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Drew In The WWE: Part 4 - Layin' the SmackDown!
by Drew D

I arrived in St. Louis the site of the next SmackDown! Tapings about 8 hours
before the show was to begin. I began to mingle with everyone and go to know
a lot of people. Soon some random worker told me Vince McMahon wanted to see
me. I got nervous and followed the guy to a room where Vince was.

Worker: Drew is here Mr. McMahon.

Vince looked up and told the worker to skidaddle.

Vince: Hello Drew.

Myself: Hi Mr. McMahon

Vince: Just call me Vince

Myself: Ok Vince

Vince: I brought you in here to discuss your character and other
miscellaneous info.

Myself: Ok.

Vince: For now we are going to have you be a face seeing as this is your
hometown right?

Myself: Sure is, born and raised her in St. Louis.

Vince: Ok. Weíre booking you in a match against Johnny Stamboli for Velocity
tonight. Youíll lose but what rookie doesnít in there first match?

I shrugged kind of disappointed but didnít care I was finally in WWE.

Vince: In OVW they said you could put on a good match with anyone and seeing
how Stambolli isnít the best wrestler I wanna see if thatís true.

Myself: Ok sir.

I left his room and went to the cafeteria and got a bite to eat. I got some
food and sat down and began to eat. As I was about half way through my meal
Nidia came down and we began talking. She was obviously flirting with me but
I wasnít really interested. I didnít really say anything but kind of said
goodbye a little harsh and she took it the wrong way but I wasnít really
bothered. I began to talk to some of the midcard wrestlers and then planned
out the match with Johnny Stamboli. After a while I decided to go around
backstage and I bumped into Stephanie who was ready for the show about 3
hours in advance. She was wearing a leather skirt and a black t-shirt which
showed off a lot of cleavage which I didnít mind.

Stephanie: Hey Drew.

Myself: Hey St-

Before I knew it Stephanie took me by the shirt and shoved me into a empty
room. She then began kissing me without notice but after I got over the shock
and returned it. We quickly removed each otherís clothes and went over to a
couch. We continued to make out as our legs entwined in each others. I
stopped kissing her lips and instead went to her breasts. I sucked on them as
her nipples got hard. Stephanie ran her hands up and down my back as I got my
dick got hard from me sucking her breasts. In no time I was ready to cum and
let it out all over her smooth legs. We continued to do it for about 30 more
minutes but soon got cleaned up and got ready for the show.

Stephanie: I wonít be able to do anything tonight since Iíve got a lot of
business to take care of but Iíll make it up, I promise.

Myself: Ok.

I paced nervously backstage and Velocity started. My match would be second
for it. Finally it was my time and I headed out to ĎSt. Louieí by Nelly which
got me over quickly with the home town crowd. I went for the DKO but it was
countered and Stambolli connected with a powerbomb for the victory. Stambolli
left the ring and I did shortly after to a standing ovation for a great
match. I went backstaged and was mugged by fellow wrestlers. I smiled and
tried to be humble but then Vince came up and said that I had a long future
in the WWE. SmackDown went off good and afterwards a lot of the roster was
going to a club and I tagged along. Nidia got me a drink and I didnít think
twice about it. I began dancing and having fun but I soon became woozy and
Nidia came up to me.

Nidia: Are you ok Drew?

Myself: Iím feeling a little woozy but Iíll be okÖ.

I nearly collapsed but she caught me

Nidia: Iím taking you to the hotel right now!

I must have blacked out because the next thing I knew I was handcuffed to the
hotel bed in just my boxer shorts. I looked around with and say a clock which
read 12:10. I then tried to shake the cuffs off but to no avail. I looked
around again and this time I saw Nidia in a pink bath robe and I immediately
began questioning her.

Myself: Huh? Whatís going on here?

She began taking a few paces towards me while twirling the sash of the robe.

Nidia: As you probably know Drew Iím attracted to you and I didnít take
kindly to the way you treated me at lunch. I wanted you and what I want I

Myself: What?

Nidia: Got looks but no brains I seeÖ. I put some drugs in your drink to get
you to black out and then Iíd take you to the hotel and have my way with you.

My eyes widened as I looked at her as if she was some sort of psycho. She
untied the sash and her robe came undone. She then removed it fully and she
stood there naked. Although I thought she was crazy she was pretty sexy and
my penis responded to it. Nidia took note of this and smirked.

Nidia: Like what you see?

I swallowed deeply and didnít reply. Nidia crawled onto the bed and began
crawling up the bed but stopped at my midsection. She grabbed my boxers and
pulled them off and my dick flopped out of it. She grabbed it and began
squeezing it giving me pleasure but I tried to show no signs of liking it
but inside I did. She grabbed the bottom of my dick and opened her mouth as
if about to give me a blow job. She brought her face down towards it and
was about to put it in her mouth but instead she tickled it with her moist
tongue. It got me excited quickly and Nidia knew I was beginning to like it.
Nidia vacated my penis and began moving up my body. Her smooth body grazed
my dick as she slid up my body getting it even harder. She arrived at her
final destination which was my face. She slid her hands up my body and
brought them to my face. She grabbed me by the sides of the head and then
kissed me. As much as I tried to resist I couldnít. I soon fell under her
spell as her tongue moved all around in my mouth and then she broke the kiss.

Nidia: Did you like that?

I just looked at her as I slowly licked her saliva off of my lips.

Nidia: Still being a quiet one I see...

Nidia scooted up a little more with her breasts in my face she then leaned
down and squished them in my face. She moved her body all around with her
breasts massasing my face. My penis was hard as a rock and I knew I wouldnít
be able to hold it much longer. She kept sliding her legs down my penis area
and before I knew it I was cumming. It was a massive load as it squirted up
her legs for the longest time and she closed her eyes in enjoyment. She then
moved down again with us making eye contact.

Nidia: I knew it was just a matter of time.

Nidia rubbed her cum soaken leg against mine getting it sticky. Nidia grabbed
my dick with her hand and began jacking it off. I closed my eyes and took it
all in.

Nidia: Thatís the way. You just enjoy itÖ

Once my dick was hard again she directed it towards her pussy. She put the
tip of my dick in and it felt great against her moist pussy walls. With a
small thrust from me my dick inserted fully into her pussy. It felt so good
as Nidia moved her body up and down and got me ready to cum once again.
Nidia rubbed her hands all over my body getting me more aroused. She began
licking my neck while continuing to move up and down. In no time I blew
another load right into her pussy. It wasnít as big as the first load but
it was a lot as some trickled out of her pussy.

Myself: Oh god that felt so good!

Nidia: He speaks!

I smirked as she reached over to the night stand and grabbed the key. She
uncuffed me and I got up to leave.

Nidia: Where do you think your going?

Myself: Out of here.

Nidia: I donít think soÖ

I gave her a puzzled look and went to open the door but it gave me a jolt of
electricity. She had rigged the door so itíd be impossible for me to get out.
She gave me a devilish smile as I looked on in shock.

Nidia: Now if you want to get out, youíll have to do as I say, got it?

I slowly nodded my head and walked over to the bed.

Nidia: Lay down on the bed.

I did as I was told and Nidia once again got on top of me.

Nidia: Now Iím going to kiss you and youíll return got it?

I once again nodded my head and she leaned down to kiss me. Her lips met mine
and she moved herís around mine and after a poke I returned it by sucking on
her top lip and kind of nibbling on it. Her moist bottom lip carresed right
below my lips. I put my left hand in her frizzy hair and pressed her head in
to deepen the kiss. With my right hand and ran my finger tips up and down her
back. I felt a wet spot on my abs and knew Nidia had came and she soon broke
the kiss from being exhausted from her orgasam. She rested her head on my
shoulder and as my hand continued to go up and down her back. After about 4
minutes of that she had regained her energy and gave me my next order. She
got up on all fours and spat it out.

Nidia: Now you will fuck me up the ass.

I got up and kneeled behind Nidia. I grabbed her ass cheeks and spread them
open. I then moved my cock into her ass. I kept her cheeks spread until I got
the majority of my dick in her ass hole. Her cheeks went back in place and
engulfed my penis so it was unseen.

Nidia: Where is the fucking? All I feel is a dick in my ass but no movement.

I then grabbed her by the waist and began pumping my dick in her tight ass
hole. Nidia moaned in pleasure as she continued getting it up the ass for a
good 6 or 7 minutes. I took my dick out of her ass and she fell onto her back
in exhaustion. I did the same with my mouth falling right next to her pussy.
After lying there for a few seconds licking my lips at the opportunity Nidia
finally gave the order.

Nidia: Eat out my pussy!

I immediately pounced on the order and licked the rim of her pussy with my
tongue and almost like a whirl pool swirled my tongue deeper and deeper into
her pussy. I must have hit the jackpot as a swarm of her juices rushed out of
her pussy and into my mouth although unexpected I was able to chug all of it.
As she did earlier I began crawling up her body. I noticed the clock and it
read 2:15. I had been fucking a girl who as of about 15 hours earlier I had
no intrest in for 2 hours but I didnít want to stop. We got under the covers
and embraced one another. Our sweaty foreheads met and we chatted.

Myself: NidiaÖ after getting past the psycho part youíre a pretty good

Nidia: I loved it and knew I would because when I saw you for the first time
today I knew you would be awesome in bed.

I titled her chin up and we embraced in a slow lip lock and then broke it.

Myself: Oh god... I need more sex from you.

Nidia: Sounds great.

We pulled the covers over ourselves and I inserted my dick in her pussy and
pumped her so hard. It was all a jumbled blur of pleasure, some pain, and
wetness from saliva and cum. We stopped and were panting and as our eyes
caught one another we smirked and then embraced in a kiss once again. We
rolled around on the bed and off it to. I landed on top of Nidia as I kissed
her neck on hotel room floor. We rubbed one anothers bodies up and continued
making out for the longest time. After about 10 minutes of that we got off
the cum stained floor and she went in the bathroom and told me to wait. She
left the door open a little and I heared the water filling the tub. After a
few minutes she called for me.

Nidia: Oh Drew! Come here.

I got up and opened the bathroom door more and saw Nidia in a bubble bath
with only her head showing. I climbed into the steamy water with her and
wrapped my arms around her waist as we chatted. The chat was constantly
interrupted by each of us giving one another a kiss. Our legs grazed one
anothers in the tub and I rubbed her thighs and slowly moved down to her
pussy where I then used my index and middle fingers to finger her. She
began moaning but I stopped them with kisses. After a few more moments of
fingering I stopped and we just made out in the steamy, bubbly water. We
just lied there for a few moments and I soon noticed Nidia had fallen
asleep. I picked her up out of the water and set her on the bed and tucked
her in. I got in bed next to her and before I fell asleep the clock read
3:10... 3 hours of fucking...

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