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This is a sexual fantasy story using the Divas of the WWE this story is therefore not endorsed by the WWE or by the Divas featured in the story. I am not doing this for profit or by orders of anyone other than my own sick kinky mind, This story has deep sexual themes from the start and features lots and lots of lesbian fact it's pretty much all lesbian sex really so if that makes you uncomfortable or you do not like reading erotic stories please don't read this story. You must be 18 to read this story and any feedback good, bad or indifferent is welcome though my email Thanks for taking a look at my story if you do read it I really hope you enjoy it, ThePac

ECW First Cum Match Part 2
by ThePac

Kelly really loves squeezing Layla's big tits but Layla is fighting hard to pull Kelly's hands back from her sore boobs. Thinking quickly Kelly stomps her foot down crushing her sole against Layla's bare foot. Layla yelps in pain lifting her hands off Kelly's wrists allowing Kelly to pull hard on Layla's small black bikini top tearing it right off her body. No scream matches the scream of Layla when she is stripped topless in the middle of the ECW ring. Her horrified embarrassed scream fills the entire arena as the crowd cheer seeing Layla exposed by Kelly. Layla is quick to cover up her big tits but she was exposed for a vital few seconds for the thousands of cameras and phones to get a once in a lifetime shot of Layla's bare boobs. Layla blushes looked so frightened with her arms wrapped round her tits while a bottomless Kelly dances around waving Layla's bikini top.

"Don't be so embarrassed Layla they are only boobs every girl has got them," Kelly says taunting a covered topless Diva, "Though you don't see many as big as yours," She teases.

Layla turns to Brooke, "Please let me get a shirt or get my top back from that cow," She pleads.

Brooke shrugs her shoulders unable to help as Kelly steps forward, "Its ok Layla if you want a top I can give you one."

Layla nods at the 20 year old Diva full of sexual energy and with a growing confidence no one thought after the early part of the match now grabs the strings on the back of her top and pulls them. The strings come loose and Kelly to the amazement of everyone in attendance pulls up her bikini top stripping it off. The fans go nuts as Layla and Brooke just stare in amazement at Kelly who is now stands full naked in the ring. She throws both hers and Layla's bikini tops away totally at ease walking round the ring completely naked. Kelly is smiling and waving for the fans all of whom are on their feet cheering loudly snapping pictures like mad at Kelly's fully nude frame. The sexy tanned blonde just walks around the ring naked letting fans stare slack jawed at her perky round C cups and her well shaved pussy.

Kelly walks to all 4 corners of the ring embracing in her nakedness, since she has had her bottoms removed and this match became more about sex than wrestling Kelly has been a whole new person. That horny energy the kind that normally makes her swoop around backstage looking for cock is now making her strip naked and show off in front of thousands of fans in the arena. Still covering her big breasts Layla is utterly amazed at what Kelly is doing when finally she remembers she is in a match. Layla charges forward hoping to catch Kelly unaware and end this fight before her exposed tits spend even longer uncovered. Kelly turns round seeing a covered up Layla looking to spear her down to the mat.

She easily side steps Layla who tries to keep her feet and her dignity so Kelly easily leg sweeps her rival. Layla squeals falling down to the floor, her arms wrapped round her tits barely keeping her modesty as she hits the mat. Flat out on the mat looking up at lights Kelly sees an opening diving right down after a grounded Layla. Fans around the globe are shocked at what happens next as Kelly dives down sticking her face right between Layla's spread open legs. Kelly just stuck her face right into Layla's pussy making Layla scream in shock as she can feel Kelly's nose pressing against her pussy lips. The British born Diva has never been happier at having her bikini bottoms on but Kelly however seems to know this too as her hands grab the sides of Layla's bikini and starts to pull them down.

"Ahhhhh no Brooke stop her she is pulling my knickers down please stop her," Layla screams still trying to keep her breasts covered as Kelly pulls her bikini down to her thighs meaning the cute blonde's face is now perfectly resting on Layla's bare shaved pussy.

"Wow Layla you have such a pretty pussy I can't wait to make it all wet," A nude Kelly teases lightly blowing onto her pussy lips the cool air sensation making Layla shiver.

"Please I quit I quit I'll tap out anything," Layla says desperately looking up at the ref.

Brooke shakes her head, "No Layla sorry rules our first Diva to cum loses and that's the only way."

Fans cheer watching Kelly works Layla's panties down past her knees while still keeping her face pinned between Layla's legs. Layla is really scared now as there is no way she wants her first lesbian experience to be in front of thousands of horny WWE fans and for it to be performed on her by a slut Layla utterly hates. Kelly keeps her face in Layla's pussy only now pushing out her tongue flicking it against Layla's pussy lips. Layla shivers trying to twist out moving her hips trying to shake Kelly off and save herself from having her pussy eaten out live in the middle of the ring. Kelly won't let her move however using her hands to pin Layla's hips down keeping her trapped. Layla keeps struggling in vain as Kelly presses forward her tongue snaking out of her mouth sliding between Layla's pussy lips.

Layla's loud groan is a mix of fear and pleasure as Kelly pushes her tongue into her pussy. She can feel the blonde's tongue wiggling around inside running across the sensitive inner walls of Layla's pussy pleasuring the Diva in ways she never thought possible. Another woman's tongue is giving her as much if not at this moment more pleasure than any man ever giving her oral. This can't be her first time Layla thinks still covering her bare boobs wiggling her hips trying in vain to fight Kelly off. Layla grunts louder, her struggles becoming fiercer making Kelly smiles still face deep against Layla's cunt. She can feel her rival starting to have a reaction to her tongue. Kelly considers her tongue one of her best features as she can use it so effectively to end a boring blowjob in seconds.

Now she is using her wet pink tongue to full effect probing around Layla's pussy very slowly licking the young black girl out as Layla starts to moan. She bites her lips trying to stop feelings of pleasure but Kelly's tongue feels so soft and is just applying enough light pressure to make Layla feel pleasure even when her entire brain is screaming at her not to feel it. She does feel it however she feels it so much Kelly's tongue pushing inside her teasing and making her pussy wet wanting her rival to enjoy every second of having her most private area licked. Kelly can taste Layla's juices hearing the frustrated moans of the Diva as her pussy is being sexually teased. Layla wraps her legs around Kelly's head squeezing down trying to get a leg lock looking to cut the air off from the blonde.

She hates Kelly she hates her so much for doing this to her and now has her as good as naked eating her out live in front of the world. Kelly can't just be a great cock sucker Layla thinks her pussy licking is too good wearing down Layla's normally well balanced mind into loving this. Kelly feels Layla's thick thighs tightening around her neck squeezing her hard but she just keeps licking. She sucks and works her tongue into Layla's wet pussy working hard really starting to piston her tongue into her faster. Layla's pussy is beginning to drip heavily with her own juices as Kelly's well trained tongue works hard licking across every wet inch of Layla's pussy. Layla can feel Kelly's tongue deep inside her making her feel pleasure when she is trying everything to avoid feeling it.

She moans as Layla can feel her pussy getting wetter, her body submitting to Kelly's tongue. She tries harder than ever to fight it closing her legs tight around Kelly's neck but that only makes the spunky blonde lick harder. Brooke is standing over them both looking for signs of Layla's orgasm as the British Diva's face goes red with sweat staining her naked body. She howls again with pleasure as Kelly's tongue rams in harder slamming deep into the folds of her wet pussy really pushing deep into her wet snatch. Layla grunts trying to regain control feeling Kelly's tongue brushing against her clit as the blonde moves her face deeper between her crushing thighs really makes her panic. Layla tries to move her hips looking to roll to one side and after a few failed attempts she finally rolls to one side.

Layla rolls all the way over so now she is lying on top of Kelly pinning her down with her crotch over Kelly's face. Layla is thrilled at getting off her back until she feels Kelly beneath her drive her tongue upwards right into her soaking wet pussy bringing Layla an even greater sexual thrill. Her whole body shakes and pre cum leaks from her wet pussy lips down into Kelly's open mouth. Even on her back she still keeps her mouth pressed to Layla's cunt eating her former friend out. Layla moans shocked that even while lying on her rival's face Kelly is still licking away at her cunt trying to win the match. Layla can't help thinking what a slut her former friend is and how much she is getting into the spirit of a first cum match. Still in mount position Layla grinds her legs together pressing her full body weight down trying to smother the pussy licking blonde.

She is running out of breath but nothing is stopping Kelly from thrusting her tongue up licking Layla' pussy out making the ex-dancer moan loudly. Layla can feel her juices flowing out of her pussy onto her inner thighs running down across Kelly's face. She groans loudly again embarrassed that in front of thousands of people another woman is bringing her pleasure eating her out. Layla grinds her bare pussy harder into Kelly's face trying to clamp her legs shut to finally cut off Kelly's oxygen supply. Kelly pulls her tongue back a little running out of air so quickly moves her hands up wrapping them around Layla's waist. Layla is caught off guard as Kelly's hands move around her body squeezing her thick ass. Kelly is becoming weaker running out of air her licking down to little tiny tongue flicks.

Layla leans forward putting both hands on the ring mat really pushing her warm sex into Kelly's face smothering the pretty blonde's face. All Kelly is doing to fight back is groping Layla's naked butt but it's not enough as Kelly is being choked out in one of the hottest almost porn like submission the WWE fans have ever seen. Layla is pretty much doing a press up but is grinding her own wet pussy into Kelly's face. Fans would all agree they have never seen anything hotter as Kelly's legs move around with the blonde clearly finding it hard to breathe now. Her face is completely covered by Layla's crotch her licked wet pussy now spilling juices out all over her face as Layla's cunt has her pinned. Kelly's hands keep rubbing Layla's ass until her index finger pushes over enough to be touching Layla's bare ass crack.

The anal obsessed Diva doesn't wait pushing her finger forward inserting it into Layla's thick ass bringing a loud scream from Layla. Shocked by the sudden anal invasion Layla jumps up off Kelly trying to get away from the blonde's probing tongue and evil anal fucking finger. Her squeak of fear is real as Layla jumps up rubbing her big ass as Kelly's finger just pushed into her tight untouched hole. On her feet Layla backs away to a corner shocked and worried tripping up as her bikini bottoms are twisted up around her ankles. Kelly is smiling as she sits up her face slightly stained with Layla's cum as the teasing blonde makes a big show of licking the finger that was briefly inside Layla's asshole. Kicking her tied up bikini bottoms off Layla curses herself for forgetting how much Kelly liked her big ass.

She knew she was seconds away from knocking Kelly out and getting an easy win in this tough sexy match but once again Kelly went further and kinky that Layla could imagine. Both girls are back on their feet, both naked and sweating with juices dribbling from their pussies down their legs. Layla is slightly disgusted that Kelly is wet from being on top of her and licking her pussy but tries to clear it from her mind as they circle around each other. Layla is still a little ashamed of her nakedness keeping her hands close around her body trying to hide her big tits and pussy from view. She is wet and sweaty understanding finally she must shed her few inhibitions or they will cost her this match as the little blonde slut clearly wants to do nothing more than make her cum in front of millions of watching WWE fans

"God I need to fuck that big ass Layla," Kelly says breathing hard stalling to recover from being smothered by Layla's pussy.

"Tough bitch you and your slutty ass are getting nowhere near me again," Layla smirks seeing Kelly is a little dazed on her feet.

Kelly is fighting to get her breath back thinking of another sexual taunt to annoy her rival when Layla pounces. She tries to step to the side but her arms and legs are feeling heavy. Layla easily grabs her slapping Kelly hard in the face spinning the blonde around allowing Layla to move down. She hooks Kelly into a roll up almost a school boy wrestling manoeuvre. Nothing is hotter than two naked chicks doing a roll up as Layla slams Kelly into the mat bending the sexy gymnast over. Kelly's shoulders are pinned to the canvas while her legs kick ineffectively in the air. Kelly moans pinned to the mat in such a vulnerable position as Layla moves her hand between Kelly's legs. Upside down Kelly has no way to fight Layla's hand sliding between her legs. Layla's palm presses into Kelly's wet lips taking advantage of the fact Kelly is slutty enough to be turned on by a match of this type.

Kelly moans trying to wriggle free trapped against Layla's sweaty body her own tired frame doesn't have the energy to get away. She regrets staying on the bottom licking and sucking Layla's pussy when she could have broken free and kept fighting. Kelly now doesn't have to chance to catch her breath and fill her tired body full of air. She is now rolled up like a ball with Layla's hand rubbing against her wet cunt. Layla isn't too thrilled about getting her hand dirty on Kelly's pussy but she just wants to win this match now getting away any shred of dignity she might have left. Layla just wants to get out of this ring and this arena anywhere far away from this blonde pussy licking cum dumpster. She rubs and grinds her palm across Kelly's wet pussy lips feeling Kelly's dripping juices stain her palm as she works over Kelly's clearly sensitive pink pussy lips.

Kelly moans again struggling much like Layla was to control her own horny emotions while being erotically pleasured by her enemy. Layla's palm presses and rubs harder the dark haired Diva looking to do anything to break Kelly and make the little slut cum. Her soft palm presses down nearly sticking to Kelly's shaved pussy lips from her sticky leaking juices flow out. Kelly's pre cum flows all from her pussy dripping down over her ass crack as she is all trapped held down by Layla. The crowd watches in awe once again loving this First Cum match for making their biggest girl on girl fantasies come to life right in the middle of the ring. Kelly groans again her pre cum flowing from her pussy and with the odd angle she is bent up in her juices flow down dripping on her belly and chest.

Her back is starting to hurt feeling her body submit more to Layla's soft hand. Fans and Brooke all watch waiting to see if Kelly will lose and cum as Layla rubs her pussy faster. Layla's hand becoming a blur as she rubs and presses it down onto Kelly's wet pussy masturbating the slutty blonde in front of millions of viewers. Kelly purrs so exposed to Layla's touch bent over in this roll up she can feel her pussy getting wetter her body reacting to Layla's palm rubbing quicker across her pussy lips. Kelly is trying to hold on but she feels so horny and Layla's hand across her pussy feels so good. She moans shutting her eyes trying to think unsexy thoughts as Layla strokes her wet pussy lips.

Layla keeps pumping her hand across Kelly's bare pussy teasing her soaking wet lips trying to make the blonde cum. Kelly's moans are getting louder, her whole body shaking with lust as she is getting closer to cumming. Layla grins knowing she is close holding onto Kelly's sweaty leg with one hand while her other keep attacking Kelly's pussy wanting her to lose control. She knows she is seconds away from winning this match as a red faced Kelly moans loudly the fans watching her cheer on wanting to see the blonde lose control and cum right in the middle of the ring. Suddenly Kelly's music starts to play distracting everyone as they all look to the stage where this strange unknown blonde step out onto the stage. Everyone is stunned at this sexy blonde interrupting this great match coming out to Kelly's music standing there looking into the ring.

She is dressed rather professionally in a tight green button up shirt, a knee length black skirt and black 3 inch heels. Her shoulder length hair hangs down around her face her red lips cracking a smile. The action in the ring has stopped and the entire crowd is in a stunned silence wondering who this woman is and what she is doing. This beautiful blonde keeps walking down to the ring, a massive smile on her face like she is unaware of the silent stunned reaction greeting her. She walks all the way down to ringside kicking off her heels getting into the ring. Brooke shakes off the shocked expression on her face walking over to the mysterious blonde telling her to get out of the ring. The blonde doesn't even look at Brooke just pushes her right in the face knocking Brooke down. With Brooke down she strides towards Layla who is still kneeling down with Kelly rolled up next to her. The sexy blonde grabs Layla by the hair making her yell out in pain.

Layla is dragged to her feet roughly by her hair as the mystery blonde smacks her hard in the face with an open hand slap. Layla drops down to her knees holding her cheek in pain as she looks up at the blonde standing over her with her hands on her hips and a big grin on her face. Enraged Layla tries to spring forward to attack her but Kelly is back on her feet grabbing Layla by the arm pulling her back. Still on her knees Layla doesn't see Kelly leave her feet dropping a leg on the back of her neck driving Layla down face first to the canvas. The fans are back awake now cheering loudly as Kelly just planed Layla down with a Fameasser style move. The distraction of the mystery blonde was enough to save Kelly from cumming and now has the sexy blonde firmly back in control again having hit a finishing move on a confused Layla

With Layla down and out on the mat Kelly now turns to this well dressed mystery blonde shocking everyone in attendance when she walks over giving the sexy blonde a big hug. Fans notice both blonde's look a bit alike not like sisters but from the same family both short, tanned with big beaming white smiles. Kelly looks happy at the blonde being here as she breaks the hug then grabs the blonde's black skirt tearing it off the new blonde's body. Fans are shocked at Kelly stripping her friend even more when they see the smile on the blonde's face and the big pink strap on between the unknown blonde's legs. Both the blonde and Kelly are smiling as everyone takes in the fact somehow this mystery blonde was hiding a thick 7 inch dildo under her skirt and now flaunting it for all in the arena to see.

The ECW crowd don't know what to think as this blonde is clearly a sexy friend of Kelly's who stopped Layla from winning the match. Now she is wearing a large cock toy around her naked hips the big beaming smile on her face shows she clearly enjoys the attention from the sold out crowd. The two similar looking blondes stand over a downed Layla with Kelly lifting her foot up poking it into Layla's thick naked ass. Looking down at her juice soaked pussy Kelly knows she was close to cumming as she wipes her palm over her wet lip before grabbing Layla and rolling her over. The fans all gasp as they see Layla's thick curvy body fully naked and exposed for the first time in this contest. Her big thick D cups breasts hang off her chest, dark brown nipples hard in the cold air of the arena. Attention turns from Layla's big brown tits down her body to her small shaved cunt that Kelly was licking out. Her juices are still leaking from out her wet pussy lips shining under the arena spotlights making them more visible.

Kelly leans down rubbing her hand over Layla's private area again making her out cold body twitch with pleasure. Giggling up at her strap on wearing mate Kelly rubs her hands a little harder getting a soft moan out of Layla's lips. Fans round the arena are wearing out the batteries on their cameras taking a once in a lifetime shot of Layla naked having her pussy massaged by a naked Kelly. Grabbing Layla's thick legs Kelly and her blonde friend pull Layla's legs apart spreading her pussy out for the cameras. Kelly moves over grabbing a horny WWE cameraman standing on the outside pulling him into the ring to film a close up of Layla's wet spread pussy. Layla's spread open pussy is put up on the big screen and the roar only grows when Kelly teasingly slides a finger right in between Layla's wet cunt lips. Layla comes round with the sound of loud cheering and the uncomfortable feeling of something poking around inside her pussy.

Kelly pulls her finger out giggling down at Layla, "Come on lazy girl fun has only just started," The teasing naked blonde grins leaning forward.

Kelly and the unknown blonde leans forward grabbing Layla's hair pulling the flat out Diva up to her unsteady knees. Layla groans still groggy from Kelly slamming her head into the mat so can barely make out the penis shaped object in front of her. The blonde waits for a second soaking up the screams from the crowd as they can see Layla on her knees, her face inches away from a thick plastic sex toy. Pulling back on Layla's hair the blonde forces Layla's mouth open then before she can utter a word the blonde pushes her hips forward ramming her fake cock down Layla's throat. Kelly and the fans both cheer as Layla's eyes flash open shocked at her mouth being filled up by this blonde's hard fake cock. She gags trying to spit out 7 inches of strap on but the blonde has too much of a grip on Layla's hair.

She is effectively holding her in place pulling back and forth on her hair making Layla give her a blowjob while Kelly is clapping her hands loving every second. Layla pushes back trying to get away but her face is just dragged forward into the strap on dildo. She is sucking almost hating herself for being so weak as to take this face fucking as she is two on one and still dizzy from her head hitting the canvas. She sucks this stranger's fake cock as the blonde pushes her hips forward again naked from the waist down her strap on cock pushing into Layla's wet mouth feeling her struggle with her lips sliding across her shaft.

"Yeah suck that cock Layla suck that dirty girl cock," Kelly taunts staring right down into Layla's upset face, "You think I'm the biggest cock sucker in the WWE well I clearly got nothing on you girl."

The blonde thrusts forward jabbing the head of her plastic cock right down into Layla's throat brushing the very back of it making Layla's gag reflex work as she struggles for air. She keeps her hips moving pumping back and forth clearly enjoying fucking Layla's sexy mouth feeling all the saliva building up on her strap on. Tears begin to form in Layla's eyes as she feels the fake cock fucking her mouth and fans all over the world are getting the perfect fantasy picture of Layla giving head. Through her ruined make up Layla looks up into the tanned blonde face of the mystery woman who has probably cost her this match still wondering who the hell she is. The blonde grins back thrusting forward a little harder changing the shape of Layla's mouth watching her fight to control the thick plastic shaft fucking her mouth.

"Oh I see your wondering who is this smoking hot girl that is dominating and making you her slutty cock sucking bitch," Kelly says nearly mind reading the peril and confusion on face fucked Layla's expression.

"This slut is my BBF Tiffany," Kelly says kneeling down grabbing Layla's jaw keeping her head steady while Tiffany smiles at her name mentioned moving forward fucking Layla's sexy mouth.

"She has just been signed to the WWE as assistant general manager to ECW GM Teddy Long," Kelly says with glee, "She made this match a First Cum match, she made Brooke come back as referee and most of all she wanted to be part of this match fucking you right in your slutty little face."

Layla groans with a mouth full of fake cock as she realizes she has been set up from the start. Kelly has had someone on the inside pulling the strings exposing Layla to this horribly embarrassing situation. Her mouth is stretching around the strap on as her eyes turn sideways looking Kelly in the eyes wondering how she could have been so fooled by the little blonde bimbo, tricked to a point where she will probably be made to cum on worldwide television. Trish and Lita did this match then both retired in the same year due to the embarrassment and never ending talk about the match driving them to quit pursuing other things now Layla finds herself trapped in the same position.

"So enjoy yourself Layla I have been waiting for this day for so long I know all the talk about me backstage and I know how much of it has been made up by you so now revenge sweet revenge is mine for you Layla it's going to feel so good too," Kelly smiles an almost evil grin as she lies down to the mat.

Kelly has fooled everyone that sweet little innocent blonde act seems to have been hiding an evil lesbian sex loving slut. Layla grunts trying to look and see where Kelly went but Tiffany bucks her hips forward again slamming the whole 7 inches down Layla's mouth making her choke. Tiffany still has a big smile on her face as she holds onto Layla's dark hair fucking her face like a guy in a porno movie. On her back Kelly pulls apart Layla's kneeling legs sliding right between them looking right up at her former friend's dripping pussy. Layla feels Kelly's hot breath on her cunt making her squeak in fear trying to move but Tiffany's plastic cock works as a very good pacifier keeping her still and kneeling. Kelly lifts her head up thrusting her tongue once more right between Layla's pussy lips.

Layla groans out of anger and sexual frustration as once again Kelly's talented tongue is in her pussy and even though cumming is the very last thing she wants to do Layla can feel her resolve weakening. Tiffany rocks back feeling Layla's drooling and spit staining the shiny plastic of her brand new strap on that she bought with Kelly earlier in the week. Kelly is so thankful that Tiffany showed up when she did as she knew she was seconds away from cumming. She is now healed up breathing fine as Layla more or less helpless Kelly can finally succeed in finishing the plan she thought of many months ago. Tiffany is more than Kelly's friend but is Kelly's fuck bunny too, fittingly she is an ex Playboy bunny but the girls have been friends for a long time with Tiffany was Kelly's first lesbian fuck. She came up with the idea of getting Layla back for making Kelly into nothing more than a dumb blonde dancer then lying to everyone backstage about what a slutty tramp she was.

Kelly is a tramp but she fucks far more girls than boys so the idea she is a cock slut when she would much rather prefer some hot wet pussy upset Kelly deeply. She twists and drives her tongue deeper into Layla's pussy feeling the Diva's pre cum flowing down into her mouth giving Kelly such a thrill tasting another Diva's juices. Being sexually attacked by two Divas is driving Layla nuts feeling so horny yet is so disgusted at being teased by these two evil blondes. Tiffany groans loudly pushing her hips forward digging her strap on right into the roof of Layla's throat making the British born Diva choke on her thick plastic cock. Kelly's tongue licks right across Layla's wet pussy lips almost sucking the juices off them as she moves her tongue back inside Layla. She is no lesbian but these two bitches are experienced and her poor overworked body doesn't know the difference.

Layla's whole body is rocking around as she is being fucked by two Divas, two of her holes filled and being sexually attacked while she is trapped on her knees with little choice but to take it. The fans are all on their feet in the packed out arena watching and cheering on Tiffany as she fucks Layla's sexy mouth while Kelly is between her rival's legs eating out her pussy. Kelly tilts her head up allowing her to drive her tongue deeper into Layla's wet pussy. She swirls her tongue around inside her collecting a lot of Layla's pre cum on her tongue. Layla shivers feeling Kelly's tongue deep inside her pussy and she can feel her sensitive inner pussy walls starting to react to Kelly's hot wet tongue brushing against them. She tries to move away again but Tiffany still has a firm grip on her hair roughly plunging her strap on deeper nearly blocking off Layla's throat.

Tears form in Layla's eyes as Tiffany pulls her sticky spit covered strap on all the way out of Layla's mouth allowing her a few seconds of air before shoving it back inside her mouth once more. Layla is being sexually used and teased by these two hot blondes pounding, licking and driving her already sweaty body into an even bigger burst of horniness. She groans with Kelly's tongue shoved deeper inside her pussy really eating her out now and it is taking all of Layla's inner strength not to start rocking her hips back against Kelly's probing tongue. Kelly's tongue isn't holding back pushing in hard and Layla can feel her naked body caked in sweat. In front of the world she is being abused, dominated and worst of all her body is reacting to and enjoying this lesbian fucking. Layla groans onto Tiffany's fake cock rocking her hips back grinding her dripping wet pussy into Kelly's tongue.

Kelly feels her rival finally breaking down giving in to her so she attacks even harder flicking her tongue around inside Layla's cunt. Layla is starting to bounce up and down on Kelly's face with the blonde driving her tongue in hard. She is moaning eating out her ex best friend knowing how hot this scene must look to millions of WWE fans worldwide. Layla moans loudly on the plastic cock in her mouth feeling her orgasm building up deep inside her. Layla knows is she needs to cum badly as Kelly's tongue snakes out of Layla's pussy teasing it across her soaking wet pussy lips letting Layla's juices trickle down into her open mouth. Kelly loves the taste of girl cum and Layla's cum is so sweet and unwillingly given just turns the blonde on more. Layla closes her eyes her struggling body finally giving over to the building pleasure inside her as Tiffany sees the change on Layla's face pulling back.

"MMMMMMMMMM OHHHHHHH OHHHHHHHHHHH AHHHHHHHHHHHHH," Layla groans breathing in hard drool dribbling down her chin as she tilts her head back.

"That's it Kelly do it lick your bitch's pussy the little tramp wants to cum so bad," Tiffany says leaning back against the ropes watching her blonde lover eat out Layla's shaved pussy.

Kelly pushes her tongue in curling it inside Layla's pussy tasting her juices teasing on her grinding pussy. Poor Layla howls with pleasure again knowing pictures and videos of her naked riding on Kelly's face like a porn star will be pasted online for years to come. She moans reaching her hands up grabbing her own large breasts squeezing them as Kelly's tongue takes her well pleasured pussy past its limits. She is getting so wet from Kelly's tongue Layla hasn't felt so hard and horny in a long time. Very horny Layla howls rocking back rubbing back against Kelly's face not thinking about anything now other than the pleasure Kelly's amazing tongue is giving her.

"UHHHHHHH OHHHH OHHH OHHHHHHH I'M CUMMING FUCK I'M CUMMING," Layla screams leaning back coming into a massive orgasm right on top of Kelly's mouth.

The blonde doesn't stop instead Kelly excitedly licks at Layla's pussy tasting her juices as she cums. Layla's juices flow down as Kelly just leaves her mouth open letting Layla's cum cascade down drinking up her rival's defeat. Layla's whole body is shaking from Kelly induces a massive orgasm from her keeping her moaning and groaning. Kelly's tongue laps at her pussy a couple of times between taking big gulps of cum as Layla's pussy just explodes with juices. Tiffany stands watching with glee as Kelly licks her rival clean now swallowing all her dirty messy cum. Layla is getting light headed still cumming for a good few seconds before she finally feels her body stop and tired out she falls sideways. She hits the mat hard on her side curling up into a ball still shaking from the amazing lesbian pleasure she was just given. Kelly sits up cum all over her mouth staining her lipstick but with a big grin on her face.

The whole crowd is roaring as the bell rings with Brooke looking confused but is on her feet doing her job calling for the bell. The fans are going crazy having just watched Kelly licking out Layla then making her cum so hard. Layla's porn like moans and groans will be stuck in a lot of fan's minds forever as they were so needy and erotically charged. Layla is curled up on the mat shivering still with cum flowing down staining the inside of her thighs. Kelly is back up on her feet grinning with her spunk covered face at having her plan finally come perfectly to fruition. Tiffany walks over taking her best friend by the hand giving her a slight hug so as not to impale her with the big strap on hanging between her legs. Kelly smiles at Tiffany looking her right in the eyes leaning forward to give the sexy blonde a kiss on the lips trading some of Layla's pussy juices.

Licking her friend's lips clean Tiffany grins looking down Kelly's rival who is now a humiliated wreck. Brooke quickly walks over grabbing Kelly's wrist lifting the blonde hand in the victory. Brooke feels like she has just been a pawn in this match with Kelly and the mystery blonde so she doesn't want any part in their plan. She also feels in front of these two lesbian predators that she is a little exposed in her slutty referee outfit. She lifts Kelly's hand high then looks to turn and get away but Kelly still has hold of her wrist pulling Brooke over in-between her and Tiffany. Brooke feels uncomfortable having just watched some clearly planned two on one lesbian sex and is now even more uncomfortable at the way these two blondes are staring at her like a piece of meat. She steps back looking to get away but now Tiffany grabs hold of her other arm keeping Brooke between them. Brooke is scared now and makes no hiding of the fact she is trying to get out of their grip to run away.

"Awww hey where are you going Brooke?" Kelly asks, "Don't you want to stay and have a little victory celebration with us?"

Kelly's utter confidence and relaxed teasing tone scares Brooke more as she worries she will suffer the same on screen fucking fate Layla just suffered.

"Please Kelly you girls have had your fun with Layla please let me go I don't wanna be fucked on camera," Brooke squeaks meekly.

The blonde bombshells both laugh, "Please Brooke babe you have been begging for a good fucking since you came out here," Tiffany laughs.

"Yeah Brooke you couldn't wait to get your big ass out and sexily rub it in Layla's face could you?" Kelly says stepping closer towards Brooke her lips nearly touching Brooke's cheek.

"Come on girls no it's not like that I did that for all the guys in the audience, I'm not a lesbian," Brooke says shaking on the spot clearly in awe of the openness and the sexual prowess of the two blondes.

"Oh we think you are Brooke and if nothing else you are so sexy," Tiffany says biting her painted red lips moving her free hand placing it on Brooke's exposed mid-section, "I saw backstage how much you loved Kelly touching your big tits you are begging for more lesbian loving."

Brooke shivers again pulling her hands up trying to get away but Tiffany and Kelly easily haul Brooke down to the mat. They flip Brooke over so she is flat out on her back with her sneakers quickly pulled off her bare feet. Brooke struggles and screams trying to pull herself up off the mat with Tiffany and Kelly pinning her down. One of Tiffany's hands is already all over Brooke's exposed mid-section sliding along her belly as Kelly drops a hand down on Brooke's boob squeezing it though her referee's shirt making Brooke yelp.

"No please don't do this please not in front of everyone please," Brooke begs not wanting the same humiliating live sex show performance that Layla suffered.

Tiffany and Kelly ignore her loud begs as Tiffany's hand moves up Brooke's shirt brushing the bottom of her bra covered breasts. Brooke shivers as she is being groped as she feels her D cup breasts being teased and rubbed by feminine hands. Kelly and Tiffany are leaning over her both with big smiles on their faces as their hands brush against Brooke's breasts. Brooke groans trying to roll away but she can't get away and her situation is made worse when Kelly grabs the top of her shirt pulling it down hard tearing the black and white striped top. Tiffany licks her lips as Brooke's black bra covered cleavage comes into view before she helps Kelly rip and tear at the rest of Brooke's referee top.

"Stop please you can't do this to me please," Brooke wails trying to pull away but stops once a hand of Kelly's and Tiffany each grab one of her breasts each squeezing hard.

Kelly and Tiffany rub Brooke's big tits though her bra tracing their fingertips across her large tanned cleavage. Brooke stiffens up at the blonde's light feathery touches across her soft skin. She sees Tiffany's red painted fingernails sliding across her tits before taking her boobs in both hands giving them a loving squeeze. Brooke struggles to stop a light moan escaping as Kelly is rubbing the underside of her breasts though her tight black bra. The two girl's touches are so light unlike the rough groping Brooke normally feels her tits getting from men. This soft approach has caught her off guard and much like Layla Brooke has never been with a woman before so is finding out how erotic it is to have another woman intimately touch her. Tiffany and Kelly's hands feel so good on Brooke's skin; she can feel goose bumps forming on her arms. Kelly's hands slide up and start pulling one of the bra straps down from Brooke's shoulder.

Brooke struggles a little again until Tiffany moves her hand under one of Brooke's bra cup taking a firm grasp of her bare tit skin for the first time. With Tiffany's hand moving inside her bra feeling up her boob Brooke can only gasp and hope the cameras are not pointing at her. Kelly leans over pulling Brooke's other bra strap down her arm as Tiffany pulls free her hand helping Kelly grab hold of the front of the bra. Brooke looks up at both of them begging with her eyes but that doesn't stop the naughty blondes who rip Brooke's bra clean off her body to a massive ovation from the sell-out crowd. Brooke groans in horror trying to wrap her arms back around her big naked boobs but Kelly and Tiffany are quick to pin her arms to the side leaving the former model's ample chest exposed for all to see. Brooke whines as her fully tanned big tits are visible to everyone now and multiple cameras around the arena are recording her bare tits.

Tiffany moves a hand onto Brooke's darker pink nipple pulling at her near inch long nipple squeezing it in her fingers trying to make it fully hard. Kelly leans her head down too kissing Brooke bare tit skin feeling her former friend shake with embarrassment. Kelly plants kisses all over Brooke's soft tits as Tiffany leans over her playing with Brooke's nipples twisting them gently. Brooke moans helpless to this two girl assault on her big breasts as she looks over at Layla wondering if she will help her but Layla is still curled up in a ball moaning softly. Pleasure streaks though Brooke's body as she has never had her tits played with like this before and her body is reacting favourably to them. Tiffany pulls and teases Brooke's large pink nipples till they are fully hard then she leaves them for Kelly to work her amazing tongue over them.

Brooke moans as Kelly's tongue teases her erect nipples licking the very tips. Brooke can't help but get turned on by Kelly's tongue while Tiffany moves down Brooke's body rubbing her toned belly then around the waistband of her shorts. Kelly lets one of Brooke's nipples go into her mouth and the rumoured backstage cock sucker starts to suck on Brooke's nipple. Brooke moans loudly feeling the blonde's soft lips sucking her sensitive nipple. Tiffany's soft hands are now on Brooke's thighs rubbing her tanned skin sliding her finger tips inches in front of Brooke's booty shorts. Brooke shivers rocking from side to side on the ring mat trying to imagine this isn't happening to her. The arena watches on amazed from seeing just one girl cumming they seem to be getting a whole Playboy channel lesbian orgy. The web is already alive with shots and talk of Layla's tongue fucking then huge body shaking orgasm. From the looks of action in the ring the ex-bikini model Brooke looks to be the next player in the lesbian orgy.

"Please stop please no more please," Brooke begs starting to blush, a heat rises between her legs reacting to Kelly's sucking and Tiffany's groping.

"Awwww your no fun Brooke we wanna do so many things to you," Tiffany says slapping her strap on down against Brooke's thigh making her jump and her flesh jiggle.

"No I don't want to you can't make me AHHHHHHHHH," Brooke screams as Kelly stops sucking biting down slightly on Brooke's nipple sinking her hard white teeth in.

Tiffany laughs seeing Kelly's teeth clamped down on Brooke's nipple biting down on it. She places her own hands on Brooke's shorts yanking them down exposing the top of her black thong making Tiffany. Brooke can feel her tight shorts being pulled down as Kelly moves to sucking and lightly biting her other nipple leaving one covered in spit and slight teeth marks. Kelly's hands grab the bottom of Brooke's breasts giving them a hard squeeze as she sucks hard on Brooke's nipple teasing her tongue around every inch of the ex-model's rock hard nipple. Tiffany lowers Brooke's shorts down showing the crotch of Brooke's panties is slightly damp. Unable to resist Tiffany runs a finger along Brooke's clothed pussy bringing a back arching moan from the brunette. Kelly hears this and lifts her head up off sucking Brooke's nipple to see what could have made the straight Brooke moan like she loves this blonde lesbian love feast.

"MMMM Kelly this little slut is so wet already," Tiffany moans running her finger up and down Brooke's wet slit again getting another loud groan from the brunette.

Kelly moves a little away from Brooke's spit covered nipples and bare boobs to watch Tiffany rubbing her finger against Brooke's thong covered pussy. Tiffany lifts her middle finger adding it to her index finger rubbing them up against Brooke's wet pussy. Brooke shivers groaning loudly as Tiffany has her fingers pressed right up against her pussy her tiny thong offering little protection as Tiffany intimately rubs her. Two small thin fingers are pressed into Brooke's pussy rubbing hard making more juices leak from her pussy staining the front of Brooke's thong. Kelly sits close to Brooke's stomach still pinning the young girl down watching Tiffany go to work. Tiffany is pressing her fingers right into Brooke's mound rubbing her fingers quickly against Brooke's wet pussy. Tiffany's two fingers stroke her wet pussy slowly teasing her. Her ass grinds against the ring mat trying hard not to enjoy Tiffany's rubbing fingers.

Though her thong Brooke can feel her pussy being pleasured by Tiffany's amazing fingers and from hating the very thought of the blondes touching her Brooke now finds herself arching her hips up to feel more of Tiffany's fingers. Kelly laughs watching Brooke lift her hips up off the ground to press into Tiffany's rubbing fingers. Tiffany rubs her two fingers hard into Brooke's pussy making the front of her thong get wetter soaking the tiny strip of material covering her. Brooke groans as her body starts shaking with her wet pussy pleasured with Kelly moves up to grabs Brooke's big boobs once more. Squeezing her D cups Kelly grins as Brooke moans loudly again only sounding upset when Tiffany grabs Brooke's shorts pulling them down past Brooke's knees letting them go all the way down to her feet. Kelly squeezes Brooke's tits hard looking into Brooke's eyes seeing the sexy looking brunette breaking down in front of her hating the lesbian experience but unable to deny the pleasure she has been given.

"Do you want us to make you cum Brooke?" Kelly asks sweetly making Brooke bite her lip out of nervousness.

Brooke thinks about it for a few seconds feeling Kelly's hands softly crushing her breasts rubbing them lightly making her skin tingle. Finally Brooke nods her head hearing the massive cheers from the crowd as a couple of WWE cameras captured her moment of submission for the world to see. Kelly grins at knowing how weak and easy to control Brooke is so willing for some lesbian action. If it was down to her she wouldn't have Brooke at all but Tiffany had declared an interest in fucking Brooke's sexy body especially that big thick ass. Rubbing her hands all over Brooke's boobs Kelly squashes both of Brooke's big tits together seeing how excited Brooke is at being touched in such a soft sexual manner. Tiffany has now grabbed Brooke's slightly damp thong peeling the damp cloth down Brooke's hips exposing her bare pussy.

Her pussy lips are shining wet with her own leaking juices as Tiffany yanks her thong down then presses two fingers up against her slit. Brooke groans loudly as for the first time Tiffany touches her bare pussy sending a jolt of electricity though her. Tiffany presses her two fingers into Brooke's private area hard sliding her finger tips up and down her wet pussy lips rubbing Brooke's own juices around. Brooke closes her eyes moaning forgetting she is in the middle of the ring being played with on live TV. Naked and lying in the middle of a wrestling ring isn't the best time to have your first lesbian experience but Brooke doesn't care anymore. Her body has betrayed her and her mind has slowly slipped into submission alongside her. Kelly rubs Brooke's tits a little harder, her own bare pussy leaking juices out onto Brooke's stomach.

Tiffany moves her fingers up and down Brooke's wet slit rubbing her finger tips against the side of her pussy slowly teasing the brunette. Brooke moans again closing her eyes trying to block out the idea of millions of men and woman around the world getting a thrill from watching her being played with like a sex toy. Kelly squeezes Brooke's boobs hard and the curvy brunette gives in completely stopping her mental battle not to moan giving the blondes and the watching crowd the satisfaction of seeing her beaten then acting like the trampy hoe Layla is. Lying flat out Brooke is totally exposed to the two sexual strong blondes letting them run their hands all over her naked body turning her on with each touch. She moans when Kelly rubs her big boobs slowly rubbing and moulding her large D cups as Tiffany's fingers lightly dance over her pussy lips.

"MMMMMMMMM OHHHHHHHH GOD OHHHHHHHHHHHHH," Brooke moans her mouth open wide as Tiffany just teasingly pushed the tips of her fingers inside her pussy.

Tiffany can't help but laugh pulling her fingertips out watching Brooke's hips shake moving around looking for some stimulation for her soaking wet pussy. She eases her fingers in again drawing another deep moan from Brooke as she slides her fingertips over the inner walls of Brooke's pussy. Kelly stands up leaving Brooke flat out on the mat knowing she won't try to get away now as she is at the sexually mercy of Tiffany's amazing pussy fucking fingers. Brooke feels Kelly's weight off her chest but just when she thinks about sitting up Tiffany drives her two fingers into Brooke's warm wet pussy hard sending all reasoned thought out of her mind. She groans loudly lying back grinding her fingernails across the mat as Tiffany's fingers pleasure her. Going almost in to her knuckles Tiffany makes Brooke arch her back sending pleasure running all though her body. Tiffany twists her fingers around inside Brooke's pussy feeling the brunette's cum dribble out over her digits.

Her fingers are getting very sticky almost lubing them up allowing Tiffany to push them forward finger fucking Brooke's tight pussy hole. With a hand on Brooke's belly Tiffany is able to work up a good rhythm pumping her fingers inside Brooke making the naked Diva groan loudly with joy. Kelly meanwhile has stopped watching the finger fuck feast and has gone back over to where Layla is lying. She kneels down next to the curled up Diva admiring the weak moans a deeply humiliated Layla is making. She pushes Layla over onto her back letting the fans get another long look at Layla's naked body with her pussy soaking wet from her own cum. Down next to her Kelly rubs her hand up a moaning Layla's belly across the undersides of her tits. Kelly's hand rubs Layla's weakened body as she keeps her eyes closed breathing hard hoping Kelly will leave her alone. Kelly much like with Brooke moves on top of Layla sitting her cute ass down right on Layla's mid-section.

Kelly doesn't grab Layla's tits instead she brushes her hand along her own bare dripping wet pussy. Across the ring Tiffany is finger fucking Brooke hard making her cry out like she's acting in soft core porn making loud ungodly noises filling the ECW arena. Sweat is pouring down Brooke's face making her hair stick to her bright red face as she moans loudly. From no woman ever touching her in a sexual way Brooke is becoming a lesbian screaming out loud becoming addicted to Tiffany's fingers. Tiffany presses her fingers deeper inside Brooke's pussy rubbing her sensitive insides feeling her juices dripping down onto the ring mat. Tiffany's fingers pump harder curling inside Brooke's wet pussy pleasuring the ex-model in ways she never thought possible. She has fingered herself plenty of times but nothing even comes close to the pleasure Tiffany is giving her cunt. Tiffany is finger fucking Brooke's cunt flat on the mat moaning loudly picking up the pace on the sexy ex referee's cunt.

To Be Continued

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