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ever happen (if it does, you can just say that we are that damn good). But
regardless this is, this is FICTION!

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Now... Kristi and Dice present:

Down With 3 Count Part 12: Down With ME!
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

At a hotel in Atlanta, Georgia the hot members of 3 Count, Evan Karagias,
'Sugar' Shane Helms and Shannon Moore are hanging out in the lounge and
having a few drinks. Evan, dressed in tight fitting tan colored pants and
a white button shirt, licks his lips, "Hey guys... you realize we've gotten
down with just about every hot babe in WCW..."

Shane, dressed in jeans and a WCW T-shirt, nods his head as he takes a sip
of his drink, "Yeah.... We've done Miss Hancock... Midajah... Miss Jones...."

Shannon leans back in his chair, and he's dressed in jeans and a red
sweatshirt, "Daffney... Pamela... practically every Nitro Girl..."

Evan laughs a bit, "Torrie... Leia... and Liz.... Yeah that's just about

Shannon takes a sip of his drink, "Shit... who's left for us to get down

"No one that I can think of... maybe we should take our act up north to the
WWF?" Shane Helms replies as he, Shannon and Evan don't notice the extremely
egotistical Diamond Doll of WCW, Kimberly Page, power-walking towards them
after entering the lounge.

The bitchy, ego-driven, and very close associate of Eric Bischoff, Kimberly
Page, approaches the table with her eyes narrowed into a deadly glare.
Kimberly marches up to the table and suddenly slams her hands onto the table,
getting the instant attention of Shane Helms, Evan Karagias, and Shannon
Moore "What the hell is this about!?" Kimberly Page shouts before she folds
her arms against her large chest, while dressed in a pair of black pants and
a black tank top.

Evan, Shane and Shannon all look at Kimberly as if she's insane, "What's all
what is about?" Evan asks as he puts down his drink.

Kimberly smirks before she slowly shakes her head "Oh don't act like you have
no clue what I'm talking about!" Kimberly says as she glares at Evan Karagias
"I've heard about your little tour of the WCW Divas...and how dare you forget
about ME! Kimberly Page! The star of WCW!"

"Geez... what a..." Shannon says under his breath before Shane kicks him
under the table to keep him quiet.

Shane looks at Kimberly and smiles, "Ever heard about saving the best for
last?" Shane says.

Kimberly Page smirks a bit "Really? The best for last?" Kimberly presses her
lips together and proudly tosses her smooth, silky dark brown hair back "That
sounds about right...and I better receive the 3 Count..." Kimberly pauses and
glares at the three WCW Stars "Or I'll go to Eric Bischoff...and I'll make
sure he fires all three of you!"

Evan looks at Shane and Shannon, "Well guys... with an invitation like
that... how can we refuse...."

* * *

Ten minutes later inside of Kimberly Page's private luxury suite, all three
members of 3 Count are naked and Shane Helms is between Kimberly's smooth
tanned legs, eating her hot shaved pussy. "Mmmmm... mmmm!" Shane moans as he
laps his tongue against her pussy lips.

Shannon Moore licks his lips as he strokes his thirteen inch cock, "Fuck
she's hot..." Shannon says.

Evan Karagias smirks as he lightly pumps his eleven inch dick, "Yeah she

"Mmmm...ohhh fuck..." Kimberly Page moans as she bites down on her bottom lip
as she lifts her hands and lightly rubs her large and perfectly rounded tits
with her hands while she gently grinds her pussy against the tongue of Shane
Helms. "Ohhhh fuck...ohhh yeah!" Kimberly moans before she glances over at
Shannon Moore with a wicked smirk "Get the fuck over here!" Kimberly snaps.

Shannon Moore licks his lips, "All right..." Shannon says as he walks over
to the bed and kneels on it. Shane puts one hand on Kimberly's waist as he
slides his tongue against her pussy and he uses his free hand to stroke his
twelve inch cock to keep it rock hard.

"Ohhh yeah! About time someone shows ME some damn respect!" Kimberly moans
before she wraps her left hand around Shannon Moore's cock and roughly pulls
his thirteen inch cock up to her lips before she opens her mouth and takes
his cock into her hot and bitchy mouth. Kimberly starts to immediately bob
her head along Shannon's thirteen inch cock as she grinds her wet, warm pussy
against Shane's face while he darts his tongue in and out of her hot pussy.

"Ahhhhh... ohhhh fuck..." Shannon Moore moans as he watches Kimberly Page bob
her head on his long, hard and very thick cock.

Evan Karagias smirks as he moves to tap Shane Helms on the shoulder, "Hey if
you're done eating... I want to fuck her..." Evan smirks.

Shane lifts his head up from Kimberly's wet pussy, "Never bother me when I'm
eating..." Shane laughs as he moves from between Kimberly's legs so that Evan
can take his place. Evan Karagias then firmly pushes his cock into the
egotistical Diamond Doll's tight pussy as she sucks Shannon's dick.

"Mmmmmmm!" Kimberly Page moans roughly around Shannon Moore's cock as Evan
Karagias forces his entire cock into her warm, wet pussy. Kimberly locks her
seductive, sly eyes with Shannon as she quickly moves her head along his
shaft, slobbering her saliva all over his shaft. "Mmmmmmm! Uhhhh mmmm!"
Kimberly moans as she starts to smoothly guide her body against Evan's cock
as he fucks her wickedly warm pussy.

"Ahhhh shit... mmmm fuck yeah..." Shannon moans licks his lips as Kimberly
Page takes his thirteen inch cock deeper into her bitchy, wet mouth.

Evan grabs hold of Kimberly's hips as he speeds up his thrusts as he slams
his cock in and out of her pussy, "Ahhhh ohhh yeah... fuck..." Evan moans as
he watches Kimberly suck Shannon's cock as he fucks her.

"Mmmmm! Mmmmm!" Kimberly's moans vibrate against Shannon Moore's shaft as her
head quickly bobs on Shannon's cock with her head bouncing on Shannon's cock
every time that Evan slams his cock deeply into her warm and wet pussy.
Kimberly spreads her smooth, gorgeously tanned legs widely apart while Evan
fucks her.

Evan licks his teeth as he deeply rams his cock into Kimberly's pussy,
"Ohhh yeah ohh shit she's a tight one..." Evan moans as his balls slap right
against her smooth skin.

Shannon tilts his head back as Kimberly twists her head on his thirteen inch
cock, "Awww.... ohhh fuck!" Shannon moans as Shane Helms kneels on the bed on
the opposite side of Kimberly.

"Hey Kimberly... how about switching over..." Shane says with smirk as he
strokes his twelve inch dick.

Kimberly slowly lifts her head off of Shannon's cock as her wet saliva drips
down his thirteen inch shaft. Kimberly Page turns her head to look at Shane
Helms with a sexy, bitchy glare "No one tells ME what to do!" Kimberly says,
snapping at Helms, before she greedily takes his twelve inch cock and slams
his shaft into her wet and desirable mouth. Kimberly keeps her glared eyes
locked with Shane as she bobs her head along his shaft while roughly grinding
her wet pussy against Evan's thrusting shaft.

"Mmmmm fuck... but you do it anyway...." Shane Helms smirks as Kimberly bobs
her head on his twelve inch cock.

Shannon licks his lips as he sits on the bed as he watches Evan drive his
eleven inch cock sharply into Kimberly's tight pussy. "Awwww fuck... ohhh
shit..." Evan moans as he slams his entire cock into Kimberly's tight cunt.

"Mmmmmmm! Fuck!" Kimberly moans around Shane's cock as she presses her teeth
against his shaft and lightly rakes her teeth on his cock while she bobs her
head after receiving the firm thrust from Evan Karagias. "Mmmm...ohhh
yeah..." Kimberly moans as she slaps her tongue against the shaft of Shane

Evan Karagias licks his lips as he keeps ramming his shaft in and out of
Kimberly's pussy before he pulls out, "Hey Shannon... you want a piece of
this?" Evan says.

"Sure..." Shannon nods his head as he lays on his side and turns Kimberly
onto her side so that she's facing Shane as she sucks his dick. Shannon lifts
one of her legs up and then sharply rams his thirteen inch cock into her
tight, wet and warm cunt.

"Mmmmmm!" Kimberly lustfully groans as she deeply swallows Shane's twelve
inch cock, feeling the thirteen inch shaft of Shannon Moore entering her
pussy from behind. Kimberly's lips roughly rub back and forth against
Shane's cock as she eagerly and whorishly sucks his cock. Sweat deeps off
of Kimberly's body as she firmly pushes back on Shannon's cock.

"Ahhhh... ohhhh fuck... awww damn!" Shane Helms moans as he puts a hand on
Kimberly's head as she easily deep throats his twelve inch cock as she
eagerly sucks his dick.

Shannon Moore puts a hand on Kimberly's hip as he quickens the pace of his
thrusts as he fucks the Diamond Doll of WCW, "Mmmmm shit.... fuck...."
Shannon moans as he eagerly drills Kimberly's tight pussy.

Kimberly Page lifts her head off of Shane Helms's cock as her wet saliva
drips off of his cock. "Ohhhhhh fuck!" Kimberly shouts as she grabs the bed
sheets tightly while her body roughly grinds against the muscular and tanned
body of Shannon, while fucking her pussy.

"Ahhh shit... mmmm fuckin' hell..." Shannon Moore grunts as he pounds
Kimberly's tight pussy with his huge cock before he pulls out. Shane lays
down on the bed and pulls the bitchy WCW Diva onto his saliva covered twelve
inch dick.

Kimberly Page tosses her dark brown hair back as she straddles Shane's waist
and begins to instantly rock back and forth on his rock hard shaft. "Mmmmm...
fuck...ohhhhh fuck!" Kimberly moans as she grits her teeth while swiftly
bouncing on his shaft.

Shane Helms licks his lips as Kimberly grinds herself on his twelve inch
cock, "Ahhhh ohhh fuck yeah..." Shane moans as he begins to thrust his cock
up into her pussy.

Evan licks his lips as he positions himself behind Kimberly, "Time to go
down..." Evan smirks as he roughly shoves his eleven inch cock into
Kimberly's tight asshole with one thrust.

"Ohhhh mother fucker!" Kimberly moans as she tilts her head back "Mmmm...fuck
yeah! Fill ME up with that cock!" Kimberly moans as she rocks back against
the cock of Evan Karagias while impressively and quickly grinding on Shane's
cock. Kimberly's smooth hands gently mouth against Shane's toned chest as she
continues to rock between then two 3 Count members.

"Mmmmm ohhh yeah!" Evan grunts as he grabs Kimberly's waist to pull her back
towards him as he rams his cock deep into her ass.

Shane grabs hold of Kimberly's tits as he thrusts his foot long dick upward
into her tight pussy as she rides him, "Awww... fuck... mmmm shit!" Shane

Shannon Moore moves so that he's in front of Kimberly, "Fill you up? Okay..."
Shannon says as he slips his meaty thirteen inch cock into Kimberly's bitchy

"Mmmmmmm!" Kimberly moans loudly as Shannon Moore's thirteen inch cock rams
into her hot and bitchy mouth. Kimberly Page closes her eyes as she quickly
moves her head at an eager pace to suck Shannon's cock. Kimberly's hot pussy
slams down on Shane's cock before roughly pushing back against Evan Karagias
as he pounds her perfectly shaped ass.

"Mmmmm.... ohhh yeah!" Shane Helms moans as he slams his cock upward into
Kimberly's pussy.

Evan grits his teeth together, "Ohhh fuck... stuff her good guys..." Evan
groans as he rams his cock balls deep into Kimberly's ass.

Shannon puts both of his hands on Kimberly's head, "That's... no problem..."
Shannon moans as he begins to move his hips back and forth, thrusting his
cock in and out of Kimberly's mouth.

"Mmmmm! Mmmmmm!" Kimberly Page moans as her lips grind against Shannon's
thirteen inch cock while her wet saliva coats his entire shaft. Kimberly
closes her eyes as she deeply takes Shannon into her mouth. The perfectly
shaped ass of Kimberly Page grinds back against Evan's muscular waist as
he deeply pounds her ass, while his thrusts cause her to rock sharply on
Shane's cock.

"Mmmmm ahhh fuck.... ohhh shit!" Evan moans as he begins to cum, shooting his
warm thick load deep into Kimberly Page's tight asshole.

Shane squeezes Kimberly's tits as she rocks sharply on his cock, "Ahhh ohh
yeah... mmm fuck!" Shane groans.

Kimberly lifts her head off of Shannon Moore's cock and smirks as she looks
back over her shoulder, seeing the cum from Evan dripping out her ass "Ohhh

Evan pulls out of Kimberly's asshole and licks his lips, "What a fucking
great ass..." Evan says.

Shane licks his teeth as he keeps pumping his cock into Kimberly's pussy
until he starts to shoot his load inside of her pussy, "Awwww.... ohhhhhh
yes.... mmmm!" Shane moans as he flood Kimberly's pussy with his cum.

Kimberly presses her lips together as she continues to bounce on Shane's
throbbing cock as he warm cum sprays into her wet pussy. Kimberly grits her
teeth as she looks at Shannon Moore "Cum on my fucking tits!"

"Shit... I love giving personal requests..." Shannon says as he strokes his
thirteen inch cock as Kimberly sits totally up on Shane's cum spent cock to
make her tits an easy target.

Kimberly raises an eyebrow and smirks as she leans back slightly and gently
grinds her wet pussy against the throbbing, softening cock of Shane Helms
"Yeah fucking cum on them! Show ME the goods!"

"Mmmmm.... ahhhh fuck...." Shannon Moore groans as begins cumming, shooting
a huge load of his thick cum right on to Kimberly's firm round tits.

Kimberly Page narrows her eyes lustfully as she watches the warm cum spraying
out of his cock and onto her large and perfectly shaped tits "Ohhhh fuck...
you love fucking ME don't you boys!?"

"Good thing we saved you for fucking last...." Evan Karagias says with a

Shane Helms licks his lips, "Yeah... you're as beautiful as a diamond..."
Shane says as Shannon shoots a bit more cum onto Kimberly's tits.

Kimberly tosses her slightly sweat dampened dark brown hair back as she lifts
herself off of Shane Helms and sits down on the hotel room bed "
get the fuck out!

* * *

Out in the hallway, 3 Count waits for an elevator after getting dressed and
leaving Kimberly's hotel suite, "Geez she's a real fucking bitch..." Shannon
Moore says as he shakes his head.

"Yeah... but good thing we didn't really save her last..." Evan says.

"What do you mean? We nailed every girl in WCW..." Shane says.

Evan smirks, "Not every girl... there's still a so-called Canadian who's a
Major hottie..."


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