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Drew In WWE Part 6: Post PPV Pleasure
by Drew D

August arrived with the tag belts still around the waists of Spanky and I.
SummerSlam was coming up and we were scheduled to take on the returning Eddie
Guerrero and his partner Chavo Guerrero and also the Basham Brothers. Spanky
and I were gonna drop the belts to Los Guerreros barring another fiasco.

August breezed by and SummerSlam had arrived. A joint PPV with superstars
from both Raw and SmackDown! including the Divas. My match was second on the
card after Victoria defeated Trish to retain her Women’s belt. The match went
off well with Eddie connecting with the frog splash to Danny to take the
belts from us.

I headed backstage and began re-kindling my relationship with Trish.

Drew: Thanks so much for getting me the start in OVW.

Trish: No problem. I'd do it for any guy who could give it to me as good as
you did...

I chuckled as I once again realized how beautiful she was. She was rather
sweaty from her match and it gave her a tough, sexy look that made me happy.

Drew: So are you doing anything tonight?

Trish: Oh you didn't know? I guess not with you being on SmackDown... Orton
and I are an 'item' so to speak... I'm going out with him later tonight...

Drew: Oh I'm sorry...

Trish: It's ok... well it was nice chatting with you once again Drew.

Drew: Yeah same here.

Orton came backstage from his match and Trish got up and greeted him with a
hug. Jealousy rushed through me but I figured I had gotten 4 Divas including
her already I could probably get another...

I began my search backstage for a lady... I passed Dawn Marie, Sable, and
Jazz before running into one of the most popular Raw Divas.

Drew: Hey how you doing?

Stacy: Hi... I'm not quite sure we've met before...

Drew: I'm Drew...

I offered my hand to Stacy and she shook it.

Stacy: Well I guess you know I'm Stacy...

I pulled her hand up and gave it a light kiss that caused the young woman
from Baltimore to blush a little.

Drew: So Stacy would you want to go and grab a bite to eat or something?

Stacy: Sure... I'd like that...

The show ended and Stacy and I headed to Fazoli's (an Italian restaurant
chain). We ordered and it went kind of slow for it being late. Stacy ordered
the typical spaghetti while I got the Chicken Parmesan. Breadsticks come
typical with the meals and Stacy began eating her's as soon as we sat down.
She put it in her mouth and began moving it back and forth sucking the butter
and garlic salt off it before biting in.

Stacy: Mmmm these are so good...

Drew: Yes you are...

Stacy: Excuse me?

Drew: Huh? I said they're good.

Stacy: Ok.

We finished off our meal and headed to the hotel where the whole roster

Stacy: My plane for the next city doesn't leave until noon so do ya wanna
come in?

Drew: Sure.

We entered Stacy's room which was the typical hotel room bed, TV, etc. Stacy
entered the bathroom.

Stacy: I'll be right out. You can watch TV I guess...

I took a seat on the bed and grabbed the remote. I turned on the TV and
began watching Sports Center. After a few moments Stacy re-emerged from the
bathroom wearing only a hotel provided bathrobe. It cut off about quarter
thigh showing most of her long lovely legs. She walked over to me and spread
my legs apart. She then turned her back to me and undid the sash and shrugged
the robe off of her shoulders revealing her gorgeous backside to me. She was
clad in a thong and the typical bra. She turned her head towards me and

She grabbed me by the knees and spread my legs even farther apart. She used
it to hold herself up for leverage. She then moved her ass down and began
grinding it into my penis. I laid my hands behind my back on the bed while
Stacy continues rubbing her ass on my dick. I closed my eyes as she continued
to do it for a few more minutes and I was rock hard.

She stopped and turned around. She pushed me on my back and I scooted up so
my head was at the top of the bed. She then removed my belt and threw it on a
near by chair. She then began unbuttoning and unzipping my pants and after
she got done with that pulled my pants down my legs and off of them and threw
them to the floor.

She then did the same with my boxers removing them and throwing them to the
hotel room ground. My penis sprung out of them still hard from the 'dance'
Stacy performed. She then crawled up the bed and our faces met. Our heads
tilted to opposite sides as our lips met. One another's saliva got on our
cheeks and chins and even some on the nose in the slippery tongue tango. She
pulled away and began unbuttoning my shirt until she had all the buttons
undone and then pulled the shirt off.

Stacy rubbed her hands up and down my decently built chest. Stacy got up and
then removed her thong revealing her cleanly shaven pussy. She then went over
to her bag and pulled out a lubricant that she began using to moisten up her
pussy. She then returned to me where she grabbed my hard cock and directed it
into her pussy. She then moved herself down on it so her vagina engulfed my
dick. She then began bouncing up and down on my penis sending pure pleasure
through my body. After a few more minutes of this I was ready to blow my

Drew: Oh god Stacy I'm ready to cum!

Stacy: Hold on just a while longer.

Stacy removed my dick from her pussy. She reached behind her back and undid
her bra and it fell forward and she caught it and threw it to the ground. At
the sight of her small, but nice breasts I was unable to control myself any
longer. I grabbed my dick and took aim at her chest and connected with my
target. 2 streams of cum shot out and onto Stacy's chest. I laid my head down
in exhaustion. My dick lay limp as I began breathing heavily. I looked up and
saw Stacy taking the cum off her chest with her hands and licking it off.

Drew: God you are so hot...

Stacy flipped the hair out of her face and fell on top of me. Still rather
exhausted we just gave one another light kisses until I had regained most of
my energy a few minutes later.

Drew: Ready for Round 2?

Stacy: You know it.

I hopped off the bed to my feet as Stacy got down on her knees in front of
me and grabbed my cock with her hand. She then slowly began jacking me off
and as time progressed the pumping got faster. Occasionally she'd slow up
and give my dick a few licks and then go back to pumping. She quickly got
my penis hard again and after a few more pumps a small amount of my cum
squirted out and onto her face. She went to reach it with her tongue but it
was too far away.

Drew: Allow me.

I grabbed Stacy from under the armpits and picked her up and set her against
the wall. With one long lick I removed my cum from Stacy's face.

Stacy: Thank you.

I had one hand behind Stacy's head and one near her stomach. I continued
licking away at her moving to her ear and moistening it up some. I then
moved down to her neck where I began kissing away. I also moved my hand
down towards Stacy's pussy where I began running my index finger around
the rim of her clit. Stacy began shivering as I did so as she came close
to her boiling point. I moved my finger slightly into her pussy and that
did the trick. A flow of pussy juices came out and Stacy fell onto me in

I set her on the bed stomach first as she lie knocked out. I took the
lubricant she had earlier and began applying it on her beautiful ass. I
slowly began working it into her asshole but not to far. After a few
moments of grabbing her ass and such she re-awoke and was re-energized.

Drew: You ready for this?

Stacy: You damn sure.

Stacy pushed her self up with her right elbow and got on her knees. I then
took my dick and slowly inserted it into her ass hole. I began to move my
cock in and out of her ass causing her to moan loudly.


Stacy turned around slightly and with her left hand rubbed my abs down to
my thigh where she kept her hand for grip. I continued to do so with my
balls slapping against her. She moved her left hand from my thigh and began
squeezing her ass while continue to moan in pleasure.


I set a hand over the shoulder of Stacy for balance as I continued to fuck
her ass hole. With her right hand she began to play with her breasts by
pinching and rubbing them. My cum was ready to be squirted once more as I
released it into her ass hole. I removed my dick with some still squirting
out that got on her ass. I took it off with my finger and gave it to Stacy
who gladly licked it off.

Stacy: Man I'm exhausted...

Drew: Ah I guess we can stop...

Stacy: I'll make up for it tomorrow night...

We then went to sleep with Stacy's head resting on my shoulder

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