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(Where we left off before: Vince had knocked on Stephanie's door, informing
her they'd meet up again in Los Angeles at UNFORGIVEN ... When Eric exited
Steph's office, zipping up his zipper and saying, "Sure thing ... Dad!" and
walked away laughing, leaving Vince to wonder ...)

EZ-E With Stephanie Part 2: Unforgiven...?
by Steph's Tittybaby

It was a warm night in L.A., outside the Staples' Arena for WWE's return with
UNFORGIVEN. The superstars of the WWE had arrived via limo: Edge, Christian,
Val Venis, Test, Lance Storm, and Chris Jericho together in one limo. Brock
Lesner, Batista, John Cena, Nidia, Jamie Knoble, and Randy Orton arrived in
another (OVW limo). Lita, Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, Shannon Moore, Hurricane
Helms, and Ric Flair - all in the N.C. crew limo, showed up.

However, Paul "HHH" Levesque was alil confused as to why Steph wasn't in the
McMahon limo, as he rode with Vince, Shane, Paul Heyman, and JR.

"Anyone know where Steph is?" Asked Hunter.

Vince replied, "I'm not too sure where she is or who's she riding with ..
*gulp* .. but I just hope whatever the case maybe she shows up tonight."

Hunter just looked at Vince alil distraught, then stared off to the window as
he's known to do in limo rides.

Meanwhile ...

In the infamous White limo, the black window was up dividing the driver from
the passangers in the back and steam was fogging up the tinted side windows,
yet the sun roof remained open. There was Eric, laying between Steph's long
legs, humping his 6" of manhood deep into her hot wet moist cunt. With his
hands on the sides of each of Steph's breasts, his face was buried between
the 2 mountains of pleasure, licking, nibbling, and sucking.

"Oh GOD Eric you're the best, baby!" Steph shouted as she'd reached her 3rd
orgasm. Eric knew right away what Steph wanted, being as she's an intense
individual. He quickly latched onto her left nipple, sucking away on it as
the mound of breast flesh jiggled before his lips, his hips pursating between
Steph's legs even quicker, trying to decend her into as many orgasms as he
can possibly hold out for.


She let out a violent orgasm as she grabbed Eric Bischoff by the back of the
hair and smothered his face into her gorgeous left breast, subsequently
forcing Eric to release his former WCW sperm into her cunt, moaning loudly
into her skin.

She just smiled down at him, as he returned the grin and layed upon her
large breasts until they reached the arena.

As UNFORGIVEN was about to begin, Hunter knocked on Stephanie's office door.
"Steph, are you in there?" Startled, she quickly buttoned up her white blouse
and put her navy blue lesuire jacket on as Eric whipped the lipstick off his
lips and neck, trying to cover up from their make-out session in her office.

She opened the door and stood before the opening, "Hunter, hey. How are you?"
She said with that beautiful smile of hers. "Don't ask me how I am, where the
hell were you earlier?! I felt like a damn germ sitting in that limo with
your father and his cahoots!" HHH replied back with obvious anger. Eric heard
his tone and wanted to protect his newly fiance' from a verbal bashing by her
"still technical" boyfriend Paul "Hunter Hearst Helmsley" Levesque.

"Wait Paul, just hold on ok? Steph was with me, we were going over ideas,
there's no need to jump the gun.", Eric tried to calm Paul down, but Paul
grabbed Eric by the collar, "Listen, STAY THE HELL OUTTA OUR BUSINESS. YOU'RE

"Ok Paul, STOP!" Stephanie got between them. "You wanna know the truth Paul,
huh?! You wanna know why I didn't ride with you to L.A. here? Because I was
riding with my new fiance'!" She raised her ring finger on her left hand as
Paul's eyes widened, Eric looking like he was about to pee his pants before
Paul slowly let go of him.

And as Paul slowly backed up, standing behind him was a furious Vince
McMahon, there the whole time as she told Paul the truth. Steph's eyes were
bugged out, Eric had a concerned look on his face.

"I Can't believe this Steph. You know, maybe I was right about you this time
last year: Maybe you are a filthy, dirty, barrel bottom feeling lil whore!"
Vince said with anger. Just then, Paul lost "it" and attacked Eric. Stephanie
just screamed for help. "DADDY, ANYBODY, HELP!!".

Security tried pulling Paul off of Eric, but couldn't so they dispatched
the Police in the building. Soon, Paul L. was in handcuffs. "ARREST THIS
BASTARD .. THIS .. THIS .. MONSTER!", Steph tried throwing out the right
words before leaning down to comfort Eric. Crying, Steph slipped her arm
underneith Eric's neck and held him.

"It's ok baby, mama took care of everything." She caressed his hair. All Eric
could do was look up at her as he was dazed and bloodied from the beaten he'd
just recieved. Ironnically, his eyes shifted off to the side, zeroing in on
Steph's chest. Knowing where his eyes were, she softly let out a giggle. She
whispered to him, "Do you want these? Do you want mama to nurse you again?"
Eric knodded and slowly smiled.

In the EMT room, Eric was cleaned up. Steph walked in, asking for Mr.
Bischoff and herself to have some privacy for 30min. The EMT's thought that
was stranged, but knew what she was up to.

Without saying a word, Stephanie began undoing her top before Eric's eyes. He
immediately grew hard for her and it was shown.

"My father's disowned me and Paul's in jail. Haha, he was just forefieted in
his match and RVD's the NEW Raw champion." She said with pleasantness, but
looked down and seen that Eric was already sucking on her right breast,
holding onto it with both hands. Steph just smiled and ran her fingers
through his hair. Soon his right hand slide between her legs over her crotch
(she was wearing a matching pair of bottoms to her navy blue lesiure jacket)
and began rubbing it back and forth.

"Mmmm, let's get out of here and head back to the hotel suite early", she
said with a grin, throwing Eric's clothes at him. He stood up wearing the
hospital like apron-gown and changed in the bathroom before they opened the
door of their white limo, only to find the SHOCK of Stephanie's life:

"MOTHER!!! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING WITH HIM?!?!" Steph yelled, as her
and Eric (who was looking with a bit of disgust), had caught Linda McMahon,
naked with her legs up and her feet up top the sunroof. Licking her out was
none other than Paul "HHH" Levesque, who looked up at both EZ and Steph,
then gave off his trademark Evil smile.

"Oh sweetie (God that's it Paulie, ohh), I had to bail him out before his
match but it was too late and I .. (Ahhh god yes) thought he could use some
cheering up", Linda retorted to her upset daughter and confused future
son-in-law. Paul still continously flickering his tongue over Linda's g-spot,
making her squeerm and shake, her breasts (which wern't that wrinkled)
jiggled flat like pancakes on her chest. Paul stopped licking her and slipped
two of his fingers deep inside Linda's cunt.

"You see it's real simple Steph: If I can't have you, the daughter of the
McMahon Empire - then I'm going to have to have Linda, the matriarch of the
McMahon Empire. Oh yes, it will be MINE someday!", Paul almost in a promo
like tone, revealed to Steph and Eric, as he pulled his black work out pants
down and revealed his monster 8.5" cock and slipped it inside Linda, making
her scream, "OH FUCK ME HUNTER!".

As he was doing just that, Stephanie and Eric looked at each other in
disgust ... only to slowly turn their heads and their bodies over, revealing
Vince McMahon standing between them, looking at the action inside the limo
with the door still open. Steam was comming out of Vince's ears as his head
was beat red and looked like it was about to explode.

"MY WIFE!!! ... MY DAUGHTER!!!! ... FUCK YOU!!! FUCK YOU ALL!!! ... You all
can go straight to HELL!!!!!!"

As Vince stormed off, Stephanie (with hardened nipples from all the
excitement, very noticable through her white blouse and wet between her
crotch) turned back to Eric, "Shit ... we're pretty much cut from the
family will."

Eric replied, "Do you think he'll ever forgive all of us for what we've

Steph just shook her head 'no' with her eyes wide open, with the sounds of
Linda and Paul, moaning in the backround.
_ _ _

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