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Encounters With A Very Horny Stephanie Part 2
by Jason

The next day, she seemed to forget about the whole thing. We went about
our daily routine. I got her food and certain items she needed. I even played
with for a little while with a new toy I got him and even I seemed to forget
last night for a while.

A few days later, she stayed in a hotel and was nearly full. Stephanie
offered to share her room with me, because her dog was staying with a friend
and she said she didn't want to be alone anyways. She held my arm as she
asked me, adding "pleeeeeeeease.... it'll be really fun." The stage was set.
The hotel room had 2 main rooms. Steph got the one with the bed and I got
the other one with the couch. We did have fun all evening, eating dinner
together, watching television, even a brief wrestling match. It started when
Stephanie threw a pillow at me when I told her she was not that strong. She
was wearing very short cut-off sweat pants that exposed her legs and her
upper thighs. Her breasts were covered in a belly tank top and no bra. Her
nipples were rock hard and got harder as she jumped on top of me, wrestling
in a playful manner. My main goal was not to win, but to cover up my rapidly
hardening pecker. She bounced up and down on me, laughing, saying "I am not
tough? What? Not tough?? I am not strong? What? Huh?" I was laughing away,
rolling on my stomach to hide my boner. Her titties were bouncing all around
and her body was very warm on my skin. I couldn't take it any more. I didn't
want her to see my hard cock. I flipped her over on her stomach, straddled
her, and sat on her butt. She was laughing saying "no no let me up",
struggling a bit. I grabbed both of her ankles with one hand and pulled her
STOP HA HA HA!!!" She laughed hysterically as I used my free hand to tickle
both of her feet. She squirmed around, but could not move. I tickled her
wrinkled cute soles and her toes fast.

TO.... HA HA HA HA I HAVE TO PEE!!! HA HA HA!!" Suddenly she jumped up from
laughing so hard, running to the bathroom yelling "I HAVE TO PEE HA HA HAAAA
I HAVE TO PEE!" By the time she came out, we were both still laughing, but my
boner was shrunk now. She announced that she was tired and was heading to
bed. I had blue-balls big time, but I played it cool and went to sleep as

I didn't sleep all night. It was about 2 in the morning and my cock was
still hard. I knew she was in the next room. I wondered if she was as horny
as I was. I had to have release. I quietly held my throbbing cock and began
to stroke. I just imagined all the times I had seen Stephanie, and even
tonight when I tickled her feet. The dog licking her pussy. The times I saw
her naked. All of it. Just then, I heard her get up and go to the bathroom.
Funny thing is she didn't flush so she must have been doing something else. I
pretended like I was asleep. When I didn't hear her, I began to jerk again,
now a little harder. Suddenly I was startled by her figure sneaking into my
room. I saw her, but she thought I didn't. Oh my gosh. She wanted to watch me
masterbate. I would give her a show if that is what she wanted.

The covers had been to my knees for some time when I saw Steph sort of
slid around the corner into my room. I pretended I didn't notice while she
slid around the corner and down the wall into a squat. Being watched by her
turned me on even more and I began to hold my (even harder & bigger now) dick
by the root so she could get a better look, while I pretended not to notice
her. She gradually slid her pajamas down to her calves and started to finger
herself! Now I was super hard and after a few minutes looked directly at her.
She looked away but continued to finger herself while I started jacking off
much harder. Then she turned toward me and we watched each other get off on
each other. I don't know why I didn't squirt then and there (except for maybe
the 15 times I'd already done it in the last few days). Her top was half
unbuttoned already so I whispered "Show me your tits." and she did!

Man was she beautiful! Her tits were BIG and sexy and the nipples were
erect! The aureola and nipples were so large and dark brown, like erasers.
What a woman! This is the best view I have had of her titties ever.

"Want to get a better look? Come over here." I whispered. She scooted the
few feet across the bedroom to my bed without even adjusting her PJ's. Her
face was only a foot or so from my dick and her eyes were riveted on my
penis, which by now had a life of its own what with the incredible twitching
and throbbing. I reached out to gently take off her top while I jerked and
she reached for her pussy again. I could hear it squish as she rubbed

We watched each other masturbate a while longer, both of us getting hotter
by the second until finally I asked "Want to touch it? Get under the covers!"
Which she quickly did. She pulled up her PJ's to jump in, and I made room and
threw the covers over.

"Here feel it." I said holding it forward in my hand. She explored me
thoroughly with both hands, starting with the throbbing shaft, squeezing
firmly with both hands and fascinated by the pulsing and spasming. While her
hands worked on the most sensitive parts of my cock, I started to feel her
breasts. She was very shy about being touched, so I was very slow and gentle.

I moved over her and sucked on her large tits. Her legs were spread and
her feet were rubbing up and down my legs. I sucked and played with her tits
for what seemed like hours, licking and sucking her large pointed nipples as
she moaned softly. I kissed my way down her stomach to her navel and below
while I ran my hands down the outside of her hips. I kissed my way down her
body to her soft pussy hair. A little lower it was soaking wet. What a horny
girl. Her hips bucked a little, but her hands were on my shoulders. I slowly
lowered my mouth a little further to her most private parts, at the same time
reaching my hands and arms under and back up over her thighs. My shoulders
prevented her from closing her legs. I lowered my mouth to her slit and found
how truly wet and turned on she was! She was absolutely pouring with pussy
juice! It was running down my face. Her pussy seemed to be somewhat swollen,
the labia very large.

When I started using my tongue to explore the folds of her newly
discovered cunt she began to squirm strongly and push my head away, but not
strongly enough. One of her hands went up to muffle her moans. I knew I had
her licked. Her pajamas were still around her ankles and I was kneeling on
them. Her knees were spread by my shoulders and her thighs held by my arms.
I began gently sucking and licking her pussy, gradually working my back up
to her clit. I stopped momentarily to wipe my face off on the inside of her
thighs. When I got to the top of her slit there was the tiny clit that was
now swollen and vibrating a bit. I gently sucked and she bucked her hips and
cried out. I teased it a bit then she grabbed my head with both hands and
shoved my mouth toward her pussy as hard as she could. I reached up and
cupped a breast in each hand as I began to tongue her highly erect clitty. I
was surprised at its size. It was sensitive and buzzed more and more as I
licked it. As I sucked her clit, took it in my mouth, she placed a hand over
each of mine, rubbing her breasts while she started to rhythmically hump
against my mouth. I licked and kissed my way up Stephanie's belly to her
navel, and from there, slowly to her breasts. She put her hands on my
shoulders and was trying to push my head back down. Her legs were still
spread. I had it figured to hold them that way with my own larger, stronger
thighs. She was panting the whole time, begging me to put it in her. I
touched my cock to her slit and slowly moved back and forth. The head of my
dick was about half way in when Steph started throwing her head from side to
side and letting out little cries. She was so tight and so hot and wet.

I continued pushing back and forth a little bit longer, hoping she would
loosen up some. As my dick became wetted with her pussy juice it went in a
little further. I was huge and her cunt was tiny and tight. Then, the head of
my dick popped into her pussy. She let out a horny whine. She was moaning and
gasping with her mouth wide open and her eyes closed, still throwing her head
from side to side. Her hands had moved to my ass, giving me guidance in my
penetration. After several minutes I was in up to the hilt.

God! There could never be another fuck like this one! Steph was squirming
under me, her tits rubbing against my chest. Her hands clawed my ass, jerking
my dick into her supertight pussy as deep as it could go, our pelvic bones
grinding against each other. She raised her legs and wrapped them around my
lower back. I was nearly all the way in her cunt. She moaned loud in my ear
as I slammed Steph's pussy deep and hard - again and again and again and
again and again... As fast as I could, over and over and over. She put her
legs on my shoulders and her feet near my face. Her feet were really cute.
Kinda big, but this was Stephanie! I took the liberty of kissing her feet and
licking her toes as I fucked her pussy hard and fast. When I tickled her feet
earlier, I had no idea I would be in this position now... kissing her feet
and fucking her pussy. I pulled Stephanie into a sitting position and she got
on top of me. She laid me back and laid on top of me. My dick came out, but
she had a good hold of it. She got face to face with me and was now teasing
ME, rubbing my cock against her pussy lips. "You want to fuck me?" she said
with a sly cute smile, raising an eye brow. "Yes Stephanie. Oh please ride
me." "You want me to ride you? Huh? Come on big boy. Beg me." "Oh gosh PLEASE
Stephanie. Please ride me. Your pussy feels so good. Please. I am so hard. I
am UHHHHHH SHIT! YESSSSS!" My words stuttering as she unexpectedly lowered
her pink wet pussy lips around my thick shaft. Oh what a tight fit. Her butt
wiggled like she was dancing as she bounced up and down, wiggling all around.
I held on to her large jugs as she rode me like a cowgirl. I pulled her close
to me, laying on top of me, as she gyrated and wiggled all around on my dick.
I took 2 handfuls of her thick ass and began to squeeze it. "Ride me baby.
Come on." *SMACK* "Come on STephanie. Ahhh yeah come on." *SMACK*SMACK* Her
moans were louder and louder, yelping like a puppy as I smacked her fat butt.

We fucked all night, on and off, taking breaks to drink and eat, before
fucking again. It took hours but finally, I came. She came 4 good times, but
I didn't want to stop. We must have fallen asleep, because the next day we
woke up to the phone ringing. I got it and it was Steph's friend who had
Rover. I secretly told her to keep Rover for another week. (I wanted
Stephanie's full attention) I told Steph it was a wrong number. I crawled
back in bed with the naked Stephanie and began to kiss her. Instant boner.
We were both too exhausted and it was too early in the morning, so Steph
suggested a hand job. Who am I to say no to Stephanie?

She held it awkwardly so I instructed her.

"Here do it like this" I told her, demonstrating how to jack me off. I
rested my hands under my butt while she reached down and started jerking me
off like some kind of animal. I held back, doing my best to enjoy it for as
long as I could. I could tell her arm was getting tired when I felt my orgasm
building up. She leaned down and sucked the head, rolling tongue around it
quickly. I started thrusting and a few moments later I shot my wad HARD! The
first two squirts landed on her tongue, the next few were strays that hit her
cheek and oversized chin. That was a sight. I laughed and she scrunched her
face, releasing my cock and running to the bathroom to wash up and brush her
teeth. That was just 2 parts in this saga. I will tell you of other
encounters I have with Stephanie in the near future.

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