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Every Girl Loves A Man With Gold
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Backstage at a SmackDown television taping, the WWE's reigning Cruiserweight
Champion Gregory Helms is standing near the interview area, looking at his
Cruiserweight Title belt. Helms is dressed in black wrestling shorts, a long
sleeveless black ring coat, and is wearing purple tinted sunglasses. "No one
can take this from me.... I'm the greatest Cruiserweight Champion of all
time... I've held this belt longer than anyone in history... I've beaten
everyone.... They might as well call it the Gregory Helms Cruiserweight
Title..." Helms laughs as he continues to admire the championship he's held
since January of 2006, totally unaware that Layla El, the 2006 WWE Diva
Search winner, is nearby at the make-up area and can hear him talking to

Layla cutely presses her lips together and raises an eyebrow as she turns to
take a glance at Gregory Helms. Layla adorably shakes her head before she
takes a step over towards the reigning WWE Cruiserweight Champion "What's
shakin' baby!" Layla says in her ecstatically cute British voice as she's
dressed in a short black skirt and a tight-fitting red tank top. Layla places
her hands on her hips and slightly tosses her black frizzy hair back.

Helms looks up from his title belt and look at Layla, "What's shaking?" Helms
asks with a raised eyebrow, "What's shaking is that I'm the greatest champion
in SmackDown history.... I've shattered every record...." Helms smirks
arrogantly, "And no one can beat me straight up in a match..."

Layla cutely smirks and nods her head "Oh is that right baby?" Layla asks
as she casually glances at Helms' Cruiserweight Championship belt before
glancing down at the crotch of Helms' black wrestling shorts "Ok
you may be the greatest...but can you bring the HEAT!?"

Helms takes off his tinted sunglasses with his right hand as he drapes his
Cruiserweight Title belt over his left shoulder, "Can I bring the heat?"
Helms puts his sunglasses into one of the pocket of his ring coat, "I can
bring the heat better than every else!" Helms says with a cocky tone as he
looks at the naturally beautiful SmackDown Diva.

Layla raises an eyebrow as she removes her hands from her smoothly rounded
hips and folds them over her large chest "Is that so baby?" Layla asks before
she cutely bites down on her bottom lip "I want to find out!" Layla says

Gregory Helms smirks, "You want to find out? You want to find out..." Helms
says as he repeats himself, "Fine... all right.... I'll show you... any
time... any place...." Helms says as he takes his Cruiserweight belt off of
his left shoulder and he casually drops it down to the floor.

Layla smirks and cutely licks her lips "How about now baby!" Layla says
energetically with an adorable laugh as the 2006 WWE Diva Search Winner
steps up closer to Gregory Helms and places her soft, gentle hands against
his smooth, toned stomach.

Helms smirks again, "Right now? Fine... we'll do it right now... you'll
see that I can bring the heat..." Helms says as he shrugs off his black
sleeveless ring coat, which falls with a bit of a thud down to the floor
behind the reigning WWE Cruiserweight Champion.

Layla presses her lips together as she slides her soft, gentle hands up from
Helms' smooth, toned stomach and up to his smooth, muscular chest "Damn baby,
you sure got the HEAT!" Layla says before she takes a step back and away from
Helms, so that she is able to lowers herself down onto her knees in front of
the reining Cruiserweight Champion.

"You haven't seen anything yet... every girl loves me because of my gold....
and with what they see.... but wait till you see the total package..." Helms
says with an extremely cocky tone of voice as he starts to lower down his
black wrestling shorts from his waist. He slides them down his legs and steps
out of them, and when Helms straightens himself up, Layla instantly sees the
Cruiserweight Champion's thick, hardening, fourteen inch dick.

Layla slowly licks her soft lips and she nods her head "Mmmm damn baby!
You're turning up the HEAT!" Layla says adorably as she reaches forward and
places her soft, gentle hands around Gregory Helms' thick, hardening cock and
begins to smoothly stroke her adorable hands against his shaft.

Helms licks his lips and places his hands on his hips as Layla moves both of
her hands up and down along the length of his hardening cock that becomes
harder with every passing moment, "Mmmm.... oh yea... mmm I pack a lot of

Layla glances up at Gregory Helms and smiles cutely as she continues to
stroke her soft, gentle hands along the length of his hard, thick cock "We'll
see about that baby!" Layla says as she licks her lips, before she leans her
head down and places her soft, wet tongue against the head of Helms' cock and
begins to gently circle her tongue around the head of his cock.

"Ahhh.... oh yeah... we'll positively see about that..." Helms moans as Layla
playfully swirls her tongue around the head of his fourteen-inch thick cock.
Helms tilts his head back for a moment before he looks down to watch Layla
wraps her lips around his meaty cock. Layla glances up with her adorable eyes
locked with Gregory Helms as she gently twists her soft lips around the head
of Helms' cock before she closes her eyes and opens her mouth a bit wider to
lower her head on Helms' cock as she begins to gently bob her head on his
cock. "Ahhh.... ohhh yeah... mmmm... yea..." Helms moans and licks his lips
as Layla bobs her head a good way down on his huge cock as she sucks on it at
good slow pace that she gradually increases after a few moments.

"Mmmm... mmmm baby..." Layla moans around Helms' cock as she gently slides
her soft, wet tongue around his shaft as she coats his cock with her warm
saliva while she smoothly bobs her head on the length of his cock, gradually
taking his cock deeper into her hot mouth. The 2006 WWE Diva Search Winner
places her hands gently against Helms' ballsack and begins to gently rub his
balls as she sucks his cock.

"Awww.... mmmm ohh yeah.... mmm.... you like sucking on the heat that I'm
packing?" Helms licks his lips and moans as he places his hands on Layla's
head and he moves both of his hands through Layla's frizzy hair as she bobs
her head further down on his as she massages his large ballsack with both of
her hands.

"Mmm...hmmm..." Layla gently moans around Helms' cock as she nods her head
and the adorable Layla begins to bob her head at a quicker rate as she gently
slaps her tongue against the underbelly of his shaft.

"Ohhhh yeah... mmm... shit... yea... let me show you more of the heat I can
bring..." Helms moans as he licks his lips as he gradually steps backward in
order to pull his saliva covered cock out of Layla's, warm wet soothing
mouth, and the tip of his dick slightly brushes against Layla's lips as the
Cruiserweight Champion leans down to grab Layla's tight-fitting red tank top
in order to start lifting it up off of her perfectly fit beautiful body.

Layla bites down on her bottom lips and cutely blushes as her perfectly
rounded hot tits become exposed to the reining Cruiserweight Champion. Layla
smiles as she stands up before Gregory Helms begins to push her short black
skirt down from her waist "Baby I can definitely bring the HEAT!"

Gregory Helms licks his lips, "We'll see about that.... won't we?" Helms says
with a grin as he places his hands on Layla's perfectly round hot tits and
feels them up a bit as Layla pushes her skirt down her smooth sexy legs.

Layla smiles at Gregory Helms as she slides her skirt completely down her
smooth, stunning legs and she then steps out of her skirt revealing her hot,
smoothly shaven pussy. "Talk about bringing the HEAT!" Layla says cutely as
the adorable, naturally- beautiful Diva takes a step back from Helms and
turns around with her smooth back and adorably rounded, hot ass facing the
Cruiserweight Champion. Layla cutely smirks as she glances over her shoulder
"Bring the HEAT baby!" Layla says before she slightly bends over as she
remains standing.

Gregory Helms licks his lips, "I intend too..." Helms replies as he bends his
knees slightly and grips his cock with his right hand in order to guide it
towards Layla's pussy. When the tip of his cock presses against Layla's hot
pussy, Helms lets go of his cock and wraps his arms around Layla's waist and
pulls her back towards him so that she takes his cock into her tight pussy.
"Mmmm.... fuck.... that's hot..." Helms moans for a moment before he starts
to thrust his dick in and out of Layla's pussy.

"Ohhhhh fuck baby!" Layla moans as she gently grits her teeth before she
closes her eyes and gently pushes her hot, naturally beautiful body back
against Helms' hard, thick cock. Layla tilts her head back a bit and slowly
licks her lips as she feels Gregory Helms' cock slamming in and out of her
hot, tight pussy.

Helms pumps his cock his large thick fourteen inch cock in and out of Layla's
tight, hot pussy as he keeps his right arm wrapped firmly around her waist,
"Uhhhh ohhh yeah... mmmm yeah.... this is a Champion... among Champions...
that's bringing you the best heat..." Helms groans as he puts his left hand
on Layla's left tit and squeezes it firmly as he deeply slams his dick into
her pussy.

"Ohhhh yeah baby! That's it baby!" Layla adorably moans as she bites down
on her bottom lip as she firmly guides her hot, stunning body back against
Helms' cock as she slams her cute rounded ass back against Helms' smooth,
toned waist.

"Ahhhh... ohhh yea... push on back baby... push on back!" Helms moans as he
increases the pace of his thrusts as he pumps his cock sharply into the 2006
WWE Diva Search Winner's hot, tight pussy as her cute, smooth round ass his
against his waist and crotch. Helms' balls swing back and forth with every
one of his hard thrusts, and occasionally Layla can feel them smacking
against her smooth skin whenever the Cruiserweight Champion deeply impales
his dick into her pussy.

"Mmmm...ohhhh fuck yeah baby! Bring that HEAT ohhh yesss!" Layla moans loudly
as she opens her eyes and glances over her shoulder to smirk at Gregory Helms
as the adorable SmackDown Diva pushes hot body back against Helms at a
quicker and firmer pace. Layla El begins to breath heavily as sweat starts to
drip down her stunning body while she rocks back and forth against Helms'
quick thrusts to her tight, warm pussy.

Helms licks his lips as sweat starts to drip down his handsome face as he
slams his cock quicker and harder into Layla's pussy, "Let's pick up... the
heat, shall we?" Helms grunts as he pulls his thick hard fourteen-inch cock
out of Layla's pussy in order to turn the beautiful SmackDown Diva around to
face him. Helms lifts her up and he lowers her pussy down onto his thick hard
shaft and begins ramming his dick and out her hot, tight wet pussy once more.

"Ohhhh shit baby!" Layla moans and she instantly wraps her smoothly legs
around Helms' waist as she wraps her arms around Helms' neck as the adorable
2006 WWE Diva Search Winner begins to bounce up and down on his hard, thick
cock as Helms remains standing and thrusts his cock up into Layla's tight

Helms lowers his hands and places them underneath Layla's ass and he squeezes
her cute round ass cheeks as he thrusts his cock in and out of her hot wet
pussy, "Ahhh yeah...mmmm fuck yea... I'm the best damn... Champion... ever!"
Helms grunts as Layla leans her body back a bit as she holds onto Helms' neck
with her arms and his waist with her legs.

"Ohhhhhh fuck baby! Bring that HEAT!" Layla moans energetically as she slams
down harder on Helms' cock as he thrusts his cock deeper and quicker into her
tight, wet pussy causing Layla to bounce quicker and fall harder on his cock.

Helms keeps his hands on Layla's ass as the former Miami Heat Dancer shows
him her own heat as she slams up and down on his big hard fourteen inch cock
which he's driving in and out of her hot, wet pussy. "Uhhh yeah... mmm fuck
c'mon... you love a man with gold... that has... a big dick!" Helms grunts as
Layla leans her hot body forward and presses her sweat covered tits against
Helms' smooth sweat covered chest.

"Ohhh yeah baby! I love it!" Layla moans as she tilts her head back and grits
her teeth gently together as the adorable SmackDown Diva starts slamming down
on Helms' cock at more of an angle, causing her to lightly jerk on Helms'
cock in the process.

Helms licks his lips as he clenches his eyes shut as he deeply slams his cock
into Layla's pussy as she wildly drops on his cock at various angles, which
jerks Helms' huge cock with every small variation Layla makes. "Mmmm ohhh
fuck... uhhh yes!" Helms groans as he starts to cum inside of Layla's hot
tight wet pussy, and Layla can feel every powerful shot of Helms' cum erupt
from the head of his cock.

Layla closes her eyes and licks her lips "Ohhhh baby!" Layla moans as she
slowly bounces on Helms' cock as she feels her pussy feeling with his warm,
sticky cum. Layla gently rocks her hot, sweaty body back and forth against
Helms' cumming cock.

Helms licks his lips as he thrusts his cock in and out of Layla's pussy a bit
more as he finishes cumming inside of Layla's hot, wet pussy, "Mmmmm.... ohhh
fuck yeah...." Helms smirks a bit as he holds Layla against him as he keeps
his cum spent dick inside of her pussy, "Mmm told you... I can bring the
heat... like no one can..."

Layla opens her eyes and looks directly at Gregory Helms as he holds her up
still " did bring the HEAT! And to be honest...I just love a
man with gold!" Layla says with a cute, playful wink.

"No surprise..." Helms smirks, "Every girl... loves a man with gold...."


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