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Downward-Facing Ass
by Arcanine878

"Come on dude, just give it a try! After one visit I made, I became wayy less stressed!"

"Hell no dude." I replied. "Yoga isn't me. Id rather play basketball, ya know, a physical exercise with contact, rather than sit down on some foam-mat and stretch."

My best friend, with a snicker on his face, replied, "Alright dude, you're call, but I'm telling you from experience. Just believe me. Here's a card.". He handed me a small card, titled in purple "Stratusphere Yoga", with the address, business number, and the hours 6-7 PM. I was gonna throw the card out as soon as my best friend left, but I stuffed it in my pocket as I headed out to go get ready for a run.

I came back from my run, exhausted as hell, and definitely feeling sore. My muscles were aching, and I know my shitty 10 second stretch wouldn't benefit me much. I took out the crunched up card from my pocket and unfolded it.

"I guess I should give this a try..." I said to myself. I packed up an extra bottle of water and head out to the Stratusphere Yoga studio.

I parked my car up close to the yoga studio. It was pretty large, and extremely nice for a studio. I was a little early though, as class didn't start for another 20 minutes, but I guess this could be a good time to get to see how everything goes around here. I locked my car and walked through the large, glass doors. Upon entry there was a desk worker, who seemed to be typing furiously on the studio's laptop. I walked up to her, waiting for her to notice me as she seemed rather busy with her screen that me, but after a good moment she shifted her eyes towards me.

"May I help you?" She said, as she shifted her eyes back at the screen and continued typing.

"Uhh..yea. I don't really know how yoga works, but anyways I'm new here..."

"Oh, well welcome to Stratusphere Yoga! First off, you need to fill out a waiver, due to all the legal issues and stuff."

She handed me a black pen, and I filled out every signature I was told to do.

"Alright good, now do you have a mat sir?" she asked, obviously knowing I had none. I shook my head no, and she pointed to a little corner with a bunch of half-assed rolled up mats. I took a blue one, and came back to her.

"Excellent. Now lastly, do you want to sign up for a membership? You get a free massage at any time you choose, and a bonus 5 classes."

I decided to sign up, just in case I would come back any time, and if I didn't, I could give them to someone else as a little gift. I wrote down my email address and payed for the membership.

"Alright, that's about it. Class is about to start soon, so go get a spot in the room to the left.".

I grabbed my belongings, and headed into the room.

The room was decently filled with people. I laid my mat down near the middle of a wall, and sat down on it. As I got settled in, the teacher went out of her current pose, and sat criss-crossed on the floor.

She took a deep breath, and opened her eyes, as calming music played in the background.

"Welcome everybody." She said with a soft tone, as she surveyed her crowd."Oh, looks like we have a new guests today?" She said, as she looked right into my eyes.

"Hey there, my names Trish Stratus." She told me with a wink. "Hope you enjoy today's class."

We began with some easy sit-down poses, easy enough for anybody to do. We did some quick head rolls, stretching out the neck, and moved on to some arm stretches. We then stood up, and did some poses challenging our balance. I had a little bit of trouble, being tired from my workout and all. I kept messing up, stumbling a bit across my mat. I was frustrated at myself, looking down at my mat trying to correct myself.

"Ugh dammit. This is stupid as hell." I said quietly to myself. I looked up, and saw Trish right in front of me, a little concerned.

"Struggling a bit, are we now?" She said with a laugh. She placed her hands across my torso, helping me straighten up.

"You're focusing on too much negatives and other unnecessary things. Get rid of it." She whispered in my ear. It took her awhile for her to remove herself off me, though I do admit, it felt good having a hot babe like Trish feel me up like that. It was at that point that I decided to mess up more. We did a lot more poses. A lot of them weren't even hard, but I decided to do them wrong. Each time I messed up, she helped guide me with a bigger smile each time.

It was the last pose of the day. I didn't mess it up this time, just so she could help out more on the other people in the room. We took extra long on this pose, getting deeper and deeper into the muscles.

"Alright ladies and gentlemen, this concludes today's practice. Have an amazing night." Trish said, as she got up from her mat and greeted them to the exit. As soon as the rest of the room cleared, she walked up to me as I was rolling my mat up.

"Hey, thanks for signing up today. You seem like you enjoy the class, right?" She asked.

"Oh yeah, its a good class. I just gotta get into the groove of things first, but it's a really good class. You're a really good teacher too."

Trish blushed a bit. "Oh, it's just what I do." She said with a giggle. "Hey wait, you got that free massage with your membership, right?"

"I believe so." I said, curiously.

"You think you wanna use that today? I want to test out some new techniques, and I need to see if they work." Trish said with eager eyes. I thought about it, not sure if I just want to go home, or stay behind for a bit, but I decided to take her offer up. It was a good first class, so I guess I might as well top it off with a good massage.

We walked over to a private room in the back of the studio. It was nice, roomy, and well-lit with candles, and smelt extremely nice. There was a black massage table right in the middle of the room.

"Oh, before we start, you're going to have to change into one of our studio towels. Ya know, so this massage be more effective.".

This didn't bother me at all. I quickly changed out of all my clothes, and wrapped the towel tight around my waist. I walked over to the table, holding my towel with one hand to ensure it doesn't drape off. I laid flat on my stomach, my head looking down with my arms at my side.

"Well then, lets begin." Trish said. She carefully placed some hot coals along my spine, heating up and loosening my back. It felt nice and comfy. I could honestly go with them on my back for long periods of times. After awhile, she took them off elegantly, and began rubbing from my shoulders and all the way down my back. She kneaded in circles, and rubbed hard with her fingers, almost wringing out my muscles. I moaned in relief, as it felt amazing.

"Oh, just wait. Thing's only get better from here." She said. Trish began to place one leg on my left side, then followed with the other leg, placing herself on top of me on the massage table. She traced her palms down my body, as she slowly lowered her ass down on my skin. At this point, I noticed something different. I wasn't feeling any clothes on my body, I was feeling skin. "Is she naked?", I thought to myself. She began moving her arms and her ass in unison, grinding herself off my skin. I could feel her wet pussy lips move up and down on me, and it was at this point I was for sure she was nude. This was going to be one hell of a massage.

As she lowered her hands lower and lower, she slowly un-tucked the towel and let it drape to the side. As she went for the round back up, she lowered her body down, pressing her cold nipples against my back. She took her hands to the side of me and started rubbing her tits against me for a good while.

She told me to turn my body around so she can massage the front half of my body, but I know she just wanted to see what I was packaging. I turned around, and as soon as she saw my eyes open up to take a peek, she commanded me to shut them close. She traced her warm fingertips down my abs, leading to the base of my cock. I was decently hard, but I'm sure she could make me a lot harder. She walked her fingers across my shaft, reaching up to the head of my cock. She rubbers the front of it in circles softly in one direction, then switching to the other. She then rubbed her palm against my head. It felt incredible. She then moved on slowly, wrapping her fingers down my cock, and lightly pumping it up, taking a second or two in between each pump. She then lowered her palms to my balls, pulling them a bit in-between her hands, and tugging them back up. She continued this process for awhile, tracing her thumbs up and down the center of my cock, leading down to my sack.

"You can open now." She said, as I slowly opened my eyes to see a beautiful women sitting on my cock, looking at me with a huge grin on her face. She started rubbing her pussy up and down my cock, not having it go in her just yet. Her pussy lips were slightly split from the bridge in the middle of my cock. The tickled against my penis, and I could feel her pussy getting wetter by the minute.

She grabbed my penis from behind her and carefully inserted my cock into her pussy, wiggling it in her.

"Mmm..." She moaned, as she could feel my hard cock enter inside her. She slowly made her way down, feeling every inch of my cock.

"Oh fuck yes.." She groaned, as she carefully went down, and glided back up. I grabbed her ass, helping her go down on me. Her tight ass clenched against the side of my cock as my cock slid in and out of her pussy. She arched her back as she came up. I rubbed my hands throughout her body, feeling her as she took me in. Our bodies were really close to me, as her tits hung over my face like a rain cloud over a city. She pressed against me and leaned in on my lips, kissing me softly. We pressed our lips together and twisted our heads as she quickened the pace she took my dick in silky pussy. I squeezed her ass as she went harder down the road.

She slid her ass off my cock and turned herself around, placing her ass down on my chest. She grabbed my cock with one hand, and started to lap my head with her tongue. I spread her legs farther apart, seeing her nice pussy expand in front of me. I place a finger in her canal before inserting my tongue in her. I wiggled her clit in between my tongue, pressing up against it hard.

"Ohh yes." She moaned, as I sucked on her walls for a bit before slapping my tongue inside her. She began taking my dick in her mouth, as her wet tongue pressed up against one side of my cock. She blew me like a pro, tightly gripping my cock with her lips around my base and loosening near the head, then quickly going back at it as she held my cock up with one hand and braced herself with the other.

"Oh yea Trish, blow me nice a good..." I moaned, as I sucked on her clit hard, taking in all the juice from her pussy. I slid my tongue out and began licking her velvet-like pussy up and down, feeling every wrinkle on her lips, while she went deeper down my cock, taking just about the whole thing in her mouth.

She turned back around, looking as pleased as ever, and sat back on my thighs. She grabbed my hard cock, and began pumping it intensely with both hands. I moaned as she gripped my cock hard, and I felt the cum rising in me.I placed my hands behind my head, letting her finish me off. I shot out stream after stream of cum, having some hit her stomach, while others spill over onto her hands and in between her fingers.

Trish leaned down and planted another kiss on me before wiping off the cum off her and I. She helped me get up. We both we're insanely relaxed and pleased.

"I think I gotta sign up for some more memberships."

"Oh, don't worry." She said. "You're next visit gets another free massage, courtesy of 'special members' package." She said with a wink, as we both put on our clothes and headed out the door.

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