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Drew In The WWE Part 5: Out Of Velocity

When we last heard from Drew he had fucked Nidia for 3 hours although about
1/3 of it was involuntary. the two kept it under wraps and knew if either
one of them would need some loving the other would be there. Drew never got
booked in any house shows yet seeing as how he wasn't built up enough yet.

The next weeks taping came and I was on Velocity again. This time I teamed
up with Spanky to duel with the FBI's Stambolli and Palumbo. Us two
Cruiserweights were scheduled to get the win and I was excited. Spanky would
get the Sliced Bread #2 on Palumbo and I'd keep Stambolli at bay. I came out
with Spanky and the match went on smoothly and the ending went just as
planned. I was congratulated again backstage and watched the show from
backstage with my fellow comrades. After the show ended I decided to pay
Stephanie a visit. I entered her locker room and she was waiting for me. Or
at least I thought she was in a black bath robe.

Drew: Hey Steph what's up?

Stephanie who had her back turned to me got up startled.

Stephanie: Drew! What are you doing here?

Drew: Trying to talk to my lady. why are you so startled?

Stephanie: Well you see I'm not just your lady.

Drew: What?

Just then the bathroom door opened and John Cena came into the room.

John: You ready St- Whoa! I don't do 3 Ways with dudes Steph!

Steph: You see Drew you weren't the only person who was getting some. So was

John: It was damn good too.

I sort of chuckled and nodded.

John: I'm sure we could share her. I doubt she'd mind.

Drew: Nah. that's ok. I guess I'll see you guys later.

Steph: If you ever need some you know where I am.

Drew: Ok.

I then exited the room shocked at what I had saw but soon shrugged it off. A
night out would be good. I went to one of the nearby clubs where a lot of the
other wrestlers were going. I crossed paths with Nidia a few times and we
smiled at each other knowing each others secret. I soon found myself bored
and decided to leave. The next week came and went and it was time for another
edition of SmackDown.

Vince: Drew you'll be making you SmackDown! debut tonight!

Drew: Awesome! Who am I going to be facing?

Vince: You will be teaming with Spanky and facing the World's Greatest Tag
Team and Los Guerreros in a #1 Contender's match.

Drew: Cool. so who's gonna win.

Vince: You and Spanky.

Drew: Really?

Vince: No. Los Guerreros will be winning the match and then feud with the
Basham's for the tag titles.

Drew: Ok.

The ending was worked out to have Eddie pin Shelton while Spanky and I are
knocked out on the outside and Chavo holds back Charlie. The match ran
smoothly until Spanky went for a hip toss and Eddie thought he was going for
a different move. to cut things short Eddie got injured badly and he quickly
tagged out to Chavo and it began to get chaotic. After a few moments things
got under control and the ring managers informed the ref that Spanky and I
were to win now with Chavo and Eddie taking Spank and my spots. Spanky
decided to let me get the win. Spanky through Chavo out of the ring as I hit
the DKO on Shelton and Spanky held Charlie back as I got the 3 count. Spanky
and I headed to the back. We worried about Eddie and it turns out he got a
dislocated shouler.

I watched the rest of the show backstage and then headed to the showers. I
took a long shower and soon everyone had gone out. Or at least I thought
everyone. I walked out of the shower with just the towel on my head drying
my hair. I was then startled to hear a voice.

???: Jeez. that's big.

I took the towel from my head to my waist and covered up my body. I looked up
and saw the Playboy Cover girl, Torrie Wilson. She stood there with a glossy
smile on her face. She was wearing a green zipper like top and a matching
green shorts(The outfit she wore on the Playboy party thing on SmackDown!).

Drew: I didn't think anyone was still here.

Torrie: Either did I but I heard someone in here so I thought we could go to
the club where everyone was going together.

Drew: Ok. I'll get dressed so we can head out.

Torrie: Oh. I don't want to go to a club now.

Drew: Err. whad'ya want to do then?

Torrie: Well after seeing your penis. you.

Torrie walked up to me and un-did the towel and let if fall to the ground.
She then put her hands on my shoulder and began moving down and soon she was
on her knees with her hands on my ass. She gave it a squeeze and then moved
them to my front side. With her finger tips she gently stoked my dick and
with each touch it got a little harder until it finally reached it's boiling
point and couldn't get any harder. Torrie then opened her mouth and licked
her lips and moved forward. She just went in on the head of my dick and
massaged it with her tongue. I tilted my head back and closed my eyes as
Torrie continued pleasuring me.

Drew: God damn this feels so good!

Torrie soon began putting my cock deeper into her mouth secreting more saliva
on it and twirling her tongue on it. I looked down at her and moved her light
blonde hair out of her face as she kept going farther on my dick until she
couldn't take it anymore. She got a good distance on it and soon began moving
back and forth on my dick as I ran my fingers through her soft, silky hair.
With the combination of her sucking my cock and her beauty I was ready to

Drew: Oh shit Torrie. I'm about to cum.

Torrie stopped for a moment on my dick and contemplated where she wanted it.
After a moment or two she decided she wanted it in her mouth and went back to
moving back and forth on my dick. As I told her I was about to cum and I did.
She got most of it down in one big gulp but a little of it trickled out of
her mouth and she used her finger to wipe it off her chin. She then stood up
and as she got up she rubbed her body on my penis. She put herself right next
to me and her arms around my neck. She then sucked the cum off her finger and
then pulled my head down towards hers. I closed my eyes and our lips met. She
must have had a flavored lip gloss because her lips tasted really good. After
a few moments we broke the kiss and Torrie licked her lips.

Drew: Mmmm. strawberry?

Torrie: Cherry.

Drew: I couldn't tell but whatever it is I want more.

Torrie: Come and get it.

I picked Torrie up and set her down on a near by couch. I then spread her
legs out and positioned myself on her. We were face to face and she wrapped
her legs around mine. I brushed the hair out of her face and then locked
lips with her again. Torrie ran her fingers through my hair as I did to her.
I began nibbling on her bottom lip and Torrie rubbed my back up and down. I
began moving my dick around in a circular motion getting it aroused. I
continued nibbling on her lip until I felt a pinch on my dick.

Drew: Ouch!

I got up with me kind of sitting on Torrie's thighs.

Torrie: What's wrong?

Drew: I think one of your zippers pinched me.

Torrie: Well I guess we'll have to solve the problem by taking them off.

Drew: I'm all for that!

I remained sitting on her thighs and bent over a little and grabbed the
zipper that was on her top. I then slowly pulled it down and soon I had
unzipped it. I then grabbed the two flaps and pulled them off her breasts
and marveled at them.

Torrie: Like?

I stood in awe as I slowly nodded my head. Torrie then gave me a light slap
on the cheek with a smile on her face.

Torrie: How `bout taking the rest of it off?

Torrie put her head back some so her back was arching up. I pulled the top
off and then Torrie went back to lying normal. I then scooted down on her
some and then grabbed the side zippers for the bottom piece. I then pulled
them down and then they became unattatched. I grabbed the bottom one from
under her and then the top and looked at her mostly clean shaven pussy. It
had small stubs of hair signifying she shaved recently.

Torrie: You said you got pinched right? Well how about putting that nice big
cock of yours in my pussy and see if it makes it feel better?

Drew: Ok!

I put one hand on Torrie's shoulder and with the other held my cock. I
then guided my penis towards her pussy and then inserted it into her. She's
obviously been fucked a lot before and my dick slid in with relative ease
but I still had to pump it into to Torrie a few times. Her wet pussy walls
soothed the area that had been pinched. She gave me a light slap signaling
for more movement. I then began moving my dick in and out of her pussy. She
wrapped her arms around my waist as I did to her. We then began pushing us
closer together. I was ready to cum and licked Torrie's face and put my mouth
to her ear and told her.

Torrie: Just let it out inside me.

I did as she wanted and after a few moments my sperm exited my penis and went
into Torrie's vagina. Torrie arched her back as an orgasam ran through her
body and she passed out with her juices flowing into my dick. I removed my
penis from her pussy and it dripped a little from Torrie's cum. I got dressed
and pulled out a slip of paper and wrote my cell number on it for her to call
if she ever needed it. I then gave a soft peck on the lips of the blonde and
exited on they way to the club.

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