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Ed Ferarra Consoles Francine
by Torrie's My Mistress

It was just after the NWA-TNA's 2nd PPV which featured the "Ms. TNA Battle
Royal." Francine, obviously a favorite to win, was stripped down to her bra
and panties thanks to Elektra and company in the ring, eliminating "The Queen
of Extreme" from the match. On camera, Francine looked devistated as she was
told to, but deep down she really wanted to win the match.

In her locker room, Elektra went up to Francine, "Hey good show tonight,

Francine just snickered it off as she dried herself off from the shower,
wearing nothing but the dark blue towel that soaked the drops of water from
her tanned body.

Elektra thought she'd change the subject, "So, what was it like to have Ed
grab your boob in front of everyone like that on camera tonight?"

Fran just gave off a 'haha'. "Let me tell you, I may have seemed pissed off
after the match, but Ed (believe it or not) has got quite a hand", she said
with a smirk on her face.

Still a little upset that Taylor Vaughn won the title to Ms. TNA, Francine
decided to head out early, not even sticking around for the post party. Ed
Ferarra, talking to Jeff Jarrett and Jeremy Borash, noticed Francine wipping
away what appeared to be tears from her eyes. "Excuse me guys, I think I'm
needed here."

Jeff & Jeremy had seen Ed grab Fran's right breast just like the rest of
the world did on PPV and chanted "YOU GO ED!" as Ferarra walked quickly to
Francine who was just getting into her car.

"Fran, Fran ... are you ok? What's the matter?"

Francine just replied back, "Look Ed, just go away, I'm a little upset right

"Fran, just talk to me, I promise you I'll listen. What have you got to
loose? Go to your hotel room and cry your eyes out or talk to me and at
least attempt to relieve yourself from anguish?"

Francine sat there for a minute then finally agreed. "Ok Ed, just follow me
back to my room and we'll talk."

Both Francine and Ed Ferarra meet in the lobby and go up two floors to Fran's
room. Francine takes a seat on the edge of her bed as Ed scoots a chair in
front of Fran.

"I don't know why I'm so upset, I just really wanted to win tonight, it's
like I've got to recapture being the top woman in the business again. You

Ed just softly placed his hands on her knees, "Yes I know exactly what you
mean Fran, and I understand. They gave the title to a virtual unknown tonight
when they should have given you the title. I mean after all haha, you DO have
the 'TNA'." Ed gave off a smirk as Francine just gave off a small short
laugh. "Come on, you know you're all that Fran. I could tell when I felt your
titty tonight.

Fran just looked at him, "Yeah well I don't just let anyone touch these

Ed feeling his heart race and letting the moment get to him, reached out and
just grabbed both of Francine's large breasts. Fran's eyes just widened in
shock as Ed started softly fondling them over her red tube top, as she just
sat there speechless. Ed started rubbing both his index fingers over her
nipples from side to side as Francine just took in a deep breath and felt her
breasts begin to congest and enlarge.

"These things are awesome!" Ed spitted out, as Francine moaned slightly
and replied, "They took a long time to grow, but they're real and very

Ed couldn't take it anymore, he just had to see Francine's tits in the bare.
He pulled down her red tube top and begin feeling her up once more as she
started crawling backwards on the bed, her black leather mini skirt riding up
as she motioned on the bed, exposing her black lace thong. Ed still feeling
up Francine's large breasts and tweaking her long hard nipples, unnoticingly
felt the bottons on his shirt being undone as he moved in along with Fran's
move on the bed.

Ed lowered himself down to Francine's left nipple and started circling his
tongue around it, flickering it back and forth as Francine just moaning a
little loudly. Ed latched onto her nipple and began sucking on it. Ed Ferarra
thought to himself, "Oh My GOD, I'm sucking on Francine's tits, THEE Francine
Queen of Extreme - just three hours ago I felt her boob now I'm tasting

Francine just breathed heavily as she played with Ed's long dredlocks (which
she and everyone else knew were just hair extentions) while she caressed his
back and reached underneith him to undo his pants. Ed sucked on her left boob
for a good 20 minutes before kissing his way to her right one, oralizing it
before starting to suckle on that one aswell. Francine couldn't help but go
into an orgasm from Ed's breast play. She wrapped her legs around Ed's now
exposed waist, extending her feet so they could take down Ed's WWE DIVA's
boxer shorts.

Ed knew exactly what Francine wanted so he in return started pulling down
Fran's black lacey thong from the inside of her black leather mini skirt.
Exposing her pussy, Ed rubbed the head of his 5" cock against Fran's wet
lips, teasing her as he finally let go of her right nipple and started
kissing her lips. The intense sensation of the moment got the best of
Francine as she rolled them over, straddling on top of Ed as she broke
their lip-lock.

"Mmm, tell mama what you want, baby!" Francine said in a seductive tone.

"Baby want mama to ride him," Ed replied in a childish mannor as Francine
smiled down at him and said, "Giddy up cowboy."

Francine lowered her wet pussy down on Ed's 5" cock, both Ed and Fran
moaning from the sex they've started. Ed couldn't help but slide his hands
up Francine's beautiful tanned legs up and down, before making his way to her
waist, then up her chest to begin feeling up those massive breasts of hers.
Francine just began to fuck him harder, making her tits jiggle in Ed's hands
which made the lucky son of a gun giggle during their fuck-play.

The bed started rocking, making the neighbors next door start a pounding,
"HEY, QUIT YOU TWO, OH WE CALL FWONT DESK!" the foreign man yelled at
Francine's hot and steamy room. Francine, known for being the rebelious
type, started screaming louder and louder as she continued fucking Ed

MAMA?" she screamed out with such a hot tone, Ed instantly came inside of
her as he muttered out loudly, "YOU ARE! AHHHHHHH!"

Fran fucked his cock harder until she herself went into a wild orgasm,
screaming so loud the entire hallway opened their doors, thinking a lady had
Francine collapsed on top of Ed Ferarra, both sweaty and exhausted.

"Jesus CHRIST that was good Fran!" as Ed complimented Francine on the
enormous fuck he'd just experienced.

"Thanks Ed, you did pretty good yourself." She leaned into him and began
kissing him deeply on the lips.

Ed thought to himself, "FINALLY, I've FINALLY lost my virginity and I'm only

They laid there kissing into the night as the front desk phoned them, but to
no response.


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