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regardless this is, this is FICTION!

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Now... Kristi and Dice present:

Down With 3 Count Part 13: Blown Away
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

At a WCW Event in Calgary, Alberta Canada, 3 Count is standing outside of
Team Canada's dressing room after finishing up a quick match against the Jung
Dragons. Evan Karagias, Shannon Moore and 'Sugar' Shane Helms are all dressed
in bright green, baggy wrestling pants. "You think she was worth saving for
last?" Shane asks.

"Of course she is... you seen that fucking rack she has?" Evan replies, "Hell
if the MIA was fighting so hard to get her back, she has to be worth it."

Shannon Moore shrugs his shoulders, "She went back to Team Canada like a week
later... we could be up against stiff competition..."

Evan makes a face, "Shit, two thirds of that team are Americans.... She
probably just likes Mr. Seriously Boring..."

"Yeah... good point..." Shane says as he knocks on Team Canada's locker room

The locker room door opens after a few moments and the lusciously hot, large
chested Diva of Team Canadian, Major Gunns, smiles a bit as she stands in the
doorway on the locker room. "Hey guys...Can I help you?" Major Gunns asks,
pressing her luscious lips together, while looking seductively at the studdly
members of 3 Count, while she is dressed in a pair of tight, red leather
bottoms and a tight fitting top with the Canadian Maple Leaf on her large

"Hey Tylene...." Evan says with a smirk, "We were just in the neighborhood...
and were wondering if you turned totally Canadian...." Evan laughs a bit.

Shannon raises an eyebrow, "That's your pick up line?" Shannon Moore says as
Shane laughs a bit.

Major Gunns raises an eyebrow and smirks as she places her hands on her
perfectly tanned, rounded hips "Yeah I'm Canadian..." Major Gunns says as she
tosses her gorgeous blond hair back and licks her lips "Because...all the
Canadian guys are studs...with big fucking cocks!" Major Gunns says with a

Evan nods his head, "I see... well Shannon here is part Canadian..." Evan

Shannon raises an eyebrow, "I am?" Shannon says as he looks at Shane.

Shane quickly sees what Evan is going to do, "Yeah Shannon... on your
mother's side..." Shane says as he motions his head towards Major Gunns.

Shannon nods his head a bit, "Ohhhh right... I am..." Shannon says as he
looks at Major Gunns and smiles.

Major Gunns locks her lustful, seductive eyes with Shannon Moore "Are you
really? You must have a big dick then."

"Oh he does.... I have a twelve inch dick... but Shannon is totally bigger
than that..." Shane Helms says.

"Hell, I'm no small guy with my dick... but even I get jealous of Shannon..."
Evan Karagias says as he lies through his teeth as Shannon tries no to laugh.

Major Gunns presses her luscious lips together and glances over her shoulder
into the empty locker room "Do you guys...want to come in?"

"Sure...." Shannon Moore says as he steps into the locker room when Major
Gunns steps out of the way. Evan and Shane enter right behind Shannon and the
trio of studs stand in the middle of the locker room and look at Major Gunns
when she closes the door.

Major Gunns turns around and licks her luscious lips as she faces Shane,
Shannon and Evan. Major Gunns folds her arms and smirks " me what
you got."

Evan licks his lips, "Canadians are so pushy..." Evan says as he lowers his
pants to bring out his eleven inch cock.

"Yeah... but they are very hot..." Shane replies as he pushes down his pants
to free his twelve inch cock. Shannon shakes his head a bit before he slides
down his pants to expose his thick thirteen inch shaft.

Major Gunns opens her mouth is lustful shock "Oh my god..." Major Gunns says
as she locks her sultry eyes with the three large cocks in front of her
belonging to 3 Count. " three must all have a bit of Canadian in
you..." Major Gunns says with a laugh as the devious traitor steps closer to
Evan, Shane and Shannon before she slowly lifts her tight fitting Canadian
Maple Leaf top off of her body to expose her impressively large and tanned
chest "And a true Canadian babe knows what to do with three huge cocks..."

Shannon Moore licks his lips, "Why... don't you show us...." Shannon says
just before Shane and Evan put their hands on his back to push him forward
towards the large chested, blond haired Team Canada Diva. Major Gunns
hungrily licks her lips before she lowers herself down onto her knees in
front of the large-cock member of 3 Count, Shannon Moore. Major Gunns locks
her sly, seducing eyes with Shannon as she wraps her hands skillfully around
his shaft and guides his cock up into her warm, wet mouth.

"Mmmmm..." Shannon Moore moans as Major Gunns uses broth of her hands to
stroke his cock as she begins to bob her head on the top half of his huge

Evan and Shane both smirk as they step forward to stand next to Major Gunns,
"Shit... chicks totally dig Shannon..." Evan laughs as he strokes his eleven
inch cock.

"Mmmmm...mmmmm" Major Gunns moans as she wraps her luscious lips around
Shannon's thick shaft, while eagerly bobbing her head at an impressively
smooth pace. Major Gunns slightly twists her head on Shannon's thirteen
inch cock before she lifts her left hand and wraps her hand around Shane
Helms's cock to stroke him.

"Ahhhh... ohhhh yeah... mmmm" Shannon moans as he licks his lips as Major
Gunns hungrily sucks his huge cock.

"Mmmm shit... stroke that cock... yeah..." Shane Helms moans as Major Gunns
firmly squeezes his dick as she jerks him off.

"Mmmmm...mmmmm...mmm" Major Gunns moans as she rocks her head back and forth
on Shannon Moore's cock while her luscious lips quickly rub on his shaft as
she bobs her head quicker. As Major Gunns skillfully sucks on Shannon's cock,
she delicately moves her left hand against Shane's shaft.

"Oh god damn shit she loves big fucking cocks..." Evan says as he lets go of
his cock and puts his hands on his waist.

"What... girl doesn't..." Shannon moans as Major Gunns takes three-fourths of
his cock into her traitor mouth.

"Shit I bet she could swallow two dicks at once..." Shane says as Major Gunns
keeps stroking his cock.

Major Gunns slowly lifts her head off of Shannon's cock and smirks "Which of
you two want me to take you both at once?" Major Gunns seductively asks as
she licks her luscious lips.

"Me and Shane..." Evan answers before he pauses, "But get those bottoms
off... I think you'll want Shannon's cock in that Canadian cunt of yours..."
Evan smirks.

Major Gunns raises an eyebrow and smirks "If he wants my pussy so bad...he
can do it himself..." Major Gunns says as she tosses her gorgeous blond hair
back as she moves closer to Evan Karagias, as Shane Helms walks over to them.
Major Gunns lowers her head and opens her mouth as she impressively fits the
hard cocks of Evan Karagias and Shane Helms into her hot Canadian wet mouth.

"Uhhhh ohhh fucking hell.. I was right!" Shane Helms moans as he feels his
dick pressing against Evan's.

"What a hot slut!" Evan moans loudly as he watches Major Gunns take his and
Shane's dicks deep into her wet mouth.

Shannon licks his lips as he steps behind Major Gunns and kneels down. He
then smoothly slides down her bottoms off and takes a firm grip of his huge
cock, "I think I'll save your pussy for later..." Shannon says before he
boldly rams his thirteen inch cock into Major Gunn's tight Canadian asshole.

"Mmmmmmm...fuck!" Major Gunns groans around Shane and Evan's cocks, smacking
her lips against their shafts as she continues to quickly bob her head on
both cocks. Major Gunns closers her eyes as she firmly pushes her juicy,
tanned ass back against Shannon's waist as he starts to fuck her asshole.

"Uhhh mmmm...." Shannon moans as he holds onto Major Gunns' hips as he
thrusts his huge cock in and out of her ass with a solid pace.

"Ohhh yeah... mmmm shit she's cock hungry..." Shane moans as and Evan move
their hips to thrust their cocks in and out of Major Gunns mouth has she bobs
her head on both.

"Ahhh fuck... Canadian chicks are totally like that..." Evan Karagias says as
his puts a hand on the back of Major Gunns' blond haired head.

"Mmmmmm! MMMMMMM!" Major Gunns moans as her hot mouth is completely filled
with the cocks of Shane Helms and Evan Karagias, while holding them deeply
into her mouth. Major Gunns lifts her seductive eyes and locks them with
Shane and Evan while rocking back and forth on her knees to push back against

"Awww shit.... mmmm fuck!" Evan Karagias moans as he feels his cock grinding
against Shane's shaft.

"Ohhh damn..." Shane moans before Major Gunns lifts her mouth off of his and
Evan's saliva covered dicks. Shannon Moore grits his teeth slightly as he
pumps his thirteen inch cock deeply into Major Gunns ass.

Major Gunns grits her teeth and closes her eyes as she rocks firmly back and
forth on her hands and knees while her juicy, tanned ass smacks back against
Shannon Moore's toned waist as his cock slams deeply into her ass "Ohhhhh
fuck...ohhhh yeah!"

Evan Karagias lays down on the floor in front of Major Gunns, "Hey Shannon...
let me and Shane take her down for a bit..." Evan says.

Shannon licks his lips as he deeply impales Major Gunns ass one more time,
"Sure.... thing..." Shannon says as he pulls his thirteen inch cock out of
Major Gunn's asshole.

Major Gunns licks her lips as she glances back at Shannon "Mmm...thanks for ass needed a good fucking..." She says with a laugh before she
moves over to Evan Karagias to immediately mount her hot Canadian body on his
eleven inch cock. "Ohhhhhh shit..." Major Gunns moans as she closes her eyes,
lowering her hot pussy completely on Evan's cock.

"Ahhhh ohhh yeah... mmm fuck!" Evan moans as he lifts his hands and grabs
Major Gunn's huge tits. Evan starts to thrust his cock upward into Major
Gunn's tight pussy as Shane Helms gets behind her.

"Your pussy is going to get one hell of a fucking..." Shane says as he guides
his cock towards Major Gunns' pussy and pushes it into her along side Evan's
eleven inch dick.

"Ohhhhh....ahhhhh fuck!" Major Gunns loudly moans as she tilts her head back
and places her hands on Evan's muscular, perfectly tanned chest as she rocks
back and forth against Shane's cock in her warm pussy, while bouncing on
Evan's cock that is also in her pussy.

"Mmmmm ohhh damn... ohhh shit yeah!" Shane moans as he smacks Major Gunns'
ass with his right hand as he pumps his cock in and out of her pussy from

"Ahhhh awww fuck mmmm!" Evan grunts as his cock slides against Shane's dick
as they tag team Major Gunns tight pussy. Evan lifts his head up and wraps
his lips around the Team Canada Diva's right nipple and begins to eagerly
suck on her tit.

"Ohhhhhh! Ohhhhh fuck! Fuck my pussy!" Major Gunns screams with lust as she
roughly rocks forward against Evan's cock, while Shane Helms deeply slams his
cock into her wet Canadian cunt.

"Mmmmm! Mmmmmm!" Evan Karagias moans as he and Shane keep pumping their cocks
into Major Gunns pussy while he sucks on her right tit.

Shane grabs Major Gunns hips and jerk her back towards him. "Ohhh god damn,
shit.... she must get fucked a lot by Lance Storm..." Shane groans.

Major Gunns bites down on her bottom lip as she roughly slams against both
cocks inside of her wet pussy. "Ohhhhhh fuck!" Major Gunns moans as her pussy
tightens around both shafts as she begins to cum.

"Ahhhh ohh shit... fuck!" Evan moans as he starts cumming inside of Major
Gunn's double stuffed cunt.

"Ohhhh yeah... ohh fuck yeah!" Shane grunts as he starts unloading his cum
inside of Major Gunn's pussy. Shannon Moore who has been lightly stroking his
cock smirks a bit as he watches his fellow 3 Count members pull out of Major
Gunns cum dripping twat.

Major Gunns lustfully looks at Shannon Moore and smirks "How would you like
me, babe?"

Shannon Moore licks his lips, "Hmmm... I guess Canadian style..." Shannon
says as he has Major Gunns stand up. Shannon turns the Team Canada Diva
around, bends her forward before he rams his thirteen inch cock into Major
Gunn's cum filled pussy.

"Ohhhhh! Ohhhh fuck Shannon!" Major Gunns moans as she stands while bent over
as Shannon Moore swiftly slams his cock into her warm, cum filled pussy from

"Mmmmm ahhhh ohhh...." Shannon moans as he reaches around Major Gunns and
grabs her tits with both of his hands while he pumps his cock in and out of
her pussy. Evan and Shane put their pants on as they watch Shannon fuck Major

Major Gunns closes her eyes and grits her teeth tightly while Shannon Moore
slams his thirteen inch cock deeply into her warm, wet pussy "Ohhhhh mother

"Ahhh yeah... mmmm shit!" Shannon licks his teeth as he speeds up his
thrusts. Shannon squeezes Major Gunns' large tits with his hands as drives
his cock balls deep into her pussy.

Major Gunns glances over her shoulder and locks her seductive eyes with
Shannon " like that Canadian pussy?" Major Gunns moans as her
toned ass smacks against his waist.

"Ohhh yeah fuck I love Canada...." Shannon Moore replies as he fucks Major
Gunns pussy with his big hard cock. Shannon's balls bang right against Major
Gunns' smooth skin as Evan and Shane quietly leave the room.

"Ohhhhh! Ohhhhh fuck!" Major Gunns moans as sweat drips off of her perfectly
tanned body, while she continues to push back against his cock.

"Ahhh mmmm shit! I want to fuck those Canadian Tits..." Shannon says as he
pulls his thirteen inch dick out of Major Gunns pussy.

"I want you to cum on them..." Major Gunns says with a sly smirk before she
lays down on the leather couch and licks her lips, locking her eyes with his
thirteen inch shaft.

Shannon Moore licks his lips, "That won't be a problem..." Shannon says as he
straddles Major Gunn's body and lays his thick thirteen inch dick between her
large hit tits. When Major Gunns presses her tits against his cock, Shannon
leans forward to pace his hands on the armrest of the leather couch before he
starts to thrust his big cock between Major Gunns tits. Major Gunns leans her
head forward in order to flick her wet tongue against the head of Shannon's
cock as he thrust his shaft between her large tits.

"Ahhhh... mmmm shit... those are great tits!" Shannon moans as he speeds up
his thrusts so that the head of his cock comes towards Major Gunn's tongue
as he fucks her large, round chest. Major Gunns flicks her tongue against
Shannon's piss-slit, teasing Shannon Moore's cock as she feels his shaft
grinding between her large tits.

"Mmmm uhhh fuck..." Shannon takes his cock from between Major Gunns tits and
strokes it rapidly until he starts shooting his cum all over Major Gunn's
large, juicy tits.

"Mmmm...ohhhhh yeah..." Major Gunns moans as his warm cum sprays onto her

"Ahhhh ohhh damn..." Shannon moans as he strokes his cock some more until
he's completely spent and Major Gunns tits are covered his warm, thick spunk.

Major Gunns laughs "Mmm....I love some good Canadian cum..."

Shannon licks his lips and then looks over his shoulder, "Hey... where's Evan
and Shane..." Shannon says in confusion.

"I don't think they were Canadian enough to stay..."

Shannon shrugs, "Oh well...." Shannon says, "Want more of my 'Canadian'

"Sure...I would love some!"


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