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Knockouts: Lisa Marie "Tara/Victoria" Varon and Christy Hemme

Duel Personality
by Number One (

Only four months after leaving World Wrestling Entertainment, seasoned
veteran Lisa Marie Varon arrived as the newest member of the TNA Knockouts
roster. It was a new beginning for the former longtime Diva, who wanted to
leave certain parts of her WWE past behind--the last two years of it,
especially. She even went as far as going by a different name: Tara. Tara had
just debuted in stellar fashion--taking out a couple of the members of The
Beautiful People and letting Knockouts Champion Angelina Love know that she
is coming for het title.

After she appeared in front of the entire Impact Zone, Tara walked backstage
to take a look at her new surroundings. As she did, she saw one of the more
positive remnants from her WWE days--in the form of fellow former Diva
Christy Hemme. Tara and Christy had been friends since they were both in WWE
together, and even though Christy left the company long before Tara did, they
kept in touch--even taking their relationship to a more romantic level. They
hadn't spoken in months, but despite that, Tara was elated to see Christy
again. But just as she was about to greet her, Christy took one look at her
and merely walked away.

"Christy!" Tara called in a desperate attempt to get her attention, but to no
avail. Just after that, Tara heard what sounded like laughter coming from
behind her, and turned around to see who it was. Thinking it was one of The
Beautiful People, the former Diva-turned-Knockout headed back toward the
Knockouts locker room--where she heard the laughing sounds again. Tara
entered, expecting to see one of the BPs, but again seeing no one. "Over
here, Tara," was what she heard from close by. She looked around for a good
while, only stopping at the mirror. What Tara saw was quite odd, but it bore
a feeling of familiarity for her. It was her reflection, but in different
clothes. Tara was in her tight blue jeans and donning a light brown top,
while her reflection was in a sexy red latex outfit. She also noticed that
her reflection was smirking at her, and that was when Tara knew exactly who
she was dealing with.

"Oh my God! Victoria?!"

Tara was, in fact, referring to her villainous persona in WWE--something she
thought she left behind when she left the company four months ago. "Tara,"
Victoria said smugly, "it's been far too long."

", no, no!" Tara exclaimed. "You can't be here. You just can't!"

"And why is that?" asked Victoria. "Because you say so? You just up and go to
a new place and think you can leave me behind? I'm afraid not. You and I are
a package deal, Tara. We are one and the same."

"I am nothing like you!" Tara said angrily, resulting in Victoria laughing
wickedly at her alter-ego. "Oh, that's really funny!" she said. "But not as
funny as the way you were gazing at Christy just a moment ago."

"Shut up!" shouted Tara. "You are not allowed to even say her name. It's
because of you that she won't talk to me. You hurt her, not just physically,
but emotionally as well."

"Don't you dare talk to me like that!" snarled Victoria. "You know, we were
doing just fine until that little bitch turned up. I had to watch you throw
yourself at her over and over again, to the point where I had had enough. So
I decided that it was time that I, I mean, we would take matters into 'our'
own hands." Seeing her diabolical persona flash that sinister smile a second
time immensely angered Tara. ""

"What?" Victoria asked. "Like you didn't enjoy it? You didn't just love it
when we grabbed Christy right by her pretty red hair and made her scream her
little heart out? You can try to lie to yourself all you want, Tara, but the
fact is simple: you are nothing without me." At that point, Tara slowly
backed away from the locker room mirror in fear that her sanity was slipping
away, while Victoria stared a proverbial hole into her. "Nothing, Tara," she
said ominously. "NOTHING!" With that outburst, Tara ran out of the locker
room in a panicked rush. She continued moving rapidly towards the main exit,
not noticing that she walked past Christy, who (out of concern) followed her
outside to the parking lot. Tara was nearly to her car before she turned
around and faced Christy.

"Christy," was all Tara could say to her longtime friend and sometimes lover.
For a brief while, both women simply stared at each other with an awkward
silence, that was broken when Christy--out of the blue--kissed Tara's
luscious lips. After their brief embrace, the lovely redhead softly said,
"It's good to see you."

"I'm so happy to see you, too," replied Tara.

"Why haven't you called?" asked Christy. "I missed talking to you."

"Believe me, I wanted to," answered Tara. "After our last encounter, I was
afraid that you wouldn't talk to me. But that doesn't matter now. What
matters is that we are together again." Right after she uttered that
statement, Christy displayed what seemed to be an uneasy expression on her
face. "What's wrong?" asked Tara.

"I recall our last encounter very well," said Christy. "And for that reason,
I have to ask. Are you OK?"

"I wasn't myself at the time," replied Tara. "But I promise you, after only a
brief period in this new environment, my head is together." The statuesque
brunette walked closer to Christy and the two ladies made out with each other
a second time, this time a bit longer than usual. After their romantic lip-
lock, Christy later said to Tara, "Your place or mine?"

"Why, mine, of course, sweetie," Tara said with a girlish giggle. Both ladies
walked to Tara's car, and the statuesque brunette couldn't help but gaze at
Christy's cute ass. Before she entered, however, she looked into the window
and quickly noticed that Victoria was smirking at her. The mental mind games
continued during the entire drive, as it seemed like Victoria was staring a
proverbial hole into Tara through the rear-view mirror. All the while,
Christy simply sat at the passenger's seat--fully unaware that her lover was
slowly losing her grip on reality.

After a lengthy drive, Tara and Christy finally arrived at the former's
house, and were all over each other the very second after they entered.
Christy led the way upstairs to Tara's bedroom, while the veteran in-ring
beauty enthusiastically followed her. The two Divas-turned-Knockouts
continued their heated embrace in the bedroom, which ended with both falling
on Tara's king-sized bed--with Christy on top of her. As they giggled like a
pair of horny schoolgirls, Christy removed her dress and started touching
herself all over. "Tara," she said with an amorous tone, "I want you so bad
right now." With that said, Tara removed all of her clothing and started
another make-out session with her. After the lip-lock, Christy started
showering her lover with soft kisses to her neck down to her supple breasts.

"Ooooohhh...yeahhhh...," Tara softly moaned in ecstasy. "Give me more, baby,"
Christy did just that by licking and sucking on Tara's breasts, much to the
sheer delight of both women. However, as Tara was really starting to get into
it, she started hearing these words:

"Punish her! Punish her now!"

Clearly, Tara had Victoria screaming in her head, but she flat out ignored
the twisted demands of her evil alter-ego and tried to focus. "Do it!!" she
heard Victoria shrieking in her mind. "Come on, Tara! DO IT!!!"

"AAAHHH! Stop!" Tara screamed loudly. Christy, thinking the demand was meant
for her, stopped her act immediately. "Tara?" she said with deep concern,
"what's wrong? I was as gentle as possible."

"Nothing, Christy," answered Tara. "Just keep doing what you're doing." With
that said, Christy went back to her lovemaking--by slowly moving her hands
down her equally amorous lover's waist to her shaved snatch. The lovely
redhead wasted no time inserting her fingers inside of Tara's tight pussy and
toying with her. "AHHH!! Oh yeah!!!" Tara yelled orgasmically.
"AAAHHH!...OHHHH!!!" The veteran Knockout wasn't the only one enjoying this
erotic moment, as Christy was really putting her own level of intensity into
fingerfucking Tara.

"Oh yeah...that's what I want to hear!" the voluptuous redhead exclaimed as
she continued toying with Tara's pussy. "I missed a lot of things during our
time apart, but the thing I missed most of making you scream!" The
very second after that statement was uttered, Tara stared at her mirror with
ominous intensity--as if she were hypnotized. As she watched herself fondle
and cradle Christy's gorgeous body, Tara heard her lover's words echoing in
her mind. The raven-haired Knockout slowly moved her right hand upward to
Christy's head, and suddenly started firmly clutching her long red hair.

"You listen to me!" the enraged beauty hissed. "The only screams that will
heard will come from YOU!"

"Tara?" Christy uttered while writhing in pain. "'re hurting me."

"Tara doesn't live here anymore," were the very words that came out right
before Christy was tossed to the bedroom floor. It was clear to the now
terrified Knockout that Victoria had taken full control over Tara, and she
stared in immense horror as the vicious vixen slowly walked closer to her.
"It's been a long time, Christy," Victoria said with a sinister smirk on her
face. "In fact, it's been far too long."

"What do you want, Victoria?" asked Christy.

"I want you, of course," Victoria sweetly replied--right before she picked
Christy up by her red hair and dragged her towards the mirror. "This is all
your fault, Tara!" the psychotic beauty screamed. "You chose this little
bitch over me--after all the time we spent together! Now I want you watch
closely, my dear, as I make your precious sweetheart cry her little heart
out." While still holding Christy's hair, Victoria opened her dresser drawer
and pulled out a leather strap-on--with the main centerpiece being a 12-inch
dildo. The sinister siren stared at the object hypnotically before she showed
it to Christy. "Remember this, my dear?" Victoria asked coyly. "You should.
This little beauty played a key role in our last encounter." Victoria tossed
Christy towards her bed and put the strap-on dildo around her gorgeous waist.

"Please...I'm begging you," Christy said fearfully. But her pleas fell on
deaf ears as Victoria slowly crawled over her and forced her into a bent over
position--making sure both of them faced the mirror. "So beautiful," the
wicked Victoria commented as she fondled her lover's waist with her hands,
while stroking her cute ass with the apparatus. While clutching her waist,
Victoria quickly shoved the entire 12 inches of plastic inside Christy's
tight pussy. causing intense malaise.

"AAAHHH!!!" Christy screamed in pain. That loud shriek wasn't enough to
satisfy Victoria's sadistic desires, so she started fucking her tight ass
with her object of sexual torment. In and out, in and out, a ruler's length
was literally pounding Christy's pussy with extreme intensity. "OHHH GOD!!!"
the anguished redhead continued to shriek.

"Oh yes, Christy!" the evil Victoria screamed. "Scream for me, baby! But more
importantly, scream for your precious Tara!" The fiendish beauty started
fucking Christy with more intensity--in an attempt to deliver more pain and
anguish to her. "AAAGHHH! Stop!" Christy shrieked. "Please stop!" But
Christy's pleas were only met by the maniacal cackling of her villainous
tormentor, whose deranged mind was somewhere else at the moment. However,
Christy was not the only one begging for mercy.

"Stop it, Victoria!"

"Shut up, Tara!" Victoria snarled angrily at her alter-ego. "You're not going
to stop me! You are going to watch as I destroy and torture this little
slut!" The crazed Knockout decided to add to Christy's pain by once again
pulling her long red hair. That pain along with the feeling of the apparatus
going in and out of her at full force, hurt Christy so much that she started
shedding actual tears. "Victoria...please...," Christy said between sobs.
"Stop doing this to me."

"Poor baby," Victoria said in a mocking tone. "Are you crying? I don't see
why. As I recall, you love this."

"Bring Tara back," pleaded Christy.

"No!" shouted Victoria. "Not until you admit that you are enjoying this
pounding I'm giving you. Now, say it!"

"AHHH! I'm enjoying it, OK?!" Christy screamed.

"Oh, Christy, Christy, Christy," said Victoria. "That's not good enough! I
want you to say it like you mean it!"

"OK! OK!" Christy shrieked as her hair was being pulled even tighter. "I love
it when you pull my hair and cause intense pain to my tight pussy. In fact,
this is better than our last encounter. Now please..." The tormented redhead
continued shedding tears as her ass was being pummeled by the twisted
Victoria. "I knew it!" the crazed vixen exclaimed. "I always knew you were a
nasty little slut, Christy. And now that you've revealed your true deviant
nature, I'm going to continue giving you what you want!" Victoria cackled
evilly as she proceeded on with her vicious sexual act, which suddenly came
to a quick halt. Christy hardly noticed--mainly because she was still
lamenting over the pounding she had received. However, one sound managed to
ease her pain.


"Tara?" said Christy. "Tara, is that you?" Her query was met with a
passionate kiss from her lover. Tara had regained full control over Victoria,
and she was elated to be back in the arms of the woman she loved for years.
"I'm so sorry," said Tara. "I thought I had everything under control, but I
lost my grip. Can you ever forgive me?"

"On one condition," replied Christy.

"Name it," said Tara. With a wicked smile on her face, Christy said, "Could
Victoria visit more often?"

"What?!" asked Tara. She thought Christy was kidding, but she was dead
serious. "I was really hurt by Victoria," she said, "but as the act
progressed, part of me was actually into it. And you watching...made it even
hotter." Tara couldn't help but giggle at Christy's comments. "Actually, to
be honest," she began, "I actually got off on it, too. And you're right,
Christy. Victoria does add a little something to our time together." Both
lovely Knockouts engaged in another heated make out session--longer than the
last one. "I love you, Christy," said Tara.

"I love you, too, Tara," said Christy. "And I love you, Victoria."

"I love you, naughty little bitch," replied Victoria.

The End

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