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**NOTE** This story is fictional.

EWW: Erotic Women's Wrestling
by The Unknown Author

Billionaire Ted Gates was a major wrestling fan. He loved watching the
hot ladies each and every week on WWE Raw. An idea struck him one day to
create the greatest, dirtiest women's wrestling federation the world had ever
seen. After stealing every woman from the WWE by offering them twice as much
money and hiring most of the famous women of independent wrestling, Ted
formed EWW: Erotic Women's Wrestling. Ted quickly struck a deal with the XTC
network and started his first weekly show entitled: Ecstacy.

Show opens to a sold out 21 and over crowd at the XTC network building.

Terri Runnels and Pamela Paulshock are the commentators.

Terri: Hello lesbians and gentlemen, and welcome to the very first EWW show:
Ecstacy! I'm Terri.

Pamela: And I'm Pamela. Without further ado, let's go to ringside for our
first match: The Queen of Extreme Francine & Sunny Vs Dawn Marie & Lita!

Terri: The rules are that all of the ladies must wear clothes, but if
anything comes off, it doesn't matter!!! And regular wrestling rules do

Francine and Dawn Marie start it off. The referee Jackie calls for the
bell to begin. Francine stands face to face with Dawn in the midle of the
ring. Francine slaps the taste out of her mouth. Dawn wipes her face and
spears Francine. She straddles Francine and begins to slap her numerous

Terri: This is gonna be war!

Jackie steps in and counts. Jackie pulls Dawn off of Francine. Dawn
argues with Jackie as Francine regains her balance, she grabs Dawn's thong
under her tights and gives her a wedgie. She the suplexes Dawn hard to the
ground. As Dawn lays face down Francine put her in a scissors hold. Dawn
Marie screams in agony as Francine clamps down harder. Francine pulls Dawn
Maire's black tights down to reveal her white lacy thong that barely covers
up her hot ass. Francine slids in one finger in Dawn's ass slowly massaging
it. Suddenly she starts going faster and faster, Dawn Marie is screaming
with pleasure. Jackie asks Dawn if she submits, she screams NO!

Dawn Marie finally reaches the ropes and Jackie orders Francine to release
the hold. She does, then she picks Dawn up and rips off her top as her
titties go floping out. In turn, Dawn Marie rips Francine's top off and her
bigger titties flop up and down. The crowd is busting nuts. Dawn Marie
bodyslams Francine, then quickly tags in Lita. Lita goes to the top and hits
a dropkick but nobody's home.

Francine tags in Sunny who quickly goes to work, ripping Lita's pants off.
Dawn Marie runs in and kicks Sunny in the back of the head. Francine tries
to come but Jackie restrains her. While this is going on, Dawn puts Sunny in
a full nelson and holds her while Lita very suductively kisses Sunny on the
lips. Sunny, using Dawn as leverage, dropkicks Lita and flips Dawn over her
shoulder. She grabs a belt off of Lita's pants and starts slapping Lita's
exposed butt. She tags in Francine who goes to work on the worn Lita, giving
her tittie twisters. She throws Lita in Dawn's corner and dares her to come
in the ring.

Dawn tags in and cautiously steps in. Francine runs towards Dawn, but she
counters with another spear. Dawn bites Francine's nipples as she screams in

Sunny comes in the ring and grabs Dawn Marie by the hair. Suddenly Lita
comes in and grabs Sunny. Francine lays in agony as Dawn hammers away at
Sunny. Lita then grabs her and puts her in a piledriver position. Dawn
Marie goes to the outside and grabs a paddle from under the ring.

Pamela: Oh no!! Dawn and Lita are going to make her remember the infamous
ECW spanking with another one!!

Dawn Marie suductively pulls down Sunny's pink shorts to reveal her
luscious ass. She kisses Sunny's ass cheek before wailing away. SPANK!
SPANK! SPANK! After a few moments of the spanking, Sunny painfully cums.
Dawn Marie lays another kiss on her red bottom. Lita throws her to the
ground as Dawn grabs a mic.

Dawn Marie: I'm here to announce that starting now you have seen the
formation of the greatest team in the history of EWW. We are the LAW:
Lesbian Ass Whippers and if you are naughty then we'll be coming for you.

Dawn and Lita share a passionate kiss before taking Francine with them
to the back.

Terri: I can't believe this... The LAW has finished off Sunny and taken

Pamela: I can't imagine what will happen next!! We'll be right back after
these messages!!

After the commercial break replays are showed of what went down.

Terri: Welcome back, This has been one hell of a show so far. It's getting
me turned on!

Pamela: Your such a perv, Terri.

Terri: No, I'm just a horny little she-devil!! HAHA!!

Pamela: Let's go down to ringside for our next match.

Chyna's music hits as she makes her way down to the ring.

Kimberly Page's music afterwards and she walks down to the ring, dressed
in a very tight leather suit.

The referee Jackie, again, calls for the bell. Chyna goes to work quickly
with power moves on Kim. She powerslams her, followed by a powerbomb. Kim
looks like she's unconsious. Chyna removes Kim's top and starts sucking on
her Double Ds. Chyna slowly removes Kim's black leather pants. She starts
to eat Kim out.

Pamela: It looks as if Chyna is going for a quick submission here.

Dawn Marie's music cues up and she and Lita run to to the ring with a
paddle and bag.

Terri: Oh no! The LAW is back in town!

Dawn cracks Chyna in the head with the paddle. She hits Chyna with some
hard blows to the stomach, as Lita wakes Kim with slaps. Kim wakes up and
opens the bag to reveal a giant strap on 10-inch dildo. Kim puts it on.
Dawn grabs a mic.

Dawn Marie: Well, well, well. Chyna it looks like you have been naughty.
You have messed with out bitch: Ass Fuck Kim!! And now Kim's gonna show you
how she got her nickname.

Lita and Dawn both rip off Chyna's black leather tights to expose that
great amazon ass. Lita puts Chyna in a piledriver position as Kim sets her
up. Before Kim's ready, Dawn suductively kisses Chyna on her butt cheek,
then slaps her hard !SPANK! Kim sticks the 10-inch dildo inside Chyna slowly.
Chyna screams loudly as Kim penetrates her anal harder and harder until she
can't take anymore. Chyna then has the most painful orgasm in her life. She
quickly passses out from the pain. Lita drops Chyna to the canvas.

Dawn Marie: And remember Chyna, we're always watching!

Dawn then plants a kiss on Chyna's lips as they leave.

Terri: This is getting exciting!! What's next?

Pamela: Well a commercial break is, so cum back for more after these

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