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Featuring: Trish Stratus (WWE), John Morrison (WWE).

Effects Of A Cold Shoulder - A WWE erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

At the April 4th, 2011 edition of WWE Monday Night Raw, the mixed tag team
match that saw Vickie Guerrero and Dolph Ziggler lose to Trish Stratus and
John Morrison has finished, and said victorious Superstar has quickly
returned to backstage, not looking happy despite that big win with a legend
of the WWE. Still clad in his tight fitting black ring pants that show's off
his package nicely, and his muscular and desirable upper body on full
display, he's arrived at his locker room where he allows himself a moment to
sigh in relief, glad that the match is over and done with due to his clear
dislike for Stratus - shown by the way he disrespected her by giving her the
cold shoulder at the end of their WrestleMania match the previous evening.

Suddenly the door slams open and is shut behind her, and turning around he
sees the very woman who he feels "stole" a place at Mania from his girlfriend
and current Diva Melina Perez. With her hands on her luscious hips and a look
of anger on her beautiful face, the iconic former seven time WWE Women's
Champion Trish Stratus is standing before him. She's also clad in her ring
gear from the match - tight, black pants that hug to her juicy ass with a
"TRISH" belt buckle, a straining cut at the sides and neckline Stratus "Let's
Do It!" merchandise T-shirt with black bra underneath that shows off her
large breasts with some sexy, deep cleavage, black fingerless gloves, and
black boots.

"What the fuck is your problem??" Stratus demands, shaking her
brunette-haired head as she stares at him. "You gave me the cold shoulder
last night, and you clearly didn't want anything to do with me tonight? What
is wrong with you??"

"What's wrong with me? What's wrong is the fact that you've come back here to
the WWE just for a payday at the expense of a real Diva, just because you're
going to "train" some rookies in that Tough Enough reboot." Morrison responds
with a similar glare. "I'm guessing that your training of those boys will be
to have them join you off camera like you did back when you were a part of
this company full time!"

"What the hell did you say??" Trish says, anger in her eyes now at that
suggestion. "If you want to talk about someone being a slut, look to your
worthless, botching every second move girlfriend of yours! You know, the one
who fucked Batista while dating you, then fucked Mike fucking Knox for crying
out loud while dating you! Hell, I bet all of the Superstars here have had
her in all her holes and more than once!" She adds, shaking her head again as
she gives him a look over. "It's pathetic Morrison... You have all this
but no one around here respects you because you're such a pussy-whipped
little loser! I bet you have to ask Melina's permission to go to the fucking
bathroom don't you?"

"Figures, you're just jelious." John states, coming forward to try and
intimidate her into backing down. "Not just of Melina being a better talent
that you ever were, but of her being with a real man like me who can deliver
in the ring and out of it. Not that you understand that with your no doubt
limp dicked husband, and how you're more used to getting gang banged like a
whore by a group of men rather than just the one!"

At that, Stratus lifts her hand up and slaps the taste out of his mouth,
actually smacking him so hard he stumbles to the side clutching his face.
"Don't you dare talk about my husband like that you fucking bitch!!" Trish
yells at him with a death-glare. "Not only is that trick Melina nothing but
a glorified ring rat, but she isn't worthy enough to lace up my boots, let
alone match my skills! I can outwrestle her, outperform her, and trust me
Morrison if you were with me you'd find out that I could out fuck her as
well! That's why I got the WrestleMania match and why she'll be lucky to
still be a part of the WWE by this time next year!"

With a grunt, John stands up and glares at her again. "Oh, so you think
you're so better than Melina at anything, do you?" He suddenly reaches
forward and grabs her by her long hair, making her gasp from pain as she's
sharply yanked downward to her knees on the locker room floor, the surprise
quickly changing to anger as she stares up at him with a very pissed off look
on her beautiful face.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing???" Stratus demands, before she sees
that the current WWE Superstar is undoing his tight fitting pants, pushing
them down along with his underwear to reveal and impressively looking piece
of man meat.

"Using your dirty mouth for what it's only good for!" He states, giving
himself a couple of quick pumps back and forth. "Now let's see what the rest
of the boys have already felt, and that's how much of a skanky cock-sucker
you really are!"

"Are you serious?? No fucking... URRRRKKKK!!"

That attempted yell was quickly silenced as using her open mouth to his
advantage, Morrison shoved his shaft inside with a hand on the base to push
it in, and once past her lips he grabs two big handfuls of her long, brunette
hair as he keeps her head in place and down on his hardening but already
lengthy and thick to match cock. The eyes of the woman now being orally
violated widen as her gloved hands ball up into fists, slamming against his
muscular thighs as she protests around his meat, the call and no doubt
insults all muffled as she glares up at him with outrage and anger in her
eyes, groaning as she's clearly disgusted by being made to take his dick
inside her mouth. It's only the start though as he starts to work his hips,
sliding his member in and out past her pouty lips, looking to put her mouth
to what he thinks it's only good for to make the legendary Diva suck his cock
as he forces her to stay down on her knees in front of him.

Stratus groans and continues to glare up at the current WWE Superstar who has
forced his way into her soothing and nicely wet oral hole, her hands still
hitting his legs but to no avail as his superior strength keeps her held
down, so when she tries to yank her head back all it does is add a little
more friction and stimulation to him, getting him rock hard at a foot in
length in no time. It doesn't stop even standing at attention, still
thrusting into her mouth to force her to blow half of his rod as he returns
the glare but moans at the feeling of warmth all around his shaft, getting
pleasure out of the woman he clearly hates and the feeling is mutual from the
woman having her face fucked right now. She groans again this time in
discomfort, not just from the tight grip of her hair that's being used but
the fact that her lips were already forced to stretch the moment this dick
was forced into her, but with every further fat inch of American meat that's
fed into her, the Canadian has to try and force those luscious lips apart
even more so it doesn't give the impression to him that this is in fact one
of the biggest cocks she's ever seen.

Likewise, the Shaman of Sexy doesn't want to admit that not only is this
already one of the best feeling mouths he's ever experienced, his moans
already quite audible, but the multi-time former WWE Women's Champion is
handling his size better than his girlfriend ever has - he's over half-way
into her and she hasn't gagged at all, even from the brisk and steady pace
he's using to fuck her mouth with. The sight alone is enough to get him going
- the pissed off look on Trish's beautiful face and the rage in her eyes as
she stares up at him, as he thrusts his lengthy dick in and out of her mouth,
seeing saliva covering the rod and trickling past her lips as it starts to
travel down her chin a little along with dripping slightly off of his
smoothly moving back and forth member. That's not going to be enough for him
though just to experience her "Stratusfying" mouth, he wants to further
humiliate and humble her so without even a warning he pulls her head right
down onto his shaft as he pumps it in deep, meeting her face with the slap of
skin against skin as her forehead touches his muscular waist and his ball
sack smacks into her chin.

Again her smoking hot eyes widen, this time watering a little as she gags
clearly around his dick as she's forced to deep throat it, her lips slightly
shaking as she's made to swallow every thick inch of his hard, thick and
twelve inch shaft and it's clearly a feeling she wants stopped, attempting to
push free with her gloved hands pressing against his thighs but his grip on
her hair is far too strong. She gags again, saliva splashing over his meat
inside her oral hole to make him groan from the vibrations before he starts
to thrust his hips forward and then sharply away to slide his coated with
spit dick into her mouth, this time only pulling back to withdraw about four
or so of his inches from her before driving his tool back into the woman once
voted Diva of the Decade by the WWE. Squeals and cries are muffled, only the
clear sounds of her gagging when the shaft abusing her mouth slides all the
way in, her mouth having already been filled up before but this amount of
cock is too much even for her to handle, especially since she wasn't even
willing, or really prepared for this and is now forced to slobber over the
manhood of the man who gave her a cold-shoulder on live world-wide Pay Per
View less than twenty-four hours ago.

There may be moans coming from the handsome wrestler who's using this warm
and wet mouth to get sexual pleasure from, but the look of hatred on his face
shows the other reason why he's harshly throat-fucking the current Tough
Enough trainer, keeping her head in place to keep her down on her knees as he
uses and abuses her mouth and pouty lips with pump after balls-deep thrust.
This motion causes the Canadian beauty to repeatedly gag and groan each time
his fat and long American cock moves straight into her mouth which has left
his stiff rod completely coated with her saliva that's seeping out past her
lips, dripping down her chin and neck and off of his thrusting cock to land
onto the top of her breasts, onto her own image on her merchandise T-shirt
she's wearing to stain and ruin it, and down into and between her deep, sexy
cleave to really soak her. Her eyes are welling up with tears, causing her
make-up to start to run from the sheer agony of having to handle such an
intense and focused face fucking the likes of which she's clearly never
experienced before but never wanted in the first place, the bitter look in
her eyes as she glares up at the man making her gag and splutter over every
inch of his dick.

After suffering another series of hard, balls deep thrust into her sore mouth
and hurting throat, at last there's a break when he pulls his cock out of her
mouth, allowing her to spit out a large wad of spit down to the locker room
floor before she gasps and draws in large breaths.

"Mother... Fucker!!" Trish glares up at him as she rubs her neck before she
has to groan as she's roughly shoved down onto her back. "What the fuck are
you doing now??" She demands as he quickly steps out of his pants.

"Using you for what you're good for!" Morrison growls as he gets on top of
her, pinning her to the ground and using his strength to rip off her "TRISH"
belt buckle, loosening her tight black pants and making it easy for him to
pull them down her smooth, tanned legs to reveal a tiny, black thong she's

"Get the fuck off me!!" Stratus yells as she tries to struggle to escape but
now her pants are around her ankles, making it hard to use them to kick away
as he raises them up with one arm, her juicy ass raised off the ground.
"What? That fat-ass cunt Melina never let you get on top? I bet you just lay
back and take it like the little submissive bitch you are!!" She spits at
him, still glaring at the man pinning her down to the ground.

"Shut up, you gold digging slut!" John yells back, using his free hand to
clamp it over her mouth, muffling the cries and insults she's hurling at him.
"Let's see if you can handle a real man instead of the rest of the locker
room at once!" He adds with a smirk and a glare of his own, reaching down and
with ease tearing the thong off of her body to reveal a neatly shaved pussy.

Once again the eyes of the legendary former full-time Diva go wide but this
time it's because of the massive, rock hard American cock that's been shoved
into her tight, Canadian, and to her own shame already a little wet snatch,
the feeling causing her to groan as she's filled up with the initial thrust,
chest raising as she draws in a deep breath through her noise, her mouth
being covered by his hand that's also keeping her held down. She grunts and
shoots daggers with her eyes at the man violating her love tunnel with his
shaft as he begins to slide his manhood back and forth into her pussy, making
her take half of his size already and holding her in place with his other
hand around her boots, keeping her legs held together against his chiseled
out of stone chest, with her booty off of the ground. He grits his teeth,
focusing on making full use of what he thinks she's not only good for, but
has done with the rest of the roster not just currently, but in the past, so
even though she clearly doesn't want it, he intends to hammer her like a
cheap whore right here on the floor of the locker room.

The thrusts start to get harder, making her perfectly curved and tanned body
slide slightly on the ground she's pressed against, and his cock is working
in deeper to her tightness, and both feelings are making her close her eyes
from the shame as she can feel herself getting more wet down between her held
together legs, her body betraying her mind and heart as she's essentially
getting raped by this handsome and powerful WWE Superstar. She's grateful
that her mouth is covered, the moans she's being made to let out muffled as
she can't deny the feeling of such a huge and length piece of man meat
thrusting into her snatch but she refuses to let the man she considers
gutless and completely whipped get the better of her, so she doesn't move
back against him to give any added pleasure as he fucks her love tunnel with
pump after stiff and swift pump. Allowing herself to smirk, she can hear him
moaning as he grunts from the effort put into giving it to her, thinking to
herself that her snatch will be the finest he'll ever experience and if he
keeps this pace up - no doubt to get the most of out her that he can - he'll
be blowing his load in minutes.

Her reasoning is only partly correct though as the rapid-fire thrusts deep
into her tight and wet snatch cause her large and perfectly rounded tits to
bounce as her body jolts, her stained with her own saliva T-shirt straining
as her bra-covered breasts pop out from the top, still sexily moving in time
with her tanned frame and looking hotter than ever with the covering of her
spit all over them and in her cleavage. The Guru of Greatness won't admit it,
but the snatch of this multi-time former WWE Women's Champion is a massive
couple of grades above his girlfriend's - this snatch is tight, warm, and
stunningly damp to make an incredible feeling around his manhood that makes
him pick up the pace indeed to savor every moment of this heated hate-fuck
he's giving her. Sadly for her though, the ordeal won't be over any time soon
as he doesn't just look desirable with a muscular body, he can bring it as
well so while he's moaning with slight lust and he bangs her pussy over and
over, he's not anywhere near finishing off any time soon.

After suffering the humiliation of having her face and then throat fucked
hard by this pussy-whipped, under the thumb pro wrestler, it's a different
kind she's having to endure now as that same man is now forcing her to moan
from his porn-star quality pounding he's giving her still tight and now very
wet pussy. Sweat is starting to form over her stunning, one of a kind body
that's half clothed as her snatch is hammered over and over again with his
sudden and deep pumps that make her rock back and forth on the cold floor of
the locker room they're in, her big boobs bouncing away with each inward
thrust she's made to take. Starting to realize she can't just wait and hope
he'll finish off soon, so she tries in vain to struggle away again, only
serving to grind her snatch against the dick pistoning into her and further
make her chest shake to give him a sight to smirk at, giving him the
impression she's getting into this and showing what a slut she really is,
even as she continues to glare up at him with anger and hatred.

Keeping her legs clamped together and resting against his broad chest, the
talented and easy on the eye Los Angles, California native moans again as his
balls start to slap against the tanned skin of the beautiful Toronto,
Ontario, Canada-born woman, able to fuck her still snug and soaked snatch
with every bit of his thick, foot long cock. He grunts and sweats as he
pounds her box time and time again, leaning his body slightly over her in
order to keep his hand clamped over her mouth to silence her and keep her
pinned down to the floor, the position and his strength leaving her helpless
so she can only lay there and take this, her pussy being used for his own
pleasure as he looks to prove a point as he bangs her like some cheap tramp.
While he despises this woman for "taking" the spot he believes his girlfriend
should have had at last night's WrestleMania, he can't help but moan from how
incredible it feels to fuck such a tight, hot pussy that's a perfect fit for
his massive tool, quite unlike the loose, usually cumming within minutes one
belonging to his other half.

Suddenly, he's pulling his rock hard and now covered with her juices cock out
of her snatch, making them both groan but she's soon smirking, thinking that
the withdrawal means he's about to bust a nut. It's not the case though as he
reaches down, both hands ripping her stained T-shirt off of her body so her
tanned upper body is just clothed by her bra.

"What's the matter? Want to finally see a pair of real breasts??" Stratus
taunts, smirking and glaring at him as just as she expected, he then rips her
bra off of her, her big boobs bouncing as they're revealed, topped with
hardened nipples.

"I see a couple of slutty tits that the rest of the locker room has..."
Morrison responds as he turns her over onto her stomach on the ground. "And
has probably coated with spunk as well!" He adds, forcing her hips off the
floor so her stunning backside is raised up to face him.

"No, that's your whore girlfriend's job to service the boys to keep her job!"
Trish responds, turning her head to look back at him with a stare that would
reduce a normal man to a quivering wreck. "With how sloppy and botching she
is in the ring, she has to use her ugly tits and fat ass to get by!"

"The only fat ass I see is this one! And I thought yoga was supposed to keep
people in shape..." John says with a smirk, positioning his body so he can
squat over her, one foot planted on the floor while using the other to press
onto the side of her brunette-haired head to keep her pinned down. "Two holes
down, one to go... Just a normal day at work for you, right?"

Before she can spit out a response, the beautiful and busty babe has to groan
and hiss in pain as her butt cheeks are spread apart and the massive shaft of
the man abusing her is shoved into her asshole, her eyes clamping shut from
the pain she feels as her tight back passage is forced to widen to accept
this invasion. Held down in such a way she can't do much else but slap her
hands against the floor and slightly rock her body backward, his foot
disrespectfully keeping her head and face pinned against the floor while his
hands keep her hips upward so he can drive his dick in and out of her juicy
ass, taking his time with steady movements at first to test her backside to
see if she can handle such a massive length. Clad in only her boots, gloves,
and bottoms that are around her knees, it's violation and humiliation she's
having to endure from the man she teamed up with to win a match over an hour
ago and his now hate-fucking her stunning ass with hard pumps, treating her
like a dirty whore that he believes her to be.

Plunging his cock in and out past her asshole, the former champion of the ECW
Brand moans as he holds those full cheeks apart, slightly groping them as he
pounds her with a motion that's quickening and getting harder as time passes
as more of his fat inches fit into her tightest of holes, secretly impressing
him as she's taking much more of his cock than his girlfriend has even been
able to handle in her life. Compared to Melina's, this ass is perfectly
rounded, juicy, and mouth-wateringly smooth, not to mention how tight her
back passage is and is remaining all around his cock even as he fits in more
into her, and it's impressive that her booty can handle his size even with
this amount, and still seems able to take even more. He grunts, thinking that
her tightness must be proof of what a cock-tease she is to fault her body
rather than actually put it to use rather than perhaps she isn't the whore he
thinks she is, but in any case he has no plans on stopping fucking her up the
ass like this, working his hips in and then quickly away from her as he moans
out and continues to sweat.

Underneath, the multi-time former WWE Women's Champion groans out as she
feels more and more of his length fitting inside herself, her back passage
already stretched to the limit from the moment he first penetrated her
backside but now she's getting stuffed full not only more than she's ever
done in her life, but more than she ever thought could be possible for her to
take. She wouldn't give him the satisfaction of admitting that yes, she's
engaged in anal sex before and actually loves to have her tight, stunning
butt hammered by hot studs, but she's having to fight to keep the pleasure
she's getting from his member sliding back and forth into her. She keeps her
teeth gritted together in an attempt to silence the moans and groans she's
letting out but it's hard to do when he's fucking her ass harder, faster,
deeper, and most of all - to her shame - better than she's ever had before,
and the way she's held down on the locker room floor her large breasts are
being made to rub against the ground when he pushes into her to make her
sweat-covered body jolt forward, more stimulation to make her pussy even more
soaked than when he was banging her there.

Muscles rippling, and chest heaving, the current sports entertainment star is
giving it all he's got in order to hate fuck the beautiful Canadian's perfect
backside with his long American man meat, punishing her back passage as he
starts to spank those juicy cheeks as he thrusts between them, the smacking
sound ringing out along with their grunts and groans of both pleasure and
anger at each other. His cock is getting plunged so deep now into her booty
that his balls are able to touch her butt cheeks when he pushes down into her
still very snug hole, causing him to smirk for a moment as it confirms what a
slut she must be to be able to handle all of his thick inches while being in
this face down, ass up position he's keeping her in. Thrust after thrust,
moan after deep moan, he's hammering into her with a purpose not just to put
the former full-time Diva in her place but to make sure she's unable to walk
straight for over a month, let alone be able to sit down without feeling some
pain as he ravages her gorgeous ass like a man possessed, driven on both by
hatred and lust from the feeling of tightness all around his rod.

Here she was, the record breaking seven-time former WWE Women's Champion, a
former Hardcore Champion, the woman multiple times voted the Babe of the Year
and then the Diva of the Decade, now reduced to the sexual play-toy of a
handsome, athletic, but pussy-whipped man as he uses and abuses her back
passage for his own sick pleasure as he fucks her balls deep. She can only
moan from the repeated thrusts she's taking as her head is pressed against
the floor as he keeps his boot against the other side of her beautiful face
as he squats over her and plunges his long, thick dick in and out of her
booty and makes his ball sack slap against her tanned and sweating skin.
With her eyes closed and teeth clamped together, she feels more humiliation
as his anal fucking she's taking from John Morrison causes Trish Stratus to
start to cum, her breasts grinding against the floor as her juices seep out
from her snatch, trickling slightly down her thighs and dripping onto the
ground as she pants and groans, and despite how much she hates him for
basically raping her in such a way, in the back of her mind she has to wonder
that if he can bring her so much pleasure when they both can't stand one
another, how good would it feel if they were on the same page as they should
have been all along?

Sadly for her, he isn't thinking about that at all, instead of just punishing
this slut who took the spot at WrestleMania that should have gone to his
girlfriend despite the fact that only he and her think that is the case, but
feeling her back passage tightening around his cock makes him think of other
things right now as he has to grunt and groan from this increased pleasure.
He'd love to just hammer away into her like this, watching those juicy ass
cheeks jiggle when his pumps into her and makes the sound of skin smacking
against skin ring out but feeling his dick starting to throb after such an
intense, fast, and hard pace he knows that his limit is fast approaching. It
doesn't stop him from enjoying that superb backside for a few thrusts more
though, spanking her cheeks as he does so for added humiliation as he bangs
her booty, thinking from the way he's hearing her groan and grunt that he's
teaching her a lesson she won't ever forget.

A few pumps more into her still tight after all this abuse back passage, and
the former member of the MNM tag team has no choice but to pull out, his hand
quickly grabbing his throbbing member as he starts to jerk himself off,
moaning and not caring that it's making her smirk as she looks back at him,
still held down with his foot against her face. It doesn't take much of this
furious stroking to get him off, so with a deep groan John Morrison starts to
shoot his load across the stunning, juicy ass of Trish Stratus, his warm and
creamy cum landing over both butt cheeks as he milks himself dry and makes
sure to aim all over her backside to finish the job in the way he thinks she
deserves to have. Feeling his spunk splashing onto her ass cheeks makes her
groan with clenched teeth, some of his load dripping down into her crack and
across her asshole, her eyes glaring again at him from daring to plaster her
booty with his jizz like she's a cheap and easy fuck.

"That... That suits you just fine..." Morrison says as he catches his breath
while stepping back away from her. "A dirty, sluttly whore who's just been
fucked in my locker room with my spunk covering your fat ass... Bet it's just
like back in your day, right?" He adds with a smirk, turning towards his own

"You're fucking pathetic!" Trish spits as she pushes herself up to stand on
her feet, glaring at the man who just hate-fucked her. "You couldn't get with
a real woman like me if you begged, so you had to force me down to get a
piece of real ass and pussy! That just shows what a gutless, ball-less,
pussy-whipped little bitch that you are!"

"Go fuck the rest of the roster like you usually do..." He ignores her
comments as he puts his pants back on. "Then get lost and don't come back, so
my girl Melina can take her spot at the top like she deserves. That's all the
real ass I need to have. In fact, you know what you are? You're a..."

Morrison turns around, and doesn't get a chance to say what he was thinking
as Trish kicks him square between the legs, making his eyes bulge wide and
drop to his knees as he clutches himself, and that leaves him wide open for
what's to come next as he takes the infamous Chick Kick to the head to leave
him slumped on the ground, knocked out. Brushing her long, brunette hair back
over her shoulders, Stratus sighs as she shakes her head, looking down at the
out of it stud on the floor.

"You could have been something special kid..." Trish says, her voice showing
she feels a little sorry for him but there's still a glare in her eyes. "But
you just aren't that smart, are you? Well enjoy that talentless, fat ass cunt
of a girl friend of yours since you're made for each other. You're both
pieces of trash!" She says, spitting down onto his body before she stands up
straight and starts to smirk. "Well... Since I need a shower now... I wonder
if John Cena and some of his boys could help me scrub my back? I did always
wonder what it's be like to be gang banged by some of those hot stud
Superstars here in the WWE..."

* * *

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