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This is a sexual fantasy story using the Divas of the WWE this story is therefore not endorsed by the WWE or by the Divas featured in the story. I am not doing this for profit or by orders of anyone other than my own sick kinky mind, This story has deep sexual themes from the start and features lots and lots of lesbian fact it's pretty much all lesbian sex really so if that makes you uncomfortable or you do not like reading erotic stories please don't read this story. You must be 18 to read this story and any feedback good, bad or indifferent is welcome though my email Thanks for taking a look at my story if you do read it I really hope you enjoy it, ThePac

ECW First Cum Match Part 3
by ThePac

"Oh you sexy little bitch I'm going to enjoy this," Kelly says across the ring sitting up on Layla's breasts now leaning over her face, "I've been so horny Layla I've not cum all week building up for this moment.

Layla groans at hearing Kelly talking over her still teasing the dark haired Diva bringing her to orgasm right in front of everyone. Kelly leans down kissing Layla on top of her head before she slides forward sitting on Layla's big tits pinning her down. Kelly moving closer sitting now on Layla's upper chest her pussy inches away from Layla's face. Layla groans trying to struggle away as Kelly's pussy aroma fills her senses making her panic. Pushing forward Kelly slides her pussy forward pressed it on Layla's face and pinned that soaking wet pussy right into her face. Layla squeals trying to get away while Brooke squeals across the ring from Tiffany's hard double finger fucking. She groans rocking back with her juices flowing down into a small puddle on the canvas. Tiffany grins looking so in control of Brooke's body as the brunette thrashes around becoming very sweaty. Her moans grow loudly getting closer to the brink of an in ring orgasm.

"Eat my pussy bitch," Kelly threatens almost sitting on Layla's face as the tired defeated Diva twists her head away trying hard to get free.

"Come on you little slut stop fighting bet you will love it Tiffany says I taste like cherries now stop being a baby and get me off," Kelly growls bucking her hips back and forth trying to shove her pussy into Layla's face.

Layla resists still weak from her unwanted orgasm but Kelly's strong body is still sitting on top of her chest. She is battling hard on the bottom but Kelly pinning her down is too much for Layla's tired body. Kelly is annoyed that her former dance partner won't lie back and make her cum so she slides her hand between Layla's legs. Layla instantly stiffens up feeling Kelly's fingers again rubbing round her pussy lips. Without any warning Kelly once again shoves her fingers into Layla's cunt. Layla cries out her poor pussy still very raw and sensitive from being made to cum earlier. Kelly only pumps her fingers inside Layla for a minute long enough to let the sensitive stinging feeling flow though the Diva's entire body. When Kelly pulls out Layla almost tamed having had her fucked raw pussy teased and played with once more.

Layla is flat out on her back moaning her whole body a mess of pain and pleasure. Her pussy is so sore that quick rough finger fucking reminded Layla of her place below the dominate Kelly. Inching forward and this time has no trouble planting her pussy right on Layla rubbing her pussy right into her face. Kelly is shamelessly grinding down on her face really pushing her sex into Layla's face. The fans in the arena are going wild watching Kelly rub her pussy all over her rival's pretty face. Layla can feel Kelly's juices staining her face as she moans in pure embarrassment with Kelly really going all out to prove she is the more sexually dominate woman. She is getting the ultimate pleasure from embarrassing and humiliating Layla is this deeply public and sexually way. Layla groans shutting her eyes so as not to see Kelly's bare pussy rubbing against her face.

"Come on Layla lick my pussy come on don't make me do all the work you little slut," Kelly says smiling as her hands move into Layla's long dark hair pulling it keeping a pinned Layla's face deep in her wet snatch.

A few feet away Tiffany is still finger fucking Brooke amazed at how quickly Brooke has turned into a willing lesbian submissive. She is moaning loudly with her juices flowing out of her finger fucked pussy decorating Tiffany's wrist as she drills her fingers in. Brooke is being so embarrassed in front of the world on TV and probably be on computers minutes after ECW ends but she isn't thinking clearly with Tiffany's skilled fingers inside her cunt.

"MMMMMMMM FUCK TIFFANY MMMMMMMM FUCK ME," Brooke moans cameras moving in close to pick up more of her loud pleasure filled audio and watch Tiffany's fingers disappear between her pussy lips.

"Yeah you like it don't you, you little bitch you love my fingers deep in your slutty little cunt," Tiffany teases grinning at how quick and easy it has been to turn Brooke.

"OHHHHHH OHHHHH YES TIFFANY IT FEELS SO GOOD MMMMMMM YOUR FINGERS ARE THE BEST," Brooke screams eyes closed head back all other thoughts gone from her head as she is building up to a big orgasm.

"What would you let me do Brooke? What would you let me do in order to let you cum," Tiffany asks taking on her normal sexually dominate role.

"OHHHHHHHH ANYTHING TIFFANY ANYTHING PLEASE I'M SO HORNY IT'S BEEN SO LONG PLEASE I'LL DO ANYTHING TO CUM PLEASE," Brooke screams making the fans cheer making Tiffany's clear white smile crack even wider.

"Good girl I like it when my sluts are willing to do anything Kelly loves me doing all kind of kinky things with her amazing body," Tiffany smiles pulling her two cum coated fingers out of Brooke's soaked pussy.

Brooke gasps as Tiffany pulls out of her pussy and out on instinct she starts rocking her hips up looking for that same sexual pleasure the blonde's fingers were giving her. Tiffany grins at how easy Brooke is giving it away begging to be sexually pleasure on her back obscenely thrusting her hips up looking for Tiffany's fingers. She lifts the fingers of her left hand up before pushing them together popping right into Brooke's soaking wet pussy. Her fingers slide between Brooke's wet lips making eyes almost pop out of her skull as she pushes inside her. Pleasure explodes inside her mind as Tiffany has 4 fingers tightly packed in pushing into her cunt making her juices leak out at an even bigger volume. Tiffany has her fingers in tight and is slowly starting to work them in an out of Brooke's pussy.

The brunette gasps with her tight cunt feeling so full with 4 of Tiffany's fingers buried inside of her stretching her out teasing her pussy in ways Brooke had no idea about. Tiffany's soft fingers begin to pump inside her making Brooke shudder letting out a long low moan of pleasure as Tiffany's fingers rub her wet insides. She is being teased good as Brooke can feel her pre cum leaking out all over Tiffany's probing fingers. Her pussy lips are stretched out with most of Tiffany's hand moving around inside her finger fucking her tight pussy. Tiffany pumps her hand good grinning as Brooke's moans become louder as she loves having her pussy filled by another woman's fingers. Tiffany works hard pushing her fingers in deeper curling them inside Brooke's pussy getting a loud scream out of the referee.

All 4 of her fingers are really pumping good and hard inside Brooke's pussy making Brooke scream, her pre cum flowing wildly now soaking her inner thighs and a good portion of Tiffany's wrist. She is moaning loudly letting Tiffany's fingers use her as they are giving her so much pleasure her curvy tanned body can barely handle it. Just as fast as Tiffany pushed 4 fingers into Brooke's cunt she pulls them out admiring Brooke's juices dripping from them. Brooke groans in disappointment as Tiffany sits up onto her knees leaning over Brooke lining her big pink dildo right up with the Diva's wet pussy lips. Shivering in anticipation Brooke feels the cold hard plastic head of the strap on rubbing against her pussy lips. The only thing to enter her pussy other than a cock was a small vibrator she used to own as a teenage this will be her first dildo. Tiffany rubs the strap on against Brooke's wet pussy admiring what her fingers did in working up the little brunette's pussy.

She teasingly slides her fake cock across Brooke's pussy lips almost stroking them with her fake cock mixing Brooke's cum into it. This gets a very surprised yet deeply satisfied groan from Brooke's lips as the sexy ex model is coating in a layer of her own sweat loving everything Tiffany is doing to her. The strap on rubs her sensitive wet pussy so good with Brooke writhes around on the canvas totally unaware her every moment is captured on all the WWE cameras in the arena and her sex filled antics are being beamed right around the world. Brooke doesn't care about any of that as she just wants more pleasure as she grinds her hips into Tiffany's fake cock wordlessly begging for more. Tiffany reaches forward grabbing Brooke's hips poking the tip of her strap on right into Brooke's hole. Brooke gasps taking a deep breath as the shiny spit covered dildo is now right on the tip of her pussy entrance.

Leaning forward Tiffany pushes with all the power in her hips slamming her big pink strap on right into Brooke's pussy. Brooke screams with delight as her pussy is impaled by Tiffany's big thick fuck toy. Her wet pussy so lubed up with her own juices making even the tight fit of the dildo against her cunt brings tingle of pleasure though Brooke's body as Tiffany pushes forward drilling Brooke's wet cunt with her fake cock. Brooke's yells are getting louder all the time as Tiffany delivers short hard thrusts. She feels so filled the thick plastic strap on thrusting into her making Brooke's insides swell up. Brooke's face is glowing red as a long overdue orgasm is building up in her young fit body as she is spread flat out letting Tiffany control her. Tiffany pushes forward again rocking around before grabbing the base of the strap on sliding it all the way out of Brooke.

"MMMMMMMM no put it back please put it back in," Brooke groans unfulfilled and feeling empty without the big thick strap on in her.

Tiffany says nothing simply lifting her juice soaked strap on up then leans forward grabbing Brooke by her hips. So tired and horny Brooke doesn't object or even question what Tiffany is doing as the blonde grabs her hips rolling her over. Brooke's near dead weight rolls over onto her front, her tits crushing into the canvas pussy still leaking a big wet puddle beneath her. On her front Brooke coos softly as her legs are spread with Tiffany taking her sweet time with her new fuck toy. Tiffany kneels behind Brooke admiring the girl's big ass seeing what Kelly meant when she said Brooke really had more a booty than an ass. She grabs two handfuls of Brooke's tanned cheeks giving them a hard squeeze playing with the jiggling flesh. Brooke moans loudly as Tiffany squeezes her butt spreading her tanned cheeks apart exposing her hole. She moves forward pressing her juice coated strap on right into Brooke's asscrack and Brooke starts to get uncomfortable.

"Tiffany no what are you doing no I've never done butt sex please no, that big thing can't fit in me," Brooke squeals in fear.

"You said anything you offered to do anything to cum," Tiffany reminds her stroking her wet strap on up and down Brooke's ass still holding her cheeks apart.

"But it will hurt I don't want it in the butt," Brooke whines like a baby trying to wriggle away but is tired and still pretty horny.

"Tough, let me fuck your ass Brooke, you have such a pretty ass I only let you come back so I could fuck this fine butt," Tiffany purrs.

"Now you will let me fuck your ass and you will love it and I'll make you cum hard from it," Tiffany says sounding like a tempting seductress teasing poor horny Brooke.

"Please no anything but up my ass please there must be something else," Brooke begs trying to ignore the burning heat between her legs nearly begging her to cum.

"Do it come on your cheap little slut I know how much you loved me fucking your pussy it will be so much better in your ass," Tiffany teases moaning slightly pushing the head of her strap on into Brooke's asshole.

The poke makes Brooke's whole body shake and she makes an odd whining noise as her body has never felt anything like that. Tiffany pokes Brooke's asshole with her fake cock again this time Brooke does let out a very porn star like groan of passion.

"OK, OK YOU WIN DO IT PLEASE JUST MAKE ME CUM," A frustrated Brooke yells bringing a big grin to Tiffany's sexy model face.

Kelly meanwhile is still rubbing her bare pussy right into Layla's pinned down face. Layla's entire face is being covered in Kelly's juices as pre cum leaks from her lips smearing across Layla's face. The WWE crowd has already seen her lose a First Cum match and now surely footage of her cumming to another woman's tongue will be up online to haunt her forever. Kelly rocks her hips around grinding her sex into Layla's nose and mouth making Layla feels so disgusted. Pinned under Kelly Layla can only moan weakly praying Kelly cums quickly so this humiliating ordeal can be over. Kelly is however taking her time proving her sexual dominance over her rival rocking slowly making sure to rub her burning clit with her own fingers while humping Layla's face. Feeling her face being used just to give pleasure by Kelly makes Layla feel sick and so glad she can't hear the roar of the crowd.

Layla groans trying hard to keep her mouth closed but there isn't enough air for her with Kelly sat right on her face so finally Layla is forced to open her mouth to take a big gulp of air. With the accuracy of a pro Kelly takes her chance dropping her pussy down into Layla's open mouth stretching her jaw out pressing her leaking sex right into her former best mate's mouth. Layla tastes Kelly's juices feel them running right down her throat as Kelly massages her private parts against her trapped open mouth. Layla is too scared to bite but is nearly blushing thinking of the image this must be giving to the WWE fans. Her mouth trapped wide open breathing though her nose as Kelly's pussy rubs into her open mouth. Kelly's pussy lips rub around Layla's mouth the blonde getting a small thrill of pleasure every time any part of Layla's mouth comes into contact with her wet pussy.

"Come on Layla eat me you know you want too," Kelly groans rocking back and forwards making her wet pussy lips rub all around Layla's mouth groaning slightly as Layla breathes hot air right onto her bare cunt.

Across the ring Tiffany has her big strap on lined up with Brooke's big bubble butt making the fans cheer at getting two doses of HLA action. The sexy Brooke looks like she is about to lose her anal virginity to another woman on national TV. Tiffany pushes the head of her wet strap on into the opening of Brooke's ass spreading her thick cheeks out. On her hands and knees Brooke moans weakly lined up to be fucked live in the middle of the ring. Tiffany pushes in more watching her thick strap on disappear between Brooke's fat ass cheeks hearing the brunette groaning loudly. Brooke's tight virgin asshole is penetrated for the very first time with Tiffany's strap on all 7 inches of it slide into Brooke's ass with only the minimal amount of effort. Brooke's whole asshole is filled up with a plastic sex toy and Tiffany is a real pro at ass fucking knowing the slower and nicer the first entry is the harder you can fuck afterwards because the girl is more relaxed.

Tiffany pulls all the way out before slamming forward again nearly knocking Brooke over. Her first thrust nearly rips Brooke apart the brunette screaming for her life never having felt something so powerful. The blonde begins to fuck Brooke's thick sexy ass with the fans in attendance going wild as Brooke hangs her head groaning trying not to think about how good it feels to have Tiffany's strap on up her butt. Pumping in slow and steady Tiffany watches her fake dick almost being eaten up by Brooke's big ass putting her hands on Brooke's asscheeks for support giving the mounds of flesh a good hard squeeze. She pumps her hips faster picking up the pace in fucking Brooke's big ass making Brooke shake rocking back and forth in time with Tiffany's thrusting. Brooke moans loudly again being turned into a WWE porn star her ass fucked in the middle of the ring by a smoking hot blonde. Tiffany is slamming into her ass harder testing how deep she can drive that strap on.

"MMMMMMMM do you like it slut c'mon tell the world how much you love it in the butt, tell everyone your nice virgin ass is mine," Tiffany orders roughly squeezing Brooke's cheeks making her squeal.

"YES, YES I DO I LIKE IT UP THE BUTT IT HURTS BUT IT'S SO GOOD," Brooke yells not thinking about the fans or viewers at home laughing at her as she can only think about the mind breaking pain and pleasure this ass fucking is giving her.

"You want more?" The assistant GM asks teasingly rubbing her hands over Brooke's big tanned cheeks.

Brooke nods, "PLEASE MORE I NEED TO CUM IT HURTS BUT IT'S SO GOOD PLEASE FUCK MY ASS," She screams sounding so desperate.

Her poor tight asshole feels so sore from constant pounding of Tiffany's thick strap on yet her pussy is still soaking wet clearly she loves every second. She rocks around on her hands and knees just moaning having totally given up fighting back letting the sexy Tiffany control her fucking her sweaty naked body. Tiffany smiles getting a large sexual thrill from being in control like this knowing she has tamed another straight girl into being a lesbian sub for the rest of her life. She rocks back harder really driving into Brooke's ass hearing Brooke gasp looking back at Tiffany who grins then Brooke wordlessly leans over as far as she can go offering up more of her ass to be pounded. Brooke moans shaking hard as Tiffany teases her then slams into her tight butt. She can feel the strap on deep in her tight hole pounding her open breaking her virginity bit by bit pushing deeper filling Brooke up with very horny urges.

Tiffany giggles seeing Brooke flush red moaning loudly as she has never seen a slut get off this much to a bit of anal invasion particularly off the first time. She takes a hand off one of Brooke's ass cheeks moving it round her body so she can touch her pussy. Brooke's pussy is soaking wet, her lips coated in her own juices and so sensitive even one slight brush from Tiffany's fingers makes Brooke lift her head back and groan heartily. Privately Tiffany thinks it's a long time since Brooke has come and probably years since she gained a good orgasm from fucking. Luckily for the brunette referee delivering world class orgasm is something Tiffany has done for a while in is extra good at giving it to girls. Tiffany's fingers stroke across Brooke's wet pussy teasing her dripping juices as she keeps thrusting into her big ass.

Brooke moans loudly feeling amazing with Tiffany rubbing her fingers into her wet pussy. Brooke doesn't think she can feel any more pleasure until Tiffany's brushes her fingers against her clit making the brunette gasp with total pleasure. Brooke is in a state of bliss moaning loudly with her head tilted enjoying it so much she doesn't care about the fans or the cameras all trained on her. Tiffany doesn't let up in fucking Brooke's big sexy ass ramming her strap on deep inside her. Brooke's clit is being teased and the brunette cannot last any longer moaning loudly. She wants her release so bad her pussy has never been so wet and it feels like her body is on fire with pleasure. Brooke wants it so bad she will do anything Tiffany to make her orgasm. The blonde's teasing fingers too are making Brooke submit fully giving her body, mind and soul to the sexy fuck machine of a Playboy bunny.


"MMMMMMMMM yes cum for me you little bitch I own you and want to make you cum so fucking loud you are gonna cum so big and hard for me," Tiffany growls pressing two fingers into Brooke's wet slit.

Brooke howls rocking her head back with her whole body shaking with lust pleasured in so many different ways and in so many holes. Tiffany keeps pumping her hips making sure Brooke's ass is still being fucked good keeping the horny brunette on edge as her fingers teases across her sensitive clit. Brooke shakes moaning loudly again so close to cumming not wanting Tiffany to stop like last time needing this orgasm as her sweaty body shakes around on the ring mat. Fans watching know this is the moment a sweaty ass fucked Brooke Adams will cum for them her orgasm will be a million times better as she has become the new assistant GM's private fuck toy.

"CUMMMMING FUCK I'M CUMMING SO GOOD DON'T STOP CUMMMING OHHHHHHHHHHH," Brooke cries out having a massive orgasm right in front of millions of WWE fans.

Tiffany laughs moving her hand away from Brooke's pussy to grab her tanned hips and pound her all the way though her orgasm. She slams her sexy ass harder as Brooke just groans and shouts, cumming hard delivering a massive orgasm that shakes Brooke's entire body. Soaking the ring mat with her juices Brooke is now just moaning almost purring as Tiffany is butt fucking her to a lesbian orgasm. She nearly squirted onto the ring mat her orgasm was so hard shaking every bone in her body. Tiffany still owning her ass making sure anal pleasure is the last thing a cumming Brooke feels so she knows this orgasm came from having her big thick ass fucked.

"MMMMMMMMM OHHHHH OHHHHHHHH AHHHHHHHHHHHH CUMMING SO GOOD," Brooke screams as the last drips of her orgasm flow though her sweaty tired body.

Tiffany smiles pumping forward a few more times but she sees Brooke is slumping a bit with her head down looking tired. Laughing Tiffany pulls her thick strap on out of Brooke's ass and stands up letting a tired Brooke slide down to the floor.

"Shhhhhhh the little whore is sleeping," Tiffany mocks holding her wet finger to her lips as Brooke is face down on the sweat and cum stained mat.

Brooke is sleeping after a massive body shaking orgasm unaware of her fate or infamy from cumming so hard in the middle of the ring. The ex-bikini model will probably never live it down the internet forever stained with the video of her and Tiffany's XXX rated show. Over on the other side of the ring Layla hears Brooke's orgasm filled moans fully understanding what an impossible career killing situation she is stuck in. With Kelly's pussy still grinding against her face Layla feels like crying as her pretty face is being soaked in Kelly's juices. Kelly's wet pussy is brushing everywhere all over her face and Layla only knows one way out of this hell. Her pride has to go and the chance of her not being seen as some kind of wrestling slut will disappear forever too but she has no other choice. Layla wants this nightmare over with even if it means swallowing a bitter pill and her rival's dirty wet pussy. Layla lifts her tongue up flicking it against Kelly's wet pussy lips making the blonde gasp with shock.

She does it again and Kelly rocks harder moaning out loud, "Oh yes Layla lick my pussy eat me out you little lesbian whore," She yells loud enough for the cameras to pick up her cries broadcasting them around the world.

Embarrassed Layla keeps licking hoping to make Kelly cum so she will stop and let her get away from this in ring nightmare. She flicks her tongue along Kelly's wet lips trying to push her tongue inside the blonde who is bouncing and grinding her sex across her face more forcefully. Kelly is so happy she broke her rival down feeling Layla lick all across her horny pussy willingly tasting her juices. Pre cum flows down into her mouth as Layla just keeps licking needing to make Kelly cum to finish this horrible experience. Fans around the arena cheer wildly now as Brooke is out cold in a happy post cum sleep so they all now watch Kelly riding Layla's face. The camera guy closest zooms in so the fans watching on the big screen get a porno like close view of Layla eating out a woman's cunt. Her pink tongue flicks all around Kelly's wet pussy making the blonde's hips rock more into Layla's face aimed right at her mouth seeking out more pleasure from the Diva's tongue.

Layla's tongue is giving a rocking Kelly so much sexual pleasure as the blonde moans out load grabbing a handful of Layla's hair keeping her mouth placed right on her pussy lips. Layla's tongue dances around Kelly's pussy lips lapping at her cunt like it's a lollypop but she isn't enjoying the sweet cherry flavours coming from Kelly. Moaning Kelly is getting closer to her own long building much needed climax as she rides on top of Layla's face feeling her tongue willingly licking at her horny wet pussy. Layla keeps pushing hard working her tongue in good hoping that she can make Kelly cum quickly ignoring the loud cheering from the fans. The sight of Layla licking at Kelly's pussy is an image many people watching will never forget cheering wilding at another all Diva lesbian scene acting out in front of them. Groaning in defeat Layla lets Kelly rest her pussy on her mouth making her fully tasting Kelly's leaking juices.

Layla pushes her tongue inside Kelly's pussy tasting her rival's insides making Kelly squeal with delight feeling Layla bury her tongue deep inside her cunt. Tiffany walks over kneeling next to a moaning Kelly smiling and stroking the blonde's hair. Tiffany leans over pushing her mouth right against Kelly's kissing her soft lips. The fans go wild watching two hot blondes make out with Tiffany face pressed into Kelly's swapping spit with the young starlet. Tiffany's hand moves down cupping one of Kelly's breasts while the tanned blonde keeps grinding into Layla's open mouth. Kelly breaks the soft kiss to let out some low groans her wet pussy sliding across Layla's face utterly covering her in leaking pussy juices. Tiffany rubs her hand all over one of Kelly's boobs tracing her fingers around her rock hard nipple. Moaning out loud Kelly presses her sex into Layla's wide open mouth with Tiffany teasing her hard pink nipples. Tiffany leans forward again capturing Kelly's lips giving them a rough wet kiss making Kelly groan into her open mouth. Tiffany gives her sexy blonde another hot sexy kiss before breaking it to watch Kelly rapidly hump Layla's face.

"Cum for me Kelly," Tiffany whispers leaning over nibbling Kelly's ear, "Cum a big hot sexy load all over Layla's face, make her drink your hot sexy cum like I do MMMMMMMMMM make her feel your hard slutty orgasm right on top of her," The sexy blonde whispers making Kelly whimper and Layla groan in fear.

"Soak her fucking face make that dirty bitch swallow and drink up all your cum do it cum all over her face," Tiffany whispers sexily into Kelly's ear as the young blonde keeps grinding her wet cunt over Layla's pinned down face.

"Wash that dirty cock sucking face in your juices babe cum so good let all these people how much better you are than your little pussy licking bitch," Tiffany teases pushes Kelly on harder.

Kelly squeals, her rocking getting faster before tilting her head back screaming as a powerful long building orgasm rushes though her. Layla braces herself with Kelly's whole body shaking then she starts cumming the build-up of her orgasm so great she starts squirting cum out all over Layla's tongue. Layla recoils feeling so disgusted that she is being covered in Diva cum live on TV. The blonde's screams only get louder clamping her eyes shut as her body squeezes out every last inch of pleasure squirting it all out of her pussy onto Layla's pretty face. Kelly's cum squirts out all over Layla ruining and staining her looks covering her in an almost spunk like mask. Kelly rubs her dripping wet pussy against Layla making sure to cover her whole face while panting hard, her massive orgasm tiring out her entire body. Tiffany helps her tired friend looking down at a naked Layla with her face utterly caked in Kelly's cum. Fans are cheering loudly as Kelly just squirted cum all over Layla's face.

"Well done girl," Tiffany says kissing Kelly on the cheek, "You finally got some revenge on that little bitch some perfect revenge," She says as Layla groans lying embarrassed and utterly humiliated on the mat.

The two blondes giggle as Layla rolls onto her side sobbing cum dripping of every inch of her pretty face. Kelly grabs Tiffany's head pulling her into another big slutty kiss pushing her tongue down her friend's throat. Kissing harder Kelly moves her hands up under Tiffany's top pulling it off her blonde friend's tanned body. She pulls it past Tiffany's big boobs then breaks the kiss long enough to strip Tiffany naked in front of millions of horny WWE fans. Tiffany giggles at the loud reaction to seeing her big tanned boobs; she shakes them getting a grin from her BFF Kelly. Reaching forward Kelly grabs Tiffany's big boobs massaging all over making her blonde friend moan out loud before Kelly drops her head down flicking her talented pink tongue against Tiffany's hard nipples. Tiffany lets out a big loud cry as her nipple is teased by Kelly's tongue while Kelly's hands remove the strap on from around Tiffany's waist. Kelly keeps on licking and rubbing Tiffany's breasts making Tiffany purr rocking from foot to foot loving the way Kelly's soft lips play with her bare tanned breasts.

"I'm not finished with Layla yet babe," Kelly purrs kissing Tiffany seductively on the neck as Tiffany gasps wondering what evil thoughts her sexy blonde partner has.

Kelly stops kissing Tiffany's neck instead she lowers her hand down brushing it against the blonde's exposed bare pussy feeling how damp her lips are.

"Maybe you should have Layla eat you out too, her face will feel so good against your pussy I know it," Kelly says rubbing Tiffany's pussy a little harder making Tiffany bite her lip as her body bubbles with pleasure.

Tiffany nods as both she and Kelly turn around seeing Layla who is crawling slowly along the mat trying to get away with cum stains on her thighs and all over her face.

"God I so want to drive my pussy into that dirty face fucking that little tramp's mouth with my pussy," Tiffany groans rubbing her own pussy with pleasure as the blonde bombshells watch Layla slowly trying to get away.

Kelly strides forward grabbing Layla's hair pulling the moaning nude Diva back into the middle of the ring making Layla shake with nerves not knowing what the blonde wants with her now. She has already been stripped naked, made to cum and has had Kelly squirt all over her face but Kelly is tugging her around on her hands and knees still not seeming though with her former friend. Layla is moved into the middle of the ring as Tiffany sits down on the canvas spreading her legs wide like a real naughty slut. The cameras zoom in close seeing the pre cum shining across her shaved pussy lips as Kelly drags Layla by the hair over to the seated legs spread Tiffany. She shoves Layla's face forward driving it right in between Tiffany's legs as Layla moans with disgust her spunk coated face once again being rubbed into another woman's pussy. Tiffany wraps her long legs around Layla's face moan at the feeling Layla's face rubbing against her wet cunt.

After her hard fucking and total domination of the sexy brunette Brooke, Tiffany has felt really horny looking for her pussy to get worked feeding the blonde's needs. Layla pointlessly struggles trying to move her face around as her features are once again being rubbed into a woman's wet pussy yet another blonde using her face for sexual fulfilment. Tiffany's legs are tightly wrapped around Layla's neck pinning her face into her pussy then the blonde rocks her hips around grinding her sex into her. Layla's face is rubbed and used by Tiffany who is humping on her facial features as Kelly moving around looking at Layla's bent up ass. Still on her knees Layla's ass is bent over presenting such a big target so Kelly picks up Tiffany's dis guarded strap on wrapping it around her own hips. Kneeling down behind Layla, Kelly places a hand on Layla's thick ass cheek squeezing the soft flesh.

She spreads Layla's cheeks grinning seeing her rival's tight little asshole totally exposed to her. Taking the Brooke cum soaked strap on Kelly places it at the entrance for Layla's ass only pausing to smile at a seated Tiffany before fully pushing in. Layla screams into Tiffany's open pussy as her asshole is invaded by another woman for the first time in her life. The cheers of the crowd are enormous watching Kelly shove a big thick strap on right into Layla's big sexy ass. The plastic cock disappears between Layla's cheeks filling up her tight asshole as a trapped Layla can only scream loudly into Tiffany's pussy lips. Tiffany grinds her pussy against Layla's open screaming mouth getting full pleasure from the British born Diva's open mouth purposefully rubbing her sensitive clit against Layla's top lip. She can feel the vibrations of Layla's screaming on her pussy acting as extra stimulation for her while Kelly pushes the full length of her strap on inside Layla's ass.

Kelly takes great joy in filling her rival's ass to near breaking point with fake cock grabbing onto Layla's hips pausing for a second letting everyone in the arena with cameras take a picture of Layla's two on one lesbian fuck feast, a moment that will haunt and follow her around for the rest of her life. Kelly wiggles her hips a little trying to open up Layla's big tight asshole a little more for her strapped to the waist sex toy. Kelly doesn't think Layla is an anal virgin but her big ass is super tight and she can feel her asshole clamping down on the plastic cock. Slowly Kelly pulls a few inches of strap on out of Layla's tight ass before driving forward slamming the fake cock deep into Layla's insides once again. This is beyond humiliating for Layla being fucked in the ass by her skinny blonde rival, all the other humiliations pale in being trapped on her hands and knees her ass just a hole for Kelly to fuck.

Tiffany's wet pussy is rubbing all over her already sticky female cum coated face as Layla loses what little fight was left in her. Her struggling stops accepting defeat as Kelly pumps into her big juicy ass while Tiffany humps over her pinned down face. Kelly grins pounding hard into Layla's ass feeling her strap on loosen up her rival's tight asshole after each thrust while Tiffany grabs her own boobs squeezing them as she self-pleasures with Layla's face. Kelly is working at a nice thrusting pace amazed at how good she feels how powerful it is as a woman to fuck another with a fake cock. Tiffany is so turned on with Layla's head rubbing into her pussy, the lack of resistant from her now making it easy for her to buck her hips up pleasuring herself. Her moans are getting louder as the long building orgasm inside her much like with Kelly is starting to become uncontrollable for Tiffany as she pussy fucks Layla's face crying out as her juices stain Layla's face adding to Kelly's.

Pounding hard into Layla's thick brown ass Kelly moans digging her fingers into the big cheeks of Layla's ass smashing into her harder more for added humiliation and dominance than her own sexual pleasure. Layla's defeated body however is reacting to her hard rectal fucking with her own juices leaking down her already sticky thighs. Moaning weakly Layla wants to struggle and break free as again the tell-tale signs of her own pleasure start to grow inside her but she is trapped, so tired as she has been turned into a little blonde fuck toy. Kelly slams into Layla's ass fucking her hard driving her strap on deep making sure to leave all the WWE fans around the world with a very special memory. Layla moans feeling so utterly helpless being used and now pleasured as Tiffany rocks into her face making her taste her pre cum with Layla's own juices leak out down her legs.

Moaning Tiffany grinds her cunt into Layla twisting and rubbing her own hard nipples trying to give her body as much pleasure as possible. Tiffany looks over Layla's kneeling body to see a grinning Kelly thrusting forward fucking her former dance partner's ass. She squeals as Layla's mouth is open through sheer exhaustion Tiffany can now feel Layla's warm breathe right on her pussy lips. She bucks her hips up harder wishing Layla would lick her out just like she did to Kelly. Tiffany moans feeling her body lose control getting closer to the edge rubbing her pussy in Layla's face grinding in harder getting so close. The blonde is looking for sexual stimulation grinding into Layla's face and Kelly can see her friend is so close to cumming. Tiffany humps Layla's unmoving face as hard as she can her pussy pressed against every part of Layla's sticky face. Layla just groans feeling the two blondes own her body abusing and degrading her.

"Cum Tiffany cum all over my little bitch's face, she is loving my ass fucking I can feel it but I bet she would like some more hot girl cum splashed all over her face," Kelly dirty talks trying to push Tiffany over the edge.

Tiffany screams out hearing Kelly's dirty words and feeling her pussy rubbing all over Layla's lips. Layla moans weakly feeling the blonde's hips bucking harder against her. Tiffany's wet pussy works its way all over Layla's wet face making Layla shiver at how easy she is being owned and used as a pussy humping post. Gripping her legs tighter around Layla's face Tiffany thrusts her hips up and down like she is being fucked planting her pussy right onto Layla's lips owning them. Layla groans weakly knowing how utterly defeated by these two evil sexy blondes while Kelly keeps hammering into her asshole as Tiffany approaches orgasm humping her face. Tiffany howls bucking her hips faster losing control over her own body as pleasure builds inside her. She fucks her pussy lips into Layla's mouth as Tiffany yells her final orgasmic grunting sound looking up at the camera leaning over giving the lens a little smile before shutting her eyes going over the edge.


Even with her eyes and mouth tightly shut Layla can still feel Tiffany's pussy juices flowing out all over her face. She can feel the blonde's cum hitting her face not squirting over her but dripping right out of Tiffany's pussy leaking over her facial features. Her massive orgasm leaves cum leaking freely from her pussy adding yet another coat of girl cum to her already red and sweaty face. Layla moans in discomfort as Tiffany lets her tight leg lock go as she finishes cumming hard soaking Layla's face and once again another blonde has used her face live on camera to get off. She has pussy rubbed Layla's face to orgasm spunking right over the former dancers face leaving her juices dripping off it as Layla moans feeling sick and humiliated.

Tiffany opens her legs wide but grabs Layla's hair keeping her face buried in her cunt, "Lick me clean little girl I'm no dirty slut like you who leaves cum running down her legs," The assistant GM orders.

Obeying though fear and a broken resistance Layla pushes her tongue out and starts to lick clean Tiffany's sticky pussy. She wipes the cum off her shaved pussy lips completely humiliated licking clean Tiffany's wet pussy. Kelly keeps up her rough anal fucking pumping deep inside Layla's thick ass. Even with her tongue out all over Tiffany's pussy lips Layla is powerless to stop her moaning as her body is rocked backwards by the force of Kelly's fucking. Kelly hears the groans and quickly moves a hand underneath Layla's body to touch her rival's pussy. To Kelly's utter delight she finds Layla's pussy is soaking wet with pre cum. She rubs her hand over Layla's wet pussy lips laughing with delight at how horny Layla is for her hard ass fucking. Tiffany keeps hold of Layla's hair rubbing her soaking wet face against her shaved pussy making sure Layla cleans her up. Layla licks Tiffany's pussy clean finally getting her head out of her rival's pussy only to start moaning from Kelly's hard anal pounding.

"Yeah let Kelly fuck you Layla take your hard ass pounding in front of everyone you little bitch," Tiffany moans staring at Layla whose mouth is wide open moaning in shock as Kelly teases her pussy and invades her tight ass.

"She loves it Tiffany I bet she would beg for me she is so wet for a hotter woman to fuck her big fat ass," Kelly taunts adding more salt to Layla's big wounds as she helplessly moans with pleasure feeling Kelly's hips bucking into her with a strong quick moving pace.

"Come on beg me," Kelly taunts reaching up grabbing Layla's hair lifting her head back so fans can see her cummed over wet face, "Beg me to make you cum or I'll stop," Kelly threatens further pushing her advantage over Layla.

"Yes please don't stop," Layla says in barely a whisper her body has betrayed her too many times for Layla to even think of fighting back any more.

"Speak up you little cum drinker," Tiffany taunts laughing with the fans that saw Layla eat out and make both sexy blondes cum, "Scream loud for what you want or Kelly will stop."

"Please fuck me in the ass Kelly please make me cum you are so much better and more sexual than me," Layla mutters loud enough for the blondes to hear but the rest of the arena is still in the dark.

"Louder," Kelly says thrusting forward bumping the full length of the strap on deep spreading Layla's ass cheeks out.

"FUCK ME KELLY FUCK MY BIG FAT ASS MAKE ME CUM PLEASE I BEG YOU MAKE ME FUCKING CUM," Layla scream dropping her head back to the mat as she just gave in to Kelly giving her blonde rival a moment over her no one will ever forget.

Tiffany and Kelly beam at each other before Kelly thrusts herself forward impaling Layla's insides with her big powerful strap on. Layla just rocks her hips back as Kelly is in full control pulling in and out of her ass. Kelly is taking great joy in dominating Layla like this ever since she met Layla she always wondered what it would be like to fuck her sexy ass and now in the middle of the ECW ring in front of the world her fantasies are being fulfilled. Kelly rocks her fake cock deeper into Layla opening her tight little asshole up and no longer holding back Layla moans feeling her own pre cum leaking down her stained thighs. She might never be clean with the amount of sweat and cum dripping off Layla's body making the ex-dancer feel so sick with herself as Kelly's hard thrusting makes me moan making her into a little anal whore.

Embarrassingly for Layla she moans out loud getting closer to her second orgasm at the hands of Kelly. Layla moans fiercely as Kelly dominates her asshole fucking her hard bringing her pleasure that the British born Diva never knew about. The fake plastic cock feels so big inside her and the dampness leaking from her as well as tingling pleasure in her pussy is unlike anything Layla has ever felt. She was an awful feeling that if Kelly and Tiffany asked her to do this again she would in a heartbeat as the pleasure she has been given and the total easy lack of control has given Layla the biggest thrill of her young life. Sweat pours from every inch of Layla as she rocks back with more force knowing she won't last much longer against Kelly's firm butt fucking. She groans face down on the mat ass still stuck up in the air willingly letting Kelly dominate her, the smaller weaker Diva proving to be more sexually controlling than Layla.

"Yes you will fucking cum for me Layla you will cum and have the biggest fucking orgasm of your life, you will never forget your little blonde bimbo friend Kelly is the girl that gave it to you," Kelly says fully completely her transformation in front of the WWE fans from timed little girl next door to wild controlling lesbian sex slut.

Layla knows it's impossible to hang on much longer as she lifts her head up letting out a loud primal scream as her body's senses go into over load as she is anally fucked to a huge orgasm.

"OHHHHHHHH CUMMING, CUMMING OH GOD I'M CUMMING PLEASE DON'T STOP MY GOD FUCK, FUCK OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCK," Layla roars at the top of her lungs as she finally hits her peak orgasm cum flowing freely from her pussy as Kelly jackhammers into her shaking ass.

The screams of her rival's orgasm are sweeter than Kelly could have ever though as Layla keeps thrashing and rocking around losing balance falling face first to the mat. Kelly slides the strap on out of Layla with her hands quickly move to her over sensitive pussy cupping it in pleasurable pain. A massive spunk puddle now stains the middle of the ring before Layla's body rolls into it so tired and weak. Her pussy is on fire Layla doesn't think she has ever cum that much in her life her asshole obscenely stretched by Kelly's hard anal fucking. Layla curls up in a ball as her orgasm keeps rushing around inside her leaving the beaten humiliated Diva with a pleasurable smile on her face. Layla much like Brooke passes out into a post orgasmic sleep while Kelly smiles at Tiffany giving her blonde lover a big hug and kiss as their plan went better and more thrilling than either one ever though.

They both bow for the crowd standing victorious over their two naked spunk soaked rivals with Tiffany lifting Kelly's victorious hand in the air before the blondes turn and leave. They are marking a new era on ECW as they walk up the ramp and the cameras roam over a moaning still cum leaking Layla curled up in a ball happy and unaware where she is or what she is doing. The camera leaves a heavily double orgasmed Layla moving over to an out cold but just as happy Brooke also satisfied and soaking wet from her sexual treatment by the blondes. A naked tanned duo of Kelly and Tiffany pose in victory at the top of the stage, hands up in the air soaking in the wild cheers from the fans that have never and will never see anything like that again.


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