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Drew In WWE: Called up to the Big Yard
by Drew D

When we last left Drew had just captured the OVW Championship in a Triple
Cage, Barbed Wire match against Johnny Jeter. He got bandadge up and was
about to leave and when he opened his locker room door there was Stephanie

Drew not noticing her bumped into her and accidently touched her breasts
which were covered in a black shirt that went over the shoulder and showed
lots of cleavage. To go with it she had a jean skirt that went above

Myself: Ooops... I'm sorry Mrs. McMahon.

Stephanie: Just call me Stephanie. Anyway I saw your match tonight and it was

Myself: Thank you Mrs. McM- I mean Stephanie.

Stephanie: And after telling my father about your excellent performance we
have decided to call you up to the Active WWE Roster.

Myself: Really?! That is so awesome!

Without thinking he hugged Stephanie but after a few seconds of realizing
what he was doing he stopped.

Myself: I'm sorry I just let my emotions just get the best of me...

Stephanie: It's ok. I kinda liked it and I know you did.

Steph looked down at my pants as did I and I had a bulge in my pants and my
face got red.

Myself: Err... I Uh...

Stephanie took her index finger and placed it on my lips telling me to stop
talking. She then grabbed the handle of the door and turned it opening the
door and she slowly pushed me into the locker room. She shut the door and
locked it behind her and turned on the lights. She looked around the locker
room with a disgusted look.

Stephanie: We really give you guys crappy locker rooms...

Myself: You get used to it after a while.

Stephanie shrugged and began walking towards me. With every step she got
closer I got harder. She finally came with in a foot of me and I looked
into her beautiful green eyes and it was almost as if she put me in a
trance because the next moment our lips were entangled in a kiss. Our lips
moved in synchronized motion in what was one of the best kisses in my life
time. We opened our eyes at about the same time and pulled away. We both
grinned and I knew I was going to get some.

Myself: I always hoped that I'd have sex with you Steph, but the OVW locker
room wasn't part of it...

Stephanie looked at me and smiled.

Stephanie: We don't have to do it here… how about the backseat of my limo?

Myself: That seems 10 times better then this place.

I followed Steph out of my locker room. And stared at her marvelous ass
fitted by the jean skirt. I gave it a few grabs and smacks on the way to
the limo which she didn't mind at all. We arrived at the limo and being
the gentlemen I was I opened the door for her and she entered the limo.
I entered a few seconds later and found that she had already removed her
shirt off and had her ass in front of me as she was taking the skirt off.
I went in helped Steph and pulled the skirt down revealing a nice blue
thong which had a matching blue bra.

Myself: Wow Steph you look amazing...

Stephanie: Why thank you, Drew. I bet I'll be saying the same in a few...

I took off my shirt revealing my bruised body and Steph ran her fingers over
my wounds.

Myself: Luckily my cock wasn't harmed any and it's fully operational.

Steph smiled at my comment and unbuttoned my pants. She was going to unzip
my pants but my cock did it for me as it got fully erect. The zip just went
down as my penis stood up in my cotton boxers. Stephanie grabbed my pants
from the waist part and finished removing them. Steph then grabbed my boxers
and also removed them letting my penis no longer be constricted by the
boxers. Stephanie threw the boxers aside and came to my cock. With her finger
tips she then moves her hand up and down on my hard cock giving it a tingly
feeling. Stephanie then grabs the bottom of my penis and begins to pump it.

Myself: Ohhhh... hell yeah…. Keep on pumping Stephanie...

After a few moments of this she sticks her moist tongue and inches closer
and closer to the tip of my dick. She makes contact and then begins swirling
her tongue around the tip of it giving me the greatest feeling in the world.
Steph moves her face lower and then licks the bottom of my dick. She then
gives my cock a long lick from the bottom to the top. She then takes my penis
in her mouth and begins moving back and forth on it with her tongue swirling
all around it getting me so aroused...

Myself: Fuck... Steph... I think I'm gonna cum!

Stephanie opened her eyes and looked up at me and closed them and continued
sucking my dick. I shrugged and soon after my prediction came true and I
began cumming into Stephanie's mouth. Even though it was a rather large
amount of cum she swallowed it all down.

Stephanie: I want more!

Myself: Well your gonna have to give me another awesome blow job if you want

Stephanie went back to my cock and began sucking it once again. I ran my hair
through her silk like brown hair. I moved my hand from her hair to her back
and unhooked her bra. Her breasts appreciated this as they flopped out of her
bra and colidded with my knees. The jiggling of her boobs combined with her
sucking my dick felt so good. In a matter of no time I was ready to cum and
gave Steph no warning this time. It must of came as a sort of surprise as
she was unable to guzzle it all down this time and some dribbled out of her
mouth. She took care of it with her hand and then licked it off of her

Stephanie: Mmmm... that tasted so good...

Stephanie now began to move up my body. Her breasts grazed my legs and hit my
penis and I stopped Steph there and pushed her on her back and just stared at
her incredible breasts. I took them in my hands and felt her hard nipples. I
squeezed her breasts and it felt so good. After a few moments of squeezing
them more I buried my face into her huge boobs. I grabbed her by the waist as
I moved my hard penis along her legs shooting out small spurts of cum as my
face enjoyed the warmth of Steph's breasts. After a couple minutes of this I
stopped and moved above her chest and begin licking my way towards her lips.
My tongue licked on her neck as Stephanie moaned in pleasure.

Stephanie: Oh Drew that is so great...

I reached Stephanie's face and gave it long licks with my tongue and reached
her lips. Our lips entangled in a sweet kiss as my penis made contact with
Steph's wet thong. I took care of it as I reached down and ripped the thong.
With my other hand I removed it and my penis felt a moist, trimmed pussy. I
was about to insert my dick in but remembered what almost happened with

Myself: It's not that time of month is it?

Stephanie: No... why?

Myself: No reason really.

I then directed my dick into Steph's wet pussy. It slid in with ease and I
moved it in and out in pure bliss. Steph grabbed me by the head as she needed
something to grasp as she expieranced an orgasam which led to a rush of her
pussy juice right to my dick. It felt so good and I matched her by letting my
load go in her. She moaned in enjoyment as she brought me in for a kiss. Our
tongues twirled in one anothers mouth. Stephanie began getting tired but I
still wanted more but decided to stop. We got dressed and shared a short chat
as the limo drove to my vehicle.

Stephanie: You have a lot of stamina that's good.

Myself: Thanks.

Stephanie: I think we should place you on the SmackDown brand that way we
could have more of these mettings.

I thought about Trish for a moment but realized that I could make it big on
SmackDown with Stephanie.

Myself: Sounds good.

Stephanie: We'll get you on a few Velocitys and then bring you up to the big

Myself: Well there is my car I guess I'll see you soon.

I pulled the door open and was about to exit before Steph pulled me in for
one more kiss. It was great as before and I wanted to have sex with her again
right there but thought better of it. I exited the vehicle and drove to my
apartment. I entered and began packing my tings knowing well I'd be on the
road much more often now...

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