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Driving Miss Midajah Part 2 - The Ride Home
by TheGameIsOn (

Greed had ended, it was probably WCW's last pay per view ever, and Midajah
was a little melancholy over the evening. Scott Steiner had won his match,
but that could not bring her happiness level up. As we walked back to the
limo, Miss Hancock- Stacey Keibler caught up to us. Her man, Stan Stasiak
had also won that evening, so both women were riding victories. Midajah had
told me on the ride to the show that Stacey would be joining us, and after
the ride in, my expectations were high. I watched Stacey during her match,
and could not take my eyes off her incredibly long legs, leading right up to
the most perfect ass I had ever seen. I didn't even watch the match. It was
Stan Stasiak, who really cared? I started to load their bags into the back
when Midajah stopped me.

"Don't load that one. I'll take that into the back with me," she said.
She gave me a little wink. I opened the door for them to enter. Stacey got
in first. I watched her ass the whole time. Midajah entered afterwards. As
she bent over to get in, I grabbed her ass and gave it a squeeze. "Bad boy,"
she said, "just for that I'm not sure you get to play along this evening."

For the first ten minutes or so, the ladies just chatted about the
evening, the state of the company and their futures. This was starting to
bring both women down until Midajah changed the subject. "Stacey, what is
your favorite thing to do or have done to you sexually?" she asked. I wasn't
sure how Stacey would react to this question, but I found out quickly enough.

"I love to be in a 69. Nothing feels better than having someone lick your
pussy, while you either have a hard cock in your mouth, or the sweet juices
of another woman. Are you sure we should be talking about this, the driver
might hear?" said Stacey.

"I hope he does," Midajah replied, "I quite enjoyed the ride in and was
hoping we could have some more of that on the way home."

Midajah reached over and began to caress Stacey's breasts through her top.
Stacey leaned back into the seat and moaned, slowly unbuttoning her blouse.
Midajah had taken off her top as well, once again revealing her huge firm
breasts. She didn't bother with a bra, I guess she figured it would only get
in the way. Midajah leaned forward and took one of Stacey's tits in her
mouth. I had once again positioned the mirror so I could see the whole show.
Stacey didn't have the biggest breasts of the WCW women, but they were all
natural and her nipples were pink and puffy, just like I liked them. Midajah
licked all around her nipple area, sucking on each breast, making Stacey moan
some more.

Stacey had reached down and rubbed Midajah's tits, squeezing them
together, rolling her nipples with her thumbs. Midajah leaned harder into
Stacey's hands and Stacey squeezed more firmly. Stacey lifted herself up off
the seat and worked her skirt and thong onto the floor. Midajah picked up
her thong and raised it to her face, inhaling Stacey's smell. Stacey lay
back on the seat and spread her legs as best she could. I had a perfect view
of what looked like a totally bald pussy, but looking closer I saw the
smallest patch of light blonde hair. It was beautiful just like the rest of

Midajah has removed her skirt as well and took her place on top of Stacey,
getting into her favorite position, a 69. Midajah and Stacey both started
licking and sucking each other's moist boxes. Stacey spanked Midajah on her
ample ass, making her cry out in pleasure. Both women were rocking on the
other's faces, grinding their cunts into the mouth and tongue of the other.
Midajah reached down and opened the bag she wanted to take into the car with
her. Out of it she brought a huge dildo, which she slowly inserted into
Stacey's waiting pussy.

Stacey cried out," Oh yeah!! Bury that into me. That feels... oooh
shiiit" Stacey was on the verge of cumming. Midajah was thrusting the dildo
into her, while licking and sucking her clit, bringing her closer to orgasm.
"Oh yeah, come on. Suck my clit, faster, faster... Ooooo yeaaaaah."

Just as Stacey came, we pulled into the hotel parking lot. My cock was
straining to bust out of its pants. I looked back at Midajah, who looked
back at me with a "What are you waiting for?" look on her face. I got out of
the driver's seat and started towards the back, taking my shirt off on the
way. Midajah opened the door and immediately threw my pants down around my
ankles. She took my cock into her mouth, bobbing up and down on the shaft,
fast and furious. "I need a cock in me now," she ordered.

Midajah resumed her position on top of Stacey, her ass straight up in
the air waiting for me to take her. I thrust my throbbing cock into her
dripping wet pussy and began riding her ass, thrusting upwards into her cunt
with each bang. Stacey was underneath both of us, alternating between
sucking Midajah's clit and licking my cock and balls while I thrust into
Midajah's ass. I stopped briefly as Stacey took one of my balls in her mouth
and sucked on it, swirling her tongue around. She licked the area between my
cock and asshole, almost making me blow my load right there. Midajah was
ready to cum, so I began to fuck her harder and faster.

"That's it, pound my pussy harder, spank my ass... Oh yeah that's it.
Suck my clit bitch, make me cum. Oh, oh, ohhhh fuccckkkk yeaahhh!!!."
Midajah rocked back into my cock, as her pussy spasmed in orgasm, squeezin
my shaft while Stacey continued to suck on her clit.

Midajah removed herself from on top of Stacey, who had been playing with
herself the whole time. Her face was wet from Midajah's juices and she was
ready to get fucked. I sat on the limo seat, cock still hard as a rock, and
Stacey mounted my cock, draping those long gorgeous legs around my body. She
began to bounce on my dick and grinding her clit into my pelvis. I bent my
head down and took one of her puffy nipples into my mouth, sucking on it like
a baby. Midajah had come up behind Stacey and had worked the dildo up her
tight ass, making Stacey cry out.

"Oh yeah, nothing like having both holes filled," she said. Stacey's
orgasm was fast approaching as she bounced harder on my cock. "Oh yeah, here
we go! Your cock is so thick... yeah baby, fuck me hard. Oooooh yeaahh!!!"
Stacey had her second orgasm of the night, I had yet to have one and I needed
to cum soon.

Stacey got off my cock and both her and Midajah got on their knees in
front of me. Stacey took my cock in her hands and began to lick my shaft,
swirling her tongue over my cock head before taking me into her mouth. In a
couple of bobs, Stacey took my entire cock down her throat, as my pubic hair
tickled her nose. She held her mouth there for a moment, letting me feel the
sensation. Midajah was below, sucking on my balls, fondling them with her

I was ready to cum, and both women knew it. They knelt impatiently;
mouths open, waiting for me to shoot my load. Stacey grabbed my shaft with
both hands and stroked me off until I began to shoot load after load of cum
onto both her and Midajah's faces. Both women were coated from my spunk, on
their faces, chins, hair, and tits. Midajah and Stacey took turns licking my
cock clean, and than they turned to each other and lick each other clean.

"Now this was a contest worth entering," I said

"What, do you think it's over?" said Midajah, "we're back at the hotel and
we've got a long night ahead of us. Some of the other girls stopped by this
evening to hang out. Tylene and Kim Page are already upstairs waiting for
us. You got some more in there stud?" Midajah grabbed my cock in her hands
and began to stroke it back to hardness while Stacey sucked on my nipples.
This was going to be a long, fun night.


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