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ECW & WWF Join Forces Part 1
by Scott Hall

"Jesus Christ! What happened to you?" Vince McMahon yelled as he walked
in to Paul Heymans office. "This guy has aged 10 years since I talked to him
last" Vinnie Mac thought to himself as he took a seat in the messy office
of the ECW owner.

"Vince, we're in some deep shit." said Paul. "I can't make any money
whatsoever! The only way that I can think of making anything is by pimping
out all my chicks."

Frustrated, Paul lighted a cigarette and started smoking.

"No, no. We don't need to do that. I have an idea. This week will be
another ECW invasion. You guys will come on Raw, Smackdown and Heat and take
over the whole fuckin thing! We'll have title matches, women's matches every
damn thing. Whadoya say?" Vince extends his hand.

"This is going to be good." Paul says with a smile.


Backstage at Raw, HHH is looking for his wife. He walks to the door of
the women's locker room and knocks. No one answers so HHH walks in to look
for Steph.

"Hey hon- Holy Shit!" HHH jumps back when he sees the wonder of a body
before him. Francine, wearing only a towel on her head, comes out of the
shower shocked to see Hunter standing there.

"What th- oh hey Hunter." Francine looks relieved.

Friends from the earlier ECW invasion in 97, Frannie and HHH had kept in
touch on the phone. Now clad in only a towel, Francine gives HHH a huge hug,
pressing her giant tits against his chest. She invites him to sit down and
he does.

"You don't mind if I get dressed, do you?" Frannie says.

"Uh, no." says a shocked Hunter. "Man I'd love to hit that" he says under
his breath.

"Shit." Francine says as she drops her hair brush. She bends over to get
it, giving HHH a perfect view of her ass and pussy, which is neatly trimmed.

"So Hunter hows things?" Frannie asks.

"Not bad." Hunter says, trying to hide his erection.

"Something pop up you'd like to share?" says Francine, now looking at
HHH's crotch.

"Sorry its just that..." Frannie puts a finger over her mouth and then
removes the towel.

HHH stares at her gorgeous breasts. She then gets on her knees and crawls
over to Hunter. She removes his pants and boxers, then grabs hold of his
huge 9 inch cock. She strokes it up and down, then slides her tounge across
the circumference. Francine then opens her mouth and takes his cock in her
mouth, inch by inch. She swallows his entire shaft and then begins to bob her
head up and down, slowly at first. HHH groans and grabs her head. Francine
starts to bob faster and faster. HHH holds her head steady.

"Uh yeah baby kee- oh I'm cumming!"

HHH shoots his load into Francines mouth, she swallows it all.

"Baby, I ain't done." says HHH as he pulls Francine up. He throws her on
the bed and takes his semi-hard cock and presses against her pussy.

"Stick it in me please!. STICK IT IN ME!" Frannie shouts as HHH slowly
begins to slide his once again hard cock in to her honeypot. He wastes no
time slamming into Francine, as he gets his entire cock into her tight, wet

"Uh, uh, uh oh my god your great!" HHH groans as his balls begin to slap
against her ass with increasing speed.

"Oh Hunter, I am about to cum. Uh, make me cum baby. Make me cum!" screams
Francine as HHH slams into her.

"Here we go."

HHH grabs her head as he slams one more time and unloads his cum into
Francine's pussy. Frannie then cums all over HHH's dick and both spasm hard
and fall into each other's arms. "Clean up the mess you made." says a panting
HHH as Francine slides down to HHH's dick, covered in her cum. She starts to
lick it clean, then sucks it one more time until HHH pulls out. He strokes
his dick and then shoots all over Francine's mouth, tits and stomach. HHH
gets dressed as Francine heads back to the shower.

"Hey Hunter, I'm here all week." She says in a seductive voice.

HHH smiles and exits the women's locker room.


"Wow it's so cool seeing all my old ECW friends again." Lita thinks to
herself as she walks around, hugging and chatting with her former ECW
comrades again.

"Well if it isn't Angelica herself."

Lita knew that voice anywhere. She turns. "Danny!" she yells as she runs
to Danny Doring, who drops his ECW tag team title belt and takes Lita in his
arms. They embrace and Lita kisses him on the cheek.

"It's so great to see you." says Danny, as he puts his arm around Lita.

Unknown to each other, Lita always had a thing for Danny when she was his
valet in ECW. Now she could show him how much she really missed him.

"Congrats about your tag team title win." Lita says.

"Hey wanna come into my locker room?" She says in a seductive voice.

"Gettin a little hot. Well the Danaconda can fill all your needs."

Both laugh.

"He hasn't changed a bit." Lita says to herself as she opens the door to
the empty locker room. She points to the couch. Danny sits down. Lita walks
over to the TV and bends over to turn it on, giving Danny a great view of her
great ass. She sits down close to Danny and watches the Jakked tapings.

"You know Danny, there is something I wanna tell you. I have had a thing
for you since we were together in ECW." Lita says in a seductive voice. "I
wanted you then and I want you now."

She places a hand on Danny's thigh and starts sliding it up to his crotch.

"Well, I have wanted to nail you since the first day I saw you."

Lita was now rubbing his crotch. "Glad to hear you say that."

Lita stands up and removes her shirt, exposing a black satin bra. She then
removes her pants, showing a matching thong.

"Girl, come give the Danaconda a blow."

Lita gets on her knees and removes Danny's shorts and boxers, exposing a
decent sized 7 incher. She doesnt waste anytime, and take the whole thing in
her mouth. She bobs her head up and down fast as Danny groans and rolls his
eyes back. He shoots his load unexpectedly into Lita's mouth and she swallow
most of it, some rolling down her chin.

She gets up and takes off her bra and thong and stands in front of Doring,
butt naked. She moves to him and sits down on his cock. She starts to jump up
and down, her tits flying in Doring's face. He starts to jam into her with
his dick and shoves his face in between her tits. She moans loudly as Doring
picks up his pace. She rides him faster and faster before Doring throws her

"I ain't gonna get you pregnant." he says, as he picks Lita up and bends
her over.

"Go slow."

Doring lubes his dick with Lita's wet pussy and then slowly starts to
slide his cock in her ass inch by inch. "Good god, this is tight."

Lita moans and winces as he slowly gets his entire cock in her ass. He
starts pumping and nails her hard, their skin smacking together as he does
it. Lita screams at the top of her lungs. "Make me cum!" and then moans and
pants loudly as Danny fucks her like a dog.

"I am cumming!" screams Lita as Danny drives into her two more times then
shoots his load into her tight ass.

Lita falls you the floor, in a missionary position and Danny gets on top
of her. He slides his cock in her wet pussy and slams into her hard, causing
her to scream after every thrust. She wraps her gorgeous legs around his
waist and uses the extra leverage to pull him in and out faster. Both are now
grunting as Danny is absolutely violating Lita with his superspeed thrusts.

"I am about to spew." shouts Danny.


Too late. Danny starts ramming into Lita, filling up her pussy with his
hot cum. Lita cums as she is being rammed by Doring. Danny pulls out of her
and gets dressed. Lita puts on her clothes and lies down on the couch. Doring
leans in and gives her a big kiss.

"See ya around babe." Doring says with a wink and walks out of the locker

Lita dozes off only to be awoken by Simon, Swinger and Dawn Marie.

"Hey there. I knew we'd find you here." says Dawn.

They all laugh and...

To Be Continued.

What do you guys think? Reply or email me with your thoughts at: if you guys like it, I will continue the story.

Thanks for reading.

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