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Endearing Carnality & Warmth
by Big Diva Pimpin' (

The evening sky turned a beautiful orange as she made her way to her pool
in the back of her vast and expensive house. She was relieved to get some
time off from the sometimes stressful life of a wrestler and celebrity.
From her less than extravagant childhood in New Jersey to her slow rise to
the wrestling world as a valet and manager in the now defunct Extreme
Championship Wrestling to her now high status in World Wrestling
Entertainment, Dawn Marie Psaltis had established herself into a bonafide
wrestler and WWE Diva. As her white robe dropped to her feet, a solid white
thong bikini was revealed showing off her beautiful bronze skin and fabulous
assets. She then slid in the cool water and quickly found herself in a
relaxed state. Right beside her was a cell phone she always kept with her
just in case of an emergency, but was sometimes a burden due to the demanding
Vince McMahon. This was not one of those times however as the sound of the
Mexican Hat Dance was heard much to her chagrin at first. Gazing at who was
on the other end made her face light up as she then answered...

Dawn Marie: Hello?

Lita: Hey D!

Dawn Marie: Hey Ames! How are ya?

Lita: Alright. What'cha doing?

Dawn Marie: Oh, nothing. Just taking a dip in the pool.

Lita: Feels good to not be bothered by anyone, doesn't it?

Dawn Marie: Oh, definitely! I'm not doing a damn thing tonight but relax and
chill here at home.

Lita: I guess ya wouldn't like any company, huh?

Dawn Marie: Girl, you know that you're always more than welcome to come over

Lita: Great, cause I'm bored as hell.

Dawn Marie (giggles): Oh is THAT the only reason you wanna come here, cause
you're bored?

Lita (LOL): Well, shit. I haven't been in the ring in over a year. Ya know
how it is. Well look. I'll be over there in a lil' while, K?

Dawn Marie: I'll be waiting for ya, Amy. See ya when you get here.

Lita: In a minute, babe.

Dawn Marie: Bye, Ames.

As Dawn Marie hung up the phone, she sported a delightful grin for Amy Dumas
had been one of her closest friends since first meeting her in ECW in 1998.
As the characters of Angelica, then Miss Congeniality, they had both toured
together and were almost inseparable. The sole reason that both ladies had
clicked almost immediately was due to the fact that they were not like other
females of wrestling, at least not in their own eyes. They had always
remained humble even in their spotlight and did not see themselves as major
entertainers as ECW and now the WWE portrayed them to be. They had both been
known to describe themselves as regular everyday women in a superstar's
world. However, when Amy left the company in 1999 in order to pursue her
career at the then World Wrestling Federation, their once close relationship
slowly began to deteriorate due to the war for federation supremacy.

Although they had lost touch with each other due to their hectic schedules,
they had both been successful at their respected federations. Dawn Marie had
become one of the most popular women in ECW history and had led Lance Storm
and Justin Credible to two reigns as tag team champions and had led Steve
Corino to the most prestigious belt in the industry, the World Heavyweight
championship. Amy, now known as Lita had managed Essa Rios to the now
defunct Light Heavyweight Championship. However, her career was immediately
established when joining two of her other longtime friends, Matt and Jeff
Hardy, to form the heavily popular Team Xtreme. For the exception of the
World Championship, she had led one, the other or both brothers to almost
every covenant championship in the company all the while enjoying gold
around her own waist reigning as a multi time Women's champion. This alone
had transformed Amy Dumas from a regular WWE Diva to an authentic WWE
superstar and although they still kept in touch to an extent, it wasn't
nearly as much. This would all change, however when her career had took a
turn for the worse.

The Xtreme diva would suffer a major neck injury that would sideline her for
over a year. This tragedy would be both a curse and a blessing as Dawn Marie
was one of the first people by her side. This alone was an incredible turning
point in their distant relationship as over time, the two divas had rekindled
their once close friendship. Another tragedy would rear its ugly head as
Extreme Championship Wrestling would fold in 2001 leaving Dawn Marie without
any means of income. Amy would have none of it. She had immediately given
Dawn Marie an incredible recommendation to the company. With the WCW folding
a year prior to ECW, and the “Invasion” storyline in the works, it was just
the opening Dawn needed in order to make her lifelong dream of being in the
WWE a reality. Due to Amy now finally being cleared by doctors to train, the
two divas had greatly anticipated work together in the ring once again.

Dawn Marie had been reflecting on this turn of events for quite some time
and couldn't wait for her long time friend to make her return. Thirty minutes
later she had heard a doorbell ring as she grew ecstatic. She rushed to the
door with a white bathrobe on, and quickly opened it only to see her friend
in a camouflage half top, black cargos and signature thong.

Lita: Hey Dawn!

Dawn Marie: Hey Amy! Come on in!

Lita (both ladies hug): So how was your dip in the pool?

Dawn Marie: Oh, Amy, it's so wonderful being in that cool water and not
having to worry about cameras in your face! (LOL)

Lita: Girl, I hear that! You still swimming? Cause I'm wearing a bikini under

Dawn Marie: Oh, great! Ooh! Hey, we can have a race like back in the old

Lita: Now come on, D. You know damn well I would beat ya like I did all those
times when we were in ECW!

Dawn Marie: Ha! Big talk for someone with a bum neck!

Lita: What?! Girl c'mon! Get your ass out there so I can out swim ya for the
umpteenth time.

Dawn Marie: Yeah, Yeah. Don't take too much time changing now.

Lita (raises eyebrow): Mmm hmm . . .

As Amy went to the restroom to change her clothing, Dawn Marie excitingly
took her robe off for second time. As she waited for the crimson haired
beauty, she had gone to the liquor cabinet for a bottle of red wine as it
was one of her favorite spirits. She got two glasses and made her way back
outside. She then sat on a long white lawn chair and applied sunscreen on
her soft skin preventing herself from sunburn. She had begun to take a sip
from her glass as Amy came out with her voluptuous body wrapped in a sexy
tiger print thong bikini much to the delight of the Smackdown diva.

Dawn Marie: So ya finally made it, huh Ames?

Lita: Yep. Damn. (giggles) You and that red wine!

Dawn Marie: Damn right.

Lita: I see some things never change . . .

Dawn Marie: Well, you can be assured that one thing's changed.

Lita: What's that?

Dawn Marie: Your ass is grass when we have this race! (LOL)

Lita (giggles): Oh no! Fuck that, we're doin' this right here, right now!

Dawn Marie: C'mon, let's go!

Both ladies take their respective marks counting down.

Lita & Dawn Marie: 1, 2, 3, GO!!!!

Both ladies dove in the water as they vigorously swam their hearts out for
supremacy over the other. Both of them touched the other end of the pool,
and swam back with all their might. When it was all said and done, Dawn
Marie' s promise became valid as she emerged out of the water victorious.

Dawn Marie: Yeah! HELL yeah! I told you, Amy! I told ya! Told ya! Told ya!!

Lita: Yeah, yeah, yeah . . . I must be getting old or something.

Dawn Marie: Yeah, probably . . . (LOL)

Lita (laughs): Oh no you didn't!

Dawn Marie: Aww! Amy . . . Amy . . . No!! (LOL) QUIT!! AHHHHH!!!

Amy playfully reached for the lovely brunette's arm as she quickly pulled her
back in the pool. Her body hit the water with a huge splash as Amy let out a
wholehearted guffaw making her friend want to retaliate in the worse way. As
Dawn Marie rose from the clear blue water, she quickly splashed Amy laughing
all the while. This resulted in a huge water fight much to the delight of
both ladies. It had been quite some time since they have had this much fun
with each other, and they loved every bit of it. Their play fight finally
ended when Dawn had stopped momentarily to rid her face full of water. That
was the exact opening that Amy needed to grab the lovely brunette by her
waist to finally make her submit to her playfulness.

Laughing at the experience they just had, they both found themselves to be in
a tight grasp. As the giggles started to cease, their grapple slowly turned
into a soft embrace. Their eyes met as there was now a tranquil atmosphere
surrounding them. The sight and feel of each other's curvaceous, wet body's
had a light carnal effect on both beautiful ladies, and as the air went from
serene to tense, in their minds, they tried to fight the temptation within
their grasp. Dawn's passions were somewhat unconcealed with a gentle kiss on
the cheek.

Lita(softly): What was that for?

Dawn Marie: For being here with me ... and being such a good friend.

Lita: Oh...well, thank you...I've been missing you for a long time...

Dawn Marie: I've missed you too, Amy... (puts hand on Amy's face)

Lita (softly giggles): What's happening here, D?

Dawn Marie: I dunno. What do you think?

Lita: Well...I truly don't know ...

As Amy continued to gaze into Dawn Marie's light green eyes, she saw
something in them she had never seen toward her before - yearning. She was
fully aware of her bisexuality way before her controversial storyline with
Torrie Wilson and didn't mind her being that way. This time was different
as she was now the object of affection at that very moment. However, at
the same time, she had always been curious about how it would be to love a
woman. Seeing Dawn Marie with so little on, looking so sexy, so wet, holding
her voluptuous frame gently against hers. Nothing felt more right to her.
Her body tingled all over as Dawn Marie continued to caress her face letting
out a soft sigh waiting for her to make her next move...

Dawn Marie: Ames ... you alright, hun?

Lita: Umm... Dawn... I don't... really... know if this is right...

Dawn Marie: What do ya mean?

Lita: ...this... (slowly grabs her hand)

Dawn Marie: Oh... oh god...I'm so sorry, Amy. I just...I...

Lita: Dawn... (sighs)

Amy calmly shook her head in uncertainty as they were both at a loss for
words at that moment. For as strong as their fear of being discovered was,
their yearning for each other's touch was much stronger. As Amy still had
Dawn's delicate hand in hers, she caressed it with her thumb as the gazing
of each others eyes ceased for a split second. She then took a glimpse at
Dawn Marie's large bosoms with her brown areolas and hard nipples seeping
through the damp white material of her top. Her teats became rigid as
rocks as she once again stared into the eyes of her alluring friend. After
fighting her hidden temptation for what seemed like forever, she just
couldn't take it any more. She already knew Dawn Marie was more than willing
to let her feel loved. To feel cherished by her. To once and for all have
her. So with that, she kissed the palm of her gentle hand and whispered...

Lita: I've never had a woman before, Dawn Marie.

The sexy brunette stood in Amy's arms in awe not knowing what to do next.
She had wanted this for so long, but was still skeptical of her boundaries.
She didn't want to make her feel uncomfortable, but then again, she now
seemed to want it just as bad as she did. She then slowly but carefully
thought of what she would whisper back...

Dawn Marie: It's... wonderful. but are you sure? You really don't know if
you'll like it, Amy...

Lita: I'm...willing to...find out...

Dawn Marie's heart almost came out of her chest as her crimson-haired friend
uttered those words for she hadn't a clue that she was even curious about it.
She then felt the warm lips of Amy on her neck giving her chills down her
spine. Her hidden hunger for Amy could wait no more. She could hardly contain
herself for her lust had overtaken her at last...

Dawn Marie: Mmm...oh god...amy...please...kiss me...

The soft lips of both sexy ladies finally touched as they began slow but
increased as the heat of the moment obtained them with a vengeance. Their
tongues finally slipped their way in each other's mouth tasting each
other's sweet insides. As their osculation ended, both were literally left
breathless. It was then all too clear that both of them had been wanting
this for a long while. They were ready to take their friendship to the next

Dawn Marie (sighs): I never knew, Amy... I never knew.

Lita: Well, I wasn't when I first met you, but after a while...I dunno...
I mean, traveling with you and all the other women so much...and showering
together and... (sigh) it was just bound to happen... never thought I'd act
on it, though...

Dawn Marie: You understand where I'm coming from, then...

Lita: Definitely.

Dawn Marie: How do you feel now?

Lita: Like...being with you...

Dawn Marie: That's just what I wanted to hear...

Lita: C'mon, lets go to the edge.

Both beauties waddled over to the edge of the pool ready to feel more of each
other's touch. As they embraced once again, Amy had thought about how she
became so comfortable doing what was about to happen. That's when reality hit
her like a lightning bolt.This was new territory for her, and although she
wanted it in the worse way as of this moment, she was totally frightened to
death. As Dawn's lips brushed Amy's, she noticed the redhead's timid demeanor
and was most concerned about it.

Dawn Marie: Baby, what's wrong? Are you having second thoughts?

Lita: Well... no. Not exactly. I'm...I'm just...

Dawn Marie: Scared?

Lita: Yeah...

Dawn Marie: Honey, we really don't have to do anything if you don't want to.
The last thing I ever want to do is make you uncomfortable...

Lita: That's just it. I'm not. In fact, I've never felt anywhere near as good
when we shared that first kiss. That just scares me.

Dawn Marie (softly): don't have to be...I would never hurt you in
any way. You know that.

Lita (shaky): I know...Dawn, I...I just...

Amy's trembling voice was like a knife in her heart as she saw a small tear
running down her cheek. She knew about how her relationship with Matt Hardy
went terribly awry. How incredibly lonely she was. How in a year's time
everything in her life had changed and had taken its toll on her. Dawn Marie
had been one of the only people to relieve her of some of that loneliness,
but only to an extent. Dawn wiped away her tear and kissed her other cheek.
She then began to gently embrace her once again as she kissed her neck.
Amy's fear slowly but surely turned to warmth as her body began to melt.

Lita (moaning): Mmm...Dawn. I...I can't...

Dawn Marie: shh...yes you can...(kiss) baby, don't be afraid...(kiss)

Lita: but...what if...mmm...what if...

Dawn Marie: You don't have to tell me anything. I know how you feel, and you
absolutely nothing to worry about. Besides, have you ever felt as good as you
do right now?

Lita (whispering):

Dawn Marie (softly sighs): Honey. You know how I feel about you now, and
there's nothing I want more than to love you right now, but our friendship
is too important to me, so it's up to you. What do you want?

As the Xtreme diva continued to be taken away by gentleness, she had quickly
came to a realization. One that may have been there for years, but was too
opposed to acknowledging - she wanted Dawn Marie Psaltis. Hearing her sincere
words were all that Amy needed to finally put her fears to rest as she softly
caressed Dawn's back while still in ecstasy from her kisses. She wanted to
make love to her friend so bad she could taste it. She then made a decision
that would change her life forever as she gazed into Dawn's beautiful eyes
and said...

Lita (whispering): You, baby...

Dawn Marie: Then don't be afraid to want me (kiss)...cause I want you...

Amy was now in heaven as her hands slowly made their way to the back of the
Smackdown beauty's bikini top as she was ready to gaze at some of her nudity
in all its glory. Her task was completed in a matter of seconds as she once
again locked lips with her new lover, then snaked her studded tongue in her
mouth for several minutes feeling more turned on than she ever had before.
As they finally parted, she took a moment to marvel at Dawn's prominent
mammaries which were more than ready for her pleasuring. She gently cradled
them as she braced herself for a brand-new experience. The minute her lips
and tongue came in contact with Dawn's honeyed flesh, she immediately fell
in love.

Dawn Marie (moaning): ooh, baby. That feels so good.

Lita: It sure does...mmm...taste good, too...

Amy's caress made the sexy brunette soaking wet as Dawn continued to be
drowned in her affection. After her soft pleasuring, she had undone her
own bikini top and slipped it off letting her ample melons free. Another
passionate kiss would take place as they would soon afterwards crawl out
of the pool and share the lawn chair by it. Both beauties continued to
lust over each other as their now 3rd kiss became hot and heavy.

Dawn Marie: Baby, are you still willing to?

Lita: More than anything...

Dawn Marie: Then let me show you what you've been missing...

Dawn wanted to please Amy like she had never been before as she broke their
kiss and worked her way down to the immense jugs of her new lover. Her hot
mouth worked her stiff nipples as her one hand cradled her breast. The other
one had caressed her body, working its way down to her belly, then her
thong-covered vagina saturated with sweet secretions. Amy could feel the
fingers of her longtime friend creeping up in her, for Dawn was eagerly
awaiting how she would taste. She would soon find out as she could no longer
wait. She slowly worked her lips down till she hit her thong and slid it off
for her primary task. As her fingers moved in and out, Amy's constant groans
of carnality made her own love canal dripping wet. She had finally found her
most sensitive piece of flesh much to her delight. She then gazed at her
sexual victim with a lusty expression for she was now ready to let her know
how good she really wanted her to feel.

Dawn Marie (softly): Here we go, hun...

With a bit of the lip and a soft moan, Amy finally had her chance to enjoy
being sexually pleased by a female. In her mind, she had wondered what
would've been if she had been in an intimate relationship with Dawn Marie
for all of these years instead of Matt Hardy. If it was anything like this,
she would soon kick herself. This path of thoughts made her even hornier as
Dawn's tongue flickered on her hard clit. Moan after deep moan, Amy was
quickly taken to cloud-nine as she had never in her life felt half as good
as she felt at this moment. This would soon change however as Dawn's attempt
to please her would have her spasming in a matter of minutes.

Dawn Marie: taste so good, baby.

Lita: Awww, shit!!! Awww!! AWWWW!! Oh FUCK!! I'm gonna cum right fucking
now!! OH SHIT!!!!

Dawn Marie: Come on, Amy. Right in my mouth...

Amy's sudden movements would make Dawn literally beg her for her cum as her
body ripped in two due to a totally brutal orgasm that had been long overdue.
She continued to spray her feminine juices all over Dawn's mouth as she tried
to catch as much as she could, with some running down her lips and chin. It
was literally so intense that her last scream of lust was totally silent. Amy
had slipped out of her mind state and felt herself pass out after about a
minute into her sensual peak...

As she came to, she found herself back in the tender arms of her new lover.
She wondered where she was for a split second as after gazing at Dawn's
lovely face, it all came back. Her head rested on her chest as she gently

Lita: How long was I out, D?

Dawn Marie: Only for a minute. Don't worry about it, honey. You must've
really needed that...

Lita: you have no idea...No one's ever been able to satisfy me
like that...ever. I haven't had sex in a long time. I'm so glad you convinced
me to do this. You're so gentle and passionate.

Dawn Marie: Thank you. It's a shame. Matt really doesn't know what he was
missing. You're so beautiful and sexy.

Lita: C'mon babe. I wanna do you now.

Dawn Marie: You sure? You've never done it before.

Lita: Baby, I was so scared before, but now...I have to have you. I want my
first taste...

Amy once again pleasured her new lover by taking her hard nipple in her
mouth. A seductive coo escaped Dawn's mouth as she held her ever so gently
estatic that she had finally got to experience making sweet love to her long
time friend. The sexy redhead then pecked her soft stomach as Dawn's mucsles
had tenced with every kiss. As she finally made her way to her sweet spot,
her hunger had been totally unleashed. She had almost ripped Dawn's thong
off as she surprised the sexy brunette and herself when her fingers separated
the wet lips inhaling her fragrant scent. She softly licked her vulva as she
again savored more of Dawn Marie's ambrosial flesh. The luscious aroma of her
wetness made Amy dive right in with the intent to make her submit to her
pleasing. With that, her tongue went right in her twat as Dawn had let out a
sudden gasp at contact.

Dawn Marie: AWW SHIT! (panting) Oh God, yeah...

Amy loved the tanginess of Dawn's canal and quickly continued to lick and
fuck her with her hot tongue loving every second. Dawn could feel her body
letting go as Amy had now slipped her finger in her anus stroking it in and
out. Dawn's screams hit an all time high as she began to pulsate. The heat
from her vagina swept Amy away making her realize that she had actually been
pleasuring a beautiful woman and was doing a very good job at it. She felt
Dawn's peak coming when her tongue clamped to her humid womanhood.

Dawn Marie: Oh, FUCK!! Awww...AWWW!!! Oh shit, Amy!! I'm...I'm gonna cum!!

Lita: Oh shit. Lemme' have it, D. Mmm...

Dawn's dreams of sharing her sexuality with Amy Dumas had finally came to
fruition as her eyes clenched shut and reveled in her climactic bliss. The
waves of nectar spewed into the mouth of the crimson-haired beauty as she
had enjoyed every drop of the delectable liquid. The Smackdown diva's sexual
high had finally stop as she struggled to catch her breath. After wiping her
face clean and savoring Dawn's sweet flavor, the sexy redhead crawled her
way to her side and softly held her as they once again locked thier lips.
They parted as she wiped the sweat off of her brow giving her a angelic

Dawn Marie: Baby, that was so amazing. God, I wish I would've told you a long
time ago.

Lita: Well, I know now, and that's all that matters. I really wanna do more
of this, D. I absolutely love making love to you, babe.

Dawn Marie: Don't worry, Ames. There will be a lot more where that came from.

Lita: I'm so happy to hear that...

The two ladies' bodies glistened as they locked lips enjoying each
other's sweet taste. As the moon rose over the horizon declaring the sky's
transformation from evening to night, their bodies became one embracing each
other tight. The friendship between Amy Dumas and Dawn Marie Psaltis had been
a roller coaster ride over the years. Nevertheless, as of now, their bond was
as close as it could possibly get, and they would never again want to have it
any other way...

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