck suck it... mmm!" Evan moans
as Torrie whips her tongue against the bottom side of his cock.

Torrie lifts her eyes and locks them with Evan Karagias as she laps her wet
tongue around his thick shaft while her soft lips glide against his cock.
"Mmmmm...mmmm" Torrie moans as she quickly moves her head.

"Ahhhhh ohhh yeah... mmmm!" Shannon moans loudly as he pulls his throbbing
thirteen inch cock out of Torrie's ass and begins to spray his warm cum all
over Torrie's tanned ass cheeks.

Evan licks his lips as Torrie keeps sucking his cock at a brisk pace, "Ohhhh
mmmm shit... ahhh yeah..." Evan moans.

Torrie Wilson lifts her head and hungrily licks her lips "Mmmm...I want you
cum on my face!" Torrie moans as she places her hands around Evan's saliva
covered cock and starts to quickly jerk her hands against his shaft.

"Ahhhh ohhh fuck..." Evan moans as he's caught totally unprepared for
Torrie's lustful request. As she drops down to her knees to line up her face
with his throbbing cock, Evan thrusts his cock against Torrie's hands as she
jerks him off. "Ahhhhh ohhhh fuck!" Evan moans as his cock erupts suddenly
and he shoots his warm thick cum all over Torrie's beautiful face.

Torrie presses her soft lips together and closes her eyes "Mmmm...ohhh
yeah!" Torrie moans as Evan's warm cum hits against her beautiful face before
dripping down.

"Ahhh uhhh shit... I love fucking giving autographs..." Evan Karagias moans
as Torrie milks his cock with her hands, making sure that she gets every drop
of his thick cum on her face.

Torrie slowly opens her eyes "Shit...I'm a fucking mess!"

"You know Torrie..." Shane smirks, "We were going to take a shower...."

Shannon nods his head, "Yeah... and you could use one..."

Torrie raises an eyebrow and smirks "I'd love to join you..."


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