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Easy E's Slut Part 1
by Daffney Fan

Another taping of nitro and thunder has just begun. Daffney is called to
Easy E's office she has no idea what this could be about but she would find
out soon enough. As she enters the room Easy E is in his chair looking at
papers when she comes in he tells here to sit. He puts his papers away.

"Daffney the male fans love you but, you just have not given them what
they want. They want you to take it all off for them but since you have yet
to do that will I am afraid we will have to fire you."

"What I will do anything for you please just let me stay."

"I hoped you would say that. Now I have decided to make a new PPV called
Slutfeast and I want you to headline it in our main event. The whole PPV
will consist of a tournament there will be 8 matches the women will be you,
Madusa, Ms. Jones, Torrie, Leia Meow, Miss Hancock, Paisley, and Tammy. And
the winner will get the loser as their personal slave to do what ever they
want. And you will be the winner and get to the new slut champion. But there
is one little thing you must do become my slave."

Daffeny is very excited by now and nodes her head yes. She walks over to
Easy E who turns his chair as she bends down to her knees. He unzips his
pants and a large dick about 11 inches long falls out. Daffeny stares at the
tool in awe this is her first time she prefers women.

As she slowly massages his balls she licks it up and down with her pointed
tongue she kisses it from point to balls and then begins to slowly take it in
to her mouth teasing it with her tongue the whole way. Eric forces the whole
thing in to her mouth she almost gagged but kept on slowly licking it.

Eric was now moaning and began to thrust his hips in motion with here
mouth he reaches back and grabs her hair and holds her head forward has he
orgasms in her mouth she swallows as much of the sweet liquid as possible
and as some drips down her chin she greedily slurps that up to.

"Very well done, Daffney, I think you and me will get along fine. Now
we must do something about your clothes tonight the new Daffeny will be

He looks at her then pulls out very tight fitting latex outfit with a
place for the boobs and pussy to stick out. "Daffney, honey your 36B tits
are nice but I want 36D now I have made arrangements for you to get implants
before Thunder when you will be revealed."

In came a nurse who had a small doctor's bed Daffney sat on it and 3
hours later she had new 36D boobs. She quickly put on the latex suit Eric
left a note to put her old suit because she would be doing a strip show for
the fans. She meet Eric as he was about to go out he had a collar and a

"These will be put on you. You will crawl behind me like a dog. Got it,

She nodded and Eric walked out.

"I have something you will all love here for you tonight. Come on down."

Daffney walked down to the chants of 'We want skin!' Her new boobs were
not visible do to the bra holding them back as she steeped in the ring.

Easy E began to talk, "Hit her new music."

A very erotic strip music started and she began to dance as she pulled
off her shoes she slowly danced and wiggled out of her tight jeans to reveal
the bottom half of the latex outfit and her pussy the stands erupted in
cheers. As she slowly slipped off tanktop to reveal the top half of the latex
outfit and a black bra a 'Take it off!' chant started and she did revealing
her new boobs. The male fans were in an uproar of excitement.

Easy E slipped out to let her have fun. The fans wanted to see her all as
she slowly slipped out of the latex suit she stood there completely nude. She
told a male fan to come out and security escorted him out and she begun to
french him then erotically unzip his pants as they slipped to reveal a 5 inch
cock. She pushed him over then begun to perfume a sexy cat walk over him and
his now rock hard cock enter her.

As they just started Torrie Wilson ran down and threw her off and began
to beat her. Security pulled them apart as Torrie was booed.

"What's wrong with you people I am 10 times hotter."

With that Thunder fades out.

to be continued

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