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Ensnared (A sequel to "Jackie Earns Her Push" and “The Catch”)
by NotTooFugly

Steve Deschain quickly gathered his papers and rushed out the door, cursing
the damned clock which had caused him to be late for one this week’s meeting
of the WWE creative department. It was all he could do to keep Smackdown from
joining Raw at the very bottom of the barrel, quality wise. He had to fight
tooth and nail to make even the most blatantly obvious of plans go through,
but for every victory he was stunned by an act of sheer stupidity. Who gives
away Kurt Angle’s return match on a fucking regular edition of Smackdown?!
I’m late, I’m late, for a very important date. That refrain continually ran
through his mind. He’s sympathized with that poor frazzled creature now, as
he felt like that himself most of the time. The freshly re-inscribed door
announced that he was about to enter the office of the new Vice-President of
Creative, Stephanie McMahon.

“A paper promotion if there ever was one,” Steve muttered darkly. He opened
the door and stepped through. The vaguely oblong table the creative team sat
around was filled with the “top creative minds” the WWE had to offer, with
the exception of Paul Heyman who had been exiled for having the balls to
stand up to Stephanie and her coat-tail riding boyfriend and tell them they
weren’t doing their damn jobs. Steve sympathized with the man. It was really
too bad he had nearly stopped giving a damn himself.

“Good of you to join us,” said Stephanie, glancing up at him and gesturing
towards the chair to her right where he always sat.

“Jackie keeping you busy?”, asked Tom Pritchard, with a painfully
over-emphasized wink. There were some chuckles around the table. Steve simply
shook his head in mild disgust, knowing Pritchard hadn’t had any until Steph
bought his loyalty with a mercy-fuck. Steve walked past him and took a seat.
Looking around he observed, not for the first time that he was completely and
utterly surrounded by idiots, with the exception of the puppet-master who
twisted them all to her will.

Even, thought Steve, myself. He’d at least managed to keep a shred of
independence, unlike Pritchard. He shuddered at the thought of how that
little rendezvous had gone. Stephanie must’ve been on top. Fat bastard would
suffocate her. Shaking his head he tried to clear the image from his mind.
“So, as you would’ve heard if you’d bothered to show up on time,” said
Stephanie, “we feel that the Zach Gowen/McMahon match should be promoted more
on television. The Angle/Bigshow/Lesnar match-up will sell itself. I take it
you agree?”

Steve didn’t. “How can you put more focus on this lets-stroke-Vince’s-ego
storyline?! Half the show is about it!”, he exploded. Stephanie’s eyes
flashed dangerously.

“I think you’re overreacting here Steve...”, began Pritchard.

“No, I’m not! This company is on the edge of a straight drop to the absolute
bottom, and you’re resting the company on Vince’s little ego trip?”, said
Steve, cutting him off. He’d had more than enough of this little sycophant.
He was about to say more, when he felt Stephanie’s hand rest upon his leg.
Her fingers deftly unbuttoned his pants and began unzipping with nary a
fumble. How often has she done this? But Steve refused to be bought with a
simple promise of a hand job.

“Please Steve, you must know we would not rest the company on Vince
‘ego-trip’ as you calls it. That is very unrespectful of boss, who you should
respect much,” said Patterson in his heavily-accented English. Unrespectful?
Learn English for fucks sake! Thought Steve vehemently, but he couldn’t
formulate a reply. Stephanie had managed to reach down into his pants and
free his cock. Steve gasped slightly, praying no one would hear. He hated the
smirk on Stephanie’s face.

From the other side of the table HHH finally piped up. “You’re outnumbered
here Steve. Be reasonable.”

If Steve hadn’t been convinced he would fight this issue to his grave, this
locked it in. Steve despised Levesque, or Hunter as he actually preferred
to be called. Glaring at Hunter, he clandestinely slid his hand down and
attempted to remove Stephanie’s hand from his cock. But she wouldn’t be
denied, and he couldn’t use force without making it obvious that something
interesting was going on under the table. Stephanie gripped him around the
shaft and slowly began rubbing her fingers along the length of his rapidly
hardening penis. Steve tried to stop it from coming completely erect, but
his concentration was limited by the conversation going on above the table.

“Isn’t it obvious this angle isn’t drawing at all?”, he managed, striving to
keep his voice under control. Stephanie’s skilled hands were battering his
resistance down, but he had managed to stop a full erection. But he couldn’t
last much longer. Her fingers slid down him to toy with his balls, rolling
them between her fingers. Steve’s eyes bulged with the strain. The tag team
of Patterson and Pritchard nattered on about economic downturns causing the
lack of attendance and ratings, as they did every week, but Steve was hardly
listening. He could feel Stephanie tracing her fingernails against his tender
foreskin, and it was driving him crazy. Finally, his body got the better of
him and his penis twitched up, hardening totally and extending to it’s full

Damn, he thought, gritting his teeth hard. Stephanie didn’t miss a beat.
Immediately she wrapped her hand around the base of his cock and began an
agonizingly slow stroke. It seemed like forever before she reached the top
of the head, then began the painfully delicious descent stretching his skin
excruciatingly before passing his head and onto the smooth shaft again.
Steve could feel sweat beading on his forehead, and his hand trembled

HHH’s eyes were narrowed, Steve realized with a start. He was looking at him.
Oh shit. Steve was a physically capable man, but the last thing he wanted
was to face down Hunter, especially not today. Stephanie stroked up again,
tearing Steve’s concentration to shreds. She began stroking a bit faster.
Steve was amazed her arm wasn’t moving. That took some incredible control.
Steve wanted to fight so badly, but his mind was fading in a cloud of lust.

“So,” said Stephanie sweetly as Pritchard finished his lecture on market
downturns, “are you going to give the okay to this angle? After all, we
wouldn’t go ahead without the okay of our best writer would we?” Her hand
gripped hard as she stroked with a kind of staccato rhythm that prevented
him from actually cumming. Still, his pleasure was building to incredible

But still he hesitated. His id screamed for him to say yes, say anything to
keep the pleasure coming. His super-ego attempted to tell him to say no, but
it was drowned out by the raucous clamor of it’s sibling. Sweat was pouring
down his back, soaking through his shirt but, thankfully, not his jacket. His
conscience fought back, and he opened his mouth to say ‘No dammit, I don’t

Stephanie must’ve sensed it too, suddenly her thumb pressed against the most
sensitive area of his head and jerked down on the shaft. Suddenly the denial
flew from his mind as a ripple of near-orgasmic pleasure coursed his body.

“God, yes”, he coughed hoarsely, completely unmindful of his surroundings.
HHH shifted forward in his seat, glaring hard at Steve. He tensed, beginning
to leave his seat. Stephanie was as smooth as ever though. Slowing to a
rhythm that allowed Steve to regain his mind, if only for a moment.

“Glad you’ve come around to see it our way Steve. I’m sure we all are as
well?” She glanced around the table, taking in each enthusiastic nod. Hunter
sat back, looking placated. Steve nodded along with them, settling back as
the master manipulator played them all like a harp. The conversation passed
over his head, his thoughts completely introverted, simply concentrating on
Stephanie’s incredible hand job. Her hand cupped his balls for a moment,
allowing the sweat to cover her hand before jerking him more. She was going
fast now, hand sliding across his now slick penis. He could feel his orgasm
building, but he fought it down. If he was to sell himself for this pleasure,
he might as well prolong it. But soon she bested him again. Hand literally
flying over his cock, she jerked hard and fast. The slapping sound was
audible as her hand connected with his firm belly on each down stroke. She
covered it with talk and pounding on the desk with her other hand. His penis
trembled, and his heat began to turn into an inferno. His head expanded and
he could feel he was soon going to blow his load. Stephanie gave him a last
savage down stroke before sliding up his cock to cup the top of his head. He
grit his teeth hard, but a whimper still escaped him as his throbbing head
spasmed again and again shooting a thick wad of cum into her waiting palm.

The entire table turned towards him. Steve didn’t know what to do. He cum
finally stopped flowing, leaving a good-sized clump in Stephanie’s hand. A
flash of insight came to him. Freeing the small penknife he carried in his
pocket, he slashed himself across the hand. Blood began to flow immediately.
Lifting his hand up, face full of embarrassment he explained that he cut
himself with the small blade while fiddling with it. He didn’t have to fake
the shame.

The table got a good laugh at his expense, except Stephanie. Steve watched as
she lifted her palm to her lips, tongue flicking out to lick up his seed.
Steve nearly choked at the sheer eroticism of what she was doing. She smiled
wickedly at that, finishing up her snack before anyone else had noticed.

“Well everyone, I think this was a very productive meeting. Steve, stay
behind I’ve a first aid kit in my desk.” She stood up and thanked everyone as
they left. Hunter was the last to leave. Steve couldn’t hear what they said,
but it Hunter looked upset. He watched her placate him with a deep kiss,
tongue visibly entering his mouth as she clutched his buttock. Hunter was
obviously horny as hell, but she broke the kiss early, sending him on his way
with a promise of later loving.

She closed the door, locking it. She turned towards him grinning. Steve
wasn’t. He had swept up from the table and stood behind her. He glared at
her. “Don’t EVER fucking do that to me again,” he growled. Stephanie started,
then laughed. She leaned in and kissed him on the lips. Steve broke the kiss
immediately. Spinning her around hard, he dragged her over to the table. He
ripped her shirt, pulling it wide open and pushing her bra down under her
breasts. Breasts now exposed her grabbed one hard, his other arm wrapped
around her smooth belly to control her easily. He could feel her nipple
hardening against his hand, despite the pain she must’ve been feeling as he
squeezed his hardest. Then he bent her over the table. Tearing at his buttons
and fly, he quickly dropped his pants. Stephanie wriggled slightly, but he
pinned her with his arm.

He leaned over her, chest pressed against her back. He licked her cheek
roughly, before she turned her head, opening her mouth to accept his tongue.
He felt her sucking on it as she moaned around it. He broke free, reaching
down to strip her panties from underneath her short business-style
mini-skirt. He could feel the moist heat coming off of her, and she’d already
soaked through her panties. He groped down there, feeling her juices wet his

Working swiftly he poked a finger into her cunt, spreading it allow more
juices to flow down onto his hand. Soon it was soaked. He pulled out,
eliciting a complaining moan and quickly wet his cock. His burning lust/rage
was too urgent for more foreplay. His penis dripped with her essence. He
lifted her skirt and gazed at her tight asshole. Her thick meaty ass arched
up to greet him. Without preamble he pushed his cock halfway into her.

Stephanie bit her lip hard to stop howling in pain. Steve was no rapist
though. He paused then, giving her some time to grow accustomed to his girth.
Stephanie wriggled, moaning lustily. He could feel her hips push back until
he was buried to the hilt inside her. She was tight and soft, and he could
feel her cunt juices dribbling from his cock inside her, lubricating her
tunnel. He braced his hands on her hips and began pushing, arching his hips
to grind as deep within her as possible. Her thick ass cheeks squashed
against his crotch.

He could see her reaching down between her thighs to enter her vagina. The
juices dribbled down her fingers as she violated her most secret places. He
knew her fingers were rubbing her clit from her moans. She was practically
drooling with lust. Then he began pistoning into her, his head driving hard
against her. His gyrations were jerking her whole body, and he could actually
hear her bare breasts squeaking as they were dragged across the polished
surface of the table. The wet slap of his crotch hitting her buttocks filled
his ears as she screamed his name.

Her nipples were fully erect as her breasts squashed against the table. It
hurt so good, and Stephanie could hardly think beyond the feeling of Steve’s
penis thumping inside her ass and her fingers abusing her clitoris. Steve
clutched at the pale flesh of her thighs, tongue lolling out like a dog, He
stood tall while he pounded against her, head thrown back in animal bliss.
His breath was ragged, and his heart was thudding hard in his chest. He could
feel her sweat on her thighs. Her scent drove him wild.

As he hammered into her he began bending over to pull further and further
back before crashing into her again.

“FUUUUUCK!”, Stephanie finally screamed, “Fuck yes Steve! Ohhhhh!” Had he
been able to think at this time, Steve would’ve been glad the room at been
soundproofed. But he couldn’t, so he simply unleashed guttural groans. His
balls were tightening, and he knew that soon they’d contract and shoot
another thick load of cum deep into her ass. His chest was flat against
Stephanie’s back now as he slammed into her again. He was screaming through
his teeth.

Stephanie orgasmed again, another gush of cum flowing over her fingers to
drip to the floor. Steve was cumming too. He could feel it. He pulled almost
all of the way out, grabbed her shoulders, and literally threw himself
against her. His feet left the ground with the force and he landed hard on
Stephanie’s back, driving the breath from her lungs. His cock shot into her
for the final time and exploded, hot semen spurting out against her anus.

“AAAAW FUCK STEPHANIE!”, he cried out, screaming loud enough in his pleasure
that a passing staffer stopped outside the door, actually able to hear it.
Shaking his head, he continued walking.

Steve slumped heavily against Stephanie, then tried to stand. His knee’s
buckled under him, and he fell to the floor. Stephanie managed to get up,
wincing slightly at the stretched out feeling of her ass and cunt. Steve
lay on the floor, practically hyperventilating. She knelt down, straddling
his chest. He could feel her pussy dripping on his belly. He managed to lift
his hands to rest on her thick wet thighs. She leaned down, taking his face
in her hands and kissed him deeply, tongue swirling in his mouth. Then she
broke the kiss and stood up, suddenly all business.

“That was,” she gasped, “fantastic Steve. You can have however long you like
here. Make sure to have a shower before you leave, gesturing towards her own
private facilities. I’ll be seeing you again of course. Bye.” Steve nodded
weakly, falling back into a near sleep.

* * *

Steve sat on the couch in Jackie’s appartment watching television. Smackdown
was on. He shuddered.

“Hey Steve, I wondering if you could tell me how you think this new thong
would fit me?”, she called from the laundry room.

Steve grimaced slightly, still spent from his session with Stephanie. He’d
manage if he had to, because she was at least as sexy as Stephanie, but it’d
be tough. Rousing himself from the couch he ambled down the hall to the
laundry room.

Jackie’s back was towards him. Steve put on his best grin. “You said
something about a thong?”

Jackie turned towards him, a black thong in her hand. Steve looked at it.
“Hun, that seems a bit large for you...”

Suddenly it hit him. Stephanie’s thong from, their first fuck. He’d kept it
as a souvenir. Damn his arrogance! She glared and threw the thong at him.
“You bastard! How could you!” She walked forward and slapped him, hard,
across the face. He was at a loss for words, and she didn’t give him a chance
to use any he might’ve had.

“No! I don’t want to hear your bullshit! Get the fuck out!” Steve quickly
retreated, stopping only to put his shoes on before doing an awkward half-run
shuffle down the hall. She screamed after him, cursing him on his way out.

Shit, he thought.


Well, that story was a long-time coming. There'll be one more I think, and
then I'll move onto different characters. Hope you're still enjoying these,
and if you are or aren't let me know so I can A) get to work on the last one
or B) stop writing these and work on something else. And as for the lack of
indented paragraphs, blame it on the transition from a Notepad document to
this forum. Hope you enjoyed.

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