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Enter The WWE
by Innovator Of Awesomeness

Gail Kim was the newest sensation to hit the WWE and her impact was truly
devastating as she captured the WWE Women’s Title in her first match on WWE
RAW. The impact was a bit more devastating to Jazz, who was knocked
unconscious during the match and could not continue. She was supposed to
survive to the bitter end and square off with the rookie, eventually losing
the match but still giving the green diva a taste of what it was like to face
the Women’s Champion. Instead, Gail Kim was given the victory without having
to battle the champion. This did not suit well with Jazz or her friends.

The WWE Diva’s have a reputation of being extremely close. They were a brood
of women that took care of one another in and out of the ring. If one of
their own got hurt, the rest of the ladies would do their best to set things
right. In this case, Jazz was hurt and it was up to Trish Stratus and
Victoria to set things right. While Gail Kim wasn’t the one who injured Jazz,
she was the one that was supposed to be formally introduced into the WWE by
Jazz. She escaped punishment in the ring, but Trish and Victoria weren’t
going to allow her to go without being welcomed into the company outside the

* * *

Strolling the back hallways of the arena, the brand new Women’s Champion is
on cloud nine. She cannot believe that the WWE gave her a title belt during
her first match on television and is determined to show Vince McMahon that
he made the right decision. Her in-ring skills were limited in the match to
a few offensive moves, but once she is able to get into the ring one-on-one
with an opponent, she plans on showcasing her talents to the fullest degree.

Gail Kim arrives to her locker room door and finds a pink note attached to
it. She opens it and reads it aloud.

“Dear Kim,” she reads, “I loved the way you moved in the ring tonight and
wanted to know if you could come out to the ring to show me some of your

It is only signed with a lipstick kiss. Baffled and confused, Kim looks down
the hallway to the left and right of her, hoping to spot someone that could
make sense of this, but most of the crew has already left the building or are
attending other matters. Kim knows that if she wants to get to the bottom of
this, she’ll have to get to the bottom of it herself. She tosses the note on
the ground and heads for the ringside area. She walks through the backstage
area, steps through the main stage curtain, takes a long stride down the
ramp, and arrives ringside. Upon arriving, she notices that there is no one
else around, except for the two ladies that are standing in the ring, who
properly greet the champion.

“Hey Gail,” Trish says with a half-hearted smile.

“How’s it going, CHAMP?” Victoria manages to spit out through the false grin
of her teeth.

“Hello,” the innocent Gail answers back. “Are you two the ones who left that
note on my door?”

“Yes,” responds Trish. “We saw your work in this ring tonight and wanted you
to show us what you can do and how we can do it too.”

Gail Kim is a bit breath taken with the idea that two veteran women wrestlers
would want to learn from a novice, but decides to show off her moves anyway.
After all, if she could impress two of the WWE Divas, she would have a better
shot of impressing Vince McMahon and the rest of the bookers.

“What do you want to start with?” Kim wonders as she hops onto the apron of
the ring.

“How about we start with that entrance of yours?” Trish requests. Victoria

“Sure,” Kim responds and she approaches the ring post.

In a repeat performance of tonight’s RAW, Gail Kim mounts the top turnbuckle
in a seated position, and then bends her body completely backward until she
her feet have hit the mat and she is standing upright. But then, before she
has a chance to turn around, Gail is nailed in the back of the head by
Victoria with a stiff forearm shot that sends her face-first into the middle
turnbuckle. Gail falls to her knees holding her face in pain as the psychotic
Victoria stands behind her smiling.

“It’s about time you enter the WWE properly, bitch!” screams Victoria as she
pulls Kim up with two handfuls of her hair. She chucks her chest-first into
the corner and Kim hugs the buckle to keep from falling over. Victoria
chuckles as she approaches from behind.

“Trish, let’s take care of her,” Victoria orders and Trish moves in closer.

Victoria steps out onto the apron and pulls both of Gail Kim’s arms down
across the top rope, making sure she cannot escape or see what is going on
behind her. Trish slowly makes her away behind the struggling Kim with a
greedy grin across her face. She wraps her arms around her foe, rubbing her
breasts and pinching her nipples through the leather top that she wears.
Gail Kim tries to pull away, but Victoria’s grip is too strong. Trish
continues to ravage the young rookie’s body, sliding her hands down to the
waistband of Gail’s leather short shorts. She traces her fingers over the
zipper and begins to pull down, unzipping them to reveal her panties. Trish
pulls Kim’s shorts down to her feet and leaves her standing in a black thong.

“Nice ass,” Trish comments as she circles her hands all over Kim’s small
round butt cheeks. “Not bad at all I must say.”

Trish drops to her knees as she continues to rub Gail’s marvelous butt. Kim
attempts to break free but her jerky movement just entices Trish even more.
She playfully slaps the Women’s Champion on the ass.


“Now, now, now,” remarks Trish in almost a mother-like voice, “that’s a bad
champion. Bad, bad champion!”


On the verge of tears, Gail Kim ceases her escaping efforts and remains
still. Victoria continues to hold her arms across the top rope as an extra
precaution, but it proves to be unnecessary as Trish furthers her humiliation
of Kim without the WWE Women’s Champion resisting.

“That’s better,” praises Trish, and then she leans in and kisses Gail on the
butt. Her fingers wrap around the waistband of the champion’s black thong
panties and Trish tugs on them, wedging them deeper between her crack and
rubbing the material against her pussy.

“Oooh!” Gail Kim releases a small moan that has both Victoria and Trish

“I think she likes it,” Victoria remarks.

“Let’s see how much she likes this,” replies Trish as she pulls up even more
with the black undies and moves them around in a circular motion, further
stimulating Gail Kim’s lower extremities. Kim bows her head and moans so
softly it is barely audible, but the two WWE divas sense her enjoyment,
albeit slight.

“Are you enjoying this, Gail?” asks Trish.

“Ugh...” she sighs. “No... oh God...”

“Oh really?” Trish pulls down Gail’s thong and gently blows into her exposed
pussy. The cool air from the empty arena mixed with the warm breath of the
WWE Diva is enough to excite Gail Kim, but she hides her pleasure in a moan
of discomfort.

“Let me... uh..." she screams, but her moans nearly take control, “...let
me... go.”

“We could do that...” Victoria chimes in.

“But,” Trish finishes, “you’d be missing out on all our fun.” And with that,
Trish puts her lips to Gail’s labia and combs it with long strokes of her
tongue. Kim shifts her hips and moves her lower half away. Trish sighs, and
then digs her fingernails into Gail’s butt and goes back to licking her pussy
but with a bit more determination.

From outside the ring, Victoria leans closer to Gail Kim and whispers into
her ear. “Why do you fight this? You love this and I know you do.”

Gail Kim remains motionless with her head buried into the turnbuckle,
assimilating Victoria’s every word. Trish is still down below giving oral
to the Women’s Champion. She finally lifts her head up to take a breath,
replacing her mouth with her index and middle fingers. Trish works her two
fingers into Gail’s pussy, twisting and turning them to stimulate the champ.
Kim remains still while her uncontrollable lower extremities show signs of
excitement. Trish retracts her fingers, wet with Gail’s juices, and looks up
at Victoria. There is a nod.

Without exchanging words, Trish rises up and steps back from the Women’s
Champion. She nods at Victoria, who eyes Gail Kim and gradually releases the
grip on her arms. Gail’s arms fall limp across the top rope and lie there
like the rest of her body, motionless. Victoria steps back inside the ring
and joins Trish as both women watch on. Gail Kim begins to move, lifting her
head from the turnbuckle. She turns slowly, her legs shaking like a newborn
calf learning to walk. Her powerful orgasm has taken her breath away and she
cannot speak.

Giggling, Victoria and Trish hold each other close and lean in for a sensual
kiss. Their tongues meet first and grapple with one another before their lips
meet. Trish’s hands wander Victoria’s body and she playfully pinches her ass
through her leather pants. Victoria, on the other hand, is a bit more
forceful in her approach. She pulls Trish even closer with two handfuls of
her thick butt, squeezing the flesh through her nearly see-through pants that
displays the hint of a black thong. Gail Kim, her lips parted, watches on
from the corner. And then, just as Trish and Victoria break their lip-lock,
Kim speaks.

“Is there room for another one?” she innocently asks. The ladies smile and
motion Kim over to them. As she struts over to them, Gail removes her leather
top and tosses it aside. She steps between Victoria and Trish wearing nothing
but a black bra. Victoria grabs her by the arm and pulls her in for a kiss.
The two ladies wildly make out while Trish gazes longingly with a hand down
the front of her pants.

“Oh man, that’s turnin’ me on,” Trish frankly states with a long moan. Her
hand gently massages her clit as she continues to view the two divas making
out like teenagers.

“You should join us,” says Kim as she breaks free from her kiss with
Victoria. Immediately thereafter, she pulls Victoria back in and resumes
their luscious make-out session. Trish, meanwhile, moves behind Gail Kim
and wraps her arms around her mid-section. Her hands wander, running over
her smooth, flat stomach up to her round breasts. While they aren’t as big
as her own, Trish is still satisfied with the two handfuls that she holds
between her fingers. She rubs her palms over the material covering Gail’s
boobs and in no time at all, her nipples become hard and protrude through
the bra.

Breaking free of the kiss, Victoria leans over Kim’s shoulder and French
kisses Trish as she continues to massage Gail’s boobs. The Women’s Champion
reaches back and unhooks her bra while the two women make-out over her
shoulder. Her bra falls to the floor and Trish wastes no time in handling
her bare breasts. She runs her index finger and thumb over her rock-hard
nipples and rubs her palm over the rest of her tits.

“Oooh!” Gail Kim cries out. “God, yes! Keep doing that, Trish.”

Trish removes herself from the lip-lock with Victoria and focuses her
attention on Gail’s boobs. She leans in close and whispers dirty things into
her ear.

“I want to suck on those tits SO badly..” she says and licks Kim’s ears.

“I’ll take care of that,” Victoria interjects after hearing Trish’s
tantalizing suggestion. She takes both of Gail’s breasts into her hands and
feeds each one into her awaiting mouth. Victoria’s tongue grazes each breast
gently before she roughly bites down on her nipple and grinds it between her
teeth. Gail yelps, but her cries are ignored.

“That hurts,” she finally yells.

Victoria glances up and raises her hand, prepared to slap the diva in the

“What did you just say to me?” Victoria says in her most psychotic voice.
Her hand lingers in the air just itching to slap the taste of out Gail Kim’s

“I meant to say...” Gail Kim retreats, “I want to undress you two now and
pleasure you until it hurts.”

Dropping her hand, Victoria laughs manically and takes a step back. Gail Kim
steps out of Trish’s grasp and toward the dark-haired diva. She tries to kiss
her, but Victoria moves her head away. Exasperated, Gail runs her hands over
Victoria’s red leather top, feeling her boobs through the tight, thick
material. She can feel her nipples harden, but the look on Victoria’s face
would tell a different tale. She has done a complete 180, transforming from
a friendly, sex kitten to the demanding and psychotic character she plays on
TV. It completely baffles the Women’s Champion, but she continues to pleasure
Victoria in fear of her wrath.

“Remove my top,” demands Victoria in such a way that it has the lighter diva
quivering in fear.

Gail Kim reaches beneath Victoria’s top and pulls it up over her head,
releasing her massive melons. She tosses her top aside and then goes straight
for her breasts, mouth open and waiting. But, just as her tongue touches
flesh, Gail Kim is pulled back by her brown locks of hair.

“Now, my pants,” comes another demand.

Slowly but surely, Gail is growing angry. She grumbles something under her
breath - a mere whisper - that is overheard by Victoria and her eyebrows
sharpen to a point. She raises her hand and smacks Gail across the face,
nearly knocking her to the mat. The smaller one falls to one knee clutching
her jaw in pain.

“If you EVER have something to say to me, you say it to my face, understand?”
growls Victoria.

“I understand,” grovels Kim, “and I’m sorry.”

Remaining on one knee, Gail reaches up and pulls down Victoria’s pants. Her
hands shake as she slides the red leather pants down the diva’s slender legs
to the mat below. Victoria steps out of them, nearly kicking Kim in the mouth
as she lifts her legs, and tosses them aside with her feet.

“You may pleasure me now,” Victoria says sternly, crossing her arms over her
enormous bare chest. With a forged smile, Gail Kim slinks down to both knees
and puts her hands on Victoria’s hips. Her fingers dig beneath the waistband
of Vicky’s black thong panties and she yanks them down. Again, Victoria steps
out of them with a high kick that nearly knocks a few white teeth down the
Asian beauty’s throat and the disregarded undergarment joins the pile of
clothes lying on the mat.

Gail starts slow with the raven-haired diva, gently running her hands from
her ankles to the inside of her thighs. She can feel the warmth of Victoria’s
pussy as her fingertips smoothly glide through the totally shaven area.
Cautiously, she probes her index finger into Victoria’s labia and awaits a
reaction before taking what could be a deadly next move.

“Continue,” the former Women’s Champion demands with a slight glance

Giggling ever so slightly is Trish, who stands behind Gail and in front of
Victoria. She watches with glee as the champion tries to please her
challenger - which seems like a much harder battle than the one Gail had to
go through to win the title. Two of her quivering fingers are now freely
sliding in and out of Victoria and there is still an uneasy feeling in the
arena. Gail, an innocent look on her face, tries to look for some sort of
facial expression on Vicky that would release this tension, but her facial
expression is the same dominant-female-stern-glare that she has had.

“Are you enjoying this baby?” Gail asks awkwardly, hoping for a break in all
these uneasy feelings.

“Perhaps I would,” Victoria finally returns, “if you weren’t doing it like
some kind of goddamn 14-year-old girl. I’m a woman. Treat me like one.”

It is a statement that assimilates in the champion’s head for a few moments
before a wicked smile comes across her face. “You want me to take it up a
few notches,” she says to herself, “then I will. Hope it’s not too painful,
bitch.” And with the tables seemingly turned, Gail springs into action. She
reenters Victoria with four hooked fingers, stretching her further and
digging deeper than before. There is a slight quiver in the demented one

Her fingers moving like pistons, Gail rises to one knee and places her free
hand on Victoria’s smooth butt. She clamps onto her luscious booty, squeezing
it for leverage as she pulls Victoria closer and crams her hand deeper and
deeper into her moist box. Victoria’s knees quiver ever so slightly as she
noticeably slinks down. Now with the upper hand, Gail ferociously fingers the
dark-haired beauty, tickling her pink inner walls like never before.

A slight moan escapes Victoria’s puffy lips. “Oooh...”

It’s a sign of control for the Women’s Champion. She has Victoria in her
grasp, literally and figuratively. There’s no way she can stop now. Her
fingers, her wrist, and her whole arm move faster and faster as more and
more sounds escape Victoria’s once shut mouth.

“Oooh baby... yes... yes...” Victoria moans.

The G-spot has been hit. Faster and faster, Gail’s fingers touch parts of
Victoria’s insides that she never even discovered.

“Oh God... oh God... yeah...”

Sweat drips from Gail’s forehead as she readjusts her footing to allow her
to push even further inside her foe’s lower extremities.

“Yes! Yes!” Victoria screams. “More! More!”

Almost out of breath, Gail slinks back down to both knees but maintains her
control. She shuts her eyes and works like never before, sensing Victoria’s
orgasm approaching.

“Oh... I’m gonna... I’m gonna...” starts the orgasming beauty, “…I’m gonna...
I’m gonna teach you what pain is.”

Just as the words escape her mouth, Victoria pulls Gail’s hand out from
inside her and raises it up to her lips. She places each finger, one by one,
into her mouth and licks off her own juices. Then, with a sinister laugh,
she slaps Gail in the jaw with her free hand.

“This is exactly where we wanted you bitch!” Victoria screams like a banshee.
“We wanted you in pain, but you wouldn’t just go along with it. So, we had to
play along with your sensual sex shit, but only until you were weak enough
for us to take control again.”

Gail struggles to escape, but Victoria has a strong bear-trap-like grip on
her hand. She pulls Kim up to her feet and forces her into a French kiss.
Gail reluctantly allows Victoria’s to enter her mouth, but much like the
rest of her body, Victoria’s strong tongue muscles its way inside. She
finishes the short, passionless kiss by biting Kim on the lips, an act that
causes the Women’s Champion to pull away. Victoria tugs her back and whispers
into her ear.

“Hope you like to stretch,” she says manically. The questions circling around
in Gail’s mind are answered almost immediately thereafter as she feels a pair
of hands parting her buns. The obvious culprit is Trish, who must have been
waiting for her cue as she was standing behind Gail. Trish parts Kim’s butt
as far as she can between her thumb and pinky and uses her free hand to
stretch out her asshole in a similar fashion. She forces her fingers into
Gail’s butt as one collective, closed unit and then opens her hand to stretch
out her sensitive hole.

Gail shrieks in horror. “AHHH! SHIT!” Her caterwauls are quickly silenced
when Victoria’s hands reach down and grab her breasts. She forcefully
squeezes and pulls them with an unmatchable strength to send a clear message
that Gail immediately understands: What Trish is doing may hurt, but I can
do far worse.

There is no other choice but for Gail to endure her punishment. Knowing this,
Trish takes the Women’s Champion to the limit. Her fingers stretch as far
apart from one another as much as possible. There is an extreme pressure put
on Gail’s asshole as a result. It molds like clay, transforming from a small
circle to an elongated ellipse, stretched beyond the imagination. Even Trish
appears to be shocked as she removes her fingers and observes her work.

“Have fun wearing a thong,” she mocks with a sarcastic tone. “I’m thinking
you’ll have to stick to granny panties for a long time.”

With that, Victoria drops Gail’s hand and exits the ring alongside Trish. The
Women’s Champion falls to the mat in a heap of tears, attempting to gather
her clothes and cover herself up. But, there is no doubt about what went on.
Gail Kim, enter the WWE. This is not the Matrix, it is the real world.

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