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by Wonder Mike (

Part 1

Paul Heyman, the owner of Extreme Championship Wrestling, was losing
his life long dream. His company was about to fold. Two months ago, he had
a huge exodus from his corporation, he had bounced checks to the wrestlers
and television stations were pulling his show off the air because they
hadn't gotten paid, it was a bad time.

Then he reached an agreement with Disney for money, the Nashville
Network wanted to air his program nationally, and he got a bank loan to
cover all his expenses. He even reached an agreement to put out a video
game. He was on his way up.

All of a sudden, more television stations left, the Nashville Network
wanted to edit his show and he had contracts to negotiate because all his
wrestlers wanted out before the company folded. This was it for him.

Paul called his workers in and told them after Hardcore Heaven in May,
he was folding up the company. The wrestlers who had worked in the WWF and
WCW where heartbroken. They didn't want to have to go back to those
miserable companies.

Tammy Sytch broke down in tears. She had been sexually harassed and
abused in the WWF before and she had no intention of going back. She had an
idea for big money. Tammy called Dawn Marie, Francine, and her bestfriend
pornstar Jenna Jameson.

They all met for lunch. Tammy told Dawn and Francine her plan before
Jenna joined them. They were against it, but Tammy told them to just listen
to Jenna. Tammy had told her co-valets, that if they made a porno movie,
they could raise enough money to save ECW. Francine and Dawn still told her
no way.

Jenna arrived and explained to them that it would be ok, Chastity made
one and it made her more famous then ever. She told them they wouldn't have
to do anything they didn't want to do and they could pick whoever they
wanted to, to work with. Francine and Dawn finally agreed.

Dawn Marie came in to do her scene first, she chose her partner, Lance
Storm to work with, she really did like him because he was a cool guy, and
he was from Calgary, Alberta Canada.

Jenna supervised the shoot, she asked the couple what they wanted to do,
Lance wanted to do everything, Dawn Marie was scared though, she just
wanted to let the chips fall where they may.

Dawn was wearing a short black skirt that matched her hair, it didn't
even cover her ass, she had on a black tank top, she was all that. Jenna
told her to get on her knees. Dawn started rubbing Lance's cock through his
jeans. Jenna told her to pull it out.

Dawn unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock, she was impressed at
the size, nine inches. Jenna told her to suck it. Dawn told her this isn't
the WWF.

Lance shoved his cock down her throat. Dawn began sucking on it so she
wouldn't choke. They had three camera's set up so they wouldn't miss any of
the action.

Lance Storm grabbed her by the hair and held her still. He started
fucking her face. Dawn thought she was going to gag but she managed to
swallow half of his cock. She started sucking as hard as she could. She got
the desired effect, she was scared she was going to gag, she sucked Lance
so hard that he shot his load into her mouth.

Dawn spit the cum out. She had never swallowed before. Jenna told her to
lick it up, that would be a great shot.

Lance told her he wasn't done yet, he was from Canada. Dawn looked up
and his cock was still rock hard. He put her on all fours. Dawn was on her
hand and knees, Lance shoved his nine inches into her ass with no lube.
Dawn screamed.

Lance grabbed her by the hair and used it for leverage, he slammed his
cock into her tight ass harder and harder. He fucked Dawn so hard that she
fell face first to the ground, Lance fucked her even harder. Jenna knew
Lance could have a career in her business.

Dawn rocked back on his cock so that she was on top of him. She planted
her feet and started riding his cock. She was large and in charge bouncing
away happily on his cock, Lance was just trying to hold on.

Lance knew he couldn't let her ride him for long, he wasn't going to let
somebody who wasn't even from Canada embarrass him. He managed to stand up
with his cock still buried in her ass, he held her with one hand and
reached around with his free hand and shoved three fingers into her cunt.
Dawn was cumming, Lance but her back on all fours and rammed his cock into
her ass even harder then before. Dawn was begging for mercy.

He reamed her ass for 30 minutes, he then rolled her over and made her
lick his cock clean. After she cleaned it off, he deposited his load down
her throat. He tilted her head back and made her swallow.

Dawn looked up at the camera smiled, opened her mouth and said,"All
gone!" She then jumped up and twirled around and squealed to the
camera,"Look at me. I'm going to be a star!"

Francine came in to do her scene next, she told Jenna she only wanted to
do a solo scene, every movie should have one. Jenna was disappointed but it
was ok, the Dawn Marie scene guaranteed that the tape would sell a million

Francine was dressed in leather pants and vest with nothing underneath
it, she started to do a slow dance, then she removed the vest exposing her
38DD's. She tuned her back to the camera and dent over, she then slid the
pants down over her ass, she was skinny, but she was hot.

Francine was completely naked now, she dropped to all fours and placed
her hand between her legs, she started slowly rubbing her pussy. She was
moving her ass up and down against the palm of her hand when Jenna told her
to roll over.

Francine laid on her back and through her long legs up in the air. She
then worked two fingers into her tight cunt. She was gasping for breath,
then she worked a third finger into her pussy. She planted her feet on the
ground with her knees bent, she was humping up onto her fingers, she then
managed to get a fourth one in.

Francine was ramming the four fingers as hard as she could into her
cunt. She then shoved her thumb in without warning. She worked her entire
fist well past the wrist into her cunt. Jenna was going to tell her they
couldn't show that in the United States but Francine was out of control,
and Jenna knew they could release a European version, she let Francine go
to work.

Francine was turning her arm back and forth. Jenna knew they needed more
shots for the American audience so she reached over and pulled Francine's
arm out of her cunt and handed her a ten inch dildo.

Francine spread her legs and rammed the dildo deep into her cunt, it
wasn't as thick as her arm but it would do. Jenna couldn't believe such a
skinny girl had such a deep cunt.

Francine held the dildo with both hands and shoved it in and out, then
Shane Douglas and Tommy Dreamer walked in. Shane pulled the dildo out of
her cunt. He told her to show the world why she was the head cheerleader.

Francine rolled over to her knees and unzipped Shane's pants with her
teeth. She reached inside and pulled out his cock. Tommy stood next to him
and whipped out his cock also.

Francine easily swallowed Shane's cock whole, Jenna was amazed when she
then stuffed Tommy's cock into her mouth, too. Francine deep throated both
of the cocks, she could tell they were both going to quickly cum, she first
pulled out Tommy's cock, then she pulled out Shane's.

Francine knew it wouldn't be good for them to cum too soon, but she was
horny. She pushed Shane over on his back and set on his cock. She was
facing away from him.

Tommy stood in front of her, he slammed his cock down her throat, she
sucked it like a vacuum. Tommy was holding her by the back of her head, she
reached around and grabbed him by the hips. She was pulling him forward
forcing him to fuck her face, he was pulling her head forward. Shane began
to thrust up into Francine's cunt, this caused her to jump up and down on
his cock harder. She was throwing her head around wildly, while she was
still deep throating Tommy, her hair was flying across her face. She needed
more though. She spit out Tommy's cock and told him,"Fuck my ass."

Tommy spun her around on Shane's cock causing her to squeal, he then
bent her over so Shane and Francine were laying face to face, he then
shoved his cock deep into her ass. Francine yelped as Tommy used all his
250 pounds to shove his cock all the way into his girl friends ass. Shane
began to thrust up into her again. They were fucking her so hard she could
barely breathe. It took Francine a couple of minutes to adjust to the
double penetration she was getting, but when she did, she started jumping
up and down on the two cocks. Now it was Tommy and Shane that were
screaming, Francine was going to wear the two men out.

Jenna gave them men a signal, and they rolled. They rolled completely
over so that now Tommy was on the bottom with Francine riding his ass. The
motion of the roll over was all the two men could take. Francine climbed
off Tommy's cock as Shane pulled out. Francine dropped to her knees and
grabbed both cocks. She stuffed them both in her mouth and sucked, it was
seconds before they both emptied their loads down her throat. She swallowed
it all without spilling a drop.

Jenna knew she had a classic video on her hands, she set up for the next
shoot. But Tammy wasn't here.

Part 2

Tammy Sytch finally showed up for her shoot. Paul was furious that she
was late but he knew he needed her to push the video over the top and save
his company.

Jenna Jameson looked around and noticed someone missing, there was no
Chris Candido, Tammy's fiance. Who was she going to do the shoot with?

Tammy saw the concerned look on Jenna's face and she told her not to
worry, she had some special planned for the shoot. She walked back into the
hall way and wheeled in Sable.

Tammy had duck taped, Sables arms and legs to the chair. Her legs where
spread wide apart. She had an apple taped in her mouth. She was completely

Tammy told the bitch "So you like to pose nude, now we're going to see
what you can really do."

Tammy grabbed a broomstick and started rubbing it along Sable's clit.
Sable was shaking her head no, but she couldn't say anything.

Tammy slid the broomstick faster and faster along her cunt, then she
shoved it in. She laughed when Sable's eyes rolled back into her head.

Tammy grabbed the broomstick with both hands and shoved it even deeper
into Sable's cunt. Jenna told her they couldn't use this footage either.
Sable never signed a release. Tammy told her she didn't need to worry about

Tammy then shoved the broom deeper inside of Sable, she now had over 15
inches of the broom inside of her. Tammy go of it and it just hung from
Sable's pussy. Tammy knew Sable was loving every minute of it.

Tammy pulled the tape off of Sable's mouth. She then pulled the apple
out. She said "Pig, you don't deserve an apple." Sable screamed for help.
Tammy shoved the broom deeper.

Tammy told her "If you scream again, or don't do everything I tell you I
will shove this broom all the way inside of you. Sable nodded her head to
show she understood.

Tammy turned her back to Sable and climbed on top of the chair. She put
her ass right in Sable's face and told her to kiss it. Sable kissed her on
the cheek. Tammy told her "Don't forget the other one."

Sable moved her head from side to side kissing Tammy on the ass cheeks.
Tammy then move her thong to the side and made Sable kiss her on the ass

Sable did as she was told, then Tammy told her to lick it. Sable shoved
her tongue into Tammy's ass. Sable buried her whole tongue deep into
Tammy's ass, Tammy wiggled it against Sable's face. Tammy quickly tired of
this though.

Tammy spun around and shoved her cunt into Sable's face. Sable
immediately shoved her tongue into Tammy's box. Tammy grab her by the back
of the head with one hand and forced Sable's tongue in deeper.

Tammy reached back with her free hand and grabbed the broom. She started
working it in and out of her cunt again. Tammy could see the juices along
the broom. She knew Sable was a slut who liked it rough.

Tammy was fucking Sable's face with her cunt. She then quickly jumped
off the chair, she didn't want to cum to soon. She dropped to her knees and
yanked the broom out of Sable, she then shoved her fist inside of her.

Sable screamed as Tammy buried her fist past the wrist into Sable's
cunt. She then started twisting and turning her hand inside of her. Tammy
could feel her arm getting soaked by Sable's juices. She shoved her arm
further inside of her.

Tammy had her arm half way to the elbow inside of Sable's cunt. Sable
through her head back and gave a blood curdling scream. She was about to
cum. Tammy yanked her arm out. Sable didn't deserve to cum. Tammy wanted
Sable to watch her get fucked.

Chris Candido walked into the room. He stood and posed for the camera,
then he looked back, into the room came Missy Hyatt.

Missy turned and primped for the camera, she told Jenna she wasn't a
part of ECW anymore but since Sable had done Playboy, she was ready to move
to the next level.

Missy was wearing a short black "come fuck me dress." It didn't even
cover her ass. She slowly pulled it over her head. She grabbed her tits and
licked each one of her nipples. She then turned around and bent over
showing off her ass.

Tammy walked over to Missy and pushed her over. Missy laid on her back
and threw her legs straight up in the air and spread her cunt as wide apart
as it would go, Tammy couldn't refuse that invitation.

Tammy buried her tongue into Missy's box, Missy squealed in delight.
Tammy had her entire tongue inside of Missy.

Missy grabbed Tammy by her long blonde hair. She pulled her tongue even
deeper. Missy couldn't get Tammy's tongue deep enough to satisfy her, she
rolled over so she was sitting on Tammy's face.

Tammy placed her feet squarely on the ground and bent her legs, Chris
made his move.

Chris Candido ripped off his pants and crawled between her legs. He
shoved his 8 inch cock into Tammy's pussy.

Tammy wrapped her legs around Chris's waist and pulled him toward her.
She was raising and lowering her ass fucking Chris. She never missed a
stroke eating out Missy.

Chris pulled his cock out of Tammy, she reached up and slapped him, she
wasn't done yet. Chris apologized and rolled her over so she was on her
hand and knees, Missy was laying in front of her with her legs spread.

Tammy shoved three fingers into Missy as she licked her clit, Chris
kissed Tammy on the cheeks, (all four of them) then he rammed his cock into
her ass.

Tammy wailed her approval as she rammed four fingers into Missy. Missy
was grasping for breath as she grabbed Tammy's wrist and started working
her fingers in and out.

Tammy was rocking back ramming her ass against Chris forcing him to fuck
her harder. Missy spun around so she and Tammy were in a 69.

Missy began to lick Tammy's clit as Chris fucked her ass even harder.
Tammy worked 4 fingers from her free hand inside of Missy.

Tammy reached back and pulled the cock out of her ass, she then shoved
it down Missy's throat, she licked it clean. Tammy shoved it back into her

Missy shoved 4 fingers into Tammy's cunt, Tammy rocked back harder on
the cock and fingers that were working her over. She clasp her hands inside
of Missy.

Tammy shoved her two hands as deep as she could inside of Missy, then
she turned them, That was all Missy could take. She let out a scream and
squirted all over Tammy's hands.

That was it for Chris, he pulled his cock out of Tammy and ran around in
front of her, precum dripping out of his cock. He managed to shove it into
Tammy's mouth before the real spurt came.

He came and came into Tammy's wide open mouth until it came spilling out
the corners of her lips. Tammy then bent over and let the cum slowly drip
out of her mouth into Missy's, they then kissed and swapped all the spunk.

Jenna yelled "Cut, that's a wrap," and finished the shoot. They all knew
that ECW would make the money to go national and give the big two a real
run for the money.


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