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Encounters With A Very Horny Stephanie Part 1
by Jason

Stephanie has been on the road for a few years now, with only a few weeks
a year to call her own. She doesn't work house shows, but she still tours
with the crew, so she doesn't have time for a man. Needless to say, she never
gets laid. I know this because I am a laborer on the crew and I actually talk
to Stephanie more than many of the wrestlers. I am always around her. I set
up the ring, work the lights, etc, then I work as Stephanie's extra hand. She
needs something, I get it for her. Food, drinks, clothing, you get the idea.
She talks to me all the time and she admitted many times that I am one of her
only real friends. This isn't a job to me, it is just getting paid to do what
I love. And that is pleasing Stephanie. Being this close to her, I have found
her in more than a few compromising positions. Here is one of them.

Stephanie had just got a dog to keep her company on the road. The dog
would stay in the hotels and such, because many of them would allow it.
Stephanie had just settled in to her hotel room and I helped her unpack. The
dog Rover was jumping around happily and playing with Stephanie. I always
thought Stephanie was rather cute, especially when she was in her silky
pajamas, like the ones she was wearing now. She asked if I could run down to
the hotel restaraunte and get myself, Rover, and her some dinner. I obliged,
and left Stephanie to play with her new puppy. As I made my way down to the
lobby, I forgot what Stephanie wanted to eat. She was on a bit of a diet, and
only wanted certain foods on certain days. I headed back up to the hotel room
and the door was locked. I used my card-key to open the door and Stephanie
wasn't in the main room any more. I walked to the bed room and was shocked by
the sight. Steph was on her hands and knees with her pajama bottoms pulled
down to her thighs so her ass could stick out - so Rover the dog could lick
her pussy! My first reaction was to make a 180 and head back out in shock,
but after a few seconds I went back, creeping very quietly on my hands and
knees to the door till I could just peek around the doorjamb. Apparently, she
hadn't heard me because she was still there in the same position.

Rover was small dog. Steph was reaching between her legs to attract him to
come up from behind and lick her pussy. As I watched, She'd coax him and he'd
get to licking pretty good then stop (stupid dog). He was teasing the shit
out of her, I could tell. I was several feet away and could hear her panting
when he'd lay that tongue on her pussy. I peeked around the corner a little
further and could see her top was hiked up too, so you could just see her
huge titties. Man! they were even bigger than I thought, hanging down like
that! After a few minutes more of this I saw her start to rub her pussy with
two fingers, first slow then faster and faster. She started to make more
noise, first panting, then a sort of combined groan and grunt. Then she was
going like gangbusters for a few minutes and she was getting pretty loud.
Suddenly, she stopped, and sort of collapsed down with her cheek on the
floor, breathing hard. When she started to pull her pajama bottoms back up I
got up and ran for my own hotel room - and jacked off until I was sore. I
returned minutes later and told her it was crowded and I had to take a number
and wait.

I didn't mention anything about that incident. She didn't see me and I
didn't want to upset her. The next few nights the exact same thing happened.
I would walk into her room and see her dog Rover licking away at her pussy.
Again, I would leave and then come back when she was decent, and pretend I
never saw anything. I just didn't understand why Stephanie would let a dog
lick her and not some studdly man.... like me, give her what she needed. She
must have a lot of will power, I thought. Then I began to realize that I
didn't have much will power. Being around hot women all day long, plus seeing
Stephanie's naked body when I would get her a towel for her shower, seeing
glipses of her changing backstage before shows, and NOW seeing her naked with
her big plump ass bent over while a dog licked her pussy. Man, I HAD to tag
her ass. I just had to. That's where my plan came in.

I decided that the next time I saw her I would confront her and see what
she said about having a dog lick her horny cunt. So as reliable as the
sunrise, the next night when I came into her hotel room, there was Stephanie.
Same position, big feet and toes wiggling, bent over naked on top of the bed,
letting her dog lick her pussy and her ass hole. I watched for a few minutes
until my cock was nice and hard. Then I stripped naked, letting my cock
spring free, and I entered the room, not trying to cover up my foot steps.
With my throbbing hard-on oozing a little clear cum that drooled all the way
down to my balls from excitement, I stepped toward Steph.

She saw me and she tried to jump up, but she was feeling so orgasmic and
she was in such an awkward position, that she just moved a little bit. She
was almost stuck, seeing as the doggy was licking away and make her feel so
good. She just whined out a "noooooo.... get out of here..... don't tell
anyone...." She was in a stuttering frenzy, not sure what to say to me. I
took over the conversation.

"You suck this, or I'm going to fuck you like the slut you are!" At the
same time I grabbed her by the hair and shoved my dick in her face, leaving
a streak of cum on her cheek. "I mean it!" I said.

Rover was now long gone, my presense made him run away. She closed her
eyes and I found her mouth. My dick slid into her mouth and I started
face-fucking her. I was about to shoot off but it wasn't quite good enough.

"Stick out your tongue and suck hard at the same time!" I instructed her.

"Just do it and it'll be over quick!" I panted. By then she just wanted
out and did what I said. I knew I couldn't last any longer but I said "Suck!
Just like that! Harder!" and she did. I held her head and fucked her mouth
until I came so hard it hurt. I reached down and grabbed both her big tits
while my dick spasmed and throbbed and squirted out more cum than I ever had
before while, at the same time. This seemed to last forever - she let my cum
run out of her mouth and drip off her chin, gagging a little. After what
seemed like eternity, it was over and I pulled my dick out of he
still-sucking mouth. I had come so hard my balls ached and my dick was sore.
I leaned back, panting. Steph rested her head on my thigh, wiping the cum off
her mouth and chin with my leg.

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