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E Z - E With Stephanie - Part 3: Thankful
by Steph's Tittybaby

WHERE OUR LAST STORY LEFT OFF ... Stephanie and Eric opened up the limo door
at UNFORGIVEN with Vince unknowingly standing behind them, unvailing HHH
humping the ba-jesus outta Lina McMahon ....

It was 2 months later after that horric night, Vince found out about Steph
and Eric's love affair, as well as losing his wife to the wife-stealer
himself, HHH. The events that took place at the following PPV, "No Mercy"
were played out in a professional manner to appease the fans.

We return to SD!, Oct. 31st 2002.

"You did hear about Big Papa Pump comming to RAW, didn't you Steph?"

"Oh really and why is that, 'Vince'?" said Steph to the man impersonating
her father.

Just then, Eric lifted up his mask. Steph wanted to smile and just jump him
right there, but with cameras rolling, she just couldn't reveal to the public
that her and Eric were an item just yet.

"Because, I'M the man who's going to sign him!" said Eric sternly, just
before Steph was about to slap him, he caught her hand and pressed his lips
against hers. SHOCKED Stephanie was because this wasn't originally supposed
to be in the script (she was to have nailed him and told Eric over her dead
body, and storm out of the office mad). Steph didn't know what to do now
that Eric broke kayfabe on camera, so she just followed his lead by stopping
her pathetic attempts at breaking that kiss as she just kissed back, running
her hands through his black hair. Eric leaned Stephanie down onto the desk
and pushed everything off while reaching underneith Steph's witch's outfit,
taking off her black lace panties.

Just as she was wrapping her long legs around Eric's waist, she started
undoing his pants as the 2 kept their long hot kiss going, Eric impatiently
thrusting himself against Stephanie into a dry hump. This turned Steph on
as broke the kiss and had Eric's 5.5" cock revealed and said, "Fuck me, baby!
Fuck mama nice and hard!" And Eric did as she said, the 2 started humping
each other on that desk, in front of the entire world with just the 1 camera
man on them, getting a free show. His air was caught in the middle of his
throat as he filmed Eric and Stephanie making hot love LIVE on SD! All the
wrestlers in the back at the Halloween party were rather shocked, as some of
the older officials like Slaughter, Taylor, Finley, and Malenko thought it
was disgusting ... others such as Torrie and Billy, Al Wilson and Dawn, and
Moolah and Mae with Tajiri were getting rather turned on (which lead to an
all out SD! orgy in the ballroom, as the same reaction happened in the crowd
and anyone watching from home that night, while Steph and Eric fucked on the
desk). She had her top pulled down so her HUGE 38DDDs were exposed as she
rode on top of Eric while his hands massaged and fondled and played with
Stephanie's big tits, rolling her nipples between his fingers.

"FUCK ME ERIC, I MEAN MR. MCMAHON" Stephanie shouted, Eric looked puzzled at
first, then smiled as she knew what she was saying...

back as he put his mask back on, to everyone's view it looked like Vince
fucking his own daughter Stephanie. Turned on by this, Steph pushed her right
nipple in between the mouth hole of the mask and immediately found it being
sucked on from the inside face that inhabited that mask, Eric Bishoff.

After that night's TV taping, the crowd that night in attendence started
putting their clothes back on and exiting the arena. Everyone at home
watching on Halloween night had turned off their TV and began fucking on
their respective chairs, couches, and even on their floors.

Several weeks later backstage at the Survivor Series, as the "moral" in the
locker room was at an all time high, Steph and Eric walked hand in hand to
each of their own perdominate shows RAW and SD!, not caring anymore of what
others think (now that their love's been revealed world wide). Vince had
approached the 2 and apologized about what was said at UNFORGIVEN, and
explained that Trish (a RAW superstar) had paid a visit to Vince to console
him and see how he was doing, during that night's SD! show and how Vince and
Trish made love that night and that he and Trish are engaged now too once he
divorces Linda. Eric and Steph just thanked Vince for his honesty, and as he
was walking away, Eric and Steph just looked at eachother and laughed.

"Boy, with a family like mine, being so twisted, I gotta be thankful for
having such much!" exclaimed Stephanie.

"You know Steph", Eric was about to say as he just reached up and started
rubbing Steph's tits over her pink tight top with a noticable white bra
underneith with HUGE cups filled with pure love-cleavage. Stephanie just
signed and moaned softly, as Eric began finishing what he was about to say
... "Life's a garden, as my Booker-man always says, you gotta dig it". He
started rubbing her nipples from side to side, tickling them as she closed
her eyes and tilted her head back and extended her chest forward. Several
wrestlers like Test and Stacy walked by looking rather stunned when Stacy
jumped up to Andy "Test"s waist and wrapped her 44" legs around him and
both of them stumbling off into a nearby locker room. Eric and Steph just
continued whispering back and forth to eachother how much they loved one
another and how they couldn't be w/out eachother.

Needless to say, that night at their hotel room after the PPV, both were
very thankful for what life's been given to them.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

EZ-E and STEPHANIE IN, "EZ-E and Stephanie pt. 4: The Wedding ... Happily Ever
After or Armageddon?"

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