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ECW & WWF: Join Forces Part 2
by Scott Hall

"Hey Jacko, this is going to rule!" says Steve Corino into his cellphone.
"WWF rules! Hey man I gotta go, Paul E. wants to talk to me. Hurry up and get
here before our match."

Steve hangs up the phone.

"Hey Stevie!"

Corino hated being called that. He turns around and sees the gorgeous
Stephanie McMahon, the girl who got him hired in the WWF as a Jakked jobber,
beaming at him from the door of her locker room.

"Stephanie, whats up?" Steve says as he walks over to the door.

"Not much, you wanna come in?" Steph says.

She opens the door and leads Corino in. He sits down on the couch and
Steph joins him. She puts his hand on his knee and looks into his eyes.
Corino is staring at her ample breasts, which are right in his line of

"Like what ya see?" Steph says. "Here lemme give you a better look."

Steph stands up and removes her shirt, exposing her huge tits, covered by
a white satin bra.

"Much better." says Corino as he stands up. He removes his pants exposing
his 10 inch dick to Steph "God I am glad I decided to go commando today."
Steve thinks to himself.

He reaches behind Stephanie and takes off her bra.

"Baby, get me over." Corino says.

Steph laughs at the joke, then goes down to her knees and grabs Corino's
hard cock. She kisses the tip, then takes his cock in her mouth, inch by
inch. Corino grabs the side of her head to hold her steady. Steph slowly
starts to bob her head, moving slow the gradually getting faster, while
humming at the same time.

This sent Corino over the edge, and he spewed his hot load into Steph's
waiting mouth. After swallowing it all, Steph lies down on the floor and
spreads her legs in a missionary position. Corino takes the rim of her pants
and takes them off, revealing a white thong. He removes those, then takes off
his shirt. He takes his dick and starts teasing Steph by pressing the tip
against her hot, moist pussy.

"Fuck me! Fuck me now! Please!" Steph begs as Corino slowly starts to
slide his hard cock in, inch by inch.

He finally gets all the way in and slowly starts grinding against Steph,
while sucking on her ample tits. He picks up his pace, causing Stephanie's
moans to get louder.

"Oh, oh, oh, baby, ye- oh OOOOOOHH!" Steph was moaning at the top of her
lungs, not used to having a such a big dick in her pussy, even though she's
had a lot.

Corino rises up and moves on his knees, while staying in her. He grabs
her hips and starts furiously pumping away at Steph, causing her to scream in
ecstasy. "How do you like that?" A panting Corino says as he increases the
speed of his pumping, which causes Steph to cum.

"Oh my god. Make me c- oh, uh, uh, uh. I"M CUMMMMING!" Steph says as her
pussy tightens around Steve's dick, coating it with her sweet juices.

This is all the Steve can take and thrusts hard, filling up Steph's hot
pussy with his hot cum. Corino collapes on top of Steph, who turns him over
and gets off of him. Corino sits up and gets a view of Steph's ass right in
his face. His cock gets hard again and he stands up and grabs Steph's ass.
She turns around.

"You want some, come get some." she says as she bends over in front of

Corino slaps her ass and spreads her cheeks apart some more. He then takes
his cock and sticks it hard in Stephs ass. "Damn this is tight." he says as
he furiously starts pumping.

Steph turns and puts her hands on the couch for better balance as Corino
reaches over and grabs her tits. Steph takes one hand starts fingering her

"Hey Steve open up." says Jack Victory who is outside the locker room

"Go away Jack, I am getting over!" Steve shouts as he starts to slam-fuck
Steph in the ass.

Jack leaves and Steve turns his attention to the fucking. He uses his left
hand to balance himself and takes his right and starts smacking Stephanies
ass, making it jiggle and turn redder then it already is. Meanwhile, Steph is
on the throws of orgasm.

"Oh baby, yeah, oh, uh, uh, uh, Make me cum, Make me - Oh my god I'm
writhes on Corino's cock.

Corino can't take anymore and spews his hot load in Stephanies jiggling
ass and then pulls out and drops to the floor.

Steph goes into the shower and asks Steve to come along. Screams can be
heard for over the next hour as both are fucking each other raw in the


To Be Continued.

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