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ECW & WWF Join Forces Part 3
by Scott Hall

"Damn, I'm tired." Chris Jericho heads behind the curtain of the Raw set,
after taking on Rhino for the ECW TV title. "I think I'll wai- what the

Jericho hears screaming coming from the Hardy's locker room.

"Are they filming something? Lemme check it out." Jericho says to himself.

Jericho opens the door a crack and is shocked by what he sees. On the
couch, there is Lita being sandwiched by Simon and Swinger, both men almost
violating her as the double penetration continues. As Jericho opens more, he
sees a naked Dawn Marie, fingering herself to the erotic scene front of her.
This causes Jericho's dick to get erect, and he decides to barge in.

"Am I too late for the party?" says Jericho.

Simon and Swinger stop, until Dawn tells them to continue.

"Chris, your just in time."

Dawn gets on her knees and removes Chris' wrestling boots and tights. She
then takes his average six inch dick in her hand and runs her tounge across
the curcumference, then swallows the whole thing in one fell swoop. Meanwhile
Swinger has pulled out of Lita and has her sucking his dick while Simon is
nailing her in the ass. Jericho palms Dawn's ass and gives it a hard smack.
He then lifts her up and bends her over.

"Baby, get ready for Dawn is Jericho!" he shouts as he takes his erect
cock and slowly starts to slide into Dawn's moist pussy.

Lita, about to cum, sucks faster on Swingers dick, causing him to cum and
pass out on the floor. Simon is next as he shoots his load into Lita's ass.
Lita finally cums after almost 30 minutes of double penetration, and falls
asleep on the couch.

Jericho is spanking Dawn's ass, making it jiggles while he fucks her hard
in the pussy.

"Uh, oh yeah! Baby, faster, haaaaaarder, uh, oh, uh. I am gonna cum. Make
me cum! I'M CUMMMMMING" Dawn shouts as her juices coat Jericho's cock and her
pussy tightens around it.

This is all that Jericho and take and pulls out. He steps in front of
Dawn's face and starts stroking his dick. Soon, the hot cum splashes all over
her face and tits. She licks up all she can then rubs the cum into her body.
Jericho sits down on the couch, panting.

"Boy, I ain't done yet." says Dawn as she walks over to Chris.

She places her hands on his shoulders and slowly starts to sit down
on his semi-erect dick. She starts to ride him, gyrating her hips in a slow
controlled manner. She then picks up the pace, as Jericho starts to buck his
hips and nail her with his now hard cock. He grabs Dawn's hips and pulls her
up and down faster.

After 15 minutes of non-stop riding, both cum at the same time coating
each other in their juices. Chris passes out, and Dawn falls asleep in his


"Whoo hoo, baby come over here I can give you a ride you won't forget!"
shouts some Indy workers at Elektra.

"Dark match jobbers." she says under her breath.

Elektra walks over to the Acolytes office, where they are playing cards,
as they are not booked to be on Raw.

"Hey guys." Elektra says in a seductive voice.

"Get th- oh mmm hey." Faarooq says, now looking up from his hand to gaze
right at Elektra's tits.

"I need some protection, but I don't have any money." Elektra pouts.

"Well I think we can arrange something." says Bradshaw, whose erection is
clearly visible through his jeans.

"What?" she asks.

Faarooq unbuckles his belt and removes his jeans and boxers, revealing a
huge 11 inch cock. "Let your knees touch your elbows." Faarooq says.

Elektra bends over and swallows Faarooq's dick whole, then starting to
deep throat him.

Meanwhile Bradshaw is naked coming up behind Elektra, holding his 8 inch
cock in his hand. He starts to slide it up Elektra's asshole, causing her to
wince and moan until Faarooq's sticks his dick back in her mouth. Bradshaw
immediately starts to slam fuck Elektra's ass, emitting a loud "smack" every
time her thrusts his body forward.

Meanwhile Faarooq is fucking Elektra's face as she moans and humms while
still sucking on his cock. Faarooq shoots his load, almost filling up her
mouth with cum and she swallows it all. Faarooq then lies down underneath
Elektra and she sits down on his cock. She slowly takes it in inch by inch.

"God, this is so- uh tight." Faarooq says.

"Don't worry I'll get to uh i uht." a panting Bradshaw says.

Faarooq grabs Elektra's hips and pulls her up and down on his huge cock.
Elektra has a look of pain on her face, but she is enjoying every second of
this double team.

"Oh, ooohh, uh ahhhhhhh yeah ah, ah, uh, fuck me hard, FUCK ME HARD!"
screams Elektra as both of the Acolytes fuck her in her love holes.

"Oh shit, I'M CUMMING!" shouts Bradshaw as he starts to slam into her hard
then slowly stops.

He pulls out and smacks her ass with his dick, then moves in front of her
face. Bradshaw sticks his dick in her mouth and shoots his remaining load in
her mouth.

Faarooq's pulls out and shoots his load all over her tits. Then they
switch as Faarooq sticks his dick in her ass and Bradshaw slides under her
and sticks it in her pussy.

"1,2,3 Go!" Faarooq and Bradshaw both start fucking her with all their
speed, causing Elektra to scream with delight. Loud "smacks" can be heard as
both men violate her moist love holes. Faarooq starts to smack Elektra's ass
with his right hand, while palming it with his left.

"Oh god. I'M CUMMMMMMMMMIIIIIIINNNNNNNNGGGG!" screams Elektra as she coats
Bradshaw's dick with her cum.

Faarooq and Bradshaw both pull out and push her flat on her back. They
then start stroking their dicks, until they shoot their huge loads all over
Elektra, Faarooq's landing on her face and tits and Bradshaw splashing on her
stomach, pussy and legs. Both men then collapes on the floor. Elektra's sucks
their dicks clean then they all pass out, a cigar still lit in Faarooq's

To Be Continued

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