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Drew In WWE Part 10: Taking It To The Xtreme
by Drew D

I entered Mr. McMahon's office and took a seat after shaking hands.

Vince: Ok, here's what's going down... you will start a feud with Scott
Steiner that will culminate at Armageddon. The thing is the winner of the
match, which will be you, will get spot 25-30 in the Rumble.

Drew: And who will be winning the Rumble?

Vince: We haven't decided that yet, but you don't need to worry about that

We talked about how the feud would start and such and I soon departed his
office and met up with Steiner and told him the plan and he was cool with it.

The feud began with a rematch between Rob Conway and I for the IC title, and
Steiner cost me the match. The following week I cost him his match and it
went back and forth until Armageddon where we squared off in a No DQ match.

It was a bloody battle, which I won after connecting with a Shooting Star
Press from the turnbuckle to the announce table. I walked to the back
battered and bruised and headed to the showers. I took a quick one and got
dressed and watched the remainder of the show, with Chris Jericho defeating
Kane to win the World Title.

The show ended, but the night was young. Some of the stars were going back to
the hotel, some were going to a near by club, and a few were going to attend
a Fozzy concert, including me. Christian, Edge, Ivory, Lita, Maven, Orton,
Matt and I were those going to the Fozzy concert. We all stood backstage as
Jericho and his band rocked out on stage. Near the half way point of the show
someone grabbed my hand and led me into a darkened room. They switched on the
lights and I saw Lita standing in front of me.

Drew: What's up?

Lita: Some of the girls in the back have been saying stuff about you and I
wanted to know if it's true?

Drew: What have they been saying?

Lita: That you're a good fuck.

Drew: Well I guess you're gonna have to find that out.

I quickly examined the dark haired beauty. She was clad in her usual clothes.
Pink top with the net like material over, also with no sleeves, long baggy
cargo pants with a red thong visible.

With my left hand I grabbed Lita's lower back and pushed her towards me and
placed my right hand on the back of her head and leaned toward her. Our lips
met as I pushed her body into mine. I began to rub my groin area onto Lita's
body getting myself harder. Our lips continued to entwine as I slowly backed
Lita into the wall, where we continued our lip lock.

I began ripping at the net like material and soon I had it off and on the
ground. Next to go was her top. We broke out kiss and she pulled it over her
head and it joined the netting on the floor. She stood in front of me in her
bra, pants, and thong. I decided that the pants should go next so she kicked
off her shoes and undid her pants and let them slide down her legs and then
she stepped out of them.

Now it was my turn. I unbuttoned my shirt some and then pulled it over my
head revealing my ripped physique. Lita started at my shoulders and rubbed
her hands all the way down from my chest to my abs. She then got to my pants
and unbuttoned them. I kicked my shoes off and pants fell to the ground and
I stepped out of them also. We both then removed out last items of clothing
and stood in front of one another naked.

I then backed Lita to the wall and grabbed her ass and lifted her up. I then
carefully guided my dick to her pussy and then slid it in. Lita then wrapped
her legs around my waist. I began to push her up, penetrating farther into
her. Lita began to moan and grunt as I drove my hard dick farther and farther
into her.

I engaged her in a kiss, causing her noises to cease. I then began thrusting
my dick in and out of her. As I began to pull out some, Lita would fall a
little, but as I drove it back into her, she moved up. Our lip lock continued
as I continued to do this to her for a good 5 minutes. As our kissed ceased,
and the fucking continued, Lita gave long, loud moans of pleasure. It was
kind of annoying at first, but I got used to it.

All of a sudden the door to the closet opened and Lita's boyfriend, Matt came
barging in.

Matt: What the fuck is going on?

Lita pushed me back, causing my dick to retreat from her pussy. I swallowed
deeply looking from Matt to Lita.

Lita: Matt, I just needed a change in styles for a night. It gets kind of
boring doing the same stuff over and over.

Matt: Then why the hell didn't you say anything?

Lita: Because I knew you'd get upset.

Matt: Well I think I have a reason to be!

Lita: Well excuse me, Matt! I've got some un-finished business to take care

Lita then shoved Matt out the door way and slammed the door and then locked
it. She then turned her attention to me.

Lita: Now where were we?

Matt began banging on the door and we ignored it as she walked up to me once
more and pulled my head in for a kiss. Our tongues twirled in one another's
mouths as Lita ran her hand down my chest and then grabbed a fistful of my
dick. Lita broke the kiss and then began lowering herself. She held her
tongue out, and licked her way down my body. Lita then stopped going down as
she reached my cock. She then gave a long lick down my shaft until she
reached the head of my dick.

Lita: This is going to be good.

Lita was obviously an experienced veteran at cock sucking and was able to
take the majority of my cock in. She began secreting her saliva onto my dick,
making for a wet blow job. I ran my hand through her hair as she slowly kept
getting more and more of my dick into her mouth/throat.

As she did so with her hands she began to run her fingertips lightly over my
balls giving me a ticklish feeling. My cock rose a little in her mouth and
Lita new she had found my 'Achilles Heel'. I closed my eyes as Lita's gentle
rubbing became to soft grabbing.

Drew: I'm about to cum!

With my cock in her mouth Lita mumbled 'Bring it on!' So I brought it on.
After a few more squeezes of my balls, my cum squirted down into Lita's
throat and the pro guzzled it all down. Matt's banging on the door ceased
and we figured he was getting security.

Lita removed her mouth from my dick and then picked up her clothes and handed
me mine. She finished before me and opened the door.

Lita: It is true...

Drew: Huh?

Lita: You are a good fuck.

Lita winked at me as I put my shirt on and left the building as Lita went
back to the concert.

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