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WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the persons, wrestlers, events, promotions etc depicted within. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence.

Featuring: Kay Lee Ray (SHIMMER, SHINE), Drew Galloway (formerly Drew
McIntyre in WWE).

Drew's Scottish Homecumming
An indies erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

Following his shocking, surprise homecoming not just to Scottish wrestling, but to former promotion Insane Championship Wrestling in Glasgow, Scotland at their July, 27th 2014 event, the former Drew McIntyre of the WWE now known again as Drew Galloway is still buzzing after the thunderous ovation he'd gotten after staking his claim in impactful style to again become ICW Heavyweight Champion.

"They never saw it coming, but now the whole fecking world knows that Drew Galloway is back!" He says to himself with a grin, clad in tight fitting pants that hug nicely to his body, and of course shows off is muscular upper body.

As he heads away, intending perhaps to make as quick an exit from the building as his surprise arrival, his attention is caught by a gorgeous young woman who if her pretty looks weren't enough to catch the eye, her bright flaming red hair certainly is. Folding her arms across her chest is resident ICW roster member, and already an international star for US promotions like SHIMMER Women Athletes and SHINE Wrestling - Kay Lee Ray. She's dressed in jeans that show off her cutely rounded ass, and an ICW: Fierce Females T-shirt that nicely clings to her perky chest.

"Well well, look who's come back to Scotland to slum it with the rest of us." Ray playfully taunts, giving him a look over with a smirk as she steps off from the corridor wall.

"Slum it? Lass, I wasted the last couple of years of my career stuck in a no-hit-wonder group." Drew states, coming to a stop in front of her. "And I didn't come here to get mouthed off at by some Paramore looking wifey like you Kay Lee Ray, or anyone else around here. The Chosen One is back, and I'm gonna be the ICW Heavyweight Champion again sooner than you know it."

A look of surprise come across her pretty face. "You've heard of me? Hell, I should'na be surprised since I'm the Fierce Females champ and all."

"Aye lassie, I know about you alright. What, you'd think I'd just waltz back in and underestimate everyone around here?" Galloway smirks at her. "Heard you like to take on the lads as well as the lasses around here. Not that you'd ever be a threat to me, but I like to know about who my potential opponents are."

"First of all Drew, it's not just here in ICW - any promotion on this fecking planet I'll take on the blokes and I'll kick their arses." Ray states boldly. "And second? Laddy, I'd give you more than just a run for your money any time, any place, and in any kind of match either." She says, smirking as she gives him quite a longer look than anyone just challenging for a match would.

"That so? Looks like to me you want to see if you can handle me inside of your ring, instead of inside the wrestling ring..." The former Drew McIntyre states, taking a moment to cast an approving eye over her athletic, desirable frame.

"All that Yank junk food didn't kill the mince in your head..." Kay Lee teases again with a brief bite down on her bottom lip. "Maybe I want to see what you're made of... Maybe I heard a story or two from a couple of your former co-workers when I worked the States a while back." She takes another look over his muscular, stunning upper body before up to him. "So, you game to try and last against me? Or are you just a wanker trying to play a rockstar?"

"Lass, you are about to get pounded into the middle of next week." Drew states, now licking his lips as he looks her dead in the eye to return the look of desire she's giving him.

* * *

Moments later inside of a small, females-only toilet room in the building, Drew Galloway is watching as the beautiful, fiery Kay Lee Ray is undoing his belt, pulling his pants down and seeing the wide eyed, open mouthed look she gives when she sees the fat and long cock hanging between his legs, his smirk turns into a grin when it's obvious the stories she's heard are very much true.

"Alright there lass? Not thinking of backing out now, are ya?" It's now his turn to taunt, groaning a little as she takes a hold of his dick with both her hands, starting to smoothly but quite steadily stroke his rod, taking a long while to stare at that mighty looking prick as the already quite saucy smile on her pretty face starts to widen as his tool becomes soon erect in her jerking grasp.

"No way! I was hoping for a challenge out of you anyway!" Ray states with a grin, using both her hands to swiftly stroke off his length, unable to take her eyes off the mouth-watering sight as his length hardens and really she sees what kind of a meaty weapon he's packing. Gripping and stroking at the lower part, she leans down and swats her tongue across and around the bell end, giving it a couple of swirling motions before she spits down onto the tip, then using her hand to rub that saliva over his length with another few firm strokes.

"Mmmm... Bet it's been a while since you've had a real Scots lass handling you." She says with a cute laugh, holding his rod by the base so she can slap the crown against her tongue a couple of times, making herself groan as well as him before she pumps that shaft and brings herself back in towards him, now opening her mouth to take his cock inside.

"Mmmm... Hey, I've toured the UK a couple of times with my last... Employer..." Galloway responds, moaning as he feels her nicely soft lips being firmly wrapped around his length as she begins to move her head steadily up and down on him, keeping eye contact as he can see clear desire from the gorgeous red headed grappler as she starts to suck his fat cock.

"Ahhhh... But trust me lass... You're gonna get more than a fecking challenge out of me... Mmmm... By the end of this..." He smirks down at her, already approving and then some the way she's blowing his tool, keeping her hand pumping on the bottom portion while she handles the upper inches with her oral hole, groaning around that thickness as she sinks down and rises smoothly up with a wonderfully fluid motion.

"Mmmmph!! Mmmmm... Ullllkkk!!" The starlet of SHIMMER and SHINE Wrestling noisily sucks on the big dick of the hunk she's kneeling in front of, showing no shame in performing this sex act in a toilet as she steadily rocks her head back and forth on the long dick of the former WWE Superstar, making him moan as she easily works him over with both her clearly far from novice mouth as well as her stroking hand.

"Mmmm... Mmmmpph mphh... Mmmm!!" Her groan is muffled again by the vast shaft she's blowing, managing to keep her lips nicely wrapped around no doubt the biggest cock she's ever seen in her life but far from being intimidated, it's just turning her on as she turns things up a notch, moving her hand to grip his cock by the base as she pushes her flaming haired head further down onto his pole.

"Ahhhhh shit... That's the fucking stuff right there..." The handsome Scotsman moans, being both impressed and pleasured by how she's deeply taking his member into the damp and hot mouth of his fellow Scottish native, who's showing she's got skills outside of the squared circle as she continues to bob her head along almost all of his manhood.

"Mmmmm... Hey, easy there now lassie... Don't want you breaking your little neck there..." He comments with a smirk, hearing the beautiful wrestler gagging on his cock when she drops down deeply to almost deep throat him, more saliva being splattered onto his inches as some is already seeping past her lips and down her chin from the steady, repeated sucking motion she's delivering like it's all too easy for her.

Narrowing her smoking hot eyes up at him, she takes it as a challenge as she grips his sturdy thighs, before bolding pushing her face straight down into his crotch, making the returning ICW star moan out louder than before as she presses those lovely lips right around the base of his thick cock.

"Mmmmph!! GAHHHHH!! Mmmmmph!!" She groans and gags around that big shaft, fighting against the gag reflex and the discomfort to prove a point as she impressively stays down for several long moments to properly deep throat him before lifting back up and right off of his dick to catch her breath.

"Surprised myself with that one!" The current ICW grappler laughs again, spitting a large wad of saliva onto his tool before gripping the base again and giving another couple of rapid, loud sucks on the majority of his length for good measure, smirking up at the grinning hunk as she again shows off her oral skills that's left his cock with more than a nice layer of spit all over it.

"I can tell you're a... Mmmm! A proper Glasgow lass, that's for sure..." Drew says, still smirking as he watches her bob along his dick a couple more times.

Pulling her head off of him, she raises an eyebrow as she licks her lips clean. "And what's that supposed to mean?" Kay Lee asks with a sly smile, standing up as she undoes her jeans, turning around and looking back at him as she makes a show out of sliding her clothing down, showing off her nicely rounded arse and her neatly shaved, but already wet looking twat.

"Fucking means you're gagging for it, and that's no bad thing..." Galloway states as he steps out of his pants just as she's getting out of hers, making the move as he positions her so he can lift her leg up for access as she slaps the head of his rod against her folds.

"Mmmm... I'm not some kind of fecking slag, get that right in your head..." She says with a slightly narrowed eyed look, but doesn't resist as she leans forward to rest her arm against the toilet wall for support to stay up on that one leg.

"Never said you were, but if you've got something to admit, then feel free..." The former Drew McIntyre in the WWE says with a chuckle, before letting out a moan as she pushes his covered with her saliva cock into her tight snatch, making her already groan in delight and rock back against his pumps as he starts to send them deep into her.

"Ahhhh... Not with a cunt as tight as this... You sure ain't no corner worker..." He groans again, keeping a hold of her leg as he works his hips back and forth to drive his shaft straight forward into her wetness, causing the already world travelled beauty to moan out with every thrust that's delivered into that snug hole as she pushes herself back firmly against those well timed pumps.

"Ahhhh!! Mmmm... You've got some weird ways... Mmmmm!! Of giving a lass a compliment..." The current ICW: Fierce Females Champion moans as she looks across, watching his fat shaft as it vanishes up into her snatch to already stuff her full before pulling back out to the halfway mark so it can be rushed back in, the erotic slap of skin meeting skin ringing out around the toilet she's getting banged in as she pumps away into her.

"Uhhhhh!! Mmmmm fuck!! Guess those years spent with the Yanks... Mmmm!! Gave you that messed up slang?" She smirks and playfully teases as she keeps on pushing her slender, curved and still semi-clothed frame back sharply to meet each of his steady, already forceful thrusts as the woman who's at ease at competing against the men just as much as she is against other women shows she's can take it from the way she's handling getting nailed by such a thick and long cock like this.

"Mmmmm... What you want me to say Kay Lee? That you're a great cock sucker and you've got a nice, tight twat?" The former WWE Intercontinental Champion groans as indeed he's been loving been balls deep inside of her tight, wet pussy as he uses a series of perfectly timed thrusts to ram his member right into the box of the red headed female wrestler, keeping her moaning out as well as he pumps that mighty tool all the way into her to stuff her full before pulling out just a little in order to quickly and forcefully repeating the motion.

"Ahhhhh! Mmmmm... Not that it isn't true, like..." He adds with a smirk, using his free hand to give her ass a sharp spank to make her groan as he keeps on driving his cock deep into her snatch as she rocks back and forth to meet his motions, and seeing how she's more than capable of handling this kind of action he starts to really hammer things home into her, a hard thrust now making her jolt forward when his muscular body connects with her sexy, athletic frame.

"Ooooooh fuck!! Mmmmm... I'm not just great Drew... Around here I'm the best you'll ever... Ahhhhh!! Ever fucking have!!" The Glasgow beauty grins back at him, moaning out without any shame to show how much she's loving being roughly fucked like this, still managing to stay up in position on one leg and with her arm on the wall for support as she's almost bounced back and forth now from how hard the thrusts being sent all the way into her wet and still tight snatch are.

"Mmmmm!! Awwwww FUCK!! Give it to me... Fucking wreck that cunt!!" She demands with a groan, tossing her bright red hair back as she takes this pounding from the native of Ayr, Scotland as he slams his meaty rod in and out of her slick snatch, making him groan as well as he shows his own erotic ability to keep up this kind of intense pace, already giving her the kind of banging a beauty like her deserves.

"Aye lass... Mmmmm!! I ain't fucking talk either... Mmmmm..." He grunts, giving her arse another firm spank before gripping her, thrusting his dick deep into that snug hole and staying balls deep in her, and he smirks when she instantly grinds herself back against his dick to make them both moan as she works every fat inch of his rod into her snatch and all the while still staying up on the single leg as he holds the other up.

"Ahhhh! I came back home... Mmmmm... To make a bloody impact of my own..." The former "rockstar" in 3MB groans out, starting to swiftly pump his dick in and out of her nice and tight pussy, the pace now allowing her again to move back to meet his incoming motions, ensuring he's going in balls deep every single time he rams himself right forward into her box to keep her moaning out at the same time.

"Mmmmm!! Oh shit... You think you're a fucking gift to Scotland now... Ahhhh!! Now that you're back?" Ray is still able to show that desirable, rebellious nature even as she's getting fucked hard like this, taking another deep pump that makes her groan out.

"Ahhhh... I'm still The Chosen One, no matter where I am..." Galloway states with a smirk, groaning as he pulls out of her wet and still tight snatch, setting her leg down on the floor so she can stand up. "Sounds to me like you think you're bigger than Nessie in this country." He states.

"I just know I'm good laddy, and I know I can handle you, "rockstar"." Kay Lee boldly states with a sexy smile, reaching and pulling her T-shirt up over her head, showing off her perky breasts. "Take a fecking seat and I'll show you a better time than any of the slags back across the pond ever could." She challenges him, motioning to the "throne" itself in the toilet they've been fucking in.

"Considering I wasted a good few months with a blonde with a clown smile? You're already doing way better than she could ever manage." Drew says, having no problems sitting down on the lid on the toilet, his cock - covered with a light layer of her juices now - pointing straight up and ready to go.

"Aye? Well, I'm gonna really "rock" your world now Drew..." She states, straddling his waist and resting her hands on his broad shoulders as she lowers herself down onto his cock, both desirable Scottish wrestlers moaning out as he grips her toned waist and she firmly plants her feet on the floor either side of him. Giving him a saucy grin, she starts to bounce herself on his shaft, groaning as she drops down firmly and makes her ass cheeks slap into his thighs when she goes down to the base, yet again filling her pussy up completely with the biggest dick she's ever had before in all of her days.

"MMMM!! Oh fuck yes... Mmmmm... Bet you fucking love that, huh?" She gasps out, working her snug, damp hole with a steady pace already along his fat inches, showing off the kind of sexual know-how that wouldn't be expected from such a young and gorgeous female wrestler.

"Ahhhhh! Mmmmm... Damn right I do... Ride that big fecking cock lass!" He grins back with a moan of his own, more than happy to let her show her stuff and take the lead, since it's getting him balls deep inside a fantastic feeling, hot pussy as she briskly rides his vast rod, her cries of lust mixing with his along with the smack of skin meeting skin each time she sharply drops own onto his tool to take him deep.

"Ahhhh... First night back... MMMM... And already getting some hole... Gotta fucking love that..." He gladly admits, watching as the bright red headed beauty continues to ride his shaft with a quick and forceful motion, keeping him lodged right up into her snug, wet twat as she only lifts up so a few inches are out of her so she can quickly drive back and get the wonderful sensation of being stuffed full of huge dick once again.

"Oooooooh MMMM!! Yeah Drew!! AHHHH!! A nice, big Scottish prick!! MMMM!!" The stunner who has completed for SHINE Wrestling and SHIMMER Women Athletes already in her career shamelessly moan out as she swiftly and steady bounces her cutely curved frame up and down onto the big dick of the former WWE Superstar she's mounted on top off.

"UHHHH!! Oh fuck!! MMMM... Give it to me Drew!! Pound my tight fecking cunt with that dick, you bloody hung bastard you!" She almost begs, gasping as sweat forms over her pretty face, finding herself having to stop and grind down onto that tool, which is still more than enough to make them both moan out in pleasure as he's rod remains deeply inside that hot, and still nicely tight snatch of hers. Just as he grips her body and leans her forward towards him, she grins and shifts her hands up to his rugged, handsome face, planting her lips against his to start off a deep, lusty kiss that's soon eagerly accepted as their tongues being to slap against each other.

Reaching down to grip her toned ass cheeks, the former Drew McIntyre starts to piston his shaft up hard and with great speed to drive his fat length in and out of her wet box, making her groan loudly into the sloppy kiss she's engaged in, her body being forced to rock forward against his muscular frame from the force alone of every deep thrust she's taking now.

"MMMM!! Mmmmm... Mmmm!!" The hunky stud has rather all too easily taken control of this situation now, pistoning his manhood sharply up into her snug and hot snatch, as shamelessly the talented and beautiful female wrestler he's banging groans out as they both continue to make out, unfazed by how nasty it is to being fucking inside of the toilet room they're both in.

"MMMMPHH! Mmmmm... MMMMMPH!!" Muffled as her cries are, the reigning Scottish Women's Champion of ICW: Fierce Females can't hide her desire as she grips onto the long, rockstar-like hair of the former ICW Heavyweight Champion she's getting banged by, whipping her tongue against his as they swap spit and he swiftly delivers thrust after hard thrust deep up into her slick yet still able to take a whole lot more cunt.

"MMMMM!! OH FUCK!! Ahhhhh!! Oh yes!! Yes yes YES YES MMMMM!!" Pulling away, she can't help but moan out as her body roughly moves forward up against his from how deeply and powerfully he's slamming his rod into her tightness, showing passion as fiery as her flaming red hair as she grips the shoulders again, tilting her head back and all too willing accepting this intense fucking that to her credit many a normal women years her senior would struggle to cope with.

"Ahhhhh! MMMM... Awwww fuck!! I thought... Mmmm!! You were gonna show me a thing or too lass?" Galloway questions, but the grin of his now sweat-covered facial features shows he couldn't care less as he delivers another couple of hard and deep pumps into her.

"I don't... MMMMM!! I don't fucking care anymore!! OOOOOOH SHIT!!" Kay Lee gasps out, groaning when he pulls his dick out of her already well fucked hole. "Just fecking pound me you hung bastard! I fucking need it!!" She practically begs, moving off from him and the toilet they'd fucking on as she moves to bend over the sink, spreading her legs wide and placing both hands on the mirror on the wall in front.

"Aye... I can bloody do that Kay Lee, too right I fucking can..." Drew states with a lick of his lips, moving up behind her and lining his long and fat cock back up with her dripping wet snatch. "You're a little slag for my big fecking cock now, aren't you?" He taunts with a smirk, running his hands over her nicely curved arse as he pushes the head of his prick into her hot tunnel.

"UHHHHH... Mmmmm... Yes! You magnificent bastard you! I... Ahhhh!! I love that big fucking cock!" She almost whines, being completely cock-whipped now from his superb sexual skill and how great along his cock feels stuffing her full.

"Please! I... Ahhhh!! I need it Drew!! I need you to... OOOOOOOH FUUUUUUCK!!" Tossing her bright red hair back, she screams out when without warning the handsome Scottish stud behind her grips her toned waist and starts to hammer his long, thick cock into her snatch, his muscular body slamming into her nicely curved frame to make her bounce forward towards the sink, her mouth handing open as a stream of moans and shameless cries spill out.

"MMMM!! YES!! UHHHH Fuck me!! AHHHH!! FUCK MY FECKING CUNT!!" She begs, even as she's getting more than seemingly she can handle even after lasting this long, but as good as she already is at her young age at sex, she's getting out-fucked by his experienced, deep and hard thrusts, and clearly she's loving every moment of it as her snug snatch gets stuffed to the max thanks to his meaty member.

"Ahhhhh!! MMMM... Yeah Kay Lee!! Fucking take it, you hot... UHHHH!! Little slag you!!" The former WWE Superstar grunts as he harshly drives his dick in and out of her now not nearly as tight as she was half an hour ago snatch, but she still feels wonderful to be balls deep inside which is why he's carrying on slamming home over and over again into the beauty who's been a rising starlet across the UK indies and beyond.

"MMMM... Each time I'm back... Awwwww FUCK!! Around here in ICW... Mmmm!! You'd better be ready to spread your fecking legs... Ahhhhh!! And take what's coming to you just like this!" He groans out, gasping for air a little from keeping up this intense pace as he delivers the kind of pounding that a young stunner like her deserves, reaching forward to take a grip of her long, flaming hair to pull her back sharply against his thrusts, only further serving to make her shamelessly cry out even more as he dominates her soaking wet pussy with more of those hard hitting and deep pumps that would look more in place in a porn movie then backstage in the toilet of a wrestling show.

"UHHHH!! Oh yes Drew!! MMMM!! Just keep FUCKING ME!! You can... AHHHHH!! Do whatever you want!!" The talented and gorgeous female grappler continues to act like a true cock-craving, sex-drunk whore as she gazes at the ripped frame of the stud slamming his rod in and out of her snatch behind her, barely feeling the discomfort of being yanked back by her stylish red hair as she's so caught up in the mind-blowing pleasure she's getting from his more than simply skilled pumping of her snatch.

"MMMM!! FUCK!! Oh fuck I'm close!! AHHHH! Don't stop!! PLEASE!! I'm gonna!! MMMM!!!" She yells out again, almost drooling from the mouth as her body is being roughly rocked back and forth towards the sink she's still bent over in front off, her curved ass cheeks now a shade similar to her hair colour from the repeated impact of his waist connecting off of her every time he's rammed in balls deep into her slick cunt.

"AHHHH!! Horny little skank!! MMMM!! You'd better fucking cum lass!!" He grunts, seeing her expression of pure pleasure as he's driven on himself to keep on pumping away into her snug, soaking wet tunnel, causing himself to moan as sweat coats his muscular, desirable body as he keeps his dick smoothly and quickly ramming balls deep into her, making his nutsack slap into her athletic, sexy frame. Hearing her groan out deeply again and seeing her eyes start to roll backwards from the shameless pleasure, he soon feels her exploding all hard over his fat cock, as Kay Lee Ray starts to cum hard thanks to the hard and fast thrusts of Drew Galloway behind her.

"Awwwww FUCK!! Shit... Gushing like the a fecking waterfall... MMMM..." He groans, not letting up as he continues to thrust away into the moaning beauty, aiding her to ride out what's clearly the biggest, hardest sexual high she's ever had in her young life, but form the way he's also moaning deeply and feeling his dick starting to pulsate inside of her dripping wet hole, the motion isn't simply to make sure it's a job well done on her.

"Uhhhhh!! Oooooooh... Mmmmm!! Oh fuck... Mmmmm..." She can only groan and gasp, still having her head being held up by the hair and that along with the grip on her waist is pretty much the only thing keeping the now sweat coated beauty up and bent over the toilet sink, her body roughly jolting when he delivers a now much slowed down but still pleasurably deep thrust into her.

"Fucking Hell!! Mmmm... You know... Ahhhh... How to handle a Fierce Female like me... Oooooooh! That's for sure..." She's able to gasp out, gazing at the reflection in the mirror to see how his chiseled out of stone body is glistening with sweat as he delivers a couple more balls deep thrusts into that dripping snatch, the sight of which has her licking her lips even after just riding out all of an intense orgasm the likes of which she many never experience again in quite the same way.

"AHHHHH... Damn fecking right... Now let's see you... UHHHH!! Handle a big mouthful..." The former Drew McIntyre groans out, pulling out of her now gaping from how well she's been hammered pussy, and he shifts his grip of her waist to now pull the sweat-coated beauty away from the sink and now down to her knees on the toilet room floor in front of him.

"MMMMM!! Open fucking wide Kay Lee... Because trust me... AHHHHH!! There's a lot cumming your way..." He warns as her keeps her head in place and tilted back with a handful of that sexy, bright red hair, the other hand being used to furiously jerk himself off, expertly aiming the crown of his soaked with her fluids rod down at her face, and the look of naughty desire she's giving back to him as she opens her mouth up and sticks her tongue out just helps him to rapidly reach a well deserved climax of his own.

It's not long to wait before she gets that creamy treat, as after a deep groan Drew Galloway starts to shoot his load, sending bursts of thick spunk right into Kay Lee Ray's mouth and onto her tongue, making her groan as she's soon filled up with such a load that it'd be expected to be the combined amount from a couple of men, not the single groaning hunk who's stroking out every last drop of his jizz.

Finally pumping his tool for the final spurt, he grins down at the huge mouthful of cum the stunning redhead has, and she has no problem with drawing that hungry tongue back in, pressing her lips together, and gulping it all down with a single, very slutty gulp before opening her mouth again to show him she's swallowed all of his cum down after being fucked superbly in this toilet room.

"Mmmm... Fucking tastier than any deep fried Mars bar, right?" Kay Lee grins up at him, groaning as she shakily stands up to her feet, showing the effects of being fucked so hard and fast like she'd just been.

"Aye lass..." Drew says with a gasp, catching his breath himself as he lets go of his spent rod. "Don't you forget... The next time I'm around here, you'd better be ready lass. I'll be bringing a big bottle of lube and I'll be shagging you deep in that tight looking arse of yours." He states, the smirk on his hugged, sweat covered face showing his isn't kidding around.

"Who says I wouldn't be bringing my own fecking toys?" Ray responds with a naughty smile of her own, looking him over. "After that kind of a fuck? I'm coming prepared next time, and that means not waiting until after the show to get a piece of that cock of yours lad!"

Giving her an approving look over, Galloway nods his head with a chuckle. "It's damn good to be back home..."

* * *

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