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Dr. James Gets To Check On the WWF Divas Part 1: Lita!
by Lita's Sexy Legs

Vince had this weird idea. He was in his office and it just popped into
his head. He called Dr. James, a well-known doctor and asked him a huge

After talking for 10 minutes, they made an agreement. Vince ordered the
following divas to report to his office in 5 minutes: Lita, Torrie Wilson,
Trish Stratus, Stephanie McMahon, Stacy Keibler and Molly Holly.

Lita, Steph and Torrie arrived first followed by Trish, then Stacy and

They all had a seat wondering what Vince wanted.

Vince welcomed them all, even the Alliance divas. He said he has made a
deal with Dr. James.

He said, "Girls, Dr. James will examine you all and give me the results.
This must be done and the winner will be given... 1.) a trip to hawaii... 2.)
the women's title... 3.) a big push on TV.

All of the divas loved the idea!! Vince said, "Calm down... Lita you will
be first and it will be tommorow. The rest of you better work out before your

Steph said, "Dad, what kind of examine is this?"

Vince said "Oh... um... just to see how strong you are and check if you
are 100%."

The divas all had smiles on their faces as Vince watched them leave his
office. He gave Lita the directions to the office for tommorow.

As they left, Vince smiled and said, "Got em'," he closed his door and
jacked off to a Torrie Wilson picture.


Lita woke up in her hotel room. She put on a black and red thong and some
of her wrestling attire pants. She wanted to win, so she would do her best in
these pants. Then she put on a tight bra that sqeezed her huge tan breasts.
She covered it with a hardy boyz t-shirt.

She fixed her hair and went to the doctor's office. When she arrived she
walked in with a good look on her face. The building was empty. She walked to
the receptionist and said, "Hi, I'm Lita and here to see Dr. James?"

The lady stared at Lita's pretty face and she got on a phone.

A young blonde girl in a nurse skirt came by and said, "Right this way,

Lita followed the hot blonde to a room at the end of a long hall way.

The blonde said, "Hey, I'm Jennifer. I'm Dr. James assistant. Sit right
here for a moment."

Lita jumped on the hospital bed hoping she would win. Jennifer closed the
door and pulled curtains around the hospital bed.

Lita stared at the roof and listened to the air conditioner. She looked so
hot and was really fuckable.

Jennifer went to another room and said, "Dr. James, Lita is here."

Dr. James got up from his chair. He was about 35 and was well built.

He grabbed Jennifer's bra strap and unbuttoned her shirt. He then yanked
off her bra and said, "Nipples, Jen."

Jennifer obeyed and walked into the other room with Lita. Lita notice her
nipples popping out but didn't say nothing.

Dr.James walked in and said, "Hello, Lita, how you doing?" Jennifer was
fixing some eqipment.

Lita said, "Fine."

Dr. James asked her some questions like age, full name, etc. Lita answered

Then Dr. James asked Lita to lie down. Lita laid down showing her huge ass
boobs in the air. Jennifer strapped Lita's arms to the bed and then her legs.
Lita asked, "Why are you doing this?"

Dr. James said,"Just to let your muscles relax and its makes my job

Lita didn't understand but still listened to the man.

The man took out a sthetoscope and listened to her heart beat. Lita
relaxed and just watched. Then the man made her open her mouth.

Lita gagged as the man checked her mouth.

He wrote something down. Then Dr. James listened to her heart beat on her
stomach. Lita was really confused.

The man slid it towards her private part. Lita wasn't sure what he was

Dr. James smiled and said, "Lita, you see how perfect these are?" He
pulled Jennifer over and slid down her shirt exposing her big breasts. He
grabbed one and jiggled it.

Dr. James said, "Do you see the firmness?" Lita didn't want to look at
another girl's breasts, but shook her head. Dr. James said, "They are

James went to lita and unfastended her Hardy shirt. She yelled, "What are
you doing?"

James said, "Checking your breasts!"

Lita said, "NO, no one sees these puppies till I get married!"

The man laughed and slid her shirt to the side, she yelled for help.
Jennifer jammed her tit into Lita's mouth. Lita gagged and choked. It shut
her up.

Dr. James undid her bra and put it in a jar. Then he saw Lita's huge tan
juicy breasts. He grabbed on and jiggled it. Her sqeezed her nipples and he
wrote, "nipples = hard."

She tried to yell but Dr. James got some suction cups. He installed then to her sexy ass nipples and turned the sucked hard on her nipples and she moaned.

It would suck till breast milk was leaking.

Dr. James slid down her pants and all the way off.

He stared at her sexy tanned legs. He rubbed them and moaned as they were
so smooth and her legs were so hot.

He wrote"100% tan legs."

Lita tried to yell for help. Jennifer then jiggled her breast making Lita
suck more.

Jennifer moaned sometimes. Dr. James slowly slid her thong down and stared
at the pussy.

It was so tan and pink. He got a small stick type tool and stuck it up her
pussy. He rubbed her pussy hair and smiled at the picture.

Lita was scared and felt the mans fingers gently rubbing her sexy mid

Dr. James waited for the stick to change colors.

Lita moaned as breast milk began pouring in a cup. James saw the stick
turn purple. He typed it in a computer and then the results came.

PURPLE= scared, angry, hoping, horny. She had all four.

Dr. James smiled and fingered her pussy. She moaned in amazement.

The man unstrapped her sexy tan legs and spread them out and tied them

He then brought out a machine that fucks a girls and takes a sample of
their cum. The man took off the 4" dick and installed a 10" dick.

He then moved it in Lita's tan sweet pussy and Lita moaned as it stuck her

Jennifer took out her sore, wet nipple and rubbed it. Then see put a
square box over Litas head. It was sound proof.

Jennifer put on the headphones to hear Lita's reaction to the fucking.
Dr. James put a small curtain over her belly so she couldn't see.

Then he turned it on. The machine began fucking the shit out of her. Lita
moaned and gasped as 7" stuck her.

The dick had a built in camera so Dr. James watched a monitor and saw the
inside of Lita's pussy. He was about to jerk off when he saw some pussy juice

Lita was yelling like a little girl.

He took the thong and bra and soaked it in a liquid.

He watched her sexy tan legs move to the speed of the dick.

The pressure was to much for lita. Her breasts ached and her mouth sore.
Her pussy so sore and her body ached. Soon white cum spilled all over the
floor. James took the breast milk and drank it.

He tasted it and chunked down. It tasted so good.

He watched her body bounce up and down. He sprayed liquid type stuff on
her sexy legs and pussy hair and stomach.

Jennifer listened to her moans and took down notes.

Dr. James had to wait 10 minutes so he grabbed Jennifer and went to a
closet. He grabbed her tits and yanked on them. Then picked her skirt off and
fucked her tight ass pussy. Jennifer had the ride of a life time.

Lita moaned and yelled. She looked threw the box and saw her legs and
pussy move up and down. She came all over and her breast and nipples hurt.

Vince snuck in and took the dick machine off her tight pussy. He hid
behind the curtain and Vince jammed his dick in her pussy and fucked the shit
out of her. He used her legs for speed and yelled as her pussy was so tight.
It was wet but tight. He fucked her fast and Lita tried to see who the cheese
it was.

She gave up and let the small dick fuck her.

Vince then ran as Dr. James and a sore assed Jennifer walked out. Dr.
James took the cum, milk sounds and pussy juice to his office. Along with her
thong, bra and pictures of her sexy tan legs.

Jennifer helped Lita take off the suction cups and box. Lita jumped off
and Jennifer said, "Lita, Dr. James says you have a good 95% of 100% chance
of winning."

Lita was nude and stood up. A little 12 year old kid walked by the curtain
and was stunned at the sight. He yelled, "Dad, is that pussy?"

Dr. James came out 10 minutes later and gave Lita her results.

Then he made her do a split and checked her huge ass for any firmness.
Then he kissed her and gave her a new thong and bra.

Lita walked out of the office sore and sad. No one would believe her and
knew the others were in for a treat. She read her results:

Legs: perfect and tan 100%
breast: firm and huge,tan 100%
screaming: loud and good 84%
ass: Huge and tight 100%
pussy: hair, tan and sweet 80%
Breast milk: nice taste 90%
cum: LOTS and pussy juice 100%
other: nice body 92%

DOCTORS NOTES: Lita, you are so hot. Your legs are so tan and your breasts
are amazing, nice pussy and HUGE ass. Keep it up. You are sure to win.

Lita hoped she won this thing. As she left she wondered why her bra and
thong felt wierd.

The answer why it was wierd was at the end of the story.

Vince got the same results and even looked at screen shots of Lita naked.

Vince smile and called up Torrie Wilson.

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