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Drew In WWE Part 2: OVW
by Drew D

Trish had worked a deal out with Vince McMahon where I would get a
devolpmental deal with WWE. I was estatic! My life long dream of becoming a
WWE superstar could finally come true! I quit my job and joined up with OVW.
Jim Cornette showed my all the ropes about it and I began my rigorous work
out schedule. I'd learn the basics of wrestling in the morning and I had to
do some weightlifting after lunch. I then had to take an acting class for
about 2 hours to help get my charisma and stuff up. After about 2 months the
trainers decided I was ready to make my OVW debut.

Jim: Ok, Drew. You will accompany Nova to the ring since he is going to take
you under his wing so to speak. He'll get the win and you'll get in the ring
and congratulate him and nail him and then connect with your finisher.

Myself: Sounds good.

The TV tapings begin and run smoothly. The main event comes and Nova faces
off against Johnny Jeter. It's a hard fought match but Nova connects with the
Spin Doctor and wins the match. You come in the ring and raise his hand as
the crowd cheers wildly. You then pull him into a kick to the gut and then
hook his arms and connect with the Tiger Bomb. You get up and the crowd jeers
you unmercifully. You take it all in and the show ends and you head

Jim: Excellent work! Lets hope this leads to something big!

The next week get ready for your match debut. You will be teaming with Johnny
Jeter against Nova and Paul London.

Jim: Your going to try and stay away from Nova the whole time, but eventually
you'll end up in the ring the same time as him and he'll beat you up for a
little bit, but then you'll get a low blow and Jeter will take out London as
you hit the Tiger Bomb for the win.

Myself: Good.

I go to my locker room to prepare for the show which starts in 30 minutes. I
open the door and sitting there is the person that got me the contract into
OVW, Trish Stratus.

Myself: Hey Trish, what's up?

Trish: Nothing much. Heard your making your wrestling debut tonight.

Myself: Yep. Thank you so much for getting me this job! I love it so much!

Trish: I love this business too but there's something I love more then that.

Myself: What's that?

Trish: You.

Trish then pins me against the wall and we begin making out. She begins to
take off my pants but I stop her.

Myself: The show starts in 25 minutes. I don't think that'd it be a good idea
to do this now.

Trish gives me a cold look but then shrugs and sighs.

Trish: I guess I'll just wait for it later tonight...

We sit and chat for a while and the show begins. A do a interview segment
saying I don't need anyone in this business and attacked Nova to prove it.
A few segments later it's time for my match. My theme 'Mr. Amsterdam' by
Sum 41 hits and I come out to jeers from the crowd. Jeter comes down and
our opponents show up together. Jeter and London start off the match and I
get in quickly and we dominate him for a while. London hits a dropkick on
me that sends me to the mat. Nova gets the tag in and rushes into the ring.
I see him in and quickly tag out and stay away from Nova. I tag in occasionly
whenever Jeter dominates him and go out whenever Nova shows signs of offense.
Nova gets a tag to London again and I come in. Paul gets me down in his
corner and tags in Nova. He begins laying the boots to me to a delighted
crowd. Nova dominates for a few minutes but I connect with a low blow. Jeter
goes over and attacks London on the outside. I deliver the Tiger Bomb and
pins Nova much to the dislike of the crowd. The show ends and we all head
backstage myself to the locker room. Where I find a note that reads...

I had to leave for some important matters.

Hope to see you soon,

I sighed in dissapointment as Trish wouldn't be there tonight but I decide
to go out and have some fun. I go clubbing a dance with a few girls and meet
an especially nice one named Mallory. She is brunette with blue eyes and a
banging body. She is wearing a sparkly tank top and a black mini-skirt. We
talk for a while and head to a private room. We open the door and it's a
pillow filled room and we lock the door behind us. I gently pushed her to
the pillow covered floor and fell down beside her. I ran my hands through
her shoulder-blade length hair. Her glossy lips are so appealing and I lean
in and kiss her. She got me hard so quick and I let her know this by putting
my groin area on her body.

Mallory: I can tell you're excited…

She begins unbuttoning my shirt and gets it off all the way and meets my
defined body which got that way from all my training. Mallory pulls off her
tank top and tosses it to the side. With the tank top off a red lace bra is
in place of it. It held her C Cup breasts perfectly. Mallory then unlaced my
shoes and threw them to the side and crawls up my body and unzips my pants
and pulls them down my legs. My penis is making a tent in my boxers and after
taking the pants off also she removes my boxers whipping out my erect penis.

Mallory: Nice...

Mallory then stuck it in her mouth and began sucking the tip of it. She then
went down further and further and soon had the whole thing in her mouth. She
began swirling her tongue around it getting it nice and wet. With her hands
she began massasing my balls getting me so aroused it wasn't even funny. With
the mixture of the sucking and massasing I knew I was going to cum soon.

Myself: Mallory I'm going to cum very shortly.

Mallory quickly got off my penis and unsnapped her bra and pulled it off
revealing her gorgeous tits. She then kneeled up and as if her chest was a
target I unloaded my cum onto her bare chest. She went to my cock and began
pumping it getting any excess cum out of it. She then stood up and began
walking towards the door.

Myself: Where are you going?!

Mallory: No where. I'm getting a little uncomfortable with my panties begin
so wet so I figured I'd take them off.

Mallory then grabed her skirt and pulled it down her long smooth legs
revealing a red thong. She took that off also and bent over in front of me.
I took the opportunity and shoved my dick into her asshole. It was hard to
get in at first but after a couple pumps it began to slide in and out of it
easily. I got her up the ass for a good 6 minutes before I blew my load in
her as she moaned in pure pleasure. She turned around to me in a devilish

Mallory: You've put your dick in 2 places why not bat 1000 and hit number 3?

I shrugged and put her on the ground and inserted my cock into her pussy. She
wrapped her legs around me and we held onto one another. Our entangled bodies
was so great especially with my dick in her pussy. I continued bringing it in
and out of her until I was about to cum once again. I went over to her ear
and told her I was about to.

Mallory: Go ahead but you should know it's about that time of month.

My eyes widened and I quickly pulled my dick out of her pussy and my cum shot
out onto her stomach. I looked at her with a surprised look.

Myself: Why didn't you tell me this earlier?

Mallory: You didn't ask… but did you like it?

Myself: Hell yes I liked it, until that news...

She smiled and we got dressed. We shared a deep kiss before exiting the room.
She gave me her number and we parted ways. I went to my apartment shortly
afterwards and fell asleep exhausted from both the match and sex.

Morning came and I reported to OVW. Nova was to be called up soon so at the
next big show for OVW I would face him in a 'Loser leaves OVW Match'. The
weeks went by fast and our match went off perfectly with me getting the
victory and remaining undefeated in OVW. OVW continued going perfect for me
as was my ring record. After about 7 months I was 30-0 and had just gained a
#1 Contendership for the OVW Championship. The fans had began to get behind
me and I became a top face. I dueled with one time ally Johnny Jeter and his
goons for a while before having my title match against Jeter. It was going to
be a Triple Cage, Barbed-Wire, rope match.

Jim: Your streak will continue and you will be crowned OVW Champion tonight.

Myself: Sweetness!

Jeter and myself discussed the match before the big show. We had everything
planned out perfectly. The main event came and they tied barbed wire around
the ropes and lowered the Triple Cage. It was a Bloodbath to say the least.
Both battered and bloody we climbed to the top cage. We stood up top eyeing
one another up. He charged at me and I sidestepped him and he went crashing
through the lower two cages to the mat. I reached up and grabbed the title
and the crowd went nuts!

I went backstage and everyone congratulated me. I went to the medics and they
stitched me up. I took a shower and got dressed. I grabbed my bags and exited
my locker room and when I opened the door there stood Stephanie McMahon...

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