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Drew In WWE Part 8: Tough Enough
by Drew D

I awoke the next morning to the sight of an angered Stacy Keibler who was
standing over my bed.

Stacy: What is this?

In Stacy's hand was a black thong. Gail's thong to be exact. I swallowed
deeply staring at the leggy blonde.

Myself: Stacy... well I was in a vulnerable position... my uncle passed away
and Gail took advantage of it...

Stacy: At least you admit it unlike others would... well I'm sorry about your
uncle but I think we shouldn't see each other anymore...

Drew: But...

Stacy: No but's Drew... I understand you were in a vulnerable position but
you still cheated on me. So take your shower and we can leave for the show...

I got up and took my shower and in a matter of 30 or so minutes we were at
the airport for the next show. After we arrived at the arena we split paths
and never really talked to each other much after that.

The weeks leading into Unforgiven seemed to breeze by. Booker and I's feud
was heating up and by the time of the October PPV the feud was so big we were
going to have our match just before the Main Event!

The day of the event arrived and I was so nervous. I was called in by Vince
along with Booker to discuss the fate of the match.

Vince: Ok now we'll expect both of you to put on the excellent match I know
you're capable of and after a hopefully stellar match we will have ourselves
a new Intercontinental Champion, in Drew here. Is that all right with the two
of you?

Drew: I think you know the answer from me.

Booker: Sounds cool. I don't mind putting younger guys over.

The show began and paced back and forth nervously, as the matches seemed
to fly by. Booker's music hit and he was on his way to the ring. I began
swallowing deeply as my time neared. I soon felt a hand on my shoulder and
turned around to see Miss Jackie.

Jackie: Relax, Drew. Go put on the awesome match we all know you're capable

Drew: Thanks.

My music hit and as soon as I went through the curtains all of my fears had
disappeared and I was ready to put on the best damn match possible. It was a
back and forth match with neither of us gaining a clear advantage. Booker
seemed to have the match and went for a scissors kick, which I avoided. As he
turned back around I delivered a DKO and got the pin and the title. The ref
handed me my newly won belt, which I then took backstage with me where a lot
of others were clapping as I came back. Booker soon arrived backstage and we
shook hands. I had a grin from ear to ear.

I watched the main event, which had Edge ending Chris Benoit's title reign.
In a fashion similar to mine everyone cheered Edge as he came back with the
World Heavyweight title. After a few moments I headed to the locker room. I
found an envelope with a card key inside and a note which read...

'Hey Champ. Meet me at room 215 at the hotel by 10:15.'

It was signed with a red kiss.

I checked my watch and saw that is was 9:50. I quickly took a shower and was
out of the arena by 10:00. I took a wrong turn, which delayed me, a little
but I was at the hotel at 10:10. I took the elevator up to the 2nd floor and
took a left to where the '212 and up' was at. I passed a few doors and then
arrived at '215'. I knocked and a voice inside answered.

???: Come in.

I inserted the key into the slot and pulled it out and the green light
flashed. I pushed down on the handle and opened the door and entered into a
dimly lit room. The only light source was from numerous candles.

Drew: That's gotta be a fire hazard...

I took a few steps in past the wall where the bathroom was. I then turned my
attention to where Miss Jackie was lying in a pink bra and pantie combo.

Drew: I think a fire has already started!

Jackie: Like what you see?

I just nodded as she smirked. She sat up on the bed and then stood up. She
took a few steps towards me and stopped inches away. She then looked up at
me and bit her bottom lip in a seductive manner. She then slowly began
unbuttoning my shirt. After a few moments she had it unbuttoned and pulled
it off of my shoulders. Jackie then put her hands on my shoulder and slowly
rubbed her hands down my chest.

Jackie: Mmmm that feels so good...

Jackie then began walking forward so I took a few steps back until I was
backed into the wall. She looked up at me with her seductive brown eyes and
we leaned into one another and our lips met. First with very little movement
which then progressed to quite a bit with our mouths taking turns engulfing
one another's lips. As our tongues began to enter each other's mouths,
Jackie's hands had found my pants. She first took a fist full of my hard cock
before beginning to undo my belt. She then pulled it off and tossed it to the
floor. Our tongues continued to tango as she unbuttoned and unzipped my
jeans, which then fell to the floor. Jackie broke the kiss and got down on
her knees. She then grabbed the sides of my boxers and pulled them down my
legs and dropped them at my feet.

Jackie then turned her attention to my cock. She grabbed it at the bottom of
my shaft and slowly began moving up her hand up and down my cock. Every few
pumps Jackie would lean in and give my dick a couple long licks. She repeated
this process numerous times and elaborated a few times by putting as much of
my penis into her mouth as possible. After continuing to do this for about 7
minutes I was at my peak.

Drew: I don't know if I can hold it in any longer....

Jackie continued pumping my dick and moved in. She opened her mouth and put
my dick into her mouth without it touching anything. Then with a quick flick
of her tongue she hit the jackpot as my warm cum shot out of my cock and into
the blonde's mouth. She guzzled it all down and then proceeded to suck my
dick as if it were a Popsicle trying to get all of my cum out. This managed
to get a few small squirts of it into her mouth.

She then grabbed me by my arms and turned me around and gently pushed me onto
the bed. She requested that I sat on the edge of the bed. Jackie then began
to do a little dance for me. She started by removing her top and tossing it
into my face before turning so her back was turned so that I only got a small
glimpse of her breasts.

Jackie: Don't worry you'll see them a lot more...

Jackie then began to move her hips around in a seducing manner before
grabbing her panties on the side. As she did her dance I began rubbing my
cock getting it hard yet again. She then slowly pulled them down while
bending over. It was just too much as I hopped up and drove my dick into
Jackie's asshole with one quick thrust. Jackie winced in pain as I began
to drive in and then out of her ass. When then slowly turned around and
Jackie slowly crawled onto the bed and got on all fours as I continued to
thrust my penis into Jackie's ass as she moaned in a mixture of pain and

Jackie: Ohhh.... Fuck my ass!

As I got more aroused from fucking her, my dick began getting constricted in
Jackie's ass. I felt ready to cum but decided to hold onto it. I then grabbed
both of Jackie's ass cheeks and spread them apart allowing my dick to exit
her asshole. Jackie fell to the bed and began massaging her ass hole trying
to relieve some of the pain.

Drew: Are you ok?

Jackie: I'll be fine... now let's continue

Drew: Well I've had my pleasure Jackie but what about you?

I then suggested her to sit up against the head board. I then lifted her foot
up a little and began sucking on her toes. As I continued to do so Jackie
began fingering her self. After a few more moments of toe sucking I moved
from the feet and towards Jackie's pussy. I began giving her leg long licks
from her ankle to knee. No inch went without saliva. I then repeated this
process on the young lady's thigh.

Jackie was 'ooing' as she continued to finger herself. I had now finished
with her thighs and moved her hand from her now wet pussy. I licked the
outside of Jackie's pussy getting her excess cum off. I then switched my
strategy from licking outside of her vagina to going inside with my tongue.
As I continued to jam my tongue as far down her pussy as possible, Jackie
began rubbing her hard nipples. She began moaning louder and louder as I
flicked my tongue from one wall to the other. Not satisfied with the small
amount of pussy juice I had gotten before I was determined to get more. I
sped up my pace and after a few more moments she hit her climax and she
came. It all entered my mouth and I gladly chugged it all down.

Jackie moved from her spot as I tossed the pillows off of the bed. I then
placed my hands on the bed behind my back with my legs spread open. Jackie
then came over and slowly sat down on my dick and wrapped her legs around
my waist and her hands on my shoulders. Jackie slowly began moving up and
down on my dick, while giving soft moans. I just gazed at her breasts as
she moved up and down. I then leaned up some so that Jackie's boobs were
right in my face.

I then began sucking on Jackie's hard nipples. As I did so Jackie began to
move a little faster on my cock. Her moans became longer and louder. I'd
suck on one nipple for a minute or so before switching to the other and then
to the other. My dick was pulsing extremely fast in Jackie's pussy. I tried
to control myself but I couldn't hold back any longer. I shot my load up
Jackie's pussy, which caused her to let out a long moan.

Jackie got off my dick and lain her head on my shoulder as we watched TV.
Every once in a while we'd embrace in a long kiss or Jackie would begin to
jerk me off. Eventually we fell asleep in each other's arms.

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