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EZ-E With Stephanie Part 1
by Steph's Baby

The night after Summerslam'02, just as RAW was over and the cameras had
stopped rolling, the limo carrying Brock, Paul and Stephanie made a U turn
in the parking lot and made it's way back inside the backstage arena's

Eric had been standing there the whole time waiting for Steph to get out as
he wanted to discuss some ideas for the next month's programs and progress
of the SD!/RAW feud. Eric couldn't help but stare as Steph as she followed
Brock and Paul, who were obviously joking around about something as they
walked back to Brock's lockerroom.

Steph, wearing her casual tight black pants and a very tight pink top that
was buttoned over her stomach, covering a lighter big top that clung to her
massive chest. Just watching her step out of the limo and seeing her curves
move made Eric alil dizzy with lust as he hesitated to approach Steph for a
private meeting.

"Ah, Steph. Hold up, I wanna go over some ideas with you about our angle. Is
your office free?" asked Eric.

"Sure, just go down the hallway and it's the 4th door on your right, I'll
be there in a min." Steph replied as she walked over to Kevin Dunn, Gerald
Brisco, and Pat Patterson, discussing briefly about tonight's show and how
it went.

Eric had entered Stephanie's office, seeing her luggage opened up, he
quietly wondered over to catch a glimpse of what clothing she had inside her
suitcase. He had seen her vynal pleather pants and boots, tops of all sorts,
and reached in and swayed some clothes to the side only to reveal her
underwear of lace, satin, lycra, and spandex bras and panties of all colors
(sky blue, pink, white, black, red, lavender, ect). As he heard the clatter
of Steph's boots walking on the hard cement floor, Eric quickly took a seat
at the table in the office.

"Sorry about that, I just wanted to check in to see how it looked from the
back tonight", Steph said as she walked through the door, carelessly tossing
a file into her luggage.

"No no, it's ok" Eric said.

"So, you wanted to go over some ideas, Eric?", Stephanie said as she took
some clothes out and started re-packing them by folding them. Eric watching
Steph unpack and fold her clothes the whole time, studdered, "Um, ah ...
yeah! Yes, I think we should come together ..."

Stephanie looked over at him as she raised her eyebrow. "I MEAN we should
join both the rosters like the way they were before."

"I don't think that's such a good idea Eric, I mean, ... ". She stopped with
a hush as she caught Eric staring at her holding her brasuires with obvious
HUGE cups on them.

"Oh, sorry. I arrived kinda late and I havn't checked into my hotel yet,
and when I carried my stuff into the office here, my case dropped and all
my clothes spilled out, which is why I've gotta repack everything," Steph
explained, as Eric (a little blush from staring at her bras) nodded,
accepting the apology.

"They're nice" Eric blurted out inadvertantly, his eyes widened. Stephanie's
eyes had obviously widend too, looking back at Eric with a bit of shock.

"What I mean is, those bras of yours. They look nice". Stephanie, relieved
somewhat, smiled and said, "Ah, thanks hehe. I picked them up at Victoria's
Secret". Eric feeling a bit couragous, guled up and said, "Wow, would love
to see how they look on you".

Stephanie felt her heart drop, but was turned on to the idea of giving a
bra-like fasion show for Eric Bischoff. She replied, "Ok Eric, tell you what:
We drop the merger idea and I'll show you what type of bra I'm wearing right
now." She stuck out her hand and Eric shook in agreement, "You gotta deal!"

Stephanie just smiled, but forgot to realize til now that she wasn't wearing
a bra that evening. Eric looking at her in anticipation for her to take off
her shirt and show him her bra. "Well, come on, we don't have all night now
hehe" Eric smiled as Stephanie said, "Well ... ok ..." Clinching her eyes
closed, she thought to herself, "well here goes nothing."

She lifted up her 2 tops, her amazingly HUGE breasts bounced out, as she
sighed just slightly at the freedom of her massive mammories had been given.
Eric's jaw practically hit the floor as she stood there topless before him.
Taking his jacket off as he couldn't keep his eyes off of Stephanie McMahon's
38DDDs. Her nipples were a deep pink, almost reddish like with areolas a
slight bigger than a 50 cent coin.

Eric couldn't take it anymore, he just had to reach out and start feeling
those breasts that were bigger than kantalope but just a bit smaller than
watermelons. He stuck his hands out and started rubbing her nipples with the
tips of his fingers, Stephanie's eyes met his as they both stood in Steph's
office, Eric rubbing Stephanie McMahon's nipples over and over in circles.
Steph couldn't help but moan softly, extending her chest out for Eric, making
them appear even BIGGER than they already were.

"WOW Steph, I'll bet you could feed all of Somalia AND the poor Afganistans."
Stephanie just smiled as she slid herself backwards onto the table they were
to discuss ideas over their angle earlier. She sat on the ledge as Eric
started massaging her entire cleavage by now, feeling her up, moving himself
between her legs and leaning in and start necking her.

"Ah Eric, are you sure we should be doing this?" Steph cautioned. "Are you
kidding mama? I've been wanting this with you from the moment I step foot
into this company!" Eric replied, lowering himself further down to
Stephanie's 38DDDs, holding them both up and out. Eric sunk his lips over
Stephanie's right nipple and areola, starting to suck on her HUGE breast as
he continued feeling up the both of them. Stephanie just moaned as she
looked down at him and watched him suckle on her nipple, as she reached
under Eric and started undoing his pants, sliding them off of him along with
his boxers.

Eric getting the idea of how far Steph wanted to go, started undoing her
bottoms, revealing a pink satin thong that he enjoyed slipping off of her.
Still devouring her right mammory, slipping his right set of fingers bewteen
her thighs and begins playing with her pussy lips.

Stephanie moaned a little louder as he pushed himself up on top of the table
and pushing Stephanie up it alil further so her entire body was on the table.
Eric crawling between her smooth long legs, his hands roaming up and down her
curves as he finished up feasting on her right breast.

"Let's see how RAW Steph can really get" Eric snarled as he pushed the tip
of his now erect 5" cock against Steph's wet and moistened pussy lips. Steph
spreading her legs a bit wider for him, "Mmm yes Eric, fuck me, fuck me like
you fucked Elizabeth behind Randy's back". Eric not knowing where that came
from or how Steph knew about that encounter from 1996 in the WCW locker room,
similar to this occasion just after Elizabeth had gotten her boobjob. About
to speak up about it, Steph not wanting to break the mood, shoved his face
into her HUGE left tit.

"Suck on it baby Eric, suck on mommy Stephie's BIG TITS baby", Eric didn't
need to be told twice as he let his instincts kick in and started sucking on
Stephanie's left breast as if he were a starving infant, moaning into her
cleavage as he started thrusting his cock into her wethole, slowly at first,
but building up gyration movement.

"Ohhhh yes Eric!" Steph moaned constantly, unaware that guys like Test,
Spike, and Show could hear moaning from the otherside of the door.

Steph and Eric remained in their position for a good 10min, with him onto
his right side and her on her back with her legs turned so he could keep
thrusting his hard hot rod deeper into her pussy canel and remain latched
onto her left nipple, sucking happily.

"Mmmm, now let's see how Eric takes the SmackDown! from THIS GM!" She said
with an evil smile. She rolled over on top of him and started comming down
onto his cock, her breast being pulled from Eric's lips, found his hands back
up to her NOW BIGGER titties (since they congested up 1 cup size bigger from
all his breast play). Feeling her up as she straddled him over and over,
both moaning and fucking eachother, Eric thrusting his hips upwards while
Stephanie let him squeeze and knead her whoopin' boobs while her crotch
became plundged with his hard meat.

"FUCK ERIC, I'M GONNA CUM!" - She bursted into a violent orgasm, screaming
"ERIC PAUL ANDY DADDY" (her previous lover's names ;) She fell ontop of Eric
as he kept fucking her until he felt himself release inside of her, "Ahhhh
God Steph, you're terrific!"

They both layed on the cool table top that felt nice and chilled with their
hot bodies weaked from passion on it. Eric leaned over and planted a warm
affectionate kiss on Stephanie's lips, she didn't seem to mind and even
kissed back. He couldn't help but feel totally attracted to this woman as
they both locked eyes, holding eachother.

"Steph" Eric softly spoke.

"Yes Eric?"

"Would you . . . "

Steph looking at him as he's trying to spit the words out.

"Stephanie, would you ... ahh gosh how do I put this . . "

Stephanie looked a bit confused.

"Will you marry me?"

Steph's eyes lit up and her heart dropped, Eric slightly flushed from
spitting it out finally. He grabbed Steph's hands and kissed them together
as he arms pressed against her chest, making her breasts jiggle.

"Yes, Eric, I'll marry you" She replied with a big smile on her face, as
they hugged and kissed before they got theirselves back together.

Meanwhile, the entire cast and crew spread out after the moaning had stopped
from Steph's office. Vince knocked on the door, "Honey, I we're heading
towards the airport right now, we'll catch up with you at Unforgiven, ok

The door opened and Eric Bischoff, with a HUGE grin on his face, stood before
Vince, "Sure thing . . . Dad!" - zipping up his zipper on his trousers on his
way out, walking past Vince.

Written by Steph's Baby (aka Torrie's My Mistress)
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