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Drew In WWE Part 7: Over To Raw
by Drew D

I awoke the next morning to the sound of running water. I sat up in the bed
and saw the bathroom door creaked up a little bit. I looked over at the clock
that read 8:45. I slowly got up and headed towards the bathroom. Steam filled
the room as I looked at myself in the mirror.

Stacy: Come on in Drew. The water feels great.

I turned around to see Stacy's head sticking out from the curtain. Her hair
was soaking wet and she looked so hot. She didn't have to say it twice as I
quickly opened the curtain and entered the steamy shower. I then closed the
curtain to keep the heat in. I grabbed Stacy by the waist and pushed her
into me. I put my other hand in her wet hair and pushed her head forward.
We closed eyes as our lips met. As our tongues began to entwine I slowly
moved my hand down to Stacy's large, gorgeous ass. I got a big handful of
it before we broke the kiss.

Stacy: Oh Drew fuck me right now.

I pressed Stacy against the shower wall and grabbed my dick. I then went to
go insert it in Stacy's pussy. I was nearly there when my cell phone rang.
I gave a frown as I stepped out of the shower and quickly wrapped a towel
around my waist and answered my phone.

Drew: Hello.

On the other end of the line was Director of Talent Relations, Jim Ross.

JR: Hey Drew, it's JR. I need you to meet me up in Stamford for a quick

Drew: Can't you just tell me now?

JR: Well I suppose so... well anyways we know that you're a rising talent
but right now we don't know if SmackDown! is the best place for you. So we
decided that we will be moving you to the Raw brand.

Drew: Really that's awesome!

JR: Glad you think so kid. We'll tell you the rest of the details as soon as
you arrive at the arena. Better hurry up your plane leaves in an hour.

I turned off my phone and quickly got dressed.

Stacy: Who was that?

Drew: JR, he said I'm moving to the Raw brand!

Stacy: Oh baby that's great!

Stacy immediately jumped up and gave me a hug wrapping her legs around me. As
I held her up I got a nice handful of her great ass. She then gave me a quick
peck and also got dress. In about 10 minutes we were checked out of the hotel
and on our way to the airport. We got through security and were on the plane
with little time to spare. We arrived at our destination after our hour long
flight. We grabbed our bags and headed to the arena.

I had just set my bags down in the locker room when one of the crew members
came into the room.

Crew Guy: Drew, JR wants to talk to you.

The crew guy led me through the halls and into a room turned into an office
momentarily. Jim Ross was sitting at the desk and looked up as I entered the

JR: Why hello Drew. Take a seat.

I did as instructed and we began our conversation with what I'd be doing for
my the first few weeks on Raw.

JR: So Booker will be defending his newly won IC title tonight against Scott
Steiner. He'll win cleanly and as he's celebrating you'll attack him setting
up a feud ending at Unforgiven. Sound good?

Drew: Sounds great! Thanks so much for this opportunity! I won't let you

We shook hands before I exited. I then headed to the back to share the news
with Stacy.

Stacy: That's awesome Drew! You're getting your big break now!

Drew: Maybe if my debut is a big success we can celebrate tonight.

Stacy caught my hint and giggled.

The hours passed and HeAt started. Then Raw went on the air and at about
8:45 (CST) the Booker and Steiner match began. After a 10 or so minute match
Booker T connected with the scissors kick to retain the IC Title. As he
celebrated with a Spin-a-roonie I snuck in the ring. As soon as he turned to
me I connected with a Tiger Bomb. I immediately began getting heat from the
crowd as I picked up his IC Title belt and raised it up as if it were my own.
Raw went to commercial and I headed to the back.

I was greeted by a crew member who informed me that Stacy had gotten a case
of the flu and was sent back to the hotel. I planned on going to check up on
her but a note in my bag told me not to. At about 9:55 I received a phone
call and on the other end was my mother.

I was so shocked at the news she brought I dropped my phone and it shattered.
I took a seat in one of the cubbie locker things and buried my face in my
hands. My uncle had died of hear failure. I began to cry a little as someone
walked in. I looked up and through tears saw Gail Kim.

Gail: What's wrong?

Drew: M-m-my uncle died...

Gail walked over to me and placed a hand on my shoulder.

Gail: I'm so sorry, Drew.

The woman clad in tight red rubbery pants and a matching top which bared her
stomach, took a seat on my lap and put one arm around my neck and put her
hand on the side of my head.

Gail: I can make you feel better Drew.

Drew: Wait... n-

Before I could get anything else the Asian beauty had planted her lips on
mine. At first reluctant I soon fell under Gail's spell and began returning
the kiss. Gail went on the aggressive and pushed me back so my back was on
the wall of the cubbie. She moved her hands down to my pants and grabbed my
dick through my pants and kept squeezing it. She then went to unbutton it
but I stooped her.

Drew: If we're gonna do this let's do it somewhere else.

Gail: Ok.

We both grabbed our bags and headed to the parking lot and threw them into
the car. We then drove off and we didn't go very far but we went to a dimly
lit alley. We spotted a ratty mattress that someone had thrown out. Gail
hopped onto it as did I. We began making out again with out tongues
entwining. I then moved my tongue from her lips, to Gail's cheek, and then
to her ear where I began licking inside her ear which was a sensitive spot
for her as she began moaning.

Gail: Ohhhhhh.... That's it Drew!

As I continued to lick her ear I began moving my groin on her's getting both
of us aroused. After a few more moments of this I ceased and got on my knees
straddled over Gail's waist. I pulled off my shirt and Gail took her hands
and began rubbing them up and down my chest. She went from my abs to my pants
where she unbuckled my belt and then set it aside for later. She then
unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans which then fell to my knees. She then went
for the home run as she grabbed my boxers from the sides and pulled them down
to my knees allowing my cock to spring out.

Gail: Man that's big!

I chuckled as Gail stayed on her back as I scooted up some so that I was
straddling her right above her breasts. She then grabbed my cock and directed
it towards her mouth. Her thin lips soon covered the top of my dick as she
kept secreting saliva each time she took it in and out of her mouth. I ran my
fingers through her dark hair as she kept doing the same thing. After a few
more moments of this she began taking more of my dick into her mouth. She got
a little over of it in her mouth and instead of taking it out of her mouth
every once in a while she kept it in her mouth going back to about 1/4 then
to 3/4 in her mouth. Every 20 seconds or so she'd stop to get a quick catch
of breath but then went right back to sucking my dick.

Drew: That's right Gail! Just keep on sucking and you'll get a prize!

At the thought of cum going down her throat Gail began to quicken her pace
on my penis. With one of her hands she took my balls in her hand and began
gently squeezing them as she continued to take my cock in her mouth. Faster
and faster she went on both my dick and balls. I gave a soft moan of pleasure
as she continued giving me the blow job. 40 seconds or so later I then began
speaking again at the peak of excitement.

Drew: Are you ready baby? Here it comes.

I was un able to hold my semen any longer and shot my load with my cock in
her mouth. Being that she was on her back made it a little harder to swallow
all of it, but swallow it all she did. She then pushed me on my abs so that
my dick came out of her mouth. I began breathing heavily but thought I could
continue. Before I knew it I was on my back worn out needing a few moments to
recover. Gail got to her knees and unzipped her red pants. She then got to
her feet and turned her back to me. She then grabbed the pants by the side
seams and slowly pulled them down her legs. I looked up and marveled at her
ass being constricted by a black thong. She turned her head to me and I
swallowed deeply as she went to pull off the thong. She did as she did with
the pants and pulled them down her legs. Gail then turned to me revealing a
cleanly shaven pussy. She wasn't done yet as she reached behind her back and
unzipped her top which fell to the ground. I licked my lips as I gawked at
her B Cup breasts and her hard nipples.

Gail: Like what you see?

I had nothing to say so I just shook my head as the young Asian now got to
her knees. She then got up a few inches and grabbed my penis and jerked it
off for about 20 seconds getting it semi-hard. She then directed it towards
her pussy. She put the top of it in and then got on her knees letting the
majority of it in her vagina. The soft, moist walls of her pussy hugged my
dick giving it a warm tingly feeling. At a slow pace she then began moving
up and down on my rod and as she continued to do so my dick began to expand
in delight. Gail kept grunting as she quickened the pace. As she went up my
dick was soaked with Gail's pussy juices. It was even more erotic that we
were downtown in an alley fucking while cars were passing by a 30 yards away.
I ran my hand up and down Gail's thigh as she continued to go faster and
faster. Gail kept squinting each time my cock went in again as it was getting
harder by the second.

Gail: Oh god I'm cumming!

A rush of Gail's cum came flowing but met a dead end in my penis. The
drenching of my cock did the job for me as about 20 or so seconds later I
blew my load into Gail and after a few moments my penis began getting limp
and the blocked cum of Gail's and I began seaping out and onto my groin.
Gail removed my cock from her vagina and went to continue on. She moved her
naked body up to my abs where she stopped and soon fell over exhausted with
her breasts falling right into my face. And while I was still a little out
of breath I wouldn't pass up the oppurtunity. I gave her right boob light
tender kisses in a circle which began getting smaller as I neared her hard
nipple. I finally arrived at my destination and began sucking on it. I
twirled my tongue around it a few times before nibbling softly at it. Gail
had re awoken from her short spell to this.

Gail: Oh yeahhhhh.... Mmmm that feels SO good!

After about 3 more minutes of this I repeated the process on Gail's left
boob. First starting with the circle of kisses and then to the sucking and
nibbling of her nipple. I did that for about 3 minutes also. I felt a small
wet spot on my abs and knew that Gail had came a little more. Gail moved
down so that are faces met. We then began making out once more with my hand
sliding down Gail's back and getting a firm grip of her Asian ass.

Drew: I think it's time to repay you for that blow job earlier...

Gail then sat up and put her arms back allowing her to lean back a little.
I got off of my back and to my knees. I then grabbed Gail's ankle and spread
them apart, essentially opening the gates to her pussy. I then moved in and
buried my face into Gail's groin area. I stuck my tongue out and began
licking around the rim of Gail's clit. Almost like a toilet bowl I began
doing a little whirlpool into her pussy. I went deeper and deeper until my
tongue couldn't reach any farther. I then began flicking my tongue in and out
of her pussy causing Gail to moan in pleasure. She continued to do so as I
licked away at her soft pussy walls. I soon hit the right lever as a jackpot
of her pussy juices came flowing out of her vagina and into my mouth. I went
to lick it off with my tongue but it didn't reach far enough.

Gail: Allow me.

The heavily panting Gail came over and took 4 long licks removing her cum
from my face. She went from my face to my neck where she began kissing and
sucking. I ran my hands down her smooth tan body as she did so. We continued
to do this to one another on out knees. After a couple more minutes of it I
softly pushed Gail down and the agile Asian's legs went flying up wards. She
went to bring them down but I shook my head no. She kept her legs up in about
a 90 degree angle. I then grabbed my relatively hard cock and jerked it off
twice before directing it into Gail's pussy once more. This time I would be
doing the work. I began pumping my dick in and out of the young beauty's
vagina. As I would drive it in further my balls would slap onto Gail's body.
Each time a hard smack would be heard as I drove my cock into her vagina.

Drew: Shit I'm going to cum Gail!

Gail: Hold onto it for my ass... I've already had your cum in my pussy.

I then slowly took my throbbing hard cock from her vagina. Gail then got onto
all fours and held her self with her left elbow. I then separated her tan ass
cheeks and moved forward with my penis making contact with her tight ass
hole. With my right index and middle finger I began making a pathway for my
cock to follow. After getting about mid way on my middle finger I pulled them
out and replaced it with my cock. I got the top of it and then released my
grip for her ass cheeks which quickly hugged my dick. I then put my hands on
Gail's waist as I thrust my dick into her ass. With about 7 more thrusts my
dick was fully in her ass. Gail yelped in pain as I slowly began drawing it
out again before driving it all in once more.

Gail: Ouch! Ah... damn... fuck my ass, Drew!

My pace began slowly with my dick coming out halfway before I drilled it back
into Gail's ass. I continued to do so but began quickening the pace. Once
again my balls began slapping leaving red marks on both her ass and my balls.
With Gail's right hand she turned around and rubbed her hand up and down my
thigh. Since I was already to cum before inserting my penis into Gail's ass
the short break hardly phased me. After a few more thrusts into her ass the
cum shot out of my dick and up her ass hole.

Gail: OH YEAH!

It hit the spot and a flow of Gail's pussy juices flowed out of her vagina
and onto the ratty mattress. She then fell passed out onto it. I began
breathing heavily as I pulled my cock out of her luscious ass. I then fell
in exhaustion on top of Gail. I got pushed myself over so I was lying next
to her and ran my fingers through her hair waiting for her to re awake.
After a few minutes she began to stir and then turned her head to me.

Gail: God you were a great fuck...

Drew: You weren't to bad yourself.

Gail: We'll have to hook up again sometime.

Drew: I'm not objecting to it...

We then engaged in a short lip lock before getting dressed. We hopped in the
parked car and drove to the hotel. We got in the elevator and made out with
each other until Gail reached her floor. She then departed as I went up to
the next floor and then went into the room I was sharing with Stacy who was
fast asleep most likey as a result of the flu. I slipped into the bed and
thanks to Gail my uncle's passing was the farthest thing from my mind...

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