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Drew In WWE Part 11: Going Up
by Drew D

The month of Januray blew by and the Royal Rumble was just around the corner.
Of course I would be entered but where? There was a 15 Man Battle Royal to
determine entry order for the Raw side. So the 1st guy eliminated would be
#1, 2nd #3, and so on. The winner would be given the 2nd best spot #29...
with the runner up getting #27... Well to cut it short the two final
competitors were myself and Shelton Benjamin... he threw me over the top but
I was able to hold on to the rope and catch him by surprise and throw him
over eliminating him becoming the #29 entry...

Finally the day of the Rumble came and I entered at 29 eliminated a few guys
and the #30 entry from SmackDown was John Cena. It ended up being just us two
and we squared off for a few moments before we both ended up over the apron
and hit the floor at the same time. Both GMs came out and ruled we'd both be
facing the World Champ on each show but decided to have us do a regular match
to determine the main event for WrestleMania... It was back and forth and
Cena hit the FU but I managed to get a shoulder up. Cena seemed to have the
advantage and was going for another FU but I hit a Tiger Bomb out of nowhere
and got the win.

I celebrated for a while in the ring with crowd going crazy through it all.
I headed backstage and mugged by the fellow wrestlers congratulating me on
my victory. The next night on Raw, Chris Jericho and I began our feud which
would end up culminating at WrestleMania. We started just with dueling
microphones just exchanging insults with one another. Since the Raw house
shows were over the weekend I'd be doing some promotion during the week. To
appeal to the female demographic I'd be doing photo shoot.

Dawn Marie had taken an off camera role in WWE as a sort of promotion
manager. She would tag along whenever a wrestler was doing some publicity.
So we arrived at the photo shoot and it took about an hour taking just some
basic shots that you'd expect. After it was wrapped up we got back in the

Dawn: Those photos should turn out great.

Drew: I hope so...

Dawn began scooting closer towards me as we continued talking. She was clad
in the same outfit she wore on SmackDown (Sept 30)... a skin colored dress
which cut off a few inches above mid thigh and showed off quite a bit of

Dawn: And we should definitely get some more women interested into the
product... your body is just so perfect...

Drew: Well... umm thanks...

Dawn moved right next to me so our thighs were touching and placed a hand on
my knee and leaned over and began whispering in my ear...

Dawn: I want you so bad... but the question is do you want me?

I swallowed deeply and the moment my head went up in the slightest motion
Dawn pounced. She put a hand on both sides of my head to hold me still and
began giving long long licks from my cheek to my ear. As she did so she
swung a leg around one of mine and was straddling it. On her final lick she
stopped at my ear and began twirling it around in my ear. As she did so I
began to get aroused and she knew as she could feel the bulge in my pants on
her thigh.

She quickly took notice of it and moved one of her hands from my head down to
my pants. She then put her hands down my pants and began grabbing at my penis
and letting out soft moans into my ear. As I came to my senses, I began
pulling up Dawn's already hiked up dress. I pulled it up so that it was up at
mid-back. I was able to see that she was wearing red panties. She then backed
off a little bit...

Dawn: So you want this dress off?

Dawn then grabbed the dress and pulled it over her head and she remained in
only her bra and panties. Dawn spread my legs out and then scooted in between

Dawn: Now it's your turn.

Dawn then began unbuttoning my shirt and with each one unbuttoned she gave a
light kiss on the now bare flesh. She got the last one undone and then pulled
the shirt off my shoulders leaving me bare chested. I then placed both hands
on Dawn's lower back and pulled her into me. I then brought one hand up to
her upper back and began pushing her further towards me until finally our
noses were touching one anothers. We then moved our lips forward until they
made contact. I began alternating between her bottom and top lip on which one
I sucked on. I slipped my tongue through her lips and began twirling it
around in Dawn's mouth. She went on the offensive and forced my tongue out of
her mouth and back into mine as she inserted her tongue into my mouth.

As our kiss continued I began fiddling with Dawn's bra, and after a moment of
being stuck figured it out and unhinged it and the bra fell off of her chest.
We broke the lip lock and she leaned back allowing me to get a view of her
large rack. I gave a golf clap at the site of her breasts and she smirked.

Dawn: You like?

Drew: But of course.

Dawn: Well here's something special for ya...

Dawn closed my legs and straddled me with a knee on each side of me on the
seat. Her boobs were at eye level and then the brunette leaned forward
burying my face in her breasts. As they were in my face I began giving short
licks on any part of her breasts I could. She continued to mash her boobs in
my face for a few more moments before pulling back. I gave a deep breath as
we sat in a short silence which I broke by picking up Dawn and lying her down
on the limo's seat. I went to her right boob and began giving light kisses
around it making a circle until I reached her nipple which I gave a playful
nibble. Dawn let out a soft ‘Ooh' of pleasure as I went to the left breast
and repeated the process.

I scooted up to Dawn's face and we began making out. Our lips engulfed one
another's as our kiss began getting sloppier. It got to point where our lips
weren't even touching but just grazing each other's cheeks. I then moved
down to her neck where I began sucking on the side of it. I straddled one of
Dawn's thighs and she began running her leg up and down grazing my rock hard

Dawn: I think something is feeling a bit neglected... take a seat and let me
go to work...

Drew: Whatever floats your boat...

I removed myself from my position and went to the opposite side of the limo
and took a seat. Dawn then sat up and scooted towards me on her knees. She
grabbed my belt and undid it and took it out of the loops and tossed it to
the side. She then did the un-buttoning and un-zipping and pulled my pants
from my waist down to my ankles. She then grabbed my boxers and also pulled
them down to my ankles allowing my cock to spring out from it's ‘captivity'.

Dawn: Now I see why the other girls are so impressed...

Dawn spread my legs out a little bit allowing her an open view of my penis.
She grabbed it by the bottom of the shaft to keep it from moving around too
much. With her other hand she ran her fingertips on the underside of my cock
lightly getting my cock somehow harder. She then leaned forward and opened
her mouth and let the head of my cock slip into her mouth. She then began to
suck on the head of my cock for a few moments trying to get any pre-cum.
Getting all that she could she removed the head of it from her mouth and then
began giving my shaft long licks as if it were a popsicle. After a few more
licks she then opened her mouth and put my dick back into her mouth. I could
feel the breath from her nostrils on my cock as she began to go farther on my
shaft. Every once in a while she'd open her mouth wide to get some air but
never took my cock out of her mouth. I moaned in pleasure as with her free
hand she began gently squeezing my ball sack sending me on the breaking
point. I closed my eyes tight trying to hold on for a few more moments, but
was unable and shot a load of cum down Dawn's throat who was able to swallow
it all with no problem. She then backed up on my shaft and licked the tip of
my penis for any extra cum left over. I was breathing heavily as Dawn lightly
pushed me onto my back and then she straddled me.

Dawn: Now you just sit back and enjoy...

Dawn pulled her panties down to her knees giving me a view of her neatly
trimmed pussy. She then grabbed my limp cock and began squeezing it, trying
to get it aroused. After a few moments it began reacting to her attempts
and slowly but surely began getting harder. She switched from squeezing to
stroking and with each one my cock got slightly larger. The strokes turned
to slow pumps that turned began getting faster as time went on, until
finally my dick had reached it's peak.

Dawn then directed my cock towards her pussy. The head of my dick penetrated
her clit and Dawn began sliding down onto my cock allowing more of it to go
inside of her. She ass was touching her knees with the majority of my cock
inside of her vagina. She then began going up and down. It was slow and
steady at first. Dawn closed her eyes and let out 'Mmm's as she moved up and
down on my cock. The moist, warm walls of her pussy hugged my cock as we both
enjoyed it. Dawn continued to move up and down but began quickening the pace
before I cut in.

Drew: Mind if I take over?

Dawn: Not at all...

Dawn lied on top of me and I rolled over so I was then on top. I began to
move my cock in and out of her pussy causing Dawn to release soft moans with
each thrust. As I began to give it harder to Dawn she began digging her
fingernails into my lower back as her moans of pleasure got louder. My pace
quickened sending both myself and Dawn towards the breaking point. We both
were able to control ourselves for a few minutes, but as soon as Dawn came I
was unable to hold mine in any longer and shot my load into Dawn's pussy. I
then laid on Dawn in exhaustion as our tired, sweaty bodies entangled in one

We finished up and put our clothes back on and I got out of the limo at the
hotel leaving Dawn in the limo...

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