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Drew In The WWE Part 1: The Beginning
by Drew D (

I received an e-mail from my boss telling me that I would have a week to do
some company stuff up in Toronto. I didn’t really want to go but I found out
that Raw was being held while I would be up there. I went on TicketMaster to
get some tickets the day they went on sale. They were in the upper level but
I didn’t really care. I flew up to Toronto on the Friday before Raw. I
listened to the radio on the way to the office and they had a contest where
you could win ringside seats and a backstage pass to Raw if you were the
21st caller. They gave the number and I quickly punched it into my cell
phone. The phone rang and I heard the DJ’s voice on my phone…

DJ: Hello? Who is this calling?

Myself: Drew.

DJ: Drew, you are the 21st Caller!

Myself: Really?! That is so cool!

DJ: You can come and collect your ticket and pass anytime today.

Myself: Sweetness.

I had a boring meeting in the morning and at lunch I went to pick up my
prize. I went in and the person who gave me my package was none other then
the Canadian Bombshell, Trish Stratus! She was wearing tight black leather
pants and a 100% Stratusfaction shirt that showed off a lot of clevage.

Trish: Hey! Congrats on winning!

Myself: Uhhh... thanks. My name is Drew…

Trish: Cool... well I guess I’ll see you on Monday night, Drew.

Drew: See ya...

Trish then handed me an envelope which contained my prize. She turned around
and walked out of the station strutting her stuff. I watched her perfect ass
as she turned the corner and went out of sight. I was so glad that I got to
meet my favorite diva and I was floating on air as I went back to my office.
Monday came and as soon as I got off of work I went to my hotel. I threw on
my Chris Jericho shirt and some blue jeans. I styled my hair, sprayed on
some Axe, and brushed my teeth and was soon in a taxi heading to the arena.

I arrived in and showed my VIP pass to one of the WWE workers and they
excorted me ring side. I took my seat as Heat began. Raw finally started and
the crowd was electric. Trish had a match and as she came to the ring she
spotted me and gave me a wink. She ended up winning her match which was the
2nd to last one of the night. The main event went by rather quickly and then
I headed backstage. I met numerous superstars backstage and got to see some
locker rooms. I had to go to the bathroom and didn’t get clear directions
from one of the guys and went into someone’s locker room. I looked in and
there was Trish. Who was about to take her shirt off.

Me: Oh... I’m sorry.

Trish blushes and puts her shirt back down.

Trish: It’s ok.

Trish who is still sweaty from her match stands up and begins walking towards
me. The light reflects off of her sweat which gives her skin a nice gleaming
cloat. I begin getting an erection and the closer she gets to me the bigger
it gets. She looks down at it and smirks.

Trish: Nice pants...

My face gets red as she stands only a couple feet from me. She looks up at
me with her seductive eyes and grabs me by the back of the head with her
hand. She pulls my face towards her and our mouths open up. Our lips meet
in a passionate kiss. I run my fingers through her hair as we continue our
lip lock. I slowly bring my hand down her back and to her ass. I got a nice
hand full of it as our kiss finished. Trish licks her lips and opens her

Trish: Wow... that kiss was... amazing!

Myself: Damn straight...

Trish: Kinda ironic that we’re in Toronto, my hometown... we should go to my
house and continue this...

Myself: Sounds like a plan.

Trish grabs her bags and we rush to the parking lot and get in her car. We
drive to the suburbs of Toronto and enter a snazzy neighborhood. We arrive
at a fairly large house and we jog up to the doorstep. Trish hurridley jams
the key in the slot and unlocks the door. We walk in and shut the door.
Trish drops all of the stuff in her hands and we begin making out. She
begins slowly pushing me backwards and then onto a couch where I fall onto
my back. I slide back so I can spread out more. Trish then comes and jumps
on me and begins kissing my neck.

Myself: Oh Trish...

Trish stops kissing my neck momentarily and pulls my Jericho shirt off
revealing a decent physique. She takes her hands and begins rubbing my
chest and abs while moaning. She brought her hands up onto my face and
begin stroaking my hair. She leaned down on to my chest with her face
right by mine. I lips once again entwined in a kiss. I then pushed her
away slightly and she looked at me with a surprised look.

Trish: What’s wrong?

Myself: Well you got to take off some of my clothes so it’d only be fair if
I got to take some of yours off...

Trish nodded her head and gave a devilish smile. She stood up and turned her
back towards me. She began unbuttoning her pants and unzipping them. She
began pulling them down but I stopped her and took the liberties myself. I
pulled them up again and pulled them down revealing a black thong which
displayed her large ass so very well. She kicked her pants off and bent over
for me. I then gave her ass a nice hard slap.

Trish: Ohhh...

I pulled off my pants quickly and threw them to the side. I took off my
boxers also and my erect penis came out. I then ripped off Trish’s shirt
and turned her around revealing her beautiful breasts in a black lace bra.
I gently shoved her onto the couch and put my naked self on top of her. I
rubbed my body up and down hers getting very aroused and while my leg
grazed over Trish’s thong I felt a wet spot and new she came. I couldn’t
let myself be out done so I stood up on my knees and shot my load onto her

Trish: Oh boy...

Trish sat up on the couch also and removed her bra revealing her beautiful
breasts. She licked the cum off of her own breasts and the stuff she couldn’t
get she rubbed on her body. I crawled up to Trish and grabbed her thong and
pulled it down her legs and threw it to the side. I looked at her cleanly
shaved pussy and couldn’t wait to stick my dick in her. We wrapped our legs
around one another and began humping one another. We both came
simulataneously and our juices made our sex even slippier.

Myself: Oh god Trish this is the best I’ve ever had!

Trish: It isn’t finished yet. Take me to the bed room.

I did as she did. I picked her nude body up and got a handful of her ass. As
I carried her up the stairs we made out. We reached the top and I kicked open
the door which was her bed room. I set her down on the bed and she covered
her self under the covers. She took her arm out from under it and with her
index finger told me to come to her. I got on the bed next to her and gently
put her face towards me and I began jamming my tongue down her throat. I got
on top of Trish and begin driving my dick into her pussy.

Trish: Ohhhhh myyyyy godddddddd...

After it being hard to get in at first after a few thrusts I get it all in.
I continued to drive my penis into her vagina and she loved every minute of
it. I continued to drive it in harder and as I did she began to spank me.
With every thrust the spanks got harder and harder. Trish ran her hands up
and down my body while moaning in pleasure. I put my face right by Trish’s

Myself: Trish I am about to cum.

Trish: Go ahead. Just squirt it all in my pussy!

I did as Trish said and let it all out in her pussy and my cock felt relieved
as I pulled it out. It came out all wet with Trish’s cum all over it. Trish
pushed me over onto my back. She threw the covers off and began licking
around my neck, then to my chest, to the abs, and finally to my cock. She
stuck it in her mouth and began sucking on it giving an amazing blowjob.

Myself: Oh man it Trish. Just keep sucking it.

I took Trish by the head and helped her along in the process not that she
needed it. She kept her eyes closed as I took in every moment of this in.
Trish was putting me in heaven as she continued to give me such amazing
oral. Trish stopped and directed me to stand up. I got out of bed and my
penis was covered in her saliva.

Myself: What’s going on now?

Trish gave me a grin.

Trish: You’ll see...

Trish got on her knees right in front of my penis. She then grabbed my rock
hard cock and put it in her mouth once again. She began going back and forth
on my cock and it just felt so good. Trish took her hand and grabbed both of
my ass cheeks while continuing to go at my dick. I was ready to cum again
and told Trish this but she continues sucking my dick. I shrug and let my
load out in her mouth. She tried to swallow all of it but there was to much.
A few drips of my cum drip out of her mouth and she rubs it off with her
finger and then seductively licks it off.

Trish: Mmmmmm that tastes so good... would you like some of mine?

Myself: Of course.

Trish then hopped onto the bed and was on all fours with her bare ass facing
me. She began to crawl to the end of the bed but I stopped her in the middle
of her tracks and stuck my cock in her ass. It was hard to get in her tight
ass hole at first but after a few thrusts my cock easily began going back in
forth in her ass. I could feel her wince in pain with each thrust but could
tell she enjoyed it. I wrapped my left arm around her waist for support but
with my free hand ran my right hand up and down her thigh.

Trish: Ohhhh... keep fucking my ass Drew!

I thrust in harder on Trish’s ass as she had wanted and she moaned with a mix
of pain and pleasure. I take my right hand and bring it up towards her pussy.
I touch the rim of it with my finger tips and soon afterwards a mass of
Trish’s cum poured onto my hand. I keep a small puddle of it in my hand and
bring it up to her breasts. I rub it on her nipple which quickly gets hard.
I bring my hand back to her pussy and with my index and middle fingers stick
it in there fingering her.

Myself: Do you like that Trish?

Trish: Oh boy I love it!

I continue fingering her with my dick still in her ass. I must have hit a
sweet spot as she came again and I did at the same time in her ass. I pulled
my cock out of her ass and she fell onto her stomach and I fell onto my back
with both of us breathing heavily. After a few moments of catching our breath
we did what we were going to do before I drilled her ass. Trish went up to
the head of the bed and sat up with legs spread out.

Trish: Now you can eat my pussy because I know you’re starving!

I went up to Trish and began licking her neck and went down to her breasts
where I suckled on her hard nipples. Trish put her hands on top of my head
and pushed me down farther. My lips went down her stomach, to her waistline,
and then to her pussy. My tongue went around the rim of her pussy and Trish
moaned in pleasure. I then began sticking my tongue in her vagina and was
licking it in and out and after a minute of this Trish came right into my
mouth. I chugged it down and looked at Trish wondering how to continue our

Myself: How about you get in a dominatrix outfit and I see how bad you are?

Trish: That sounds good but I’ve got something that is even better. Just stay

I sit in the bed naked pondering what Trish is coming up with. I lie there
a few minutes waiting for her to come back. In a few moments she opens the
door revealing herself wearing a whip cream bikini. I knew what she wanted
and went over to her. I helped the process some by taking off some of the
whip cream of the bottom half with my cock. I licked the ‘top’ off first.
Her smooth, tan skin mixed with the whip cream tasted so good.

Myself: Mmmm...

I got the majority of the top off and began working on the bottom. I got the
area around her pussy first and worked my way to her beautiful round ass. I
gave it slow, long licks and it was so good. I also got most of it off her
bottom part but there was a problem. I had some on my cock. Trish took care
of this though as she sucked it all off and it felt so good and I came in her
mouth again and she took it down.

Trish: We’re both kinda sticky… how about we clean our selves in the shower?

Myself: I’d love it!

Trish grabbed me by the hand and lead me out the door and down the hallway
and we entered a large bathroom. Trish went over to the shower and opened the
door. She leaned over a little and turned the faucet to a steamy temperature.
She put her hand in the water to test the temperature which was fine. She
then entered the shower as I stood there watching. She leaned on the glass
door and her breasts pressed onto the door. She stuck her head out a little.

Trish: Come on it, the water is great.

I took a few paces and stepped inside. The hot water hit my body and burned
for a little bit but I got used to it. Trish’s hair was all wet already and
she just looked so good. I pushed her against the tile wall and embraced in
a long, steamy kiss. Our bodies were right on each other and my penis was
all over her stomach. I grabbed her by the lower back and rubbed her into
my cock getting it harder. Our kiss stopped and I noticed Trish was still
rather sticky with cum. We flipped spots and now my back was on the tile
wall. I then turned Trish around with her backside facing me letting the
water splash down on her front side.

Trish: Help me get this off, Drew.

I came up behind Trish and rubbed my dick on her ass. I kept moving it around
on her sweet, sexy booty. I then targeted my cock and drove it into her ass
hole. With my hands I began rubbing her breasts taking the layer of cum off
of it. All the cum was washed off and I removed my penis from her ass. We
then went to the bedroom and laid in the covers feeling one another as we
fell asleep.

We woke up the next morning and I told her all about my dreams of becoming a
pro wrestler and said she would try and get me signed by the WWE...

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