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ECW & WWF Join Forces Part 4
by Scott Hall

"Bye baby." says Francine as she walks out of HHH's locker room.

She wipes off her mouth and then begins to walk over to the gorilla
position when she is pulled back by Hardcore Holly.

"What the hell? Get off me!" says Francine as she slaps Bob across the

"Bitch, your coming with me."

Bob drags Frannie into his locker room and then throws her on a bench. Bob
takes off his jeans and boxers, exposing his dick to Francine.

"Get on your knees bitch!" says Hardcore as Frannie does what he says.

Deep down, Francine always liked to be dominated, but Justin was too pussy
to do anything about it. She takes his entire dick in her mouth and starts
to suck on it. She bobs her head up and down, swirling her tounge around his
dick. Bob pulls her up and bends her over. He teases sticking his cock in her
but then smacks her ass hard with his hand, making it jiggle.

"You've been a naughty little girl!" Bob says as his hand once again
connects with Francine's ass.

He hits her repeatedly over and over again, getting harder with each
smack. He then takes his dick and smacks Frannies ass, which is red beyond
belief, and soaks his dick in her surprisingly wet pussy. He then pushes the
tip into her asshole, eventually getting it all in. He pumps with all his
speed, eliciting a loud smack everytime he thrusts against Francines red,
jiggling ass.

Bob reaches around and grabs her tits as he increases the speed of his
pumping. Francine is screaming in pain and pleasure, fingering herself as she
is being violated by Holly. Holly reaches to the top of Frannie's head and
grabs her hair. He pulls it, causing her head to go back and causing her to
scream with delight. Bob smacks her ass with his free hand then pulls out. He
pushes her to the floor and spreads her legs. Bob sticks his cock into
Frannie's moist pussy hard and pumps her violently. He grabs Francine by the
throats and chokes her while he repositions himself on his knees, slamming in
to her harder.

"Don't stop. Oh uh. *Cough* Treat me like the whore that I am!" Francine
says as she is being dominated by Hardcore.

"Oh yyyyyyeaaaaaaaaah. Wait I- I- I'M CUMMING!" she shouts as Hardcore
lets go of her throat and starts pumping with reckless abandon.

Her pussy tightens around his dick and that is all he can take. He pulls
out of her and starts stroking his cock. He then cums all over Francine's
face and tits then smacks her across the face.

"I am your master bitch. Remember that!" Bob says as he puts on his
clothes and leaves Francine covered in his cum and sweat.

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