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Drew In WWE Part 9: Cheered Up
by Drew D

My reign as Intercontinental champ continued leading up to Survivor Series.
I was engaged in a furious feud with now singles competitor, Rob Conway. I
assumed the role of face with Conway as the heel. The day of the show came
and we both headed to Vince's office for word on who'd win the match.

Vince: Ok... this is how it's going down. Conway you'll get the victory after
hitting Drew with brass knucks to take his Intercontinental strap, okay?

I sighed in disdain but went along with it. I got up to leave but Vince told
me to remain seating.

Vince: Don't worry Drew, we've got bigger plans for you. Just wait.

I shrugged and exited his office as Sable entered Vince's office. I gave a
weak smirk and headed back to my locker room.

*Note: This is the meeting between Vince and Sable, which Drew doesn't hear*

Vince: Hey, I need to ask you a favor, ok?

Sable: Depends what it is...

Vince: You know that kid that you passed on your way in?

Sable: Yeah... Drew, right?

Vince: Yes, he's kind of down now because he's going to lose his title but
even though I told him we had big plans in hand he still seemed grim. So I
want you to cheer him up, got it?

Sable: Ok, Vince. No problem... I'll probably like this too... he was pretty

*End of Meeting*

I chatted with some of the SmackDown talent I hadn't seen in a few months.
The show began and being a joint PPV our match was put midcard. We put on
a good match which had Conway cheating and winning the IC Title. I went
backstage with a gloom look on my face. I had won the title not 2 months
ago... why couldn't I pull a Orton and hold it for 4+ months?

I went backstage and took my shower as the show continued. I kept pondering
if they wanted to push me a lot why they would end my reign so early. I
completely ignored Vince's comment of how they had 'bigger plans' for me. I
remained in the shower for a while longer until I heard a voice.

???: Can I join you?

I turned around to see the SmackDown! beauty, Sable, watching me. She was
clad in a baby blue robe which cut off mid thigh.

Drew: Eh, how long have you been there?

Sable: Only a few moments... your pretty bummed aren't you?

Drew: Yeah... I just thought I shoul-

I became speechless as Sable removed the robe and let it fall to the floor.
I marveled at her body, which was still very nice even at her age. Sable
turned on her water and I gawked as the water glazed the blonde's skin.

Sable: Go on...

Drew: Errr... uh what was I saying?

Sable took some liquid soap and began rubbing it all over her body. She
started at her shoulders and began moving down, rubbing the soap into her
breasts and slowly going south. She reached her pussy and began rubbing the
soap into her pussy hair. She closed her eyes as she did so and slowly began
entering her index finger into her pussy. I tried to look away but I'd be
crazy to do so. As she continued to do so she began licking her lips and
giving soft 'Mmms'. As I continued to gawk at her she opened her eyes and
caught me looking. I tried to turn away but she had caught me. I had
unintentionally began rubbing me man hood while looking on.

Sable: Like what you see, Drew?

I slowly nodded as she smiled. She took a few steps towards me.

Sable: That feels good and all...

Sable turned her attention from my face to my penis.

Sable: ...but it's not nearly as good as the real thing.

Sable now stood inches away with my cock stiff as a rail. She grabbed my cock
and pulled me towards the wall. Sable leaned her back against the wall and
then directed my cock towards her pussy. The head of my dick penetrated
Sable's pussy lips and entered in. I slowly guided the rest of my shaft into
Sable's pussy. Sable lifted her left leg up and wrapped it around my right
leg, as she put her arms around my neck. I began moving back and forth,
letting about half of my dick out before driving it back in into Sable's

Sable: Ohhhhh... that's it... keep it up Drew...

We were both breathing heavily as we were both reaching a peak. Sable's hands
moved downwards from my back to my ass where she got a firm grasp of it while
I continued to give her all I had. With a few more thrusts Sable couldn't
take it any longer. A flow of Sable's pussy juices came down and rushed
around my dick and seeped out a little. Sable's juices hitting my cock was
the straw that broke the camel's back as I soon blew my load up into her

I removed my dick from Sable's pussy I then took a spot on the wall,
exhausted. Sable moved from her spot on the wall and rest her head on my
shoulder. I ran my hand up and down her back for a few moments while
regaining my energy as did she. She got her breath back faster than I did
and got to her knees on the shower floor. She then grabbed my balls with
one hand and gave them a firm squeeze and all though it hurt some, it did
get me aroused. Sable moved her lips towards the tip of my dick and
tauntingly twirled her tongue around it but never touched it. I looked
down as she continued to do so. Some small drops of saliva dropped onto
my shaft making the wait even more unbearable.

Drew: Come on just start sucking it!

Sable looked up at me and rolled her eyes. Sable then closed her lips around
my dick and then began moving back and forth on my dick. Each time she'd move
just a little bit farther. She'd then come back to the head of my dick and
then move back down. She continued to do so until she couldn't get anymore of
my cock into her mouth. She swirled her tongue around my dick making sure
every taste bud had touched my dick. She was just like a vaccum cleaner...
blowing and sucking at the same time (>_>).

She continued to go at my dick with intentions of making me cum once again.
I on the other hand had other plans. I ran my hand through her long, moist
blonde hair as she continued to lick away at my dick. With a free hand Sable
went back to my balls and began softly squeezing them. I did my best to try
not to cum but she had been sucking my dick for a while now and I couldn't
take it. I shot my second load of the night into her mouth, which she gladly
guzzled down.

Sable: Mmmm... that tasted good...

I was once again exhausted after blowing my load. But tried to shrug it off
as good as possible. I lead Sable to the main locker area. I took 2 benches
and placed them side by side. I then had Sable lay on her back on the bench.
I took a good long look at the blonde beauty and jerked myself off a few
times to get my dick semi-hard. I then took a seat on Sable's upper stomach
and took my cock in my hand and instructed Sable to spread her boobs
momentarily. She did so and I placed my dick inbetween her breasts. She then
let her large breasts go back in place. Her enormous boobs consumed my dick
and their warmth got me more aroused.

Sable placed her hands on her rock hard nipples as she moved her breasts all
over my dick. She then smushed her boobs against my dick and I began moving
my dick back and forth between her breasts. My dick was pulsing and I was
ready to cum once more. As I went back and forth a few more times I came. I
was inserting it back into her breasts so some of the semen got on Sable's
breasts and a few streams got her in the neck.

I removed my dick from Sable's boobs as she sat up. With her index and middle
finger she wiped the cum from her body and licked it off of her finger.

Sable: Feeling better now?

Drew: Very much so.

Sable: Good to know.

I got dressed as did Sable and we went our separate ways.

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