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Everyone Goes Down For 3Count
by "Sugar" Shawn Alexander (


Shane Helms was more excited than ever, "Finally I get to ditch this dumb
ass gimmick." he thought out loud. Shannon and Evan just got signed and JR
said they would be working together again, Shane was even going to be allowed
to go by his first name again.

Shannon was excited because he was going to have a job again. That and he
could hook up with the rest of the old OMEGA crew. "Man, it is goin to be
sweet as hell seeing Amy's fine ass again." he thought "I have always had a
hard on for that girl."

Evan was more excited than the others but managed to keep his cool. "Man
working with my old buds again, this is going to be good."

The 3Count return was almost final except for the fact they had to
convince Steph it was a good idea. The three met at her office door and let
themselves in on a suprise.

"HOLY SHIT!!" the three said simutaniously

"What the fuck!?" Steph said pulling her skirt down and panties up. "Don't
you know how to knock!?"

The men tried to hide their boners to the best of their ability but really
couldn't do it. The site of Steph jilling herself was too much. She simply
looked at the outlines of their erections behind their baggy pants and

"Get in here." she said and all three men obliged, Shannon closed the door
behind him. "I can see why everybody goes down for 3count" she joked, the
guys blushed with embarassment. "Not a small cock on any of you. Let me see
them." she said, all three guys looked confused.

"Huh?" Shane managed to sqeak out.

"Now!" a sterm feminine voice commanded, all three obliged quickly.

Steph smiled at all three of the nude men standing in front of her. "I
love it when I'm right." she said with a grin on her face. "Shane, come here
please." she politely asked. He obliged and walked over to her. She smiled
at him as she stuffed his cock down her throat. Sucking him like there were
cameras rolling. Steph's big mouth for the first time was acually useful. She
managed a whole 9 inch by 2 inch dick down her throat in practically no time
at all.

Her ice blue eyes gazed at Shane's animated expressions as she tentativly
sucked on the big tool. Her head bobbing back and forth on the Hurra-Cock.
Shane knew if she kept this up he was going to blow. Steph could tell by his
facial expressions that it was cumming sooner than he thought. She stopped
sucking and pulled his cock out of her mouth. She stuck out her toung and
jerked him to climax in her mouth. "Yummy." she said never taking her blue
eyes of the man in front of her.

"Evan, Shannon, your turn."she said

The guys walked over to her as she pulled down her panties. Steph got out
of her chair and Evan took a seat. She bent over started to blow him as soon
as he sat down. Shannon eyed some Stephanie pie for two seconds before he had
to get a taste. Shannon, always the ladies man, was a master of eating pussy.
Steph's knees almost buckled when Shannon's pierced toung touched her clit.
But Shannon's toung wasn't going to distract Steph from her blowing Evan, she
was too much of a whore for that to distract her.

Evan groaned with a loud bellow, Steph was better at sucking cock than she
even thought. But maybe it was Shannon's pussy eating that made it oh so much
better. Because the faster he flicked and toung fucked the faster she licked
and dick sucked.

Steph came hard all over Shannon but he made quick work of her cunt juice
and licked her clean. Steph stood up and sat on Evan's cock reverse cowgirl
style. Shannon stuck his cock out in front of her face and she started to
give him a hummer. Her already sloppy first orgasm made the second one come
easier and cleaner, but for her, two was not enough. She was persistant with
her bouncing and sucking. Her saliva covered Shannon's dick completely,
making her sucking smooth, her lips wet and soft, and him ready to blow. Evan
wasn't fairing better, her slick grease and soft pussy lips were too much for
him. Shannon announced his orgasm.Evan beat him to it however. He annouced
his orgasm fifteen seconds before he pulled out and Steph as quickly as she
could, dropped to her knees with her mouth wide open to accept his warm
cream down her throat.

Evan's busting a nut gave Shannon some time to cool off. Steph saw Shannon
and riped off her dress revealing her DD's. She laid on he desk spread eagle
and awaited Shannon.

He quickly got between her legs and fucked her pussy raw. Pounding away
like an animal. Trying to get her off one more time before he busted. His
slam fucking didn't go to waste and Steph's girl goo covered his cock and
balls, drenching them in the warm fluid.

Shannon pulled out of her and finished himself off. Steph went back to her
knees right before he shot and covered he soft breasts in his pie filling.

"Mmmmmm, by the way. Why are you here?" she asked.

"Um, the 3Count reformation." Shane said

"Oh, ok you can do it." she said

"Was it from our being reduced to sex toys for you?" Evan asked

"No, I was always a fan." she said "By the way, since you guys, Evan
especially, are friends with Nora, maybe you can convince her to end the
Spike and Molly love gimmick the only way you can. And you two have some
serious stratigizing to do with Matt, Jeff, and Amy and call it a reunion."
she said with a grin "Amy is going to love that tongue ring as much as you'll
love hers Shannon. Shane, maybe you and the Hardyz could drop by and throw
some of you ideas around."

"With pleasure." he said as he was getting dressed again

The men finished dressing and headed out to complete their tasks.

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