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Easy E's Slut Part 2
by Daffney Fan

The new PPV Slutfeast was just posted in the girl's locker room. No one
really like it but most did not complain and thought maybe it would give them
a push later on. Tammy was very much against it she went to Easy E's office
to complain she stormed in. "There is no way in hell I am going out there to
wrestle and perform sexual acts for your sick mind."

The only thing that stopped Easy E from getting up and teaching her a
thing or two about respect was Daffney his slave was giving him great head
unknown to Tammy. "Tammy honey it won't be that bad now look either you go
along or will something bad might happen."

He has a small smirk on his face. Tammy turns and storms out.

"Daffney, baby. I think you need to teach that blond bitch how you treat
a man like me."

Daffney while still on her knees giving head stops for a sec and nod's
her head.

"You can do anything you want to her as long as in the end she becomes
one of my bitches."

Daffney gets up and leaves she just knew she was going to have great fun.
As she turned a corner she saw Kronic and an idea popped in to her head.

"Hey, Kronic I have a job."

"What is it and is the pay good."

"Well, the pay you get to fuck Tammy for as long as you want after I am
done with her and all you have to do is bring her to my room."

They turn and talk and agree. A few minutes later they return with Tammy
kicking and screaming. Daffeny grabs one arm and shackles it to a large metal
bed then the other she is on her back now and her legs are chained spread

"You boys can leave. I'll call when it is your turn. Now Tammy you were
a very, very, very bad little slut you made Master Eric really mad and I will
teach you to respect him."

She goes in to a small wheel turning it now Tammy is straight up and down
with her ass hanging out of a hole in the back. Daffney grabs a pair of
scissors and cuts off Tammy's skirt and blouse then her panties and bra her
large beautiful tits fall out.

"My, my, Tammy, they're so very lovely you will never hide this beautiful
things again."

She leans over and bites one Tammy lets out a yelp of pain. Daffeny slaps
her for it. "Shut up, bitch! Who said you could make noise."

She pulls out a studded pattle and a ball gag she puts the gag in her
mouth then walks behind her.


Tammy now has tears running down her face her beautiful ass is now red
and bleeding in some spots. She dares not make a noise for she does not want
that again.

"You slut! Tammy, you're a no good slut you will call Eric, Master Eric
now right."

Tammy nod's her head hoping it will stop the beating.

"Good now if I take the gag off, promise you won't scream."

Tammy nodes her head. Daffney removes it and locks in a french kiss.
Tammy has no idea why, but she lets the tongue enter and she then explores
Daffney's mouth. And is becoming very wet in the crouch area.

"You little slut, Tammy, you like this don't you good because will are
time together is no where near done."

She walks to her bag and straps something on. Tammy figures it is a dildo
and becomes quite excited because Miss Hancock puts a nice 9 inch one in her
when they're together. When Daffeny turns around Tammy's eyes become huge
because now on the completely nude and beautiful Daffeny has a huge 2 foot

Daffeny slowly approaches Tammy who tries to get out of the way but is
held too tight. And with 1 thrust 5 inches then another 7 inches soon she has
1.5 feet of dildo in her and finely 2 feet as Daffeny slow shoves it in and
out brutally. Tammy began to moan in pleasure and bucking her hips to meet
the huge dildo.

After half-hour of this she releases her fifth violent orgasm and slumps
down daffeny removes the dildo from the very happy Tammy. She walks behind
her with the dildo off but Tammy does not notice. Daffeny begins to pee on
Tammy's bleeding ass. It burned and Tammy held back the scream knowing it
would only bring more pain after this she went in the front and licked all
the cum of Tammy's pussy Tammy moaned in delight. Then Daffeny leaned forword
and shoved her ass in her faces and made her lick in. Tammy enjoyed this and
did it very happily.

When she was done her face was cover in shit and she was smiling. Daffeny
went to get Kronic before she left. Tammy called out, "Thank you, Mistress
Daffeny, for the fun."

Daffeny just smiled. When Kronic came in Adams went behind and Clark in
from and put their 10-inch cocks in her which she found unsatisfying compared
to Daffney's 2-foot dildo. Kronic cummed 7 times each, but Tammy never did
do to her experiences before there was basically nothing left. Daffeny put a
collar on her with a leash and walked her back to Master Eric.

to be continued

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