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Emma's First Time With Maryse
by FrenchSwitch

Emma was working at a very expensive restaurant when she saw Maryse and Nikki Bella come in. When she saw them she immediately got a table for them to sit in and she gave them the menu.

"Hey girls, how have y'all been" asked Emma.

"We've been great and you?!" asked Nikki.

"Fine you know, Just working my ass off" Emma said laughing.

"Can I get y'all anything to drink?" asked Emma.

"Can I have the most expensive drink?" asked Maryse looking at Emma.

"Yes of course!!" Said Emma looking at Maryse's sexy outfit.

"Can I just have Vodka?" asked Nikki.

"Yea sure!" said Emma.

Emma then left to get their drinks. Before she left she looked at Maryse for a long time. She felt very attracted to her. Maryse had the boobs and the body that Emma had always dreamed of. Emma, of course, fell in love with Maryse at first sight. Emma got the most expensive drink for Maryse and she got Nikki the vodka. Emma then looked at both of them and asked them if they were ready to order. They both said no, so Emma left to the back. Emma's one dream was to be fucked by a strap on. She was a lesbian and didn't really want guy dick. While she was on the back waiting, she looked at Maryse's boobs and Maryse then looked back at Emma and winked at her. Emma was confused by this.

She asked herself, "Why would she wink at me?" "Does she want me like I desire her?"

Emma then went back to the table and asked them if they were ready. Nikki and Maryse both nodded. Maryse sneaked her hand to Emma's ass and she grabbed it. Emma looked at Maryse and blushed at her while Maryse was smirking at Emma.

"I'll have a salad," said Nikki

"I'll have something juicy and big," said Maryse looking at Emma intensely.

Emma went to the back and almost fainted from this. Emma couldn't hold in her dirty needs and her desire. Emma went to the women's restroom immediately and started masturbating at the thought of Maryse grabbing her ass cheek. Maryse then came into the women's restroom and she started taking nudes of herself. Emma peeked through the stall door and she looked at Maryse's round and perfect big tits. Emma immediately got more needy and started masturbating faster. As Emma was leaning in, the stall door opened and Emma fell out of the stall and was laying in the floor with her hands in her pussy. Maryse then looked at her.

"I know you want me Emma, meet me at this hotel after your shift. I want you just as bad as you want me," said Maryse as she gave Emma a hotel card.

Maryse then left the restroom and sat back down in her seat. Emma put her work pants back on and washed her hands. Emma went to get the food and she brought it over to Nikki and Maryse. Nikki and Maryse ate for a while and then they paid and left to their hotel. On the receipt, Maryse and left her phone number to Emma. Emma texted Maryse immediately and changed her clothes. Maryse received Emma's messages and she started sending her nudes. Emma started getting very horny, so she drove fast on her way to the hotel.

When Emma got to the hotel, she saw that it was very tall and high. She then sent Maryse a text and told her that she was there. Maryse immediately replied and said that she was in the hotel pool.

Emma went to the hotel pool and saw Maryse swimming with no bathing suit on. Maryse was showing her ass and her big voluptuous breasts. Emma then wet her panties because she was very horny. Maryse saw Emma and told her to get in the pool. Emma immediately took off her clothes and left them outside the pool. Emma even took off her bra and panties. Her big ass was jiggling and her tits got hard.

She joined Maryse and started swimming with her. Maryse went to her clothes and got some dildos and a strap on. Emma looked at the stuff and she was surprised. "How did Maryse know?" She thought to herself.

Maryse brought them to Emma and said, "God damn Emma, you're soo fucking sexy without your clothes on. You know... I've always wanted to get fucked by a strap on..."

Emma smiled and said, "Me too Maryse!! And you're even hotter than me!"

Maryse smiled and blushed at the same time. She got closer to Emma and then French kissed her. Emma felt so good and kissed back with tongue. Maryse kept kissing her and then she started grabbing Emma's boobs. Emma moaned while kissing Maryse but then she grabbed Maryse's boobs and slapped them softly. Maryse moaned while enjoying Emma's moves. Emma then started moving her hand across Maryse's body and she inserted her fingers into her pussy. Maryse moaned immediately louder and kept kissing Emma. Emma fingered Maryse underwater with 3 fingers really fast. Maryse started squirming and moaning passionately. Maryse grabbed one of the dildos and she started to suck on it. As she sucked on it, Emma kept fingering Maryse faster. After Maryse stopped sucking on the dildo, she shoved it in Emma's pussy. Emma moaned loudly and started screaming softly. Emma grabbed the other dildos and she shoved one up Maryse's ass, two up Maryse's pussy and one in Maryse's mouth. Maryse immediately screamed and moaned louder than before. Emma then started sucking on Maryse's tits and she bit them softly while doing so. Maryse screamed and moaned. She was soo excited and horny at the same time.

After 30 minutes of kissing and shoving dildos to each other, Maryse told Emma to continue this in her room. Emma smiled and she carried Maryse naked to her room. Maryse still had the dildos in her ass and pussy. Maryse took the other dildos and strap on with her. As soon as they got to her room, they locked it. Emma put the strap-on on and she started shoving it up Maryse's pussy. Maryse's boobs bounced and her ass clapped. Maryse started screaming and moaning louder than in the pool.

"Ohh GOD MAMI! I'M ABOUT TO CUM!!!!" Screamed Maryse.

Emma then said, "CUM FOR MAMI MARYSE!!"

Maryse held the cum back for a couple more thrusts and then she came all over the strap on. Maryse fell tired to the bed and then Emma took it off and licked the cum off of it. Maryse layed in bed sweating and tired. She then got back up and put the strap-on on. She shoved it up Emma's ass and sparked her while doing so. Emma's ass started getting red and she screamed just as loud as Maryse. Emma's ass jiggled during every thrust. Maryse then changed the position of the strap-on and she put it in her pussy. Maryse went harder on Emma than she went on her. Emma bit her lip very hard and screamed

Screamed Emma

"DONT STOP YOURSELF BABE!!!!" Screamed Maryse

Emma immediately came and then they both layed in bed naked. Maryse sucked on the strap on and then layed inside the bed sheets.

"That was the best Emma!" whispered Maryse.

"Yes it definitely was. Marry me Maryse" whispered Emma back.

"I do," said Maryse smiling cuddling with Emma.

"I do," said Emma cuddling with Maryse's big boobs.

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