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This is a sexual fantasy story using the Divas of the WWE this story is therefore not endorsed by the WWE or by the Divas featured in the story. I am not doing this for profit or by orders of anyone other than my own sick kinky mind, This story has deep sexual themes from the start and features lots and lots of lesbian fact it's pretty much all lesbian sex really so if that makes you uncomfortable or you do not like reading erotic stories please don't read this story. You must be 18 to read this story and any feedback good, bad or indifferent is welcome though my email Thanks for taking a look at my story if you do read it I really hope you enjoy it, ThePac

ECW First Cum Match Part 1
by ThePac

It's the New Year's Eve special of ECW live of Sci Fi and the main event is a hopefully feud ending match between ECW'S hottest Divas. Kelly and Layla have been feuding since the summer of 2007 on Sci Fi after Extreme Expose spilt up. The two Divas have had a few battles but neither getting the upper hand on the other. Kelly bested Layla in a Halloween food fight then beat Layla in a best body contest but after the contest Layla beat up a bikini clad Kelly. Teddy Long the new ECW GM has decided for the New Year's Eve special all the old feuds and hang ups from the past year will be sorted. Layla and Kelly then will wrestle tonight one last match to truly separate who is the better Diva Mr Long has made the match extra special using a deeply underused gimmick. Kelly Kelly will face off against Layla in a First Cum match meaning the first Diva to make the other orgasm will win the match.

As its ECW the match will be contested under extreme rules and seeing the bitterness of the girls in the best body contest Teddy Long rules that for the match the girls will be clad in only their hottest bikinis. The fans are looking forward to this match up as seeing two Divas that hate each other performing lesbian acts in order to win is deeply erotic. An old First Cum match between Trish and Lita is still one of the most re watched moments in WWE history. The fans also know in this type of match the tease is backed up by the act unlike Kelly wanting to strip naked and extreme strip poker these horny fans will see some skin and hot lesbian action guarantied. They are also intrigued by the match up, neither girl having great wrestling experience Kelly being a bikini model and Layla a dancer yet both women are amazingly hot and maybe a more down beat catfight style match will suit them.

It's main event time in the ECW and Layla's rather sinister drum beat intro plays first bringing out the British born Diva who walks out past the small shiny ECW stage with a scowl on her face. Her long black hair pulled back into a ponytail and round her body is wrapped a black robe hiding her choice of bikini from the fans. What they can see under the robe is the big black leather knee high boots Layla is sporting, very dominatrix like but surely with 3 inch heels very tough to wrestle in. Layla chooses not to do her normal splits lying on the second rope taunt choosing instead to get right into the ring with the announcer waiting for her opponent. The lights in the arena go pink and a very sexy voice calls holla over the speakers making the fans roar with delight. The sexy blonde Kelly Kelly walks out smiling, raising her hands to her cheering WWE fans.

Having started out as more or less a cheap stripper Kelly has been working hard in the ring to show some small improvement. A former gymnast, the tiny tanned blonde looks incredible wearing just pink and white sneakers with a small pink robe like Layla teasingly covering her choice of bikini. The fans know however that Kelly is far happier stripping down to next to nothing than Layla is as Kelly came out on the first ever ECW broadcast calling herself an exhibitionist. She climbs into the ring as the happy smile on her face is replaced with anger staring across the ring at Layla. Both girls are ready to fight but as the ring announcer steps out of the ring everyone looks around to see that there is no referee in the ring. The music of ECW GM Teddy Long plays as out walks the small man in a well cut purple suit, microphone in hand.

"Now ladies I know you plan on putting a heavy beating on each other but first I have to tell you I'm appointing a guest referee for this contest," Long says with a smile as both Kelly and Layla look confused.

"This person is well is the perfect fit for a match type like this I'm sure she will keep order and above all else call it right down the middle, ladies and gentlemen please welcome Brooke Adams."

Fans are stunned but cheering as the third member of Extreme Expose walks out dressed in a micro ref's shirt showing off her black bra clad cleavage cut high enough to show her tight belly. With black booty shorts and white sneakers Brooke looks like one hot referee as she walks down to the ring.

Kelly is smiling but Layla is fuming taking a microphone, "What is she doing here Teddy, her ass got fired a few months ago she can't referee this match," She screams.

Long tilts an eyebrow, "Well Layla I rehired her for her experience and knowledge of you two girls so she will keep this match as clean as possible and won't fall for any of your tricks or rule breaks antics," Long says smiling.

Brooke gets in the ring and Kelly has her arms out for a friendly hug but Brooke completely cold shoulder's her moving to the middle of the ring.

"So girls enjoy your match try not to get too extreme and I'll just holla, holla, holla," Long says walking off to general confusion until eyes turn back to the action in the ring.

Brooke stands in the middle of the ring ordering the two Divas to disrobe so the match can start. Layla still fuming at the change of referee to someone who was fired a few months ago quickly unties her robe pulling it off. Her bikini is black with silver ties, the top easily covering her large boobs and the bottoms also do a fine job of covering up Layla's big booty. The British born Diva is looking unhappy at the cheering and camera flashing from the fans at the unveiling of her bikini body. Kelly however doesn't take such a cold way of taking her robe off as she slowly teases the belt off shaking her hips a little. The temperature in the arena seems to go up as the sexy little blonde grinds around just like the days when she was a stripper style character with her own little stage.

She pulls the robe apart teasingly getting a bigger ovation the more bare well-tanned skin she shows. Layla gets bored rushing forward when Kelly turns to get some cheers from the fans behind her. A hard clubbing forearm to the back knocks Kelly down against the ropes and with the blonde's head on the second rope Layla presses her boot covered knee into Kelly's neck. Kelly screams as she is being choked and referee Brooke is right in Layla's face ordering her to stop and get back to her corner. Layla does stop but tell the ref to ring the bell as she is not waiting any longer to get her hands on the slutty blonde. Brooke tries to restore order but Layla boots Kelly hard in her ribs sending her rolling across the mat. Still wearing her pink robe Kelly groans holding her flat mid-section before Layla strides across kicking her hard right in the side of the head. Kelly collapses and Brooke gets in-between Layla and Kelly ordering her to back off to let Kelly recover to start this contest.

"Oh fuck off Brooke your only here to be the extra set of tits now either go stand over there and shake your ass or ring the bell and let me tear this bitch apart," Layla says staring Brooke right in the face.

Brooke isn't going to back up standing tall staring down Layla pumping up her chest letting Layla stare at the WWE logo on her ref's shirt. Both Divas don't blink waiting for the other to move but when it's clear neither will Layla lifts her hand up slapping Brooke hard in the face. The ref staggers back holding her sore cheek then as she turns round Layla grabs a handful of Brooke's hair throwing her face first into the top turnbuckle. Brooke's model face smashes into the pad making her fall down to the mat as Layla mockingly dusts her hands off over Brooke's body. She turns away from the stricken ref only for her vision to be impaired by a light pink robe.

Kelly has recovered from the cheap attack and is back on her feet in just a small pink string bikini she was worn in the ring many times before. The top and bottoms are cut small so Kelly's ass cheeks hang out of the suit and a large amount of cleavage is on show. Kelly looks amazing and the only person in the arena who can't see her is Layla as she fights for a few seconds to get Kelly's robe off her face. When she does Kelly charges spearing Layla down to the mat then takes two handfuls of hair and starts banging the back of Layla's head against the mat. Both girls are screaming as Kelly pulls on Layla's hair cracking her head against the canvas.

Layla twists and turns until she reaches up grabbing lumps of Kelly's long blonde hair using them to roll her over. Now Layla is on top banging Kelly's head into the canvas making Kelly produce those high pitched scream seconds earlier Layla was creating. Kelly keeps pulling and tugging on Layla's hair as Layla bangs her head into the match. Soon Kelly is able to roll sideways pinning Layla to the mat and having a few shots at ramming her head into the canvas. Keeping to the catfight pattern Layla rolls Kelly over onto her back and is ramming her head down until Brooke gets back to her feet. She forcefully grabs Layla by her bare mid-section and rips her off Kelly carrying her away to a corner.

Layla and Brooke are both screaming at each other, Layla wanting to get back on top and beat Kelly, Brooke pissed at the slap and the fact the match has yet to start. Layla goes to slap Brooke once more put this time Brooke blocks it with her arm and with her free arm she slaps Layla. The crowd cheer as Layla falls back holding her face and slips down so she is sitting against the bottom turnbuckle. Still holding her cheek Layla looks up to see Kelly shouting at Brooke to move then runs over to a seated Layla. Kelly leaves her feet and hits a bronco buster on Layla; the fans cheer as Kelly rubs her bikini covered crotch right into Layla's face. Kelly does a few more bounces on Layla's face before getting up and then looks at Brooke then a still seated Layla rubbing her face. She walks over and whispers something to the sexy brunette that makes her smile.

Kelly starts walking round the ring lifting her arms up in the air, Brooke then does the same before slapping her big booty and pointing to Layla. The fans roar and Brooke slowly peels her shorts down showing off her big tanned ass in a small black thong. She backs her thick ass up towards Layla who doesn't notice until Brooke's huge butt is hovering right over her face. Layla screams as Brooke presses her ass right into Layla's face as the fans and Kelly cheer. Layla's screams are muffled as she is being given the stinkface by the hot referee just seconds after having Kelly's crotch rubbing against her face. Layla struggles and screams as Brooke shakes her big booty from side to side rubbing it across her face she can almost taste the cotton of Brooke's thong.

Brooke finally moves away leaving her rival dancer coughing and rubbing her face clean before Layla rolls out under the bottom rope walking away from the ring. Kelly and Brooke share a high five before Brooke remembers her ref role pulling her pants up ordering Layla into the ring so the match up can start. Unsurprisingly Layla shakes her head and doesn't want to get back into the ring pointing at her two former team mates saying they are working together. Brooke nods in agreement so she slides out on the other side of the ring leaving just Kelly alone in the squared circle. Layla still refuses to get back in the ring only for Kelly to mock her pulling the same kind of scared disgusted face Layla had while being stinkfaced.

That pisses Layla off enough to get back in the ring going face to face with Kelly. On the outside Brooke calls for the bell and finally the match is officially underway. Layla slaps Kelly hard then whipping her into the corner. She goes for a running shoulder tackle but Kelly moves and Layla's shoulder bounces off the middle turnbuckle. Groaning in pain Layla staggers back walking into a big slap from Kelly. Layla falls backwards into the corner, her cheek burning with pain as the crowd cheers. Kelly raises her arm and chops it down right across Layla's chest making the dark haired Diva scream out in pain. One palm up Kelly decides to be cheekier and slaps her hand down right onto Layla's right breast. Shock and pain runs through Layla's body as Kelly just clearly slapped her boob. Kelly slaps her other boob and Layla's bikini top bounces up and down as her tits are stinging with pain. Layla is unhappy moaning as Kelly is teasing her slapping around her big tits.

Kelly now does a double handed slap hitting both of Layla's tits making them bounce up bringing another squeak of pain from Layla. Weak and dazed Layla tries to get out the corner but Kelly pushes her back before smashing a fist right into Layla's gut. It's a very un-Kelly like move to use a closed fist but it's very effective making her rival gasp with pain being belly punched. Kelly's right fist drives into her rival's belly pounding her flesh leaving Layla hurt and weak before she stops punching. Kelly now in control has Layla weak as the dark haired beauty moans rubbing her mid-section. She smiles waving to her fans who all cheer amazed Kelly has taken such early control of the contest. Kelly now looks at Layla up and down spotting a small gap between Layla's body and the waistband of her bikini panties so Kelly tries to push her hand into Layla's bikini bottoms. Layla screams struggling and fighting trying to stop Kelly from getting her hand into her bikini.

When they were in Extreme Expose Kelly was always a little touchy groping boobs asking for more sexy dances where the girls touch each other up. Layla always had feelings that Kelly liked girls as well as boys and was sure she and Brooke where fuck buddies which is why she left not wanting to be part of a lesbian group. The fans cheer as Kelly is trying hard to get her hands on Layla's pussy but Layla is still strong battling hard holding onto Kelly's wrist. She is battling to protect her pussy from Kelly's quick moving hands fighting to keep them out of her panties. Layla suddenly out of desperation pushes her hand out thumbing Kelly right in the eye. Kelly moans in pain staggering backwards rubbing her eye in pain as Layla checks that her bikini bottoms are still covering her up.

She spies Kelly still blinded from the thumb in her eye so Layla climbs up to the second rope before jumping off landing on Kelly with a perfect Thez press. Back on top and in control Layla throws hard right and left fists to the pretty blonde face of Kelly. She tries to cover up but too many shots are getting though. Layla bounces punches off Kelly's skull making Kelly scream in pain barely able to cover up. Getting up from her mount position Layla stands over Kelly looking down smirking as Kelly stays on the ground holding her head with both hands. Layla aims one hard kick right to Kelly's bare back making the hard chop of leather onto flesh sound. The crowd moans while Kelly screams rolling around holding her back in pain. Layla grins back in command of the matchup getting an idea for the bikini clad Kelly.

"You like people rubbing their asses in my face well bitch see how you like it," Layla mutters down at Kelly then throws a dirty look outside the ring at Brooke.

Turning round Layla shakes her big booty a little then looks with distain at the cheering fans. Lowering her big ass down Layla sits right on Kelly's cute face and no one thought this match would turn so sexy so quickly. Both girls are breaking out some erotic moves trying to catch an early victory as Layla smothers Kelly with her big ass, sitting down right on her face blocking off oxygen to the blonde. Kelly struggles moaning into Layla's thick booty feeling her grind her ass down harder making sure to block Kelly's air holes; Layla even blows a little mocking kiss to Brooke while ass smothering Kelly's cute face. Moving and grinding around Layla is using her massive ass with smother all the fight out of Kelly. The blonde feels Layla's thick cheeks pressing down on her trying to fight using her hands to push Layla's butt of her. Desperate Kelly runs her tongue over Layla's bikini bottoms pulling them to one side exposing her bare asscrack. With her final few gasps of fresh air Kelly thrusts her tongue forward driving it right up Layla's ass pushing it between her meaty cheeks deep into her asscrack.

"AHHHHHHH HOLY SHIT FUCK WHAT'S THAT," Layla screams springing up grabbing her ass.

Kelly grins rolling up from her back sticking her tongue out letting Layla understand what just penetrated her ass.

"You dirt slut," Layla says wiping her ass shocked that sweet little Kelly would shove her tongue up her asshole.

"Tasted nice," Kelly mocks, "Bet you enjoyed it too."

Layla growls at the insult charging forward to grab Kelly who simply moves out the way. As Layla moves past her Kelly uses her powerful legs to take Layla down with a drop toe hold. Layla grunts his pain as she lands face first on the ring mat then before she can recover Kelly jumps up onto her legs. Kelly sits down on Layla strong looking thighs pinning the Brit down her hands shooting forward before Layla can react grabbing her bikini bottoms again. More screaming from Layla as Kelly just won't quit, going early and often for her sexy private area covering panties. She pulls the black bikini down to the top of Layla's thighs exposing her bare booty making the crowd cheer then growing louder when Kelly presses her whole face right into Layla's bare ass.

Layla is horrified when Kelly presses her face right between her fat ass cheeks but Layla's nightmare gets worse as Kelly pushes her tongue back into Layla's hole. Fans cheer all loving how horny this matchup has already got with Kelly pretty much self-stink facing her own pretty model face into Layla's big meaty ass. Layla had never really been into any of the anal games lovers have wanted to play with her and now having another woman's tongue up there disgusts her to her very core. Kelly pushes her tongue deeper into Layla's huge booty licking her insides out tasting her rival's asshole as Layla rocks round clawing at anything trying to get away.

"GET OFF ME KELLY QUIT IT STOP YOU FUCKING SLUT GET OFF ME GET YOUR TONGUE OUT MY ASS," Layla screams crawling across the ring mat like a solider crawling under barbed wire while the crowd all roar stunned that Kelly is tonging Layla's big ass.

Kelly ignores Layla placing both hands on her ass squeezing her fleshy cheeks with Layla trying to crawl to the edge of the ring. Desperately Layla pulls herself under the bottom rope forcing Kelly off her as she falls to the arena floor. Layla is flustered and angry getting up yanking her bikini back up to cover her ass pissed off at being so easily stripped. Kelly kneels close to the bottom rope licking her lips in a tasty treat way to annoy Layla more.

"Fuck you, you dirty little whore," Layla screams pacing around ringside totally lost and out of control with confusion at Kelly being dirtier than anyone ever dreamed she could be.

Referee Brooke wanders around to a fuming Layla telling her to get back in the ring but this just pisses Layla off more.

"Fuck you too you're just as bad and as slutty as her, you rubbed your big naked ass in my face," Layla roars as Brooke backs away a little telling Layla she is sorry.

Brooke knows that maybe a future job with WWE is on the line if she doesn't call this match right and fair so she begs Layla for forgiveness after giving her the stinkface but her apology is drowned out by Layla screaming about the illegal moves Kelly is using.

"Layla it's a first cum match, Kelly is more than allowed to shove her tongue into your ass if it stimulates you enough to orgasm," Brooke says looking worried as Layla is flipping out.

"Stimulate me! Stimulate me! You dirty bitch, who could get turned on with some slut's tongue in her ass?" Layla screams her face starting to glow red in rage.

As the argument intensifies on the outside Kelly takes her chance waving to the crowd before sliding out of the ring on the other side of Layla and the ref. She sneaks up on a yelling Layla rushing at her slamming Layla hard in the back knocking her forward right into Brooke. Both girls fall to the ground Layla on top of a bumped Brooke and before either knows about the suggestive position they have fallen into, Kelly jumps onto Layla. Kelly pretends to be a cowgirl riding a bikini clad Layla like a bucking bronco making the cocks of every guy around her stiffen instantly. Kelly is riding Layla on top of sexy ref Brooke so Kelly rides long enough for the fans to get some sexy snaps of all three former extreme expose members on top of each other before getting off dragging Layla with her.

Kelly has Layla by her long dark hair pushing her shoulder first into the metal ring post. A grunt of pain comes from Layla sinking to her knees rubbing her shoulder before Kelly has her up by the hair again. The sexy blonde is in complete control of this First Cum match whipping a hurt Layla right into the announce table. Layla moans in pain again as her barely dressed body crashes into the wooden table. Kelly scoops Layla up once more this time rolling Layla on top of the announce table. The crowd is buzzing wondering what Kelly has in mind with a bikini clad Layla lying on the table. Kelly crawls on top of Layla making it look like a softcore porn scene taking place on top of the announce table.

"MMMMMM baby I'm gonna make you cum," Kelly groans showing off her own youthful sexual energy more than anyone has ever seen before from the girl next door looking blonde.

Layla groans opening her eyes as Kelly's hand slides down her belly and onto her bikini covered pussy. Kelly's hand wraps around Layla's crotch again squeezing hard and for what seems like the 10th time tonight Layla moan is combined frustration and shock at Kelly acting this slutty way with her. Kelly's palm pushes down fast rubbing across Layla's pussy with the ex-dancer trapped underneath her as Layla wriggles around moaning attempting to push Kelly off her.

"Don't fight it you little slut," Kelly grins pressing her hand harder into Layla's crotch, "Always knew you were a big assed sub bitch Layla."

Screaming at Kelly's mocking words and the skill of her pussy rubbing hand Layla lifts her head up. Head-butting Kelly making her fall off the announce table landing hard right onto the floor. Brooke is just getting up rubbing her hip having fallen hard on the floor but she sees Kelly down so walks over to see if she is alright. Layla jumps off the table towards Kelly but the blonde has recovered ready for her. Kelly leans back lifting her legs up planting them into Brooke's chest when the sexy referee leans over her to check on her condition. Her bare feet push Brooke hard in the chest sending the ref flying backwards running right into Layla's path. Brooke screams shoved towards Layla who ducks in time making Brooke's sore hip bounce hard off the announce table.

Brooke hits the floor moaning rubbing her sore hip though her tiny kid sized shorts eyes closed in pain as she hit the side of the table really hard. Kelly uses the distraction of Layla avoiding Brooke to get back up spear tackling Layla right back up onto the announce table, Kelly again tries to gain the dominating position over a struggling Layla. She gets a hand up raking Kelly's eyes blinding her allowing Layla to grabs a handful of Kelly's hair. Layla pulls down smashing Kelly's skull into the hard wooden table knocking her loopy so Layla can easily push Kelly off her. Now its Kelly's turn to land right on top of Brooke who is still lying in distress both former expose members grunt in pain with Kelly colliding with Brooke. Standing up on the table Layla fixes pulled up bikini back into place scowling at the dirty perverted fans staring at her ass while Kelly and Brooke are slowly helping each other up but Brooke suddenly shoves Kelly away.

"What the hell Kelly," Brooke says with anger, "You tried to push me into Layla I'm the referee of this match you can't do that to me."

"Oh please your just the guest here Brooke you have no power," Kelly says stunned by her former friend's harsh words.

"Really just a guest? I'd still be here if some bitch Diva didn't sell me out to management hell I think it was you," Brooke snips back the two attractive ex models now stand nose to nose.

"Oh yeah me why would I rat you out it's not like you're a threat to me," Kelly says with a forced anger laugh.

"Good I don't wanna be in your league I don't fancy being second place to you in the league of sluts," Brooke snaps back getting a loud ooh from the nearby fans who can hear the bitchy insults these two hot Divas are throwing at each other.

"I'm a slut really Brooke who tried to get into John Cena's pants first time you met him?" Kelly asks glaring at Brooke whose tanned cheeks flush slightly.

"At least I went to the top Kelly you slept with every fucking loser on ECW," Brooke snaps back, "I mean Punk I understand but Balls? Hell bet you did Sandman and all those other old broken down freaks."

"At least I knew their fucking names when I joined the company," Kelly yells getting visible angry at the guest referee, "And I didn't sleep with all the losers on ECW cause I never slept with you."

Brooke growls lifting her arm back in anger when suddenly from out of nowhere Layla jumps off the announce table clotheslining Kelly hard. Brooke softly moans in anger as she knows she got involved in the match yet again now both Divas have got issues with her. She decides to back away and let the match carry on hoping that she will not be needed again. Layla gets up quickly yanking a dazed Kelly up and pushes her hard into the guard rail. Kelly's bikini clad body hits the padding hard making her cry out in pain. Layla is now no longer underestimating the wrestling or the lesbian slut ability of Kelly Kelly. Picking her up Layla has a smile on her face lifting Kelly's skinny body in the air then drops her ribs first onto the top of the barricade. Another loud grunt of pain comes from Kelly as she slides off the barrier holding her stomach in pain.

She drops to the ground cradling her mid-section but Layla doesn't stop scooping Kelly back up this time slamming her back first into the guard rail. Kelly groans at being bodily thrown by the much stronger Layla right into the metal padded guard rail. Layla leans Kelly's body on the barricade making her stand. Layla chops Kelly's C cup tits making them shake inside Kelly's string bikini top another chop sends stinging pain shooting though the blonde's body. Another chop to the chest then Layla changes direction with a hard punch to the already weakened stomach of Kelly. Seeing a hurt Kelly Layla hits another chop then a hard slap to the face. Kelly is dazed and really hurt as Layla has her backed against the guard rail teeing off on her defenceless body. Layla throws different mixes of combos to Kelly's propped up body beating her back into the security wall making the fans boo Layla for beating on sweet and sexy Kelly.

"Take that you filthy fucking slut," Layla spits her posh British accent taking another hard slap to Kelly's cheek followed with another belly punch.

Layla slaps Kelly once more then follows up with another hard chop making Kelly wobble with a couple of belly punches then a double face slap, both hands to both cheeks bringing a cry from Kelly. Kelly Kelly is being battered and she doesn't seem to have any answer to Layla's onslaught. She tries to put her hands up to protect her face but all that seems to do is help expose other parts of her body for Layla's assault. Layla moves forward, driving her knee right up in between Kelly's legs into the young Diva's pussy making Kelly cry out in pain. She drops off the barricade to her knees with her hands covering her bikini covered pussy for protection. Rubbing the pained area Kelly looks up at Layla who jumps up slamming a hard forearm right into Kelly's forehead leaving her flat out on the arena floor.

She looks over at Brooke laughing at the sexily dressed referee who is politely asking Layla to move the match back in the ring. Leaning down Layla gets a big handful of Kelly's blonde hair pulling her to her feet then wrapping Kelly's head around her arm lifting the blonde up for a quick snap suplex. Kelly screams out as her back splats down hard against the thinly padded floor. The poor bikini clad girl is groaning in pain as Layla then presses her thick leather boot down right on the back of Kelly's head. More screaming comes from Kelly with Layla trying to crush her head into the floor and Brooke is far too scared of Layla to try and restore order. Layla drops down slamming all her weight onto Kelly's bare back pushing hard with her leather clad boot trying to imprint Kelly's face into the mat.

Layla gets off Kelly standing directly over her grinning, "If you like my ass so much babe then maybe I should give it to you," She says dropping down with all her weight big ass slamming down onto Kelly's back

This brings a great grunt from Kelly as Layla is sitting on her tanned body crushing her back under her weight. Leaning forward Layla grabs one of Kelly's legs bending it back almost like she is trying for a submission. Once Kelly's bendy leg is pulled backwards right up to Layla the evil Diva rests her hand on the sole of Kelly's foot. Fans are shocked as Layla starts to tickle Kelly's foot but are even more surprised when the blonde screams loudly. From their days in Extreme Expose Layla knows how ticklish Kelly is with her feet being the most sensitive area. She is now using that information to her advantage as she traces her fingers across the bare sole of Kelly's foot. The blonde is screaming and twisting underneath Layla, her face glowing red as she gasps for breath.

The sound of laughter fills the arena Layla tickling her foot hard pulling Kelly's leg back like a half Boston crab. She is still sitting on Kelly's back pinning her down as she tickles Kelly's exposed vulnerable foot. Tears leak from her eyes and the ex-model's perfect make up is being ruined yelling like a banshee at having her delicate feet tickled. Layla's fingers really scratch the surface of Kelly's cute foot getting louder yells from the trapped blonde. Screaming like crazy Kelly starts tapping her hand on the floor yelling the words I quit as loud as her high pitched wailing tones can manage as Layla tickle attacks her foot. Brooke is deeply confused sliding out of the ring moving towards Layla telling her to stop. Hearing the tapping and the vocal submissions Layla glares at Brooke who reminds Layla that it's a First Cum match and only an orgasm will end the contest.

Pissed off Layla drops Kelly's leg then grabs the front of Brooke's tiny top pushing her backwards to the ground. Not even turning round to see if Brooke would retaliate Layla turns her attention back to the pretty Diva in the cute pink bikini. Kelly is curled up in a ball holding her sensitive foot in one hand but a big kick by Layla to her exposed mid-section rolls Kelly back onto her front. Lifting her boot again Layla cruelly brings it down right onto Kelly's pussy from behind bringing the loudest groan of pain of the night from Kelly. Squirming around on the arena floor Kelly cups her most private area barely protected by the fabric of her bikini now stinging with the feeling of Layla's boot sole. Layla can't help but laugh watching Kelly grunt in pain, her face a mask of agony as Layla stomps down hard on her pussy once again. She kicks Kelly over to her back one more time stomping that thick leather boot down across Kelly's crotch hopefully crushing the blonde's young sweet pussy.

Layla has seen Kelly's pussy far too many times for her own liking as the blonde was always dancing around their locker room naked. The impact is sick and Kelly screams in agony as Layla's boot digs onto her soft pussy. Layla watches Kelly again curls into a ball like a frightened animal trying to protect herself. Grabbing Kelly's legs Layla pulls the hurt Diva over onto her back spreading her legs with Kelly trying to keep her hands over her pussy to protect it but Layla kicks her hands away then presses the sole of her boot down onto Kelly's pussy. It is pain Kelly has never felt before as Layla grinds her boot into her pussy like she is stamping out a cigarette. Kelly can do little but yell out in pain with Layla really pressing the sole of her leather boot down onto Kelly's barely covered pussy. She is torturing her most private area then out of nowhere Brooke is back wrapping her arms around Layla's mid-section pulling her away from Kelly.

"What the fuck are you doing you dumb slut," Layla screams clenching her fist looking wild and enraged.

"I'm the official referee in this match Layla get Kelly back in the ring or I will cancel the match awarding the win to Kelly," Brooke says dominatingly, "And if you even think of striking me I will go to the GM and make sure you are suspended."

Layla growls under her breath at the referee a former friend of hers now dressed like stripper is ordering her around. Brooke is happy she finally thought of a way to control Layla taking all thoughts of physical vengeance out of her mind. She puts her hands down keeping eye contact on Brooke while walking back over to a hurting Kelly. Brooke rolls back into the ring happy she regained her authority on this match up showing Layla who is boss. Layla grabs Kelly's long blonde hair pulling her back to her unsteady feet with the blonde still bent over holding her sore pussy only for Layla to push her forward sending Kelly crashing head first into the floor. Layla yanks Kelly up again this time rolling the hurt blonde back into the ring glaring at Brooke who has been yelling at her to do this for some time. Layla follows into the ring after Kelly then starts kicking away the blonde rolling her across the ring mat.

Kelly grunts in pain as her weakened body is kicked across the canvas sending her rolling towards the corner. Sitting up resting against the bottom turnbuckle Kelly tries to catch her breath but Layla is quick to take advantage of this. She leans forward pushing her boot forward getting the sole right under Kelly's chin into her throat. Layla leans forward with all her weight pressing Kelly into the corner her boot cutting off Kelly's air supply. Kelly chokes fighting for breath as Layla's boot chokes her. Her bare feet slap against the mat as she struggles from side to side trying to save herself but once again Brooke is too her rescue pulling Layla away from her.

"WHAT NOW," Layla yells frustrated with an official that has already rubbed her near bare ass into her face.

"No choking in fact your boots are illegal weapons take them off," Brooke orders.

"You want me to strip?" Layla questions looking stunned at this bossy guest ref.

"No keep your bikini on just your boots, they are weapons you are clearly bending the rules to your advantage I want them off," Brooke says again firmly.

Layla shakes her head, "I thought this was no DQ," she complains wanting to hit Brooke but not wanting to lose this chance to defeat Kelly by having the match thrown out as Brooke threatened.

"It is but you abused using boots as weapons so it stops now I'm only sticking to the laws," Brooke says.

Layla drops down sitting on the mat unzipping her boots muttering unspeakable swear words under her breath wanting now to do nothing more after this match then punch Brooke right in her smug tanned face.

She tugs each boot off passing them to Brooke with an angry frown on her face, "Just so you know bitch the second I win this match I'm kicking your ass," Layla threatens.

Brooke ignores the threat taking the supposedly dangerous boots to a far corner but over the other side of the ring Kelly has pulled herself back up. Layla attacks charged forward catching a standing Kelly with a shoulder to the gut. Dropping the boots Brooke moves back over as Layla starts slamming hard shoulder thrusts into Kelly's gut pinning her against the corner. Kelly groans in pain at each hard slam of Layla's strong shoulder hitting her bare skinny abs making the little blonde squeak in pain. Kelly is bent over with pain rubbing her now hurting abs as Layla grabs her by her hair. Pulling her out of the corner Layla openly laughs right into Kelly's writhing in agony face before she slaps her hard. Her palm stings Kelly's cheek making her drop out of Layla's grip holding her face in pain.

Kelly's ribs are really hurting as she was battered in the corner now Layla just mocked her by slapping the cute little blonde. Kelly drops to her knees with Layla grinning as she leans down pushing her hands into Kelly's bikini top grabbing the young Diva by her bare tits. Screaming in pain Kelly is in shock as Layla's hands squeeze her bare tit flesh digging her fingers into her skin. The feeling is new and uncomfortable for Kelly with her trying to twist her body away as Layla's hands are deep inside her tiny bikini top. Layla's hands maul and play with Kelly's real boobs inside her top pulling them around inside her cute little bikini top. On her knees Kelly fights to break free grabbing Layla's wrists trying pull her hands off her young boobs.

Layla keeps recklessly twisting Kelly's tits moving her wrists around pulling then around on her chest squeezing them rougher than a man ever would. Out of desperation Kelly throws her hands up swatting Layla right in the chin. The blow stuns her knocking Layla's head back as she staggers away holding her chin as Kelly slides away on her knees. She is rubbing her sore boobs still safely tucked away inside her sexy bikini top but hurting from Layla's attack. Layla recovers from the blonde's stun attack a little annoyed at being caught by such a blow from Kelly and walks towards the blonde with a purpose. The ex-model gets back to her feet too then charges full speed right at a striding Layla catching her off guard.

Kelly leaves her feet jumping up wrapping her long sexy legs around Layla's head. She uses her own momentum and starts rotating in mid-air as the fans cheer for one of Kelly's signature moves. The fast spinning head scissors is one of Kelly's best moves as she spins around making Layla dizzy. With Kelly's legs wrapped tightly around her head Layla can't see anything but the bright pink of Kelly's bikini bottoms. The standing Layla is spinning in one big circle thanks to Kelly and her head scissors but Layla knows enough to lift her hands up grabbing onto Kelly's hips as she spins. They spin around as Layla's fingers find the pink string holding together Kelly's bikini bottoms.

Kelly does her final spin unaware Layla is pulling at her bikini bottom strings as she finishes the move falling forward flipping a dizzy Layla down to the mat. Layla is flung forward hitting the mat hard but falling she pulls Kelly's bikini bottoms with her. Kelly gets to her feet only to look down and see her bikini bottoms have been torn right from her body. Layla is lying on the mat holding up her prize, those slutty pink bikini bottoms held in her hand. Everyone turns to look at Kelly who blushes bright red with embarrassment. Her hands drop down to cover her now bare pussy as she squeaks at Brooke to help her. The busty referee can only shrug her shoulders with in the arena suddenly bursting into life cameras flash taking shots of Kelly's covered up pussy and her completely naked ass. Kelly is bright red, deeply humiliated at being stripped bottomless in front of a sell-out crowd and in front of TV cameras beaming her naked butt all around the globe.

Layla gets back up happy tucking Kelly's untied bottoms into the top of her bikini before walking over to the vulnerable blonde. Kelly has both hands between her legs trying to cover and hide her bare pussy allowing Layla to easily slap Kelly in the face knocking her down. Kelly hits the mat hard that slap having lit up her already bright red face with her hands still covering between her tanned legs. Layla leans over grabbing Kelly's hair pulling the blonde up to her knees laughing at how the fans have reacted since by near accident she managed to strip off Kelly's panties. She is still trying to cover up as Layla grins looking right into Kelly's watery eyes blowing her a little kiss taunting her former best friend some more. Layla reaches around Kelly looking to pull the strings off her bikini top too.

"Your not much of an exhibitionist are you Kelly if you don't wanna show off that slutty pussy of yours," Layla taunts grabbing Kelly's bikini trying and begins to pull.

She pulls hard on Kelly's top and out of desperation Kelly throws her hands up hitting right between Layla's legs. Kelly just low blowed Layla and the British Diva groans falling backwards her own hands now wrapped round her crotch. Her eyes wide open never having expected the sweet innocent Kelly to do such a low down dirty tactic. Kelly gets to her feet one hand still covering her modesty rolling Layla over looking at her former friend's big thick ass. Layla is still moaning in pain from the low blow so Kelly gives one big open hand slap to Layla's thick ass. Kelly delivers another spank to Layla's ass then lifts up her bikini bottoms sliding a hand under the fabric. Layla can feel what Kelly is doing instantly starting to kick out screaming trying to push Kelly off her. All the crowd can see is the bulge of Kelly's hand under Layla's black bikini bottoms looking like the young innocent looking Diva is running her fingers along Layla's ass crack.

"You have no idea how long I dreamed about getting to play with this big butt," Kelly says grinning tracing her index finger up and down Layla's bare crack.

This statement makes Layla panic more, twisting her body around trying everything to push Kelly off her. Kelly however is sat perfectly on Layla's lower back pinning her down to the mat making it hard for Layla to sit up and push the weaker Kelly off her.

"MMMMM yeah keep moving Layla makes your big chocolate butt jiggle, it's so sexy," Kelly purrs like a sex kitten.

Layla grunts with anger as the girl next door character is acting more like a dirty slut her fingers teasing up and down Layla's asscrack. Her fingertips feel so soft sliding across her butt cheeks that Layla can't help but moan hating herself for enjoying the feeling. Both Divas are covered in a thin layer of sweat as Kelly moves her fingers up from Layla's big chocolate shaded ass lifting two fingers up putting them in her mouth. The fans cheer as Kelly seductively sucks on her two fingers getting them wet as underneath her Layla bucks around trying to twist Kelly off her. Kelly moves her wet fingers back down to Layla's ass as the British born Diva shivers feeling Kelly's wet fingers sliding across her bare ass crack.

Layla's bikini bottoms have slipped down exposing her ass to the viewing ECW audience so they can now see what Kelly's fingers are doing rubbing around Layla's ass. All of Layla's twisting around has helped in bunching up her bikini bottoms down under the bottom of her asscheeks. With Layla's ass completely exposed Kelly can't resist dragging her fingers up and down Layla's ass before suddenly pushing her fingers forward inserting them into Layla's booty. Groaning Layla nearly screams as fingers invade her big ass the first thing ever to enter into her asshole. Kelly's fingers feel so big inside her tight hole slowly pushing in more filling Layla's big tight ass up making her eyes bulge out.

"I can't believe that you're an anal virgin Layla I was sure some nasty boy would have had their way with your fat ass," Kelly coos sounding and looking so comfortable in this match type.

"OWWWWW OHHHHH TAKE THEM OUT TAKE YOUR FINGERS OUT OF ME I'M TOO TIGHT AHHHHHHHHH FUCK," Layla cries out feeling Kelly's two wet fingers pumping into her asshole bringing her so much pain.

She can feel her tight hole stretching around Kelly probing fingers feeling them sliding up and down inside her asshole. Layla moans loudly not able to help herself as Kelly's fingers clearly know what they are doing inside Layla's tight anal cavity. She moans loudly feeling Kelly's spit covered fingers go deeper teasing almost curling inside her. Layla is shocked she is getting pleasure from having another woman roughly finger her asshole bucking her hips trying to roll away from Kelly's fingers. Layla knows her bikini bottoms wrapped around her thighs exposing her ass to the fans that can see Kelly go knuckles deep into Layla's ass. No one knew Kelly would be this sexually expressive or would be such a lover of woman and their asses. Kelly has a big smile on her face working her fingers into Layla's ass picking up the pace as she finger fucks Layla's booty. Brooke moves into position checking to see if Layla will cum and lose this match as Layla moans again Kelly's fingers pounding inside her.

Layla hates this yet her body is starting to react pleasurably to Kelly's invading fingers. Kelly's free hand squeezing on Layla's big ass cheeks while she pumps two fingers inside her. Layla moans twisting around trying to buck an ass fingering Kelly off her when suddenly Kelly loses her grip sliding sideways off Layla. With no blonde pinning her down Layla quickly rolls sideways going right under the bottom rope to the safety of the arena floor. Kelly stands disappointed in the ring upset she couldn't finish Layla off but sucks on her two wet fingers clearly tasting Layla's ass much to the pleasure of the sell-out crowd. Layla looks pissed off standing on the outside with her ass hanging out of her bikini bottoms, a clear layer of spit all over her crack. Kelly giggles in the middle of the ring running her hand over her own exposed pussy teasing her hairless lips to the ECW audience.

"MMMMMM can't wait to properly taste your big ass Layla," Kelly moans like a wanton slut rubbing her hand quickly between her legs.

Layla is disgusted and uneasy at Kelly acting like such a slut openly in public. Layla heard the rumours like everyone else backstage that Kelly was some kind of blonde fucking machine but seeing proof in front of her own eyes makes her thankful they were never that close in Extreme Expose. Even Brooke in the ring looks a little uneasy at Kelly acting like a porn star as Kelly turns round grinning at the brunette. Brooke takes a worried step back as Kelly moves towards her, juices clearly leaking down from the blonde's pretty pink exposed pussy. Kelly stalks forward her hand shooting out grabbing Brooke's right boob though her shirt. The fans cheer so loud the roof might blow off as Brooke looks down shocked at Kelly grabbing hold of her tit softly squeezing it.

Kelly's cute good girl attitude has disappeared over the course of this dirty sexually extreme match type. She is now groping the referee who looks stunned and unsure what to do. Moaning a bottomless Kelly squeezes her hand a little harder on Brooke's breast making the former bikini model gasp in shock at another woman touching her up. Kelly just smells of sex her throbbing pussy dictating her actions as her second hand moves up grabbing Brooke's other boob. Fans watch amazed at Kelly groping Brooke's big breasts pulling and squeezing on them inside the brunette's tight referee shirt. Brooke can't help but moan in surprise at Kelly touching yet she likes how soft the young blonde's touches are on her big tits.

Stepping closer Kelly is nearly nose to nose with Brooke still rubbing the ref's big tits smiling as Brooke gets caught up in the lesbian groping. Kelly is so hot right now if she was like this backstage she would just tease some guy till he whipped his cock out for her to suck and fuck. Doing it in the middle of the ring feels so much more dirty and doing it with a woman she often admired in the showers or getting changed Kelly is getting a big thrill finally touching her magnificent breasts. Kelly is turning Brooke on slowly groping her big tits feeling how firm they are though her shirt with Kelly licking her lips leaning her face forward. Layla watches the lesbian show for a second before snapping back into life yanking her bikini bottoms back up then rolling into the ring.

She pulls Kelly's pink bikini bottoms from their hiding place in her bikini top holding them in her grip as she moves towards Kelly. With her back turned Kelly doesn't see Layla as she is too busy groping Brooke's big boobs. Her face moves closer to Brooke's, lips puckered up looking to kiss the sexy brunette but as her lips get close Layla attacks from behind. Layla wraps Kelly's own stripped off panties around her mouth saving Brooke from a live girl on girl kiss. She is using Kelly's bikini bottoms as a cloth gag pinning the slightly damp material tightly around Kelly's mouth. Brooke staggers away rubbing at her own breasts trying to rub out the feeling of Kelly's hands of them. She is annoyed and upset at herself for nearly being seduced by Kelly and being felt up like a cheap whore.

Kelly grunts struggling trying to fight back against Layla as she is being smothered with her own bikini bottoms. She walks backwards trying to push Layla off her but Layla is much bigger and stronger wrapping her arms around Kelly holding her head firm keeping the bikini pressed against her lips. Kelly's air is being cut off as she staggers around groaning as Brooke tries to recover her official side after embarrassing falling slightly to Kelly's advances. Her nipples are hard under her light black bra so are poking through her zebra striped shirt as she regains her composure moving back over to them in the middle of the ring. Layla won't let go holding hard to the panties cloth gag she has on Kelly and the exhibitionist is starting to fade.

She drops down to one knee trying to catch her breath, breathing hard though her sexy bikini panties as she is weakening falling down to both knees. Layla roars keeping the bikini pressed against Kelly's face wanting to knock out the crazy sexy blonde to give her the easy win. She is nearly stuffing the panties into Kelly's mouth gagging her while still pushing a little bit of the fabric into Kelly's nose making sure to cut off every air hole the blonde has. Brooke finally warns Layla about cutting off Kelly's air but Layla ignores her trying to wrap her arm around Kelly's neck to add a chokehold to the cloth gag. The blonde panics feeling Layla's arm under her chin making her wildly start swinging her hands around desperate to do anything to get Layla off her.

Kelly desperately throws some elbows strikes hitting Layla's thighs but they are of little effect. Layla tries to step round slightly looking to better apply the choke but one of Kelly's elbows shoot back catching Layla inner thigh. Layla screams from the impact jumping back in pain letting go of her hold and panty gag. She rubs the top of her thigh scared it came so close to hitting her pussy leaving Kelly free. The blonde is still down on her knees gulping up lungful's of air while Brooke picks up Kelly's wet bikini bottoms throwing them out the ring. Layla and Kelly are both sore and hurt slowly getting back to their feet both pissed off at each other wanting to finish this. The two Divas step back into the centre of the ring Layla lifts her arms up going for a lock up but at the last second Kelly moves her hands down grabbing hold of Layla's big boobs.

"AHHHHH MY BOOBS LET GO OF MY TITS YOU SLUT," Layla screams as Kelly grabs hold of Layla's D cup roughly squeezing them.

Kelly ignores Layla's screams and squeezes harder with Layla's bikini top offering no protection to her tight pressuring fingers.

"Let go let go you bitch," Layla cries her hands grabbing onto Kelly's wrists trying to pull the tanned Divas hands off her sore squeezed tits.

"No way, these are my new big toys and I wanna play with them," Kelly says in a brattish tone squeezing Layla's tits harder roughly playing with them trying to flatten the flesh in between her fingers.

To Be Continued

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